Thursday, September 01, 2011

Why does the IRS have a $14 Trillion lien against the US?

A UCC lien for $14,300,000,000,000 (about the same amount as the national debt) filed on 8/12/11 with the Maryland Secretary of State naming the Maryland Comptroller as an additional debtor. Something tells me other states have similar filings...


Anonymous said...

What does this mean? Did this make the news?!

What is the penalty for not paying the amount?

Cheryl-Lynné said...

I stumbled across it. Normally this would never be on line (I regularly look). The lien is 20+ pages in total yet the only two available are these. I went to a few other states with online access to UCC filings and couldn't find anything similar. But I would bet money they've been filed in every state.

Andrew B Brown said...

So if I read this correctly, the IRS is stating that the Fed has not paid taxes on their income and is probably along the path of foreclosing on all Federal land.

The Federal Reserve has accepted over 14 trillion in IOUs from the Treasury without cost-basis. That is income. Also the interest payments. Perhaps the Fed has paid taxes on the interest, however has not paid taxes on the income from the asset itself.

If the Fed accepts a $100k T-Bond without cost-basis, the Fed does owe taxes on that windfall.

The Fed might combat this from a legal perspective, but I am uncertain. "Consideration" is the legal principle I think. Since no consideration was paid in exchange for the T-Bonds, it might null and void the contract. I would have to take a look at the Treasury/Fed contracts to determine.

In lieu of that, it appears the IRS might successfully take full ownership of all Federal land.

Andrew B Brown said...

The IRS will win against the Fed in a Constitutional court of law. However, what assets does the Fed have to seize and can the IRS extend its reach into the Treasury's assets (IE. USA corp)?

I'd like to see the original 1913 legislation that created the Federal Reserve.

Andrew B Brown said...

The IRS might ask the question if USA corp has paid taxes on its corporate income.

Has USA Corp filed a return since 1913? That's a lot of taxes.

Andrew B Brown said...

I wonder if personal income taxes were collected fraudulently to pay the corporate taxes owed by the USA corporation.

That's a question for the IRS. That may be how USA corp files its corporate income tax return.

I wonder.

Andrew B Brown said...

Is personal income tax revenue to the IRS or to USA Corp? I do not know.

What does that 1913 legislation look like? The Fed part and the income tax part. More to it than the amendment I would think.

Siege said...

There was a video some time ago about how desert citizens are being forced off their land for absurd violations. I wonder if this is somehow related.

On a side note, the charts linked below were posted on ZeroHedge today. They clearly demonstrate the "bottom feeds the top" food based enterprise Hyper has detailed for years. Though I think it may better reflect the power the top has extracted from the bottom. Money is power, and it's not moving downwards.

Great to see another post Cheryl, and a big thank you to HyperTiger. I have appreciated the posts over the years. HT's explanations blunt, to the point, and IMHO accurate. Too many in the world want reality to be sugar coated. I prefer it a little spicier, not diluted with niceties.

Anonymous said...

Federal Reserve notes are monetized debt. The money is worthless. Owing something that is worthless is not a debt.

Anonymous said...

so who exactly is the irs collecting for?

Andrew B Brown said...

The IRS is a corporation based out of Puerto Rico.

The Federal Reserve is a corporation.

The United States Government is a corporation.

I found it interesting the legal names used on the lien filings.

So.. who is the IRS collecting for? For themselves. However, they have legal contractional relationships with the aforementioned corporations. That is defined by the 1913 legislation and articles and bylaws.

Congress created legislation in 1913 for the Fed and the IRS. I have not seen that legislation, however it is in the public record. Reviewing that will answer the questions.

In my mind, it appears the IRS will successfully win a lawsuit against the Federal Reserve and can successfully seize all Fed assets. They will likely also succeed in a suit against the Treasury (aka USA corp), however, I am uncertain about the monetary settlement of that suit.

For those who are unaware: by law and legislation created in 1913 by Congress, the Federal Reserve accepts assets and kites checks to the Treasury.

Andrew B Brown said...

