Sunday, December 25, 2011

Little Angels...

The FED is just a scapegoat the top uses. When the top can't suck anymore yield from the bottom to keep the system from collapsing due to the inability or refusal of the bottom to supply it...Then they was the FED's fault.

And you believe it.

I hear them on TV and radio all the time saying that...The politicians in Europe better get their act together and do something...

Like what?

Pass a rule making it illegal for the Universe to function how it does?

There never was anything that could be done to avoid the logical conclusion...Other than postponement of arrival at the logical conclusion for as long as possible.

Well because all growth is exponential...the time in between the postponements and the logical conclusion shrinks...eventually it becomes impossible to further postpone the inevitable arrival at the logical conclusion.

Rome sent out the legions looking for new sources of resources to sustain further postponement of arrival at the logical conclusion.

And didn't find what was reacquired and collapsed.

To maximum potential then expanded to maximum potential again by the 12 century...then collapsed to maximum potential and then expanded to maximum potential by the 21st century again.

How's the exploitation of space going?

It's the same as back in Roman times...the cost to send out the legions is greater than what they return with.

Time for empire Earth to starve to death and die.

What are the elected officials supposed to do? Make it illegal for you all to starve to death and die?..You know they better get busy and do what needs to be done and quit wasting time...

You all have a right to be oblivious morons but zero right to escape the consequences...1+1=consequence.

You all can try all you want to escape the consequences...but never will.

Maybe CERN will save us...maybe CERN will figure out a away for us all to choose to be oblivious morons but avoid the consequences of that choice.

Your ability to continue postponing the arrival at the logical conclusion or the suffering of the consequences phase of the choice to be oblivious vanishing faster and faster now.

Time which is eternal is somehow running out.

Drop to your knees and worship your

Elect me and I'll saves

The whole phoney baloney system that all the slaves of the world sustain is crumbling because the slaves have reached the maximum potential to support it. What do you think the politicians can do...increase the whipping of the slaves...yell.."We need more yield to support the lifestyles of the oblivious morons above?"

It's over...they are done...maybe if we raise the expected yield from the slaves from 5% to 100% the top will get what they want? Let's see, they could not supply 5% of what they produced so what makes you all think they can supply 100% yield?

Maybe they can supply the top with 150% of what they produce?...300%?

Again you all have a GOD given right to choose to be oblivious morons...but unfortunately zero right to escape the consequences of that choice.

But Hyper we will just pass legislation making the suffering of the consequences of our actions illegal...and we will escape the consequences. That delusion only works if you have the workforce to supply the power to sustain it...the meatshields to hide behind.

You don't....the golden age of oblivious moronism is ending...

The so called financial industry operates like any other industry....They take more than they give to sustain their operations. They are systemically doomed to expand to maximum potential then collapse...

The longer they operate the harder it becomes to obtain the yields they require to sustain their continued existence. Like starving people they resort to rule breaking to feed themselves...But because they need to constantly inflate...they eventually reach the point where even illegal yield acquisition is not enough to sustain them...and they collapse.

Lying works...if you can sustain it.

Money printing has sustained the global trade system during the roaring six decades.

A consumer uses their current income which is previously printed or coined money or an asset that has been inflated in value by previously printed or coined money as collateral backing their request for a commercial bank to cause new money to be printed and coined.

That's been how the system has worked for centuries.

"Hi. I hear you have a have no money and want some...I have some money and can lend it to you as long you agree to pay me more money back than I give to you...but if you fail to...I will take everything you have."

Ok let's say after a while everything they have including their income is nothing more than previously created debt that has been inflated in value...and the only way they can sustain their income and inflated values is by requesting the creation of new debt.

But they have reached their maximum potential ability to use the previously created debt to request new debt to be created...

Then what?

You have to increase the consumers ability to request debt creation...the only way is to increase their income or the value of their assets.

You are not the source of your then what is the source of your incomes and how do you increase them by the required amount to prevent the system from imploding?

Yield is a demand for more...If the yield you demand is 7% then...for every 1 Dollar you input into the income will output double every 10 years.

What you call civilization is your income generator.

Input 1 Dollar at 7% and in 10 years the output is...2 Dollars...20 years 4 Dollars...30 years 8 Dollars...40 years 16 Dollars...50 Years 33 dollars...60 years 66 Dollars...70 years 134 Dollars.

Let's say back in 1789 the money supply was 100 Million Dollars...and let's say the demand or yield for more was an average of 2.835% per year until now.

How many dollars would there need to be to satisfy that demand?

Well according to the 1792 coinage act A US Dollar was defined as...

"DOLLARS OR UNITS--each to be of the value of a Spanish milled dollar as the same is now current, and to contain three hundred and seventy-one grains and four sixteenth parts of a grain of pure, or four hundred and sixteen grains of standard silver."

Let's say back then there were 100 million of them in the form of Spanish milled Dollars circulating...and the demand for more or yield was an average of 2.835% per year until now.

You would need 52.6 Trillion Dollars to satisfy that demand.

I wonder why silver is not used in coinage anymore? DUH.

The total credit market debt of the USA is currently 52.5 Trillion Dollars.

You all think that somewhere in the income generator is a magic device...called a printing press or its electronic equivalent that supplies your demand for yield.

Unfortunately that is not the source.

You can create money to buy food...but if there is no food...the income generator dies.

So then make sure your slaves' demands for calories are supplied or their ability to slave till the day they die will end.

Oh ya that's right you all require more than food to sustain your continued existence...

Well I guess you all will just have to print money to postpone the collapse of the income generator a while longer and maybe enough time will be bought for you all to figure out what the source of power is.

Rising rates is an effect. Rates rose in the EU because they were forced up by the lack of yield. All the obedient yield locusts were becoming starved for yield and that caused rates in the EU to rise forcing the ECB to follow along.

I'm so sorry to say but central banks have zero power to set yield rates.

The ability of the income generator or producer dictates the yield.

From 1945 till now the average yield rate in the USA was 7.94%. But from 1789 it was only 2.835%.

If you have a contract that states that you must pay x amount at a certain time...and you can't or refuse...the contract is broken.

Well...all the contracts in existence are combined and it's up to all of you all to pay the bill due.

There is a contract that the globlal so called civilization has signed on the dotted line and agreed to pay...if you can supply the yield the contract is demanding...the existence of the fantasy world you all are floating around in while you are waiting to die is financed.

If you can't or refuse...the contract is broken and the the fantasy world you all are financing the continued existence of...ends.

The bubble pops.

Printing money is one option...a temporary you all to continue to produce nothing while you all are taking a rest prior to you getting back to work and producing the required yield the system demands.

You all have to start producing the yield the system demands or it will default.

The longer you all refuse to comply with the demands...the greater the chance of default becomes until it reaches 100%.

But what if you all can't comply?

Then I guess your master just whips you all to death trying to get the required yield.

The time in between rescues will shrink until it will be a constant emergency and then the time to plan the rescues will shrink until it becomes impossible to plan.

The time in between recessions will shrink to nothing...until the time in between the current recession and the next vanishes...then the time to plan what to do next will shrink to nothing.

Then a science fiction nightmare will unfold.

On the way up you had long periods of economic expansion followed by short periods of economic contraction...on the way down you will have long periods of economic contraction followed by short periods of economic expansion.

That will be marketed to the masses as the recovery...really this time...for sure...that will just be the set up for further milking.

There will inevitably come a point where it does become impossible to sustain the recovery lie...then there will be a further collapse or acceleration to the downside.

Debt growth rates have been collapsing for decades...they are entering into the zero yield realm.

Kind of hard to sustain inflation if the growth rate is zero...Europe benefits from the US inflation machine...It's why it's caving in...another effect.

The foreigners will stop lending to the USA once the USA stops supplying US Dollars to invest into the machine to produce ever greater amounts.

