Monday, July 06, 2009

A Slow, Sickening, Soul Annihilating Death

The USA along with the rest of the world has been in decline for decades...It's just becoming harder and harder for the just think positive ignore the negative equation at the core of the drone reasoning algorithm to continue ignoring this fact in favor of the fiction.

This is just a bounce as far as I can tell. You know from the greatest global economic intervention in history...The only way to sustain inflation greater than previous inflation by the required amount is to go back to the conditions that existed before this bubble within the 38 year old US house price bubble reached maximum potential inflation greater than previous inflation and popped.

You know...back to the acceleration of the decades of hyperinflation that existed before the popping.

Otherwise all that will have been done is an engineering of a peak that will show positive growth in 2010 compared to 2009 but will just be a lower high of the monumental waterfall decline that is following the collapse of the 1944 Bretton Woods global trade system.

Hyperinflation can still happen...But what I have said all along would happen...happened...

And still is...So far there is no evidence that the US Government is causing a hyperinflation...Alluding sustain the inflationary expections of the drone collective.

Just like in 2002 when Ben came out and told the first lie you all fell for about the secret weapon the FED had that could destroy GOD.

In those 7 years the FED did nothing except claim to do something...and you all believed that the FED did something. That's the purpose of all the social engineering/lies you all are being blasted by 24/7.

Unfortunately regardless what happens the logical conclusion will be the collapse of the the USA and post WW2 global trade system.

There is no such thing as a fixed exchange rate system that has interest attached...

Interest is a growth rate...attaching it to credit causes it to grow exponentially...

The only way to fix exchange rates is to make the growth rate equal zero...It's impossible in a dynamic system such as the Universe to accomplish. Any attempt to transform variables into constants or the dynamic into the static will always fail.

The only thing the Bretton Woods Global Trade system did was make the US Dollar the global trade medium of exchange taking over from the British Pound stirling and by default making the US consumer/military the Demand of the world taking over from the British consumer/military.

Thats it's and it didn't die in 1971...The 1944 Bretton Woods global trade system is still in operation...But has reached maximum potential and is imploding like the system it replaced...The Crown/city of London system.

In order to sustain another iteration you need to find a new demand of the world...A larger demand...and of course a larger supply...

There is no larger demand or supply...

The same thing happened last time around...As GDP collapsed it caused the total debt to GDP ratio to spike up rapidly.

After the 1933 to 1945 Bankruptcy reorganization of the world following the 1929-1933 collapse...The ratio hit 110%...right back to where it was around 1918 at the start of the post WW1 looting of Germany carry trade.

I have some bad news for you all...Many of you are not going to be alive when we reach the debt to gdp ration again...this bubble...could easily be called the roaring 6 decades...The last one that inflated and popped only grew for 10 years.

We are at the tip top of a massive mountain beyond your abilities to comprehend...

it took from around 1918 to 1929 to go from 115% Debt to GDP to 264% then...from 1929 to 1945 the ratio went to 110%

So unless some serious hyperdeflation sets in...It will take roughly around 90 years to collapse back down to 110% or so from 380% or higher.

It's going to collapse for decades...Unless of course there is a loss of control and a hyperdeflation takes place.

A slow sickening soul annihilating death...That's what you all have to look forward to...You all just don't know it yet.

Ok look the markets are up...quick quick you morons...pour some more

Fraud...What fraud?...This is just the result of attaching interest to the medium of exchange.

The following of the path of least resistance...

Five years ago? Civilization as you all know it has been hyperinflating the past 65 years...It's just the scale...Now if the growth of the past 65 years would have happened in Germany 1919 to clowns would have noticed.

We will rise up Hyper!

Yes The top know...When that's all that's left...When that is the only thing left that the top can give the bottom...They will.

Don't worry...

It's how the top maintains their giving the bottom what they want.

Tear it all down...for free...A free demolition

At the end when the dust settles...The bottom want to start all over again...the top then hires the survivors to construct the next march to doom with glee.

The new world order rises out of the ashes of the new world order...It's a cycle.

You all don't know any better...And it's fun while it lasts...It's only at the end of the game when all the players that thought they were winning begin crying when they become aware that they were losers the instant they began playing.

The instant that they were born.

It's been going on for 1000's of years now.

You all only live long enough to catch a fraction of a glimpse of a cycle that is decades and ultimately centuries long.

You all have much more important and fun things to do than attempt to figure it out.

The top receive special educations...They are taught how to rule...You all unfortunately are taught how to be ruled.


Anonymous said...

...and that's the good news.

Anonymous said...

As good as it gets ...

Anonymous said...

So they are not going to kill us all off now?

Jane said...

"in the long run, we are all dead."

no need to predict this, hyper. we already know. Tell us something new please..

Anonymous said...

YES! Hyper says we have 90 years now instead of 90 days!!!!!

This IS good news!

Anonymous said...