This is looking like it's going back to some treaties with the indians. Bank of America. 1789. Damn... What is held in that trust? Agricultural? Interesting things afoot. I am thinking some IRS lawyers did their homework.

Andrew B Brown said...

1789-1776=13. You know those Illuminati dumbasses and their numerology.

Anonymous said...

How do you know that this isn't somebody who knows how to enter false information into the UCC system as a joke? Seems strange to me.

Cheryl-Lynné said...

UCC filings are not a joke.

2010 Maryland Code
Subtitle 5 - False Statements
Section 9-508 - False filings of financing statement or amendment.

Anonymous said...

The Fed doesn't pay income tax. It turns over all of its profits to the US Treaury. Either way you are saying that the IRS (who collects money for the US government) has a tax lean againist the US government??? That hardly makes any sense.

Anonymous said...

This seems an impressive find, but I don't really understand the implications. How can more than one entity put a $14 trillion USD lien against the US (E PLURIBUS UNUM)? Wouldn't that make it multiples of $14 T owed? And why is Maryland an additional debtor? Is it because The District of Columbia was formed out of Maryland?

Interesting to note the date of the filing - August 12, 2011, or a week after the US Sovereign Debt rating downgrade by S&P. Also, the US Department of the Treasury was founded 222 years ago on September 2nd.

Anonymous said...

For those interested in verfication :

Here is the official MD gov page for UCC info :

Which points to here :

Where you can enter the file number : 0000000181425776

then click Search (Current) then click on View Document.

Looks pretty legit to me.

Anonymous said...

Whoops - make sure to kill the dot on the end of this link :

then it will work

Anonymous said...

Dang !

Before you type the file number you need to click on :

Security Interest Filings (UCC)

On that page.

Anyways - not that hard to find even if my instructions suck.

TXin1880 said...

Why is the "NAWPA" part of the filing?

Secured Party Information for File Number: 0000000181425776

Name Address
WASHINGTON, DC 20301 - 1400
BOSTON, MA 02106

From Wikipedia:

The North American Water and Power Alliance (NAWPA or NAWAPA, also referred to as NAWAPTA from proposed governing body the North American Water and Power Treaty Authority) was conceived in the 1950s by the US Army Corps of Engineers as a 'Great Project' to develop more water sources for the United States. The planners envisioned diverting water from some rivers in Alaska south through Canada via the Rocky Mountain Trench and other routes to the US and would involve 369 separate construction projects. The water would enter the US in northern Montana. There it would be diverted to the headwaters of rivers like the Colorado River and others. The water would generate hydro-electricity during its trip via dams. The water supply would double the total amount of fresh water available to lower 48 states with its major focus being on the western states. This would solve the water shortage problems of the west for the foreseeable future. The amount of water available would in fact be so great that some water would be left over for use by Mexico via the Colorado River (which now runs dry as it enters Mexico).

The Corps of Engineers has studied this project and in the late 1950s and early 1960s this project was very close to realization. Washington State Senator "Scoop" Jackson was a significant sponsor and believer in this project.

The project was opposed by public sentiment in Canada on the rare occasions it surfaced in print, though Canadian financier Simon Reisman, who negotiated the Free Trade Agreement, the precursor to the North American Free Trade Agreement, was one of its backers and main promoters. Nonetheless, the Canadian position on free trade exempted water exports, in part specifically to pre-empt any attempted completion of Reisman's long-time pet project.

Recently, there has been a resurgence in the effort to implement NAWAPA, headed up by Lyndon LaRouche and his LaRouchePAC."

"America's Two Party System: A bowl of Shit Looking at itself in the mirror." ~Lewis Black
"Blow up your TV, throw away your paper." ~ John Prine

Anonymous said...

Back in June, Mannfm11 wrote this:

I was in the mood last week to write on my blog, a post titled, They Have Been Sucked Dry. The stories are of record profits, but this can only be from there being record lending. Because there hasn't been record lending, then it is clear there has either been a shift of more money from the middle class accounts to the corporates or else the books have been cooked. The later is more likely the case.