Which is what the poulation of the USA causes if they can't produce enough Dollars to use as collateral to create enough Dollars...The Chinese stop buying Treasuries...Because they are too busy blowing US Dollars building ghost cities to hide reality.

You get debt deflation and the destruction of equity.

Which shows up as the collapse of debt inflated prices of assets....valuation that was created out of thin air is returning back into thin air....It's like the structure of inanimate matter vanishing and sending people that were depending upon it for support to their screaming doom.

The yield has to come from somewhere and when the population of an economic zone can't supply the demand for yield...collapse is the result...every time.

Everyone needs money to survive...which is a lie...because people don't eat money.

Turning people into delusional liars has negative consequneces unfortunately.

Lies require more power than they give in order to sustain their contnued existence masqurading as Truth.

Lies depend upon Truth to sustain their existence.

Like people needing money to all will believe this until the food runs out...then the lie which requires power to sustain its existence as Truth...can't maintain its existence as Truth any becomes impossible to believe the lie is Truth...this is revelation.

Rates are not set by the FED.

The producers set rates.

But in order for the FED to appear to be the source of power...they must perform a magic trick to convince the producers that the consumers are in control. The magic trick requires the people being tricked by the trick to supply the power the trick requires to succeed...

But when the producers of the power that the fantasy, they think is reality, requires to appear as reality.....can't supply the power. That is the end of the ability for the magic trick to work...So then the people that are tricked by it...Then claim the FED is doing something wrong.

Based on of course how they are capitalizing upon the fantasy they believe is reality to sustain it.

When the bottom can no longer support the top...the system or fantasy implodes.

It's why the FED is hinting that they can only do so much.

It's ultimately up to the population to produce the yield that is being demanded.

The top lives off the yield from the bottom and have been asking for less and less the past 30 years...

That is over...but now asking for more and more has prices rising and the system imploding as well.

Your slaves dictate what the yield is...and once they reach the point of maximum potential...that is the end of the setting of rates lie they are supporting.

The so called bond buyers or masters of the Universe are trying to set the yield rate higher and higher....But those in bondage are not able to supply the demand.

The servants and slaves either can't or refuse to supply the demand for yield by the master.

Which in the end is basically the system itself.

The US Government issues bonds that are used to borrow money from the money supply.

A money supply that is created and sustained by the population requesting commercial banks to create money whenever the population wants money but doesn't have any.

The best time to issue bonds is when demand is high...when the money supply is expanding...generally when the population is desperate for more money.

When the population is desperate and they have an ability to sign on the dotted line...the money supply can expand rapidly.

When the credit system begins to collapse...The population becomes desperate...

But what happens when the population can't or refuses to sign on the dotted line anymore?

Then you have scenarios where the FED buys the bonds and holds them until they can be sold in the future...

What the FED is currently doing is not standard operating procedure.

It's emergency action.

Emergency postponement.


People have zero power to make or break LAW. All that people have the power to do is make and break rules and call the rules LAW. But if a rule attempts to break LAW...LAW will break the rule.

If it can be made or broken by people it is not LAW.

It's only a rule of the pathetic game you are all playing.

The economy is not collapsing because rules were broken...the economy is collapsing because you all attempted to break LAW.

You all are trying to sustain something that can't be sustained.

Well in your minds...your imaginations that have no constraints...You all think it can be sustained...But unfortunately it can't be...

The cold cruel reality is that if the rules were not changed and broken along the way...the economy would have collapsed sooner.

Because everything you all know about the sustainablity of the economy is just a delusion...a lie about the messiah that the masters told their slaves to keep them slaving.

A fantasy you all think is reality

A rule you all think is LAW

A lie you all think is TRUTH.

Now it's time like all the previous times in all history recorded for all the delusional fools to flip out and hack each other to pieces trying to reacquire what you never had to begin with or acquire what you never will.

WW2 was such a liquidation climax during the 1933-1945 bankruptcy reorganization of the global enterprise last time around...The unemployed were hired and retrained then loaded up on boats and the boats were sunk...millions of unfundable liabilities were liquidated in various ways like that...

Freedom from Truth...The inflationary Messiah you all were worshipping was a false 'profit.'

The collapse of the economy is causing you all to be shaken awake...but you all are fighting to the death trying to stay asleep to enjoy the dream you are awake.

All lending practices that require you to give back more that you were give to begin with are abusive. But of course all those living off the yield from abusive practices must sustain them...Like professors who do nothing but figure out new and nifty ways to enslave taxpayers into sustaining ever larger bureaucracies.

So then you have to bascially create a system where the lesser of two evils is good.

You draw a line and claim that one form of plunder is illegal and unfair while another is legal and fair.

Like smacking old ladies over the head and stealing their purses...That's illegal

But coaxing them to pump their life savings into the markets and then when the volume of little old ladies pumping the markets up...dries up...short the markets to oblivion...perfectly legal...

Plunder is taking more than you give which is the same as chopping down trees faster than they regrow...So as long as the method chosen is legal then chopping down trees faster than they regrow is great.

Until you run out of trees to chop down to sustain the pampered existence of all the so called educated elite that dream up new and nifty ways to pander to the moron masses.

"When plunder becomes a way of life for a group of men living together in society, they create for themselves in the course of time a legal system that authorizes it and a moral code that glorifies it."--Frederic Bastiat

The simple fact is that banking as you all see it today has been a scam for 600 years...and the entire history of the USA was financed by creating money out of thin air using the previously created money as the fractional reserve to back the derivatives which are the newly created money.

It's what the American revolution was all about...breaking free from the rules of constraint imposed upon the population by previous Monarchical adminstration systems...

Constraints imposed by rulers that could not be controlled...You can't be free if there are rules attempting to stop you from what you need to do to obtain what you want...more and more and more power.

The entire history of the USA and world was financed into existence by the system you think you all can control with rules. The system sustains its existence by taking more than it gives...create a rule that attempts to stop the system from doing that and the system will either destroy the rule or die trying.

All the system can do is inflate to maximum potential and then implode...and if you impose rules on it to stop it from inflating to maximum potential and imploding...that is maximum potential and it implodes at that point.

But there is a maximum potential...and once reached...there is nothing you all can do except die.

Sorry...Thanks for showing up to planet Earth.


Once all are on the run for their lives suffering the consequences...then I will know there has been an actual demonization.

Because right now all the Demons suckling on Mammons teat still think they are little Angels.

Sunday, October 02, 2011

The shadow of a hammer...

During the expansion phase...You need to power inflation greater than previous inflation...

It gets tricky understanding inflation.

Inflation requires a measurement between two points to figure out what it is doing...oh it's inflating...but how. There are generally two kinds...inflation greater than previous inflation and inflation less than previous inflation.

Inflation greater than previous inflation to maximum potential is the one you all generally call's the one that everyone loves...because it's positive.

Then there is inflation less than previous inflation...a term called deflation was invented to describe the observation of this form of's the one everyone fears because it's negative.

Of course depending upon what is deflating...The deflation of the witch at the end of The Wizard of OZ...that's an example of deflation that people that fear witches love.

Now losing money.

In a credit system...a consumer uses their current income which is previously created out of thin air money or an asset inflated in value by previously created out of thin air money as collateral backing their request for a commercial bank to create new money out of thin air.

Basically due to the attachment of interest, a yield or growth rate to money...It generally inflates greater than previous inflation to maximum potential...attachment of a demand to grow will generally cause something that is capable of grow.

When a consumer requests money to be created out of thin air and loaned to them...they are making money...but when a consumer pays the loan back they are causing money to return to where it came from...and they are losing money.

So during the inflation greater than previous inflation to maximum potential phase of the cycle it's he that obtains the most money that wins the game.

But once maximum potential is reached and it becomes impossible to sustain inflation greater than previous inflation any longer...inflation greater than previous inflation transforms into inflation less than previous inflation to maximum potential.

Or deflation.

Then it becomes he who loses the least money that wins the game.

