Saturday, June 11, 2011

Just Because It's Legal Doesn't Mean It's Right

Two percent is a doubling time of 35 years...The total debt or money supply has constantly inflated, continously compounded, or exponentially roughly 7.57% over the past 66 years from 355 Billion dollars in 1945 to 52.6 Trillion Dollars right now in 2011.

The British Empire became the British Commonwealth after the 1933-1945 bankruptcy reorganization...Its population is 2.1 Billion...and the sun has not set on it yet.

In Iran the banking system is so called sharia compliant...interest is not charged nor paid on money lent or deposited because according to Islamic rules...that's against the rules...unless you call interest charged on loans as "fees" and interest earned on deposits as "dividends."

Then like magic...poof...usury which is against Islamic no no...silly...that's not interest...that's bananna split beethoven pepper shakers. all fall for it day in and day out...24/7...from the moment of birth til death for the past oh say....entire recorded history.

If compound interest or constant inflation was called exponential growth...because that's what it is...It would be hard to keep the rubes in the dark....the sheeple as sheeple.

From 2008 til now it's been zero or negative though...0% or negative yes there's a bit of a problem beginning to show up.

There is no way to inflate out of debt because the only way to pay off the debt is with more debt...the doubling time of 7.57% is 9.3 years roughly...which sounds more realistic.

All the money in existence is owned by rich people rent it to poor people...the cost to pay the rent is hidden in the price of everything...The bottom basically has to borrow more and more and more to pay the rent due on the borrowings.

It's why the innovation of the credit system 600 years ago was so allows the bottom to be able to continually request more and more new debt to service the continued existence of the old debt.

Top lives off the yield from the bottom...those above are supported by those below.

All the debt is owed to the top by the bottom and there is no way you will ever be able to escape because to pay it off causes the circulating money supply to shrink...the only way to sustain the existence of the circulating money supply which the top owns is to get into more debt.

Well there is another way...but the top has toilet trained the bottom to violently reject that way...because you have to sacrifice all your current hopes and dreams to escape the current method.

But once the system does collapse...It's inevitable...and all your hopes and dreams for the future are annihilated anyway...You all will desperately try to get them back by just doing over what led to the collapse to begin with.

You all have as much contol over your destiny as leaves blowing around in a hurricane do.

The bottom has been bawling like babies for all of recorded history...oh well...all your hopes and dreams for the future have a cost...which those below you have to pay in order to sustain them.

You never will mature...You all will never grow beyond the point you all are at currently and have been for the past 10 years...You all will never rise up above yourselves.

You all are floating around in your own personal self-delusional bubble...

The top keeps the bottom down...the top needs the bottom to continue as they are...The top wants the bottom to serve the top and do as the top demands forever.

People demand that I tell them who the top is...

It's easy to find the greatest barrier to the advancement of humanity...Just look into a mirror to find it.

But again...the top has trained you to reject that.

You can't possibily be responsible for any of what is happening...It's all everyone and everything else that is the cause...You are just a poor irresponsible victim.

"This is a staggering thought. We are completely dependent, on the (compounding interest) Commercial Banks. Someone has to borrow (Request the manufacture of) every dollar, we have in circulation, cash or credit. If the Banks create (At the request of the consumer) ample synthetic (All money is fiat) money, we are prosperous; if not, we starve. We are, absolutely, without a permanent money system. When one gets a complete grasp of the picture, the tragic absurdity, of our hopeless position, is almost incredible, but there it is. It is the most, important subject, intelligent persons can investigate and reflect upon. It is so important that our present civilization may (Not may...Will Inevitably) collapse (Implode), unless it becomes widely understood, and the defects remedied very soon." (the remedy will cause the premature implosion)--ROBERT H. HEMPHILL (Credit Manager of Federal Reserve Bank, Atlanta, Georgia 1938)

The top live off the yield from the bottom.

You sink your fangs in and suck...and when your victims run's game over.

But that's not the way I think of it Hyper...Good...wonderful...think how you will about your actions...I'm not stopping you all from thinking what you want...So why do you all try to stop me from thinking?

There is nothing that can be done to avoid the next crisis except to stop doing what you all are doing.

One slight problem...It's your religion and at the same time what you all do to sustain your existence....Take take take and give less and less back.

You all will never do what it takes to avoid the crises you all continue to cause but love to blame on something or someone else.

