Monday, July 06, 2009

A Slow, Sickening, Soul Annihilating Death

The USA along with the rest of the world has been in decline for decades...It's just becoming harder and harder for the just think positive ignore the negative equation at the core of the drone reasoning algorithm to continue ignoring this fact in favor of the fiction.

This is just a bounce as far as I can tell. You know from the greatest global economic intervention in history...The only way to sustain inflation greater than previous inflation by the required amount is to go back to the conditions that existed before this bubble within the 38 year old US house price bubble reached maximum potential inflation greater than previous inflation and popped.

You know...back to the acceleration of the decades of hyperinflation that existed before the popping.

Otherwise all that will have been done is an engineering of a peak that will show positive growth in 2010 compared to 2009 but will just be a lower high of the monumental waterfall decline that is following the collapse of the 1944 Bretton Woods global trade system.

Hyperinflation can still happen...But what I have said all along would happen...happened...

And still is...So far there is no evidence that the US Government is causing a hyperinflation...Alluding sustain the inflationary expections of the drone collective.

Just like in 2002 when Ben came out and told the first lie you all fell for about the secret weapon the FED had that could destroy GOD.

In those 7 years the FED did nothing except claim to do something...and you all believed that the FED did something. That's the purpose of all the social engineering/lies you all are being blasted by 24/7.

Unfortunately regardless what happens the logical conclusion will be the collapse of the the USA and post WW2 global trade system.

There is no such thing as a fixed exchange rate system that has interest attached...

Interest is a growth rate...attaching it to credit causes it to grow exponentially...

The only way to fix exchange rates is to make the growth rate equal zero...It's impossible in a dynamic system such as the Universe to accomplish. Any attempt to transform variables into constants or the dynamic into the static will always fail.

The only thing the Bretton Woods Global Trade system did was make the US Dollar the global trade medium of exchange taking over from the British Pound stirling and by default making the US consumer/military the Demand of the world taking over from the British consumer/military.

Thats it's and it didn't die in 1971...The 1944 Bretton Woods global trade system is still in operation...But has reached maximum potential and is imploding like the system it replaced...The Crown/city of London system.

In order to sustain another iteration you need to find a new demand of the world...A larger demand...and of course a larger supply...

There is no larger demand or supply...

The same thing happened last time around...As GDP collapsed it caused the total debt to GDP ratio to spike up rapidly.

After the 1933 to 1945 Bankruptcy reorganization of the world following the 1929-1933 collapse...The ratio hit 110%...right back to where it was around 1918 at the start of the post WW1 looting of Germany carry trade.

I have some bad news for you all...Many of you are not going to be alive when we reach the debt to gdp ration again...this bubble...could easily be called the roaring 6 decades...The last one that inflated and popped only grew for 10 years.

We are at the tip top of a massive mountain beyond your abilities to comprehend...

it took from around 1918 to 1929 to go from 115% Debt to GDP to 264% then...from 1929 to 1945 the ratio went to 110%

So unless some serious hyperdeflation sets in...It will take roughly around 90 years to collapse back down to 110% or so from 380% or higher.

It's going to collapse for decades...Unless of course there is a loss of control and a hyperdeflation takes place.

A slow sickening soul annihilating death...That's what you all have to look forward to...You all just don't know it yet.

Ok look the markets are up...quick quick you morons...pour some more

Fraud...What fraud?...This is just the result of attaching interest to the medium of exchange.

The following of the path of least resistance...

Five years ago? Civilization as you all know it has been hyperinflating the past 65 years...It's just the scale...Now if the growth of the past 65 years would have happened in Germany 1919 to clowns would have noticed.

We will rise up Hyper!

Yes The top know...When that's all that's left...When that is the only thing left that the top can give the bottom...They will.

Don't worry...

It's how the top maintains their giving the bottom what they want.

Tear it all down...for free...A free demolition

At the end when the dust settles...The bottom want to start all over again...the top then hires the survivors to construct the next march to doom with glee.

The new world order rises out of the ashes of the new world order...It's a cycle.

You all don't know any better...And it's fun while it lasts...It's only at the end of the game when all the players that thought they were winning begin crying when they become aware that they were losers the instant they began playing.

The instant that they were born.

It's been going on for 1000's of years now.

You all only live long enough to catch a fraction of a glimpse of a cycle that is decades and ultimately centuries long.

You all have much more important and fun things to do than attempt to figure it out.

The top receive special educations...They are taught how to rule...You all unfortunately are taught how to be ruled.