And since the positive phase has been sustained so long you all generally have zero concept of how the fantasy you all call reality will operate past the point where inflation to maximum potential transforms into deflation to maximum potential.

The further past the point we travel the harder it will become to make money the way you have during the roaring 6 decades.

Many people that could have lived died because they didn't chop off their leg when they should have.

In the inflationary phase consumers are basically forced to request more and more and more new money to be created out of thin air but once the maximum potential is reached...consumers are forced to request less and less and less new money to be created out of thin air.

Yield rates were rising until the early 1980's...consumers were basically forced to request ever greater amounts of new money creation...until maximum potential was reached and they were then forced to request less and less until now.

Which causes a greater demand for growth of 100 Dollars...a 20% yield rate or a 1%?

OMG...The past 30 years you all thought something different was happening.

Well now growth rates are so low that there isn't enough inflation greater than previous inflation to keep the system from inflating less than previous inflation...or collapsing.

The top lives off the yield from the bottom...the roof or top of the structure is supported by the bottom or foundation of the structure.

If the bottom can't support the top...the structure collapses.

Oh I get it you all think you support those below...

You think the top or roof supports the foundation of the structure...well I guess in your mind where LAW that governs the Universe does not apply you could imagine such.

The bottom produces everything and the top monetizes it...They then mark up everything and sell it back to the bottom to get their money back.

The top owns the money and all the money belongs to's their money that monetizes the wholesale production operation...not yours...all the money in circulation does not belong to any of you...You just think it does.

The difference between the wholesale cost and the retail price is the yield the top lives off of...well then how does the bottom make up the difference?

By supplying the top with more than the top gives...forever...Until the bottom can't supply the top with the yield they demand.

Then poof...The goose that lays the golden eggs...dies

So then when the top inputs money to the bottom and the output by the bottom is less than the input. The top has to stop doing that or they will not make any money...they will just continue to lose money.

What you think? the FED is going to print money forever?

The bottom produces everything and the top prints money to buy it wholesale and then marks it up and sells it to the bottom retail...and it's up to the bottom to pay the difference between the wholesale cost and the retail price to supply the top with the yield they demand.

And if you all can't.

Then you are going to have to be fired and replaced with more productive workers.

You were fired over the past few decades and Chinese workers were hired...but now they can't even support the top supports the bottom delusion you all depend upon.

I have no idea when the real yucky mindblowing soul destroying stuff is going to begin having an impact...but as long as you have a few years of existence will see the day.

As far as I can tell we are a long ways from the actual bottom where the milking operation reaches its maximum potential and the shorting method of extraction of yield from the dying USA and world system is still an effective way to make money.

If that is what turns your crank.

The bottom supplies the top.

Stocks will storm back if the bottom can support the ability for the top to cover. The bottom is the leverage the top use to increase the value of their assets.

Master what is my purpose? Your purpose is to slave till the day you die making me rich...

The top lives off the yield from the speculators.

There's two kinds...aggressive...Those that are personally involved...they are a minority...then there are the passive...they supply the agressive speculators.

The top does all the buying and selling...the bottom follows along and speculates.

The top is following a plan...the bottom is trying to figure it out.

The top must keep the bottom in the dark.

The top can see the bottom's demand.

The bottom supply the top with everything wholesale...the top then mark everything up and supply it to the bottom retail.

Eliminate the ability for banks to inflate the money supply to make up the difference between the wholesale cost and retail price...and the economy can't grow.

It's why the world basically went nowhere for's why the primary method of travel was riding around on the back of an animal or pulled around in cart by an animal for 1000's and 1000's of years until the 20th century.

Consumers use their current income which is composed of previously created money which is debt or an asset inflated in price by previously created money which is debt as collateral backing their request for a commercial bank to create new money which is debt.

Operating expenses are composed of previously created money which is debt and profit or yield is composed of newly created debt.

Within a constantly growing or yielding system...Once the bottom reaches their maximum potential to sustain the expansion...contraction follows. The roaring 6 decades was the greatest boom in the history of the 600 year old credit system...The past 6 decades was a massive blow off.

So in order to sustain this...the bottom has to supply the power that is required to sustain perpetual blow off.

Due to the construction of the system...that is impossible.

The top is the rider and the bottom is the horse...for the past six decades the top has been whipping the bottom...demanding more yield a year...faster...faster...faster...

Until the horse became exhausted slowed and finally stopped. Now the top is basically whipping it to death.

That's Greece

Eventually it will be those higher in the hierarchy.

Eventually there will be nowhere to put what you perceive to be money to acquire a positive yield.

Unless you short sell your countrymen and country to those higher in the hierarchy in Greece did.

You think Obama gives a rat's ass about any of you?

They are all using insider information to short sell you all to oblivion.

They are the first class ticket holders on the Titanic...

Obama was hired to tell the clowns trapped below decks that everything is a ok and that there's plenty of lifeboats.

Obama was installed to supply hope...To buy more time...A qualitative easing.

So those higher in the hierarchy can suck the last succulent drops of power you have left.

What do you think the real purpose of the video game industry was all this time? Most teens think you just re-spawn when you die and that mowing down people with mini-guns is ...all that you can be...cannon fodder in the army.

The top has not been trying to cure the problem...just treat the symptoms...

The top is the cause and the bottom is the effect...

The top is instigating all the revolutions and war outbreaks globally...

In the end there is going to be a maelstrom of chaos...a blizzard of effects to promote as the cause of the effects so that the culprits can escape.

While the top did all gleefully followed...paid to follow...

At the end the Germans said...we were just following orders...according to the judges...that is not an excuse. So I'm sorry to all are going to suffer the consequences the top or your employers hired you all to suffer.

But I'm a civilian...too bad so sad...

Rich people cause wars that they employ poor people to suffer the consequences of.

The battle against deflation is a rich man’s war and a poor man’s fight.

The top is not the most productive. The bottom is...

until they are sucked dry.

Well the top becomes the top and maintain their position by always taking more than they's the divine right of kings. Oh you think you gained independence from kings? nope...never all just think you did...and if you think therefore you's magic...Hyper my teacher said I did and all the history books said I I must have...

The sucked dry wreckage at the bottom cause problems...the bottom cries to the top about the effects.

The top is not going to pay the cost of dealing with the consequences at the bottom...that's what the top employs all of you to do....the top doesn't pay its credit cards...the bottom does...

The employer doesn't pay for anything...the employees's what your purpose within the enterprise is. It's your purpose on Earth within the system you all are in...That's not what they tell me at church...

The bottom is already being supplied the minimum in order for the top to obtain the's the middle that ultimately has to do with less in order for the top to obtain the power required to deal with the effects at the bottom that are causing the bottom to bawl like babies.

It's like your brains which are supposed to be capable of thinking according to rumor...have been programmed to be unable to.

Rich people are the biggest welfare cases of society...The entire bottom...billions of people globally have to slave till the day they die supporting the welfare cases at the top and the bottom...

At the extreme bottom of the global hierarchy far away from your sight...10's of 1000's are being sucked dry and dying to support your asses...

If the farmers stopped producing 1000's of times more food than they need to sustain their existence and decided to just produce enough to sustain themselves...all the welfare cases being sustained by the welfare system would die off in massive numbers.

Double digit growth rates for 30 years...hint hint.

Ten percent is a doubling every 7 sustain will take double the inputs the next 7 years...then 4 times...then 8 times....then 16 times...or China will implode to oblivion.

Along with double the outputs...the demand is going to have to grow exponentially slightly faster than supply the whole time as well...forever...or poof...gameoverville.

21 years from now it will take double all the current resources of the world to sustain the growth...Like China takes all the resources of the world leaving everyone else with's not going to happen

China will have to at some point construct a military strong enough to spread out and take over control of all the resources in the England and the USA did at the climax of the 1933-1945 bankruptcy reorganization of the previous British pound based global trade system.