All of you yield locusts are the cause of the low rates...Your never ending demand for more and more yield is what causes bonds to be bid up and yields to drop.

Well when the bottom is sucked dry...and it becomes impossible for the bottom to give you all what you's game over. The bottom is saying...sorry we can no longer supply the yields you want...

You have all the information yet can't put one and one together...because you are not interested in what you are doing...all you are interested in is yield...sticking your fangs in and sucking...period end of story.

Well unless the markets are closed or you have some free time and are bored.

The bottom slaves and supplies all above with everything they have...all the money (power) you all have (in excess of personal power) orginates from those below you in an absolute capitalistic hierarchy...and then you take all that money and try to use it to get even more money.

You invest it into the extraction of more and more...and when the bottom becomes exhausted and can no longer sustain your mindless's crisis time.

Credit stopped flowing in 2008...and the global economy began rapidly imploding...the growth rate of credit slows and it slowly begins to implode...they are called recessions.

The bottom is what supplies the power that is converted into credit...when they can't or won't...the credit stops flowing or slows down...and the yield locusts begin starving.

The simple fact is that you all can't soon as you stop doing what is causing the crises...the crisis is caused.

But you all don't want to accept responsibility for your actions.

But Hyper I'm not doing anything illegal...

Yes just because what you are doing is legal does not mean it's right.

Regardless how you choose to take more than you give...illegal or legal...the logical conclusion is the same...

When the bottom can't give the top what they's game over.

When the bottom can't sustain your demands for more and more over.

What do you think yields are composed of?


In order to sustain a yield of 5% per has to grow by 5% per year.

And all that credit is chasing after yields so as bonds are bid up...yields drop...requiring more and more credit volume to sustain yield extraction from lower and lower rates.

You all have driven the rate collapse the past 30 years...and you all powered the rate expansion preceeding it.

The FED is just a facilitator of demands.

The top maintains their position by giving the bottom what they want.

The bottom demands...the top supplies.

But what is the cause of the bottom's demand?

The top demands and the bottom supplies...

The bottom demands the paychecks as compensation after the top demands the resources in order to create the paychecks...

The bottom gives the top what they want...everything wholesale.

The top then marks it up and sells everything to the bottom retail.

Because the banks have an ability to expand credit...the bottom can request the banks to manufacture the difference between the wholesale cost and the retail price.

Everything the top has comes from the bottom...and when the bottom can't supply the top with what the top needs to give the bottom what they want...crisis time.

All life and everything in and including the universe capitalize on Truth to sustain the existence of all and everything in the Universe.

Taking more than you give...which is the same as chopping down trees faster than they absolute capitalistic.

All animals are absolute capitalistic...all non animals and non living processes in the Universe are absolute capitalistic by default

Because it's easier to take more power than you give than to share power equally.

Human beings can choose to share power as equally as possible...that is responsible capitalism.

None of the so called enviormentalists promote responsible capitalism as a solution to the problem of absolute capitalism.

They are shake down and guilt trip artists in order to extract yields from the absolute capitalistic system.

If they were serious...They would begin farming and slowly reinvest the excess into taking over all the farming until they controlled the food production...but that takes effort...

They don't want an end to capitalism...because then their source of income would dry up.

They are just absolute capitalists capitalizing on other absolute capitalists within the absolute capitalist hierarchy to extract the yield they require to sustain their cherished delusions.

Capitalism will always be intact...It's impossible to sustain socialism without capitalizing on power.

You can either choose to take more than you give or absolute capitalism.

Or choose to share power as equally as possible...or responsible capitalism.

Regardless whether you acquire power by taking more than you give or sharing as equally as possible...Both have a profit or yield component.

Those so called socialist economic zones sustain socialism or power its continued existence by taking more power than they give.

You can sustain any delusion as long as you can acquire enough power to sustain its continued existence.

But when you choose to take more power than you give...The delusion is inevitably doomed to shatter at some point...

They are absolute capitalists high enough in the hierarchy that they don't have to do anything except make it look like they are doing something...they are at best used as moderators.

The exit strategy is based on their thinking that tomorrow is going to be just like today...what worked in the past is going to work in the future...they just sit back and milk people...the problem is when the people they are using and abusing for fun and profit can't sustain the party anymore...It's game over.

We are not at that stage yet as far as I can see...

The QE is not designed to help the public.

Top lives off the bottom...the magic printing press was basically created by the top.

