Saturday, October 13, 2007

Population Deflation

The dollars are constantly circulating back to the USA now...With the US dollar as the Global trade medium of exchange...The dollars are sent out into the global system and roost in the global system...They inflate the entire world...The strength or weakness of all the other currencies are tied to the US dollar.

All the other currencies of the world are manufactured the same way that the US Dollar is...The only difference between them and the US dollar is that they are not the Global trade medium of exchange...

It's not just the USA that is inflating it's debt/money supply...every country is doing the same thing and has been doing the same thing for decades...all their charts are shooting up like rockets as well.

It's not just the USA that has gotten into more debt than can ever possibily be repaid...Everyone on Earth basically has followed the same path.

With the USA as the top economic zone that all the other are dependant upon...When the USA reaches maximum potential inflation and then implodes...It will be just like when Germany reached maximum potential in 1923 and imploded...the implosion spread out into the rest of the world and they all imploded...the USA by 1929 into 1933...then followed by the 1933-1945 bankruptcy reorganization of the global system...Jolly old England as the demand and the British pound stirling as the Global trade medium of exchange was officially changed in 1944 at Bretton Woods to be the USA as demand and the US dollar as the global trade medium of exchange...

The Debt inflationary self delusional bubble that has been inflated the past 6 decades is 8-10 times more massive than the one formed during the roaring 20's looting of Germany carry trade.

And it's almost ready to pop.

Horrorshow? Yes...It's like that bridge collapse a few weeks ago...everyone was driving along minding their own business...then all of a sudden...the bridge collapsed...

It will be just like that...bla bla bla...babble babble babble...OH MY GOD!...KERBOOM...tinkle tinkle tinkle.

In the inflationary phase...It's he who aquires the most that the deflationary phase it's he who loses the least that wins...any way you slice and dice it...the top will be forced to mas liquidate the bottom...since assets (all of you) during the inflationary phase transform into Unfundable liabilities in the deflationary phase.

The Census is done every 10 years in the between the population is estimated...The only time the US population showed a visible sign that it stopped growing...was from the period 1930-1940...when mass liquidations were occuring...

Around 8 million or so people ceased to exist to be counted around that time...And the So called Great depression was a sunday school picnic compared to what the USA along with the rest of the world is heading into this time around.

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