The plain simple fact is people have been socially engineered into mindless yield locusts...Human beings? Don't make me laugh...The path China is following is the same path bacteria follow.

consume...consume...consume...until there is nothing left...then die good show old chap.

The Chinese are not smart...they are stupid. The people's liberation army runs China...They are trapped in the same war against deflation the rest of the billions of retards globally are...

The just think positive ignore the negative religion.

The embrace fantasy reject reality equation.

The embrace lies and delusions reject Truth equation at the core of the drone reasoning algorithm.

Inflation is positive...deflation is negative.

Lies and delusion are positive...Truth is negative.

There is never a lasting victory over lies while the war against Truth has no exit strategy and always end in defeat.

Dummies...inflation can be good or bad while deflation can be good or bad. Unfortunately you all are within a system that attempts to transform variables into constants...

Inflation is a variable.

In order to perceive inflation or a need two points.

There is no way to perceive a gain otherwise. So the observation of a positive gain is inflation greater than previous inflation...while observation of a negative gain is inflation less than previous inflation.

Inflation is a constant variable. A wave is a constant variable.

The system you all have fallen in love with attempts to cause inflation greater than previous inflation or positive inflation to be a constant.

It's impossible to sustain inflation greater than previous inflation indefinitely.

it's impossible to sustain positive yields derived from inflation greater than previous inflation indefinitely.

At the core of all the accounting algorithms is the take more than you give equation...the exponential growth...the compounding interest equation.

In order to derive positive can never ever input negative numbers.

Inflation less than previous inflation annihilates the system you call civilization which is sustained by constant inflation greater than previous inflation.

The system basically turns Earth into a petri dish and you all are bacteria.

Don't think so? Of course not...In order for this scheme to all have to be oblivious of it.

Nothing is mentioned in grades 1-12 or and virtually nothing in University/College...the top know about it...have known all's why shorting is legal.

Once the maximum potential of inflation greater than previous inflation of so called civilization is reached...the top shorts all you oblivious fools to oblivion.

Seven billion oblivious fools or fundable assets transform into unfundable liabilities and are liquidated during the inflation less than previous inflation phase...then the top covers and employs the remaining assets of let’s say one Billion to construct and maintain the next inflation greater than previous inflation phase.

Obama...a mindless puppet trained to be a teleprompter parrot demagogue...Just another employee of the enterprise. And you are....not only oblivious...but so dependent upon it that you all will fight to the death to sustain and maintain it.

At this point you are all hopelessly trapped without any way to escape the glorious march to doom with glee.

You all basically will fight to the death protecting that which is ultimately going to kill you in the heroin addicts. You all think you are superior to bacteria or all the rest of the animals and natural processes in the Universe...none of you are or ever will be...By following the same path they do to its logical conclusion.

By taking more than you give until there is nothing left to take to sustain the exponential/compounding power requirements to sustain your hubris.

I first showed up in 1998...from then to now you all have not grown at all...You all were basically crying about the same things back then as you are now.

You all have done nothing but cry about effects and totally ignore the cause.

Because ultimately you all are the cause of the effects.

The top lives off the yield of power from the bottom.

All the power that the so called powers that be have in excess of their own personal supply comes from the person you see when look in the mirror.

The greatest enemy of human advancement can be found the same way.

Ignorance of Truth is the root of all evil in the affairs of humanity.

but Hyper ignorance is bliss.

And bliss is positive.

Yup the just think positive ignore the negative religion strikes again.

The embrace lies and delusion reject Truth equation at the core of the drone reasoning algorithm strikes again.

"This is a staggering thought. We are completely dependent, on the (compounding interest) Commercial Banks. Someone has to borrow (Request the manufacture of) every dollar, we have in circulation, cash or credit. If the Banks create (At the request of the consumer) ample synthetic (All money is fiat) money, we are prosperous; if not, we starve. We are, absolutely, without a permanent money system. When one gets a complete grasp of the picture, the tragic absurdity, of our hopeless position, is almost incredible, but there it is. It is the most, important subject, intelligent persons can investigate and reflect upon. It is so important that our present civilization may (Not may...Will Inevitably) collapse (Implode), unless it becomes widely understood, and the defects remedied very soon." (the remedy will cause the premature implosion)--ROBERT H. HEMPHILL (Credit Manager of Federal Reserve Bank, Atlanta, Georgia 1938)

Civilization as you all know it and based on taking more than you give is the disease that is the cause of all the negative symptoms all are not looking for the cure...all you are looking for is a way to treat the symptoms.

Currently the favorite antidepressant drug being used to treat the symptoms is what you all perceive to be money.

Will I live the see the day you all reach the point you can no longer ignore the negative by sedating yourselves with ever greater amounts of antidepressants?

Because when you can't keep the supply of anti depressants continually growing...

You all will be forced to suffer a deep depression.

The high you all have been enjoying the past 6 decades will be followed by withdrawals currently beyond your abilities to fathom.

And relativity is still called a theory.

The Government is controlled by the top.

The elections are a fool you into thinking you are free or in control...You get to choose the most favorite puppets.

Their plan is to...reduce the population as much as possible over the next 100 years...then use all the wonderful technology you all supplied to the keep growth rates, the compounding, or doubling time to as close to 1% as possible.

Then what happened the past 6 decades...can be stretched out to centuries

When you choose to take more than you have two options.

continue until you can' which point game over is reached.


stop before you reach the point where you can' which point game over is reached.

Without the current all have no need to exist anymore.

The credit system requires you all to exist to sustain it...Once it reaches maximum potential...all the assets begin turning into liabilities and are liquidated.


The system is inevitably doomed to inflate to maximum potential and implode...that's all it can do.

So then who or what is going to get the blame in the end?

Too funny...hackers that can't be found are going to screw with the computers and crash the world and cause all you fundable assets to turn into unfundable liabilities and be liquidated...

No Hyper it was a handful of people with box cutters that ultimately brought down the USA in 2001...

You all have been brainwashed by the top into believing in comic book super villains that you actually believe this.

The hacking of Sony was just to create street cred

News flash...The top has known all along that it's impossible to sustain taking more than you give forever...when the end all will be watching what the top wants you to see.

The end has been know about all along...It's been planned for.

The FED was created to take the fall for it all.

The FED is an effect...not a cause.

In the end the top will get you all to believe the effect of the cause was the cause...and the cause will escape.

I'm not worried about the FED in the slightest...It wasn't created to's totally doomed to's inevitable.

It's the third central bank of the USA.

The European owners of the USA have been at this for centuries now.

The next central bank will be even more powerful than the current one.

It will have to be made better...It's so all have all sorts of fantasies about what it's going to be like post FED.

You all are going to be chipped and tracked...your every transaction...

The prolonged wars are to create a wonderful force of trigger pullers...It's all just a video game to them...You all have no idea that PS3's an XBOX 360's are being used to train the unfundable liabilities liquidators of the future.


There has been no crisis yet...

When the crisis actually shows up...none of you are going to be able to believe what you are seeing....because none of what you are going to be seeing will be compatible with the current delusions you cherish.

The top is cranking up the chaos more every day...

The black death was discovered and utilized by the top after the 1345 collapse of the previous global system in Venice. It took until the late 16th century to consolidate and then begin the next iteration we are in now.

There will be a blizzard of scapegoats in the end that will totally mesmerize the masses of oblivious know nothings.

When your children turn the proper age...say...”Get out”...and if they the police and have them charged with trespassing.

It's what all the wealthy people do...kick their kids out into the gutter...It's why they turn out so crappy and poor kids turn out so well.

The top created the tough love method to supply the lower classes with an out.

A whole bunch of desperate individuals willing to drop to their knees and suck to survive...The top needs a supply of desperate people to exploit...

Why do you think the southern border is basically open and millions of desperate people have been allowed to flood the whole southern USA?

Top lives off the yield from the bottom.

The rich kids relaxing at home studying to be snappy dressers are supported by all the poor kick outs at the bottom.

I love it...

The resources will run out eventually...