The bottom owe the top everything...the top then monetize it and sell it to the bottom.

When the bottom can't supply the top with what the bottom owes the top...what is the top supposed to do?

Print money and hand it to the bottom so the bottom can then just hand it to the top?

The top does not work...the bottom does.

If the bottom can just stand around and not work because the top is just printing money and giving it to is the economy going to operate?

I just don't understand why you all find it so hard to figure out?

The QE is for the support the top...because the bottom is unable to support the lifestyles of the wannabe rich and famous....the factory workers in China are starting to revolt.

It's over...

Everything the top has comes from the bottom.

The top certainly thinks they have the power and use what power they have to persuade/force the bottom into thinking such...but all the power that sustains the civilizational system originates at the bottom.

The roof is held up by the walls that are attached to the foundation...the QE is like buying a new roof when the foundation of the structure is crumbling.

Handing a pile of money to the top is not going to help the bottom find new sources of energy to continue supporting the lifestyles of the inconsiderate, arrogant, and selfish game players.

It's impossible to live off the yield from the bottom forever...

The ability of the banking system to continually expand the money supply combined with the steam engine and various other innovations the past 600 years has allowed the bottom to continually borrow more and more and more and sustain the economic advancement that has allowed this take more than you give system to last as long as it has.

Now it's over.

But everyone is just not aware that it is and is still acting like it's not...

Which is good...because once everyone wakes up...It will all end in the blink of an eye.


Anonymous said...

Thanks Hyperkitty!!!

You are nothing more than a parasite, you live off the bottom and cannot fathom that you do not have the gut to be a total exploiter.

You are weak. You are a loser and the only way you can get attention is by writing this drivel.

Loser, keep your trap shut, the peons do not want to know this information, so just better keep it to yourself.

You have been placed on NOTICE.

Anonymous said...

Cheryl-Lynné - I think I love you.
Lotsa hugs ;)

NUF sed.

Anonymous said...


When we are children, we are made to leave our individual homes and sent to the indoctrination camps called schools.

There we are taught to recite the Pledge of Allegiance to the Red, White, and Blue.

It looks innocently enough, even benign, that is to say harmless.

What we are not told is the fact that many millions of Americans have died in wars to avoid little children from being indoctrinated in such a way. But here we are, even those millions of lives lost, here again little children are being indoctrinated to be cannon fodder for the next wars.

And everything comes down to the money.

The money is the life blood of the economic body. Without money the economic body dies, just as the human body dies without blood.

So why are little children taken out of their homes and sent to indoctrination camps called schools?

The reason is simple, so little children do not learn to question what money is.

So when little children grow up to be adults do not question what money is.

So when grown men and women are no longer little children, they have been conditioned to be ashamed of asking questions and therefore no longer ask what money is.

The world works in a simple way! There are those that work and pay tribute, and there are those that collect that tribute.

The ones that collect tribute know that all there is an illusion, for it is the illusion that keeps the ones paying tribute working.

So, stop singing the Red, White, and Blue. Stop paying tribute and start living, your children will thank you for it.

futurarama said...


Superb essay, one of your best!!! Really concise, well reasoned and specific. Keep it up, your message is a critical one, and the slow awakening process which you've been hammering away at is slowly taking hold. This process can and most likely will be sped up when it becomes ever more and yet more apparent day by day, and month by month, that the real GDP is going negative, that we are really in a Depression. Around 50% of Americans now believe that we are currently, or will soon be in a Depression.

Will QE3 be started soon, and will hyper-printing get ramped up to attempt to get inflation higher than previous inflation in motion again, or will they let things slowly unwind into a depressionary collapse??? Or, do they want to buy up most everything during and/or after the collapse at pennies on the dollar, and re-start Feudalism version 2.0??? That is the question before the house!!! Is default on all of that mountain of global debt an option they are willing to "allow" and perhaps even secretly only restart this whole game all over again after the requisite die-off??? We'll see soon enough. What do you think Hyper??? Is it too soon to start envisioning the end of this current fiat cycle? Will the Euro die before the USD?

Thanks for getting us to see the moving parts more clearly...and waking up more and more of "we the sheeple", Bah!!!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

For 300 years between 1200 and 1500 there was basically no expansion of money and no population growth. A multi-century deflation.

In fact after the black death wages rose and rentiers suffered.