It is really hard to wrap my mind about the absurdity that exists in modern money. It can't be that the rich get richer and the poor poorer because the wealth of the rich is composed of debts of the poor or the middle class, which can't be paid. The other assets are based on cash flow, also derived from the lower classes. The idea of how fast the lights can go out stuns my mind from time to time. The yield to the middle class in the form of interest payments has vanished. People are moving to junk bonds, which I suspect are being used to create the accounting fraud known as record corporate profits. The top holds all the stock, which it sells to those below it from time to time, only to have it sold back to them a rock bottom prices, so the seller can transfer his proceeds to the person who paid him the money in the first place.

I find this line of reasoning fascinating! Can you expand on this like you were thinking to do?

Back in 2005-2006, bank profits were at record high and financial institutions were hardly seen as vulnerable. The same thing happened in tech!

Of course these profits were due to accounting fraud. So why should this time be different?

The fact that US corporations are supposed to have trillions stashed in overseas accounts, could be a 'two trillion dollars' swindle.

Anonymous said...


Well I am going to call BS on this, if you go under the history in the Maryland website you will see additional documents. I sure hope this is not real, but it sure did cost someone quite a lot of money to file these.

UCC filing 1000362002066027 (5 pages)

Description of real estate:
[-As all real men with hands and legs, and all real -
land in the United States of America
14,300,000,000,000. -
- WITH TRUST IN GOD, this real estate is with the PUBLIC]

I could not post on tickerforum.

Anonymous said...

Acknowledgement Filing Type Date Film Folio Pages
1000362002066027 PF-ORIG FIN STM 07/28/2011 5
1000362002066696 ASSIGNMENT 07/28/2011 2
1000362002135657 DEBTOR ADDED 08/12/2011 2

Shows amount going up from $14t to $14.3T plus all men and real estate are collateral.


Cheryl-Lynné said...

Anonymous - I have to agree. And who on earth is Everton Rocha?

Anonymous said...

The thing is, it is strange the timing as this is when the debt ceiling was actually pierced late July. Very strange in deed. People file false liens all the time, but its strange that someone would do that in these names and and for this amount, with that timing. Either a great joke by someone that has money to burn or a sick reality put on by the government.


Cheryl-Lynné said...

Yes, something still doesn't seem right - can't quite put my finger on it...yet. :)

Anonymous said...

Cheryl. I keep going back and forth. The one document has 4 certified copies going out, not something you do as a joke. Oritz does appear to work for DOJ. One doc was paid with check and you could possibly FOIA the check from Maryland. LandotFree

Cheryl-Lynné said...

As well, the other filings were not available on line the last time I looked (late last week).

Anonymous said...

Could something like this be a pre-emptive move to avoid creditors such as China from seizing US assets?

Anonymous said...

The IRS is an agency of the IMF.

Anonymous said...

Another thing you could do is contact the State AG office and filed a complaint that someone possibly posted you and your property as collateral on a lien. Let them investigate as to who placed these documents in the public record.

messianicdruid said...

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Cheryl-Lynné said...

Landotfree: Great idea!

Anonymous said...



You must find a document recorded out there in the public named "CLAIM OF LIEN" to see if this thing is for real.

Anonymous said...

This is an amendment to doc No# 0000000181425776
Please note that it includes a photocopy of a L. LaRouche brochure on the NAWAPA.

Don't think it is what many are taking it as.

Anonymous said...

A lien on the US by the IRS can be collected directly from citizens thru the future function of the Consumer Financial "Protection" Bureau, which will integrate all financial accounts of citizens with the IRS. This will be started when a Director is appointed by the Senate, and the integration of many executive branch functions are integrated and cross-functioned by the CFPB.

The population can be considered to have been placed in a disguised form of citizen RECEIVERSHIP for its own "protection", for the purpose of its complete data analysis (no privacy), coming transactional taxes, debt service and even international tax collection (climate, etc), collateralization for securitizataion of the labor force of the US as can be applied to credit derivative debt service, etc. Mind boggling.

Using High Frequency data collection algorhythms at the micro level, the instant financial pulse of the nation and every citizen can be instantly had.

With a lien on the US, the IRS will become the first instantaneous, all-controlling director of one's formerly private financial existence.