The current problem is that the system needs to constantly inflate.

what is ultimately powering it is people signing on the dotted line...

And the system is demanding people willing and able to sign on the dotted line quicker that they are being produced.

The FED is not causing the price rises...

The top is.

Top lives off the yield from the bottom.

You all supply the top with everything wholesale...the top then marks it up and sells it to you all retail.

Yield rates are so low and there's not enough volume to support rates...

The top is forced to make up the difference elsewhere.

The FED was invented and is run by rich people last I looked.

The bottom demands compensation from the top for the bottom's support.

Where does the top get all the money from that the bottom wants as compensation?

From the bottom.

The more the bottom wants...the greater the suck from the bottom to the top becomes.

there's 10's of millions of Chinese workers slaving at the bottom to support the life styles you all enjoy.

The more those Chinese workers demand as compensation...the less the top has left over to bribe you all with.

That's why the FED is printing money...desperately trying to keep you all alive.

Because once the system implodes...the Farmers will have no need to produce all the food they currently do...especially if you all have no money to buy it. will come to the point where the authorities you all hate will have to point guns at farmers' heads and demand them to produce for free...or you all are going to massively die off.

All the money in circulation globally is basically a figment of your imaginations...a mass cherished delusion...and when the system can't continue to sustain the delusion.

It will shatter.

The money will dry up and the servers that are hosting this...will shut down.

All the money you all currently are enjoying will vanish.

It's because money is so common that you have it...once it goes back to being rare...The drunken sailor spending that currently keeps you alive...will end.

The top designed the game so that they win by default...

The only reason the top is postponing the inevitable for as long as possible is because they employ reason.

Of course when it can't be postponed any longer..the top will then have a reason to downsize you all.

Yes the resources have not run out.

What do you think the top is going to do?

Use up all the resources...or conserve them?

You know so after the inevitable collapse they can hire the survivors to rebuild...

It would be pretty dumb to use up all the resources.

Why do you all at the bottom think the resources the top owns and controls belong to you?

The collapse was inevitable...and the top has known about it all along...

The bottom is trained...socially engineered to reject the inevitable collapse...

You all will fight deflation with inflation until you all can't sustain the inflation required to keep deflation at will be unleashed and rip you all to pieces.

It's almost over...

The hope you all have currently will be blown out like a candle.

Regardless of what is done at this point...a science fiction horror show will unfold.

Taking more than you give is the cause.

Civilization is a bubble...The dot com bubble?

was just a bubble within the bubble.

The collapse of the real estate bubble...that was just a smaller bubble within the 40 year old real estate bubble.

You can't do anything about it because it's what you all are doing on a daily basis.

you as an individual don't think you are responsible...but all you irresponsible individuals combined fact...responsible.

Why are you seeing more and more bubbles though? Because 66 years ago at the bottom of the collapse of the roaring 20's the end of the 1933-1945 bankruptcy reorganization of the global trade system.

See if you tell a person what they must do...They can try to avoid doing it...that's why you have to fool people into doing what you want them to do.

WW2 was the climax of the liquidation process...of course all of you were educated differently.

Anyways you are seeing more and more bubbles because 66 years ago there was a far greater supply to the time has passed...the supply has not grown as fast as the demand.

And now the system has reached the maximum potential...the roaring 6 decades bubble has reached maximum potential and all that the postponement of the inevitable is a pile of rapidly forming and popping bubbles.

I call them doomsday spikes.

It will just get worse as all you drones programmed to operate a certain way...can't...every time you try to inflate further...all that will happen is the inflation of a pile of bubbles that will then just pop.

You all will continue trying over and over again to operate in the correct normal way according to your programming/religion...but won't be able to.

Because the system has reached maximum potential.

All that you think, believe, and have faith in is vanishing...because it was all just a mass cherished delusion...that requires exponential inputs to sustain the continued existence of.

Due to the just think positive ignore the negative programming...You all can't see the logical conclusion until you arrive at it.

Back in 1944 when the Bretton Woods global trade system was agreed to...The logical conclusion became certain and inevitable.

You all didn't see it back all don't see it now...all you do see are the effects of the choice that was made.

What choice was made following the collapse of the roaring 20's bubble?

To do it all over again...but this time around...Of a far greater magnitude...The roaring 20's bubble was inflated by the post WW1 looting of Germany.

This current one was inflated by the post WW2 looting of the world...It's global now...there are no countries...just economic zones full of drones that think they are countries.


At the start you all were standing on an anvil and it all looked wonderful...but as the decades passed a shadow began forming at your feet...The shadow of the hammer coming down.

The hammer that began falling 66 years ago to smite you all decades later.

The USA was doomed in the 50's 60's 70's 80's 90's 00's and today.

The devout followers of the just think positive ignore the negative religion are not going to see the bubble...until it pops in their stupid faces.

You all ain’t seen anything yet.

And once you all do...You will all wish you died before you did...because it will wipe out everything you currently think believe and have faith in.

I've had years to observe and deal with all will be forced to accept what you currently refuse to in an instant..with zero possibility of escape...boy oh boy are you all going to be pissed the f off...

The top hasn't been turning the USA into a police state the past 10 years for the fun of it.

There's 100's of millions of fundable assets that are going to transform into unfundable liabilities and be liquidated one way or the other...over the next few decades.

The next new world order to replace the current one...doesn't include the vast majority of you...or your offspring.

The natural cleansing process.

Of course you as speculators will be unable to see that until it's happening.

Of course when that liquidation process is taking place you all will be caught up and enthralled by the all those during WW2...the climax of the 1933-1945 bankruptcy reorganization of the global trade system.


There hasn't been a revolt in many centuries that was not controlled and managed by the top...

You are all going to be employed by the top liquidating the system and yourselves.

Thursday, September 01, 2011

Why does the IRS have a $14 Trillion lien against the US?

A UCC lien for $14,300,000,000,000 (about the same amount as the national debt) filed on 8/12/11 with the Maryland Secretary of State naming the Maryland Comptroller as an additional debtor. Something tells me other states have similar filings...

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Just Because It's Legal Doesn't Mean It's Right

Two percent is a doubling time of 35 years...The total debt or money supply has constantly inflated, continously compounded, or exponentially roughly 7.57% over the past 66 years from 355 Billion dollars in 1945 to 52.6 Trillion Dollars right now in 2011.

The British Empire became the British Commonwealth after the 1933-1945 bankruptcy reorganization...Its population is 2.1 Billion...and the sun has not set on it yet.

In Iran the banking system is so called sharia compliant...interest is not charged nor paid on money lent or deposited because according to Islamic rules...that's against the rules...unless you call interest charged on loans as "fees" and interest earned on deposits as "dividends."

Then like magic...poof...usury which is against Islamic no no...silly...that's not interest...that's bananna split beethoven pepper shakers. all fall for it day in and day out...24/7...from the moment of birth til death for the past oh say....entire recorded history.

If compound interest or constant inflation was called exponential growth...because that's what it is...It would be hard to keep the rubes in the dark....the sheeple as sheeple.

From 2008 til now it's been zero or negative though...0% or negative yes there's a bit of a problem beginning to show up.

There is no way to inflate out of debt because the only way to pay off the debt is with more debt...the doubling time of 7.57% is 9.3 years roughly...which sounds more realistic.

All the money in existence is owned by rich people rent it to poor people...the cost to pay the rent is hidden in the price of everything...The bottom basically has to borrow more and more and more to pay the rent due on the borrowings.

It's why the innovation of the credit system 600 years ago was so allows the bottom to be able to continually request more and more new debt to service the continued existence of the old debt.

Top lives off the yield from the bottom...those above are supported by those below.

All the debt is owed to the top by the bottom and there is no way you will ever be able to escape because to pay it off causes the circulating money supply to shrink...the only way to sustain the existence of the circulating money supply which the top owns is to get into more debt.

Well there is another way...but the top has toilet trained the bottom to violently reject that way...because you have to sacrifice all your current hopes and dreams to escape the current method.