Yet somehow, the hierarchical structure of civilisation remained intact didn't it? New cities were founded, and Columbus set off to discover America.

But according to you, this is not possible.


Jeff Morley said...

So basically you are saying that someone needs to shoot the Bernanke...

Ok, I get it.

messianicdruid said...

"Today, the Fed has $52.5 billion of capital backing a $2.7 trillion balance sheet. While the size of the portfolio expanded three fold (and the quality of its assets diminished), the Fed's equity ratio plunged from 6% to just 2%. Prior to the bursting of the credit bubble, the public was shocked to learn that our biggest investment banks were levered 30 to 1. When asset values fell, those banks were quickly wiped out. But now the Fed is holding many of the same types of assets and is levered 51 to 1! If the value of their portfolio were to fall by just 2% the Fed itself would be wiped out.

Anonymous said...

The leverage of the Fed is meaningless, and talking about it being "wiped out" is just foolish.

The Fed has the authority to purchase assets with money it creates.

It may be evil, corrupt and dangerous, but that's the way it is.

Give me one example of a negative effect of all assets the Fed holds going to zero value?

Maybe they can't sell assets to reduce bank reserves, but they sure can create new T-Bills and sell those, with the same effect.


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

That is rude you moron anonymous!

Anonymous said...


The top is the ultimately the debtor of the debtor-creditor relationship.

The bottom is who supplies the credit into the system which is immediately reissued to the bottom in the form of debt or a liability.

Every account on the planet is a misconstrued trust relationship with the trustee in breach of fiduciary duty.

That goes for Timmy too...

Anyways, a bank can't loan depositor "money" nor issue it's own credit. Federal Reserve Regulation Z. Truth in Lending Act.

Did you know that every alleged loan is paid in full when the note is deposited?

Every "payment" remitted thereafter is actually tribute, a game to be played.

These articles you write are a chasing after the wind. I enjoy reading them but I am acutely aware that I am just looking to be amused for a fleeting moment.

Don't you have anything of value to offer? Something which deserved a just reward?

If you only knew how powerful you really are.

There is only one thing the top fears.

"My people are destroyed for a lack of knowledge"

With all due respect, the system of fiction started at the beginning of but didn't end after your supposed 1933-45 bankruptcy reorganization.

The UNITED STATES OF AMERICA corporation is still operating under Chapter 11 bankruptcy reorganization...going on 80 years now.

How else would the global system operate entirely based on a fictional debt system?

Anonymous said...


All of your gloom and doom is negated by one simple thing - DEFAULT.

Sure the top lives off the bottom. Until they bottom defaults. Then the top repurchases the bottom or a new bottom and top are formed.

But economic crises need not spell the end of running water and civilized society. Simply let the defaults occur and humanity can stumble forward in its primitive and disjointed way.

alexnewbee said...

taking more then you give is the most natural thing of all things you can do, HT.
from the moment you are born, you are taking more then you give.
you take in milk of your mother and give steaming shit behind you. you take in more energy then you give.
everything in nature is constructed that way, that is why we all need the ultimate source of energy to keep us alive - the sun.
so as long as you take more then you give - you are alive. stop it - and you are dead. as simple as it is. this is the LAW.

alexnewbee said...

I completely agree with anonymous before me, in fact I was bringing this issue as well before. you default on your debts - and that is it. you are free! the only constraint - you cannot make new debts. neither should you.

mannfm11 said...

I was in the mood last week to write on my blog, a post titled, They Have Been Sucked Dry. The stories are of record profits, but this can only be from there being record lending. Because there hasn't been record lending, then it is clear there has either been a shift of more money from the middle class accounts to the corporates or else the books have been cooked. The later is more likely the case.

It is really hard to wrap my mind about the absurdity that exists in modern money. It can't be that the rich get richer and the poor poorer because the wealth of the rich is composed of debts of the poor or the middle class, which can't be paid. The other assets are based on cash flow, also derived from the lower classes. The idea of how fast the lights can go out stuns my mind from time to time. The yield to the middle class in the form of interest payments has vanished. People are moving to junk bonds, which I suspect are being used to create the accounting fraud known as record corporate profits. The top holds all the stock, which it sells to those below it from time to time, only to have it sold back to them a rock bottom prices, so the seller can transfer his proceeds to the person who paid him the money in the first place.

mannfm11 said...

