Saturday, February 13, 2010

Just A Bunch Of Pavlov's Dogs...

The top does all the buying and selling...the bottom speculates.

The crash was where the top sold...the surge was started when the top covered their shorts.

The scale of the current debt inflationary self delusional bubble is 6 to 8 times larger. Scaled up it could take over 10 years of "milking" by the top to reach the 1933 level.

1929-1933 was the collapse of the last global trade system...It was followed by the 1933-1945 bankruptcy reorganization of the world...about 10% of the global population around that time was liquidated.

The top seems to desire a 90% liquidation this time.

Scaled up it will take around 72 to 96 years to reach the bottom...or end of the liquidation of the current global trade system.

Or control is lost and it implodes to oblivion far more rapidly.

There is around 210 Trillion Dollars equivalent global circulating money supply. US Dollars make up 52 Trillion of it. The 65 year old Bretton Woods global trade system is collapsing. The US money supply for the first time since the 1930's contracted in the 3/09 quarter.

Even if not one more penny of new money was created...that 210 Trillion is in search of yield and just a few billion flooding into metals is enough to cause rapid gains. These doomsday spike ups will start becoming more common as all the existing money in circulation desperately jumps around searching for yield.

Yields are drying up fast.

The metals are up because there's no glut of them and 210 Trillion dollars globally is in search of yield.

From this point there are two options...

Hyperinflate to maximum potential and then implode to oblivion...quick


Continue on the current slow waterfall decline to oblivion...slow

There is more than enough production to make all rich...One slight problem.

How do you cause farmers to produce 1000's of times more food than they require to sustain their existence?

How do you keep everyone "working"

or playing the game.

Sorry folks but this is nothing new...It's as old as civilization...the system requires you all to implodes if you all reach maximum potential.

There are many maximum potentials...this is one of them.

It would be foolish if I as employer supplied my employees with the means to stop being my employees.

It's your purpose...It's why the vast majority of you exist...

The top lives off the yield from the bottom.

All that the top has comes from the bottom.

You all must supply the top.

The bottom supplies the top with all the power...the top then supplies the bottom with power...but just enough to make the bottom happy. So that the bottom toils day in and day out till the day they die supplying the top with power.

Bottom supports the top.

The purpose of the Police and military is to protect the top from the bottom...

To protect cause from consequence...

The easiest prey of the hunter gatherer is the farmer and the simplest operation is the protection scheme...

You are either with us or against us...

All money is decreed

The top says this is money...Or else...period end of story....

You Farmer are on the Land owned by the LORD of the land and will pay tribute to the LORD of 1 Gold coin a year...

Where do I get this GOLD coin?

You can take one short ton of grain to the grainery of the LORD and there you will be given a GOLD coin for it and then you can give the gold coin to the servant of the LORD...

What if I refuse?

Then the LORD will drive you from the Land that the LORD is the LORD of...

There you go an abundant supply of free food to power your wildest hopes and dreams...Lies and delusions...

22 And the LORD said, Behold! The man has become as one of Us, to know good and evil. And now, lest he put forth his hand and also take from the Tree of Life, and eat, and live forever,
23 The LORD sent him out of the garden of Eden to till the ground out of which he was taken.
24 And He drove the man out. And He lodged the cherubs at the east of the Garden of Eden, and the flaming sword whirling around to guard the way of the Tree of Life.

Well what is done with all that Food the tillers of the LORD's land give the LORD as Tribute?

It powers the Absolute capitalist Hierarchial food powered make work enterprise...

The city state...Or Civilization...

The thing you all popped into existence within...the thing you are in right now.

The farmers produce 1000's of times more than they require to sustain all of you non-producers because they need to obtain money.

The top invented money and own all the money on Earth.

You all just rent it.

The top know how to construct what you all call civilization from the dirt up.

You all don't.

You all have been socially engineered with mental and moral barriers that cause you all to be unable to.

The people that created the first one 1000's of years ago did not worry about offending the LORD.

Because there was no LORD until the first one.

Everything you all think you know was told to you by the top...The top taught you all how to math...and how to think.

The top knows the difference between Truth and lies because the top has told all the lies you currently think, hope, and believe are Truth.

Ok what if all that stored power were to be distributed equally?

The system would hyperinflate and then implode to oblivion.

You all must toil day in and day out to support those that do not...

Those above you are supported by those below.

You could of course run into the wilderness and avoid all contact with civilization to escape. Because inside this thing you are in there is no escape.

You will never be top and there are billions below you all holding you all up.

Billions of people basically just like you slaving and dying day in and day out that you don't care in the slightest about...

You are all selfish beyond your ability to comprehend.

The cure or solution to this accounting irregularity will basically kill you all.

You will all continue marching to doom with glee...towards maximum potential.

And then you all will die.

Like you have been doing for 1000's and 1000's of years.

There is no other way for an employer to employ you all.

There is no other way to take advantage of you all.

All you can do is whine and cry for salvation from Truth.

Unfortunately or fortunately...Truth is infinite and indestructible...there never will be salvation from Truth.

That is ultimately what you are all searching for...

It's how the top keeps you all busy...toiling day in and day out. By keeping you all searching for something you will never find. You all will run in terror from that which you are inevitably going to smash into.


You will continue wasting time having love affairs with lies.

OMG just look at all that glorious money...

Just a bunch of Pavlov's dogs.

A New post to compete with the 24/7 multi billion Dollar mindfreak?

Sorry but the trend is your friend and the top is leveraging the lower high.

The top operates on certainty...there is no speculation.

They will pull the so called plug once that is the only option.

As long as you all continue sacrificing day in and day out keeping everything from won't.

The bottom does everything...the top does nothing.

Bums collecting pop bottles from dumpsters do more than the top does.

The system is just a just operates until it can't any longer.

The system will collapse when you all do.

When you all reach the end...when you all can no longer sustain it.


All of in and day out.

Do it all.

The top does nothing except of course claim to be doing something.

Can you believe it...there are people that are so called owners of businesses.

But all they are is self-employed employees.


Other than running into the wilderness and avoiding all contact...there is no escape.

resistance...just provides employment to those hired to deal with fate resisters.

The top knows that all the things you all deeply believe are truth are lies.

The top did not grow up as you did...all the lies and delusions you all currently cherish as truth are known to be lies by the top.

Because the top taught the bottom everything.

You are all products...

The primary purpose of school is to produce socially engineer new drones for the previously produced drones to exploit for fun and profit.

Period end of story.

You all will spend your entire lives desperately fighting to stay asleep...frantically searching for something you never want to find.