But once the system does collapse...It's inevitable...and all your hopes and dreams for the future are annihilated anyway...You all will desperately try to get them back by just doing over what led to the collapse to begin with.

You all have as much contol over your destiny as leaves blowing around in a hurricane do.

The bottom has been bawling like babies for all of recorded history...oh well...all your hopes and dreams for the future have a cost...which those below you have to pay in order to sustain them.

You never will mature...You all will never grow beyond the point you all are at currently and have been for the past 10 years...You all will never rise up above yourselves.

You all are floating around in your own personal self-delusional bubble...

The top keeps the bottom down...the top needs the bottom to continue as they are...The top wants the bottom to serve the top and do as the top demands forever.

People demand that I tell them who the top is...

It's easy to find the greatest barrier to the advancement of humanity...Just look into a mirror to find it.

But again...the top has trained you to reject that.

You can't possibily be responsible for any of what is happening...It's all everyone and everything else that is the cause...You are just a poor irresponsible victim.

"This is a staggering thought. We are completely dependent, on the (compounding interest) Commercial Banks. Someone has to borrow (Request the manufacture of) every dollar, we have in circulation, cash or credit. If the Banks create (At the request of the consumer) ample synthetic (All money is fiat) money, we are prosperous; if not, we starve. We are, absolutely, without a permanent money system. When one gets a complete grasp of the picture, the tragic absurdity, of our hopeless position, is almost incredible, but there it is. It is the most, important subject, intelligent persons can investigate and reflect upon. It is so important that our present civilization may (Not may...Will Inevitably) collapse (Implode), unless it becomes widely understood, and the defects remedied very soon." (the remedy will cause the premature implosion)--ROBERT H. HEMPHILL (Credit Manager of Federal Reserve Bank, Atlanta, Georgia 1938)

The top live off the yield from the bottom.

You sink your fangs in and suck...and when your victims run's game over.

But that's not the way I think of it Hyper...Good...wonderful...think how you will about your actions...I'm not stopping you all from thinking what you want...So why do you all try to stop me from thinking?

There is nothing that can be done to avoid the next crisis except to stop doing what you all are doing.

One slight problem...It's your religion and at the same time what you all do to sustain your existence....Take take take and give less and less back.

You all will never do what it takes to avoid the crises you all continue to cause but love to blame on something or someone else.

All of you yield locusts are the cause of the low rates...Your never ending demand for more and more yield is what causes bonds to be bid up and yields to drop.

Well when the bottom is sucked dry...and it becomes impossible for the bottom to give you all what you's game over. The bottom is saying...sorry we can no longer supply the yields you want...

You have all the information yet can't put one and one together...because you are not interested in what you are doing...all you are interested in is yield...sticking your fangs in and sucking...period end of story.

Well unless the markets are closed or you have some free time and are bored.

The bottom slaves and supplies all above with everything they have...all the money (power) you all have (in excess of personal power) orginates from those below you in an absolute capitalistic hierarchy...and then you take all that money and try to use it to get even more money.

You invest it into the extraction of more and more...and when the bottom becomes exhausted and can no longer sustain your mindless's crisis time.

Credit stopped flowing in 2008...and the global economy began rapidly imploding...the growth rate of credit slows and it slowly begins to implode...they are called recessions.

The bottom is what supplies the power that is converted into credit...when they can't or won't...the credit stops flowing or slows down...and the yield locusts begin starving.

The simple fact is that you all can't soon as you stop doing what is causing the crises...the crisis is caused.

But you all don't want to accept responsibility for your actions.

But Hyper I'm not doing anything illegal...

Yes just because what you are doing is legal does not mean it's right.

Regardless how you choose to take more than you give...illegal or legal...the logical conclusion is the same...

When the bottom can't give the top what they's game over.

When the bottom can't sustain your demands for more and more over.

What do you think yields are composed of?


In order to sustain a yield of 5% per has to grow by 5% per year.

And all that credit is chasing after yields so as bonds are bid up...yields drop...requiring more and more credit volume to sustain yield extraction from lower and lower rates.

You all have driven the rate collapse the past 30 years...and you all powered the rate expansion preceeding it.

The FED is just a facilitator of demands.

The top maintains their position by giving the bottom what they want.

The bottom demands...the top supplies.

But what is the cause of the bottom's demand?

The top demands and the bottom supplies...

The bottom demands the paychecks as compensation after the top demands the resources in order to create the paychecks...

The bottom gives the top what they want...everything wholesale.

The top then marks it up and sells everything to the bottom retail.

Because the banks have an ability to expand credit...the bottom can request the banks to manufacture the difference between the wholesale cost and the retail price.

Everything the top has comes from the bottom...and when the bottom can't supply the top with what the top needs to give the bottom what they want...crisis time.

All life and everything in and including the universe capitalize on Truth to sustain the existence of all and everything in the Universe.

Taking more than you give...which is the same as chopping down trees faster than they absolute capitalistic.

All animals are absolute capitalistic...all non animals and non living processes in the Universe are absolute capitalistic by default

Because it's easier to take more power than you give than to share power equally.

Human beings can choose to share power as equally as possible...that is responsible capitalism.

None of the so called enviormentalists promote responsible capitalism as a solution to the problem of absolute capitalism.

They are shake down and guilt trip artists in order to extract yields from the absolute capitalistic system.

If they were serious...They would begin farming and slowly reinvest the excess into taking over all the farming until they controlled the food production...but that takes effort...

They don't want an end to capitalism...because then their source of income would dry up.

They are just absolute capitalists capitalizing on other absolute capitalists within the absolute capitalist hierarchy to extract the yield they require to sustain their cherished delusions.

Capitalism will always be intact...It's impossible to sustain socialism without capitalizing on power.

You can either choose to take more than you give or absolute capitalism.

Or choose to share power as equally as possible...or responsible capitalism.

Regardless whether you acquire power by taking more than you give or sharing as equally as possible...Both have a profit or yield component.

Those so called socialist economic zones sustain socialism or power its continued existence by taking more power than they give.

You can sustain any delusion as long as you can acquire enough power to sustain its continued existence.

But when you choose to take more power than you give...The delusion is inevitably doomed to shatter at some point...

They are absolute capitalists high enough in the hierarchy that they don't have to do anything except make it look like they are doing something...they are at best used as moderators.

The exit strategy is based on their thinking that tomorrow is going to be just like today...what worked in the past is going to work in the future...they just sit back and milk people...the problem is when the people they are using and abusing for fun and profit can't sustain the party anymore...It's game over.

We are not at that stage yet as far as I can see...

The QE is not designed to help the public.

Top lives off the bottom...the magic printing press was basically created by the top.

The bottom owe the top everything...the top then monetize it and sell it to the bottom.

When the bottom can't supply the top with what the bottom owes the top...what is the top supposed to do?

Print money and hand it to the bottom so the bottom can then just hand it to the top?

The top does not work...the bottom does.

If the bottom can just stand around and not work because the top is just printing money and giving it to is the economy going to operate?

I just don't understand why you all find it so hard to figure out?

The QE is for the support the top...because the bottom is unable to support the lifestyles of the wannabe rich and famous....the factory workers in China are starting to revolt.

It's over...

Everything the top has comes from the bottom.

The top certainly thinks they have the power and use what power they have to persuade/force the bottom into thinking such...but all the power that sustains the civilizational system originates at the bottom.

The roof is held up by the walls that are attached to the foundation...the QE is like buying a new roof when the foundation of the structure is crumbling.

Handing a pile of money to the top is not going to help the bottom find new sources of energy to continue supporting the lifestyles of the inconsiderate, arrogant, and selfish game players.

It's impossible to live off the yield from the bottom forever...

The ability of the banking system to continually expand the money supply combined with the steam engine and various other innovations the past 600 years has allowed the bottom to continually borrow more and more and more and sustain the economic advancement that has allowed this take more than you give system to last as long as it has.