Alex, you and anonymous have it wrong. The defaults will come out of the hide of the bottom that still have assets. It will be the pensions, the life insurance, etc that gets wiped out, not the titles of the top. They will hold the debts of the sovereign. Wipe out 90% of the debts of the sovereign and 100% of everything else gets wiped out. The 10% that is left is all there is, thus all the money. They will expand it to a reasonable amount on leverage, so we can go back to work for them, most likely after a massive number of us are eliminated in war or famine.

Anonymous said...

Mann- You are the one who has it wrong. Real wealth IS people, not money which is why the top is wealthy. If you think Buffett cares if his net worth is $60 billion or $35 billion - you are sadly mistaken.

Defaults will ripple through the system and take out the sovereigns as well (not entirely but a nice chunk). But at the end of the day - the bottom puts the filet mignon on the top's platter and that isn't going to stop for a VERY long time.

Anonymous said...

"It will be the pensions, the life insurance, etc that gets wiped out, not the titles of the top."

In other words, whatever the top owes to the bottom.

Anonymous said...

ESF has been creating the "storyline" since 1934. Dollar is protected by ESF no matter what happens, until they want it to fail.

Anonymous said...
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Cheryl-Lynné said...
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Anonymous said...

please open up comments... since Hypertiger does not post often the blog will die.

Cheryl-Lynné said...

I'd love to but the blog is targeted by spammers and the only way to keep it at a minimum is to monitor comments on older posts.

mannfm11 said...

Alex, the top will still control. "All there is" is all there is. The bottom is too stupid to run their own game. They will end up eating each other while the top sits it out on some mountain top. Gould said he wasn't worried about the working class because he could hire half of them to kill the other half. HT mentioned getting into farming. If you don't have food, you have to toe the line. When the government checks don't clear, it will be a reign of terror. Serfdom came out of the need for survival and some order. It is true that labor is the wealth, but labor without organization isn't sufficient to operate this world.

alexnewbee said...

Hyper, it is growing quite nicely))

John Prewett said...

Our life in this world is temporary. Eternity destiny is what is important.

Anonymous said...

There will not be inflation great than 2008 top in our lifetime. Get used to it- deflation will rule your life and the life - incomes can not rise without closed borders and visa restriction and strong unions - which you'd need all three to increase incomes and hence what is going to happen is a Wall Mart greeter society will ensue for the majority of people today when they hope to retire.

Anonymous said...

Hyper, government has increased the debt ceiling again, no need to worry about consumer credit deflation for a while. hohoho..

Anonymous said...

Hyper, its collapsing, its collapsing...

alexnewbee said...

since we agreed that life itself is taking more then you give, everybody here, each of us, is fighting to death to be able to take more then give. so does every financial system. when it stops taking more then it gives - it dies.
So HT, if you want to stop us to take more then we give - you just want all of us to die! stop existing. and this is the solution. as simple as that.

Anonymous said...

Amish lifestyle is an example of how you can give as much as take. Avoid the easy way out that capitalizes on gadgets that can't be justified.

Instead support yourself and your family with nothing more than you and them can provide by yourself/themselves and remove yourself from the grid as much as possible.

The Amish have come close to living honestly in America.

alexnewbee said...

consumer credit - biggest gain since 2007! LOL, HT they are borrowing ))))

futurarama said...

The S&P downgrade of US Treasury instruments is now history. What will it mean to our economy, and how will Bernancke, and Treasury respond? Does the Federal Reserve have any bullets left that it dares to use at this point, since QE3, or whatever they may call it, would cause T-Bonds/Bills to lose value immediately, since interest rates would rise to accommodate perceived increases in risk.

Thus, selling 10 year Treasuries would require a discount to intice potential buyers to "buy" the bond owners' interest in said Treasury instrument. This would cause massive asset destruction, as "values" would be reduced by hundreds of billions, perhaps trillions of dollars multiplied by all holders of Treasuries worldwide. This would cause "money" to "disappear" on the balance sheets of pension funds, mutual funds, insurance funds, governmental and Central Banks reserve accounts worldwide etc., etc.

The derivative markets could vaporize even more trillions of dollars of assets through a cascading of losses and subsequent defaults of the quadrillion plus derivative contracts...these over-leveraged, unregulated OTC-bets that are the derivatives markets, these financial "weapons of mass destruction".

The dollar could well lose its position as reserve currency of the world, and could lose a big portion of its value. Would all of the above be inflationary, or just bring about a total collapse into a deflationary depression???