Andrew B Brown said...


Secret Service, US Treasury, and/or FBI could go after the Fed for kiting checks. That'll send T-bonds to $0, wiping out the national debt. Personal income taxes no longer needed. Might also have a beneficial effect on mortgages. Dollar largely unaffected. IRS takes all Fed assets. Fed is dissolved and employees are hired by US Treasury, FBI, and investment/trading firms.

Seems like all upside with little downside to me. Little old ladies with Treasury savings would be paid off by the Treasury. A bunch of Wall Street firms go belly up. China might be upset, but they understood the risk of investing in fraudulent contracts. Risk/reward. Win some and lose some.

Anonymous said...

WAKE UP, please.
This is about being in the PRIVATE vs being in the PUBLIC.

Think about it. REFUSE ALL: The Public Debt Benefit, vs. the corporation can not own anything. ; not own anything.

For instance if you think that this is about Public Land only, situation, well look at all of the forclosure(s) and Fannie Mae (a government entitie owned by who?) I do believe that numerous banks including Chase and other bank(s) is on their Fannie Mae's Board and who knows how deep the pocket goes.
Do they care about the structures on top of the land or are they going after the legal descriptions? Which means (government owned?) land!! AMERICA.
Foreign or American(s) oned? That is the question of the moment.

Now is the time to begin to be more enlightend to know your true options. I found a site: This is a start in understanding the true nature of the monetary system. The rabbit hole is much deeper. Have fun.

Anonymous said...

Title 12, chapter 3, subchapter XII,

§ 411. Issuance to reserve banks; nature of obligation; redemption
How Current is This?
Federal reserve notes, to be issued at the discretion of the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System for the purpose of making advances to Federal reserve banks through the Federal reserve agents as hereinafter set forth and for no other purpose, are authorized. The said notes shall be obligations of the United States and shall be receivable by all national and member banks and Federal reserve banks and for all taxes, customs, and other public dues. They shall be redeemed in lawful money on demand at the Treasury Department of the United States, in the city of Washington, District of Columbia, or at any Federal Reserve bank.

article note:
JP Morgan is Foreclosing on the US Treasury

I am not making this up. Hat tip reader Deontos.

Here is the high level story: JP Morgan Chase and Northwest Trust foreclosed on a property in Hillsboro, Oregon. Treasury (more accurately, the IRS) has a tax lien on the property.

So this is pretty cheeky. The plaintiffs didn’t notify the IRS, who they claim was an existing junior lien holder, of the “sale”. Query what the IRS’s status is given the failure to give notice. So does JP Morgan want to own up to its error and pay the lien? Noooooo. THEY WANT TO FORECLOSE ON THE US GOVERNMENT. They are asking for the IRS to act in 30 days or go bye bye.

The compliant is silent on how the tax lien came about, but I thought as a general rule that tax liens were senior to mortgages. Reader input welcome.

JP Morgan Chase v Treasury

Also to be researched is a statement on a "reference in terms of , now the Supreme court has stipulated that they are not recognizing "Lawful Currency" Possibly referenced as Lawful MOney - where by now being matched Lawful Money per FRN Notes (one on one of bankrupsy: FRN) in their jurisdiction. Again attempting to take away yet another of our-American in the Private, standing -backed by silver. THANK YOU. SHESHA:

Anonymous said...

Also look at the idea of placing a lein on all Birth Certificates which are deemed owned by your labor within the structure of the Bankrupcy of the US. There is a much bigger picture here to understand. THANK YOU AGAIN.

Anonymous said...

I forgot to give this other link.

IRS Lien on America phone inquiry SoS‎

Anonymous said...

PLEASE e-mail an post the above four posts everywhere. To help inform, THANK YOU

Anonymous said...

I don't think you are understanding that UCC Lien filed. That is NOT a Lien against us. That is a Lien against THEM!

From what I'm hearing there was a huge lawsuit won pertaining to this and the Judgment is under seal. I think that is what these numbers represent:

1D00247556 , SEAL No. 285521
6Z33753691 , SEAL No. 285522
6D00242066 , SEAL No. 285523
FV26330-2, , SEAL No. 285524


This is first TRUST FUND for the people of the United States of America.