Now it's over.

But everyone is just not aware that it is and is still acting like it's not...

Which is good...because once everyone wakes up...It will all end in the blink of an eye.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Screaming For Salvation

At the core of what you call civilization...Is a scam that everyone depends upon.

It's always been a scam...that you all only become aware of at the end...

Like all scams...It looks good at the start.

All the illegal activity and hijinx is just an effect...It's not the cause of the collapse.

The massive expansion of the money supply the credit system allows...makes those with an income think they have skills or are important.

We need jobs? Who is going to create all these Jobs? An employer obtains the money to hire employees from where?

Where does money come from?

Are you hiring?

How is the FEDERAL Government going to obtain the money to hire people?

Print money?

Do any of you have the foggiest idea how civilization is constructed?

Like where are you going to obtain the massive unending supply of resources to sustain the USA if the USA has been running a massively insane trade deficit for almost 50 years.

I'll tell you exactly what is going to happen.

You all are never going to change...You all are going to keep trying to sustain this doomed system until it completely caves in and you are all screaming for salvation and will agree to all the austerity measures.

Whether you all flip and wreck the place or not...You all are going down and you ain't getting back up until you hit bottom.

1929-1933 was the collapse...All the rationing and austerity measures were not implemented until after the collapse.

You are not even out of 1930 yet.

2016-2017 is roughly equal to 1933.

There is no example of any credit system in operation the last 600 years that's ever been able to go from boom to boom without a bust.

The last 66 years so far has been the longest temporary prosperity in's been one long boom...recession is a word invented to describe a slowing of growth within a boom.

Prior to 1900...booms lasted 5 to 7 years then were followed by busts of 5 to 7 years...too short for there to be recessions noticed...

Jobs?...the manufacturing jobs were exported out of the USA into the special economic zones in China to stop the 1970's hyperinflation of the USA...It's what allowed China to hyperinflate into what it is today...and the USA to contine enjoying the lifestyles of the wannabe rich and famous for the past 30 years.

Where did the Chinese get all the money to hire all the workers of China to build it into what it is...the US consumer.

Where did the US consumer get the money from?

A US consumer uses their income which is mostly composed of previously created debt or an asset that has been inflated in price by previously created debt as collateral backing their request for a commercial bank to create new debt.

Well with US consumers maxed out after 62 years of supporting the global civilization's inflation...they are finished.

It's over...

Money supply was shrinking...but last quarter reporting period it showed quarter over quarter growth...that's 4 month ago data..

It worked out to 4.1 Billion Dollars of new money requested by consumers to be created by commerical banks per day...from Q3 2010 to q42010...

But it's very slow growth...You have to go back 10 years to 1999-2000 to find a similar growth...It will take above 14 Billion a day to get back to normal...which is good abnormal as opposed to bad abnormal

As far as I can tell...Either the Federal Government has to stop production of new Treasury bonds or the FED is going to have to continue subsidizing rates...Or rates will have to start rising.

Problem with the cutting off of the Deficit spending...GDP will go negative.

QE3 of some sort will be needed to sustain all the green arrows required to maintain the belief that the war against deflation is being won.

Special economic zones were opened in China to receive exports of US manufacturing jobs and US consumer debt...

To increase unemployment in the USA allowing downward pressure on wages and the exportation out of the USA of massive amounts of consumer debt inflation.

China set its exchange rate artificially high and utilized their socially engineered for decades communist slave labour to produce products virtually for free.

The inflation or growth rate of the money supply in the USA slowed and the hyperinflation of the USA stopped...

China over time used with FEDERAL RESERVE direction their massive supplies of Dollars to engineer rates lower and lower...allowing the massive real estate bubble that had been growing in the USA since continue to grow.

US consumers in this environment basically could continually request commercial banks to manufacture credit to buy real estate...Which in turn caused there to be a continuous flow of money into the US domestic economy to buy imports from China...which allowed the Chinese slave labour operation to continually grow and acquire more and more US Dollars to buy more and more US Treasuries to keep rates continually dropping.

Well China took this operation over mostly in the 1990's after Japan inflated to maximum potential and popped from doing the exact samething.

China is over 10 times the size so they have been able to sustain this for far longer than Japan.

Japan has survived their implosion because the Bank of Japan basically supplied the Japanese with massive amounts of YEN to subsidize the acquisition of US Dollars...Basically the Japanese have kept the YEN artificially week causing all their exports into the USA to be affordable...If the Japanese would not have done this...They would have imploded...Causing the supply or more importantly the production of YEN to continually slow or stop...which would cause the YEN to strengthen against the US Dollar...making Japanese exports too expensive for US Consumers to purchase....collapsing their export based economy.

The problem now is that the US Consumer reached maximum potential in 2008.

The lower rates go the greater the volume required...because there is a cost.

The required yield is...not too much...not too little...but always greater than previously.

Well rates collapsed due to consumer desperation beginning in 2007 following the exhaustion beginning in 2003...Just like all the previous times when consumers became exhausted for the past 6 decades.

But something new showed up...Because US consumers have basically reached the point where they have requested their maximum amount of debt to be manufactured by commercial banks...they can't sustain the volumes required to allow the continuing drop of rates.

The FED was finally forced to use unconventional measures...

How it worked before 2008 when US consumers became useless.

Consumption rates are dynamic...consumers consume more and more and as they do they become full and then begin to consume less and less...It's a wave...some poeple think the FED has some way to control consumers...they don't...they are at the top of the monetary system watching the flows in the system...and they can basically know the winning lottery numbers days, weeks and months before they are reported to the general population YOU ALL....The FED knows what is going on before you all do...The economy takes a left turn...the FED comes out and says...that due to such and such conditions...we are making a left turn...and then a week or more after the economy has taken a left turn they release a chart showing that the economy is making a left turn...and then the FED says...see...look how powerful we are...and you all believe it.

The workers go out and slave day in and day out and the FED takes credit for it...

It's been like this since the FED has existed.

At the start of the consumption cycle...consumers are desperate...They request commercial banks to manufacture massive amounts of new money...This new money causes an acceleration of the flow within the system...generally leading to bonds being bid up and yields to drop...

But over time consumers regardless of how low rates go...Become exhausted and begin slowing their consumption or requests of commercial banks to create new money. This leads to the deceleration of the flow through the bond markets...generally causing bonds to be sold off and yields to rise.

The money supply of the USA has shown this acceleration and deceleration for decades...consumers become exhausted enough and recessions show up...which causes consumers to become desperate.

To stop the dropping of rates since desperate consumers would basically cause rates to implode every time they became exausted...The supply and or production of treasuries has to be build a floor under them.

Every time consumers have become desperate...magically...congress is supplied with reasons to increase the supply/production of treasuries...last time around it was the war on Terror...This time it was the so called sub prime crisis...economic collapse.

This time around though...consumers were desperate and then became exhausted too quickly...They all were desperate for money...but had no ability to request anymore money creation by the commercial banks.

They were all used up...spent.

Think of the economic system as a reactor that supplies power to the top and the bottom are the fuel rods...

Unlike a reactor...It's a lot harder to replace the 100's of millions of consumers of USA.

So the FED for the first time in decades was forced to build a floor under bonds by buying them...As opposed to the manipulation of Congress into increasing the supply to absorb demand like all the previous times...

Due to the elimination of the consumer from the equation, the FED had to become the consumer, The flow has basically stopped and reversed...yields should have stopped dropping and rocketed up.

The US domestic economy along with the 1944 global trade system should have imploded...It was..still is.

Game over...

But not so fast...The G20 got together and was forced to agree to the greatest Government deficit spending/economic intervention in world history...and stopped the implosion.

Actually all that was done was a bounce was caused.

Ultimately on a macroeconomic level...The consumers or bottom reached their maximum potential to sustain growth...

The top lives off the yield from the bottom...yield is growth.