What do you think, Hyper??? Anyone else?

Is this the beginning of the end, or just the start of the long slide into financial oblivion...only to be resurrected after a huge die off? Way beyond inflation less than previous inflation....this could be the start of a rapid elevator ride to the basement free fall speed!!! Got preps, got gold, got non-GMO/non-hybrid seeds??? If not get them soon. And perhaps some arable land, as Hyper indicated she's planning on moving to. A great idea imho!!!

HYPERTlGER said...

Yes taking more than you give is the same as chopping down trees faster that they regrow.

As long as you don't run out of can sustain power to the delusion that you will never run out.

Taking more than you give is natural?

Yes it's what all animals default...becaus it takes the least effort.

Including the animals which have been trained to call themselves human beings.

Human beings don't take more than they give.

Human beings share power as equally as possible.

But Hyper majoritry rules in a if all of us think we are human beings...then we are.

Yes I know...You are all the smartest stupid people taht have ever existed.

Oh the black death...

The top is far more technologically advanced then you all.

The black death was weaponized by the top and used to depopulate.

or liquidate the massive pile of fundable assets that transfomed into unfundable liabilities...when teh previous global trade system imploded to oblivion.

1345 the global system of that time was based in Venice...It reached maximum potential and imploded.

It then took about 3 centuries to consolidate and begin again...

Now the newest iteration has reached the logical conclusion of the take more than you give equation.

And the top is managing this implosion as well.

You are all just fundable assets that are going to transform into unfundable liabilities and be liquidated one way or the other.

the to reduce the population to less than a billion and take all the technology the bottom supplied the top with to keep the growth rate to about 1%

Then it will take close to 1000 years to inflate as much as was done the past 70 years.

The theory is that with close to 1000 years.

A way to escape the logical conclusion of the take more than you give equation can be found.

because once you start taking more than you give to sustain yoru continued have tow options.

Continue until you run out and then implode to oblivion.


Stop before you run out and then implode to oblivion.

Once you choose to take more power than you give...the logical conclusion is the same evey time.

All you see happening now was certain and inevitable before any of you were born.

You all have as much control over you destiny as leaves blowing around in a hurricane do.

alexnewbee said...

do you know this guys, HT? is it the top? Bnai-Brith...

Anonymous said...

"Taking more than you give is natural?

Yes it's what all animals default...becaus it takes the least effort.

Including the animals which have been trained to call themselves human beings.

Human beings don't take more than they give.

Human beings share power as equally as possible."

To me, this is exactly it. From a different angle (but the same thing, imo), I've seen with my own eyes there is a force of love & light (god). I've needed to exhibit selfless good works for my own recovery from selfishness, and its consequences.
We have free will ( a gift ) to make the right decisions or not. Treat others as you want to be treated yourself. Or act like a child or animal. Acting selfishly and without grace ultimately has its consequences.
Tiger's mantra is pretty simple. The system is not going to change anytime soon, but you can change your own condition and live more honestly.

Things are going to get even more interesting, the downgrade of debt rating, but also things in the mortgage industry. Many robo-signed MERS mortgages were never properly securitized (via country offices):

So these mortgages are not legal. This accounts for a substantial amount of leverage that will hammer the banks.
You had Greenspan, a follower of Ayn Rand, and others of similar delusional mindset supporting all this crap. What happened to Ayn Rand with her objectivism? she turned out miserable.

Anonymous said...

B'nai B'rith is not the top.

Rome is the top. New Babylon. I've posted this information extensively here yet you all choose to ignore that which brings clarity.

The Roman cult oversees all. No evidence is known to exist which proves otherwise.

You are nothing more than a battery powering the fiction.

Anonymous said...

Oh- we should not be asking for whom the bell tolls for- if we've been reading this site as I have for a few years- I know it tolls be me.

Anonymous said...

Hyper, thats why bacteria multiply like they do, so that some will survive: the fittest, or luckiest.

The more they make of themselves, the more likely some will survive, and the survivors are then better equiped.

So maybe it IS good to act like bacteria.

Anonymous said...

Has hypertiger read the Apocryphon of John?

LiminalHack said...

HT, hopefully you will be interested in this exploration of entropy as it relates to our civilisation:

Its a work in progress - do check in on it occasionally!

Anonymous said...

Think you might like this Hyper.