That represents us, not the IRS!

The DEBTOR is listed as:


See the difference here?

You should be able to submit a copy of this lien in any case to get it dismissed. YOU are a beneficiary to THE UNITED STATES DEPARTMENT OF THE TREASURY 1789 which is the first TRUST FUND for the people...that's YOU!

WE are the secured parties on this lien.

Anonymous said...

If that is the case then why do they have collateral of real estate and men of the US? It's a lien against the thing you suggest is the creditor. Landotfree

I am 50/50 as to whether this is legit or not.

mannfm11 said...

Quite interesting. Clearly a state site. I listened to Eugene Schroeder once and he said that the comments on the floor of the house back on March 9, 1933 included a statement to the question what would back the money. "All the land and property in the US". This is the line of thinking I have always adhered to in thinking we would have deflation. These are all contracts, even the crap Bernanke puts out there. Debt can only pay debt in the current system and it pays either through extinguishing the counter debt or through default.

Deuterium said...

Now Moody's has downgraded BofA and Wells Fargo, suggesting that the US Government may not bail them out the next time there's trouble.

Should the downgrade be taken seriously? Perhaps it should, since it would seem that the US has nothing left with which to bail out the banks. All the collateral has been liened by the IRS against the Federal Debt.

Vyz said...

Briefly, for the time being: the wonderful 14th amendment made “we the little people” good for the debt rung up by the corporation. The “United States” doesn’t have to pay it. The states don’t have to pay it. Then who pays it? Bingo! And to make sure it gets paid, the collection agency known as the IRS checks in on us. Problem is: the debt can’t be paid off so, in a sense, we and those who come after us will pay the tribute in perpetuity.

What’s interesting now, however, is that for the first time in recorded history every nation is in debtor status and every nation is on fiat currency. So who or what holds the global note? indeed, we all have a ringside seat for an unprecedented economic event: Brave New Economy.

Anonymous said...

All nations are now insolvent, therefore the debt is owed to non-nation entities. The world is now in debt to entities that have no affiliation with nations.

The nation state is no more, it is only on paper now.

All nations are now beholden to the said entities.

LiminalHack said...

anon, its just entropy mate. The note holders are pension funds and bank depositors world wide.

The distinction between various fiat currencies is false. Bernanke creates inflation in chin and australia. The japs created inflation everywhere with their decades of zirp. And so on.

The intermixing of global banking records such that they all hold each others debt and debt of all sovereigns, which means us the depositors are effectively one amorphous mass.

Mixing, mixing, mixing.

No different to a gas relaxing to thermal equilibrium.

Unknown said...

Just a few thoughts come to mind here .Neither the U.S or its people own any land .All real estate is in usufruct, which means the home you believed you purchased ? you have only purchased the transferable right of use .The land ( And gold ) was taken by the manipulators of the 1929 stock market crash and ensuing 1933 bankruptcy , when the land and future labors of the peoples ( through your berth ( not birth )certificate bonds , ) were perpetually obligated by the government to pay the interest on the funds borrowed to recover from the bankruptcy .Under the constitution ,debt can only be created through the use of lawfull money ( gold and silver coin ) and not notes , be it bank notes or federal reserve notes .The main motivation for the "freeman" or sovereignty movement is people that feel they should not be obligated to debts not contracted by themselves personally .This could be an act of further enslavement or one of protection .It could be tied to the alleged , impending , " Global Currency Reset " through the " Global Debt Facility " Search Karen Hudes for more information on that .

Unknown said...

If the Fed Reserve is a private banking system, they have staked claim to fed lands that are I thought were for the people?

Unknown said...

Where did you finds these documents?

Unknown said...

Good trail of thinking...

Cheryl-Lynné said...

I found it at the Maryland Secretary of State website (if I remember correctly).

Unknown said...

Dr.Schroeder explains what has been going on in this country since the civil war . Its not what you have been told !

Anonymous said...

The original SWAPS! This is global “MBS” but not using mortgages. Using the global populations as the basis. #samePlaybook