The top shorted the world or began extracting yield from negative growth...the G20 met and agreed to the greatest economic intervention in history...Which began to flood the world with massive amounts of spending that consumers could not or refused to do...the top then covered their short of the world...Causing everything to begin rising...or a bounce that's been marketed to the bottom as the late 2010 recovery.

In order for this mass global social engineering event to work...the bottom or masses have to resume what they were doing prior to the point at which they reached maximum potential and sustain it.

The chart shows what the money supply was 4 months ago...from 1945 to 2008 it was compounding or exponentially growing by 8% per year on average...It's been flat for years now...The US domestic economy is short easily 10 Trillion Dollars...

That line has to begin to shoot back up or begin exponentially growing again or the top will be forced at some point to begin extracting yield from negative growth..."shorting the world"...and there will be no way to hide the negative effects of printing money to cause inflation of the numbers to produce green arrows which are required to sustain the 2010 recovery lie.

The FED will be forced to follow along and raise yield rates...their ability to resist reality or fight Truth is limited.

Split 100 get 33.3333333 repeating forever.

It's easier to just split it into 33,33,34

It's easier to take more than you give than to share equally.

It's the default method of power transfer in the Universe. falling down hills...water flows...bacteria and all animals follow the path of least resistance.

Taking more than you give is absolute capitalistic...sharing as equally as possible is responsible capitalistic

Within a system an increase in demand anywhere within the system spreads throughout the system.

Civilization is is powered by taking more power than it gives...the bottom supports the top...the top lives off the yield from the bottom.

To each according to his ability and to each according to his needs?

You are a shoe polisher...You need very little

I'm the leader of the USSR my abilities dictate I require more than you...polish faster.

The so called Marxist power distribution scheme is the same as the so called evil capitalist scheme...take more than you give...bottom supports the lives off the yield from the bottom.

It's why the USSR caved in...It was just a typical absolute capitalistic hierarchy that sustained itself by taking more power than it gave and when it ran out of imploded...

Taking more than you give is also known as plunder.

"When plunder becomes a way of life for a group of men living together in society, they create for themselves in the course of time a legal system that authorizes it and a moral code that justifies it" -- Frederic Bastait

China is going to implode as well...

Without a US consumer to power China and the world...They are all collapsing...China has been flooding their economy with money trying to keep it from imploding.

The top in order to stop the implosion was forced to cut production/supply in relation to demand to supprt prices...and now the whole systam has been left starving for for the resources to sustain stable growth.

It's all become unstable and is going to collapse...demand will drop and production/supply will have to be cut again.

It's a waterfall decline

China has so much reserves because the communists have structured their economy to be able to acquire US Dollars for far less than the cost of production.

The source of US Dollars is USconsumers...the source of any currency is ultimately the consumers...

Without QE China's export to the USA and Europe based economy would have imploded...QE is the FED subsidizing the consumers of the USA so that they can continue sustaining the Chinese.

The West controls the global supply and production of the vast majority of commodities...eliminate China's exports and they are a net importer of raw materials to sustain civilization inside China.

China would need to send out their military and take over the world to get their hands on the state control of the commodities they require to keep their domestic economy from hyperinflating.

Because the only thing China their exchange rate...they could easily have set it higher so that there were no reserves...but then the flow of debt inflation that has been flooding into China the past 30 years would have stopped...The Chinese bought all those Treasuries to sustain lower and lower rates so that US consumers could request more and more mortage debt to flood the US economy with money to buy slave labor Chinese imports...

Their economy would have imploded otherwise.

Now they are in Big trouble in little China...They basically have seduced their population into taking for granted double digit growth rates to infinity and beyond for the past 30 years with zero way to sustain it.

For the Chinese it's been the roaring 3 decades powered by the US/West's roaring 6 decades that is coming to an end.

The Chinese warnings are for domestic consumption...So when their domestic economy implodes...they can blame the USA and their bad policies...not the Chinese Peoples Liberation mafia.

The USA was set up to take the fall for it all...

Bretton Woods = The inevitable and certain death of the USA.

It was great at the start when the destroyed world was flooding the USA with firesale raw materials to obtain US Dollars to reflate out of the destruction of the 1933-1945 Bankruptcy reorganization following the 19 late 20's-1933 collapse of the British global trade system.

Now with the world rebuilt and inflated well beyond the previous high point...

Time to collapse and do it all over again.

After the collapse and a bit of starvation/suffering...You all will agree to the mind blowing austerity measures.

Back to an unfree market or fixed exchange rate system from the current free market or broken exchange rate system.

All are going to wake up from the dream they are awake into the nightmare soon.

Hundreds of millions and billions of people lied to their entire lives that have zero idea what is wrong or right true or false...will go insane.

Or the people you all love to hate will have some more tricks to postpone the inevitable nightmare a little longer so that you can enjoy hating them some more...

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Scapegoat Roulette

Banks don't loan money out. Banks increase the money supply at the request of the consumer. The reason why the total credit market debt or money supply has stopped growing is not because the banks have stopped lending...It's because consumers have slowed their requests for commerical banks to create money.

How money is created...

A consumer requests a commercial bank for a "loan"

There is no money to's credit.

The bank then creates a liability and an asset and attaches interest to it.

As the consumer pays off the "loan" (of their future income) the asset and liability shrink by the principle amount...or return back into thin air where it came from...and the banks keep the interest.

That's how commercial banking as you all know it has operated for over six centuries now.

On any given day in the year...over 3 Trillion dollars flows through New york...Globally it's easily close to 10 Trillion equivalent Dollars of volume a day.

The US money supply is around 52 Trillion Dollars...the global supply equivalent is close to 200 Trillion dollars.

It's all debt...owed ultimately to the top. Ultimately the money supply of the world is owned by the top and the bottom rents and the cost to pay the rent is hidden in the price of everything.

The minor amount of FED so called "money printing" doesn't even equal half of a typical average day's volume.

Yield rates are so low the top has been forced to make up the difference...

The yield game is sucks from the bottom until the bottom is sucked dry...then poof.

All the strikes/revolutions and chaos are being unleashed to cover the revelation of the lower high that the top began engineering in 2008...after the G20 all the various authorities went back and implemented the greatest global Government economic intervention in history....massive record breaking deficit spending.

Then the top covered...

The top does all the buying and selling...the bottom just speculates.

The top is not the cause but in the chain leading back to the cause...the top is the cause...The Federal Reserve is the effect.

Last time around before they were in soup lines...they were crying that the fed was printing too much...after they were in the soup lines...they cried that the fed was not printing enough.

The FED "money printing" is an effect...Not the cause.

Food and Fuel supply has been carefully managed by the top so as to reduce the base of the derivatives markets.

The result is ultimately higher prices...

The money supply or total credit market debt has not increased at all in 3 years.

As far as I can tell all these increases are due to the cuts in supply in relation to demand.

The exports from China and various other consumer goods along with real estate has not significantly risen in price at all.

I ditched my last cathode ray tube last month...

The top lives off the yield from the bottom...In order to obtain the required yield within an environment of constantly dropping yields the past 30 years requires ever increasing volume.

The US consumer reached their maximum potential to sustain the volume in late 2007.

But the difference has to be made up somewere...

You could begin engineering rates higher...but that will just cause the already unsufficient volume to collapse further...tightening supplies of food and fuel won't hurt the ability of consumers to request commercial banks to increase the money supply.

Ulltimately the top can obtain higher yields this way...

Increasing the cost of food and fuel increases the demand for money.

Thats the trick that's been employed up to this point...It's been used in japan for 20 slave labor electronic goodies...expensive food and fuel.

The FEDERAL RESERVE is facilitator.

One slight probelm...unlike Japan...this trick can not be sustained very long...

All that's going to happen is commodity prices are going to keep rising until maximum potential and then there will be a collapse.

The various scapegoats are already out there.

The global mass strike/revolutions and the soon to be realized and comprehended Japan meltdown..