Ive been predicting inflation for the last 2 years. I cant wait until 5 years from now, then I will know what happened and I can look back on today and know that my instinct/prediction is from sound thinking.

Cheryl-Lynné said...

"So they are not going to kill us all off now?"

My money is still on it. :(

Anonymous said...

Just one last question for HT. Why do you depict the 'top' as more powerful than they really are?

(Off topic - some of your links to other sites are dead. YOu'll need to update them - just an FYI)

Anonymous said...

You REALLY need to read this book:

Anonymous said...

Read the book "Production versus Plunder"? Where is the free download?

Anonymous said...

Just go buy a Prius...then you're SAVED!

Anonymous said...

Argentina's Banks To Shut Friday As Swine Flu Measure

BUENOS AIRES -(Dow Jones)- Argentina's private-sector banks on Wednesday said they will join a special public-sector holiday scheduled for Friday as part of a nationwide effort to contain the spread of the A/H1N1 swine flu.

"The banks which are part of the Argentine Association of Banks...adhere to the administrative holiday for the coming Friday," the association said in a statement.

Friday's special holiday rolls on from Thursday's Independence Day holiday, and authorities believe people will use the long weekend as an excuse to stay home, and therefore help slow the spread of the virus as winter takes hold.

The Central Bank said Tuesday it will also be closed on Friday.

The Argentine Health Ministry on Sunday reported that the official death toll in Argentina from swine flu has reached 60, and there are a total of 2,485 officially confirmed cases.

However, many believe the official numbers lag the actual rate of infection, and that the real numbers are much higher.

-By Matthew Cowley, Dow Jones Newswires; 07-08-09 1038ET

Anonymous said...

no what most of you gloom and doomers need is a few visits with a team of Psychiatrists.

Anonymous said...

Hyper's not just figuring this out. He's a part of the top he's talking about. So am I. Enjoy your Ipod's and Flatscreens everyone. You're lucky we let you have them.

Read up on Structural Adjustment Programs if you'd like to see a small glimpse of your future. Then look at the many "Honors" of Haile Selassie and ask yourself whether we care if you are black, white, yellow, or red.

Anonymous said...

fuck you and your strucutral adjustment nigger programs. You think im gunna sit by and be dominated, i got news for you, i hope your not the first asshole i see.

Anonymous said...

If Hyper is part of the Top, and you are as well, why bother communicating with us bottom dwellers? I don't doubt you, I just wonder your objective. Good point about Selassie.

extreme hyper said...

boom and bust in part of the top business.

just ignore them.

things won't be great, but it's not armageddon baby.

the top needs slave. if we die, they have no slave, which they won't let it happened.

Anonymous said...

The only thing a sane individual can do to avoid it (slow, sickening, soul annihilating...)is to walk away from it all. No reason to argue with the corporate drones, cubicle dwellers, programmed robots or otherwise already dead souls.
In a way, we have been given a gift, a view of the level of corruption and evil amongst those who strive to rule others. Freedom is a choice.

Anonymous said...

Will there still be chicken and watermelon after the collapse?

Anonymous said...

They not going to kill now.


Free Satellite TV

Anonymous said...

Hyper "Its Collapsing" Tiger...

Its collapsing, its collapsing....

Yeah right. The only question with Hyper"Tiger" is whether it collapses before the sun runs out of fuel. said...

It seems to me that the deflation greater than previous deflation can be happily accomodated by negative nominal interest rates.

If attaching a rate of +ve interest to the medium of exchange caused all this, attach a -ve rate of interest to the medium of exchange as it all unwinds.

Job done, and inflation would return, along with something approaching full employment. Ah yes, but its bad for the top so won't happen.

I can happen, and we can still have a 'top', they will simply use something other than the medium of exchange as a store of value. Like oil, energy, food supply.

Anonymous said...

Hey Cheryl Lynne Ann Mary Karen Henderson, the "collapse" is in full force now. Oh wait, I've got the charts upside down...oh boy, that Hyper "Its imploding (upwards)" Tiger, hes a real comedy act.

Anonymous said...

all of you Anonymous genuis posters need to look at the GDP and total revenue for these "recovering" companies in our so called "recovering" economy. Compare them to the previous year, 3 years, 5 & 10 years ago....deflating to $hit.

Anonymous said...

Ok, Hyper's had his 15 minutes of fame, time to declare him a hopeless internet crackpot and wheel him away.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, future earnings are warned to deflate further but in the interim the government is trying keep the ship afloat by throwing money around that still won't fill the gap left by the tapped out consumers let alone all the derivative debts.

Enjoy the rest of summer, it will be the last of normalcy for years to come.

messianicdruid said...

My neighbor inherited a hundred acre farm and now owes 12 grand to the lawyer. But instead of taking care of his animals he's working on a car for the demolition derby.

My daughter-in-law was supposed to drive 35 miles out here today to bury a seventeen year old cat {family pet}. They decided to take it to the Vet {again} to see if he could do anything {else} for it.

My brother {who lives with my eighty year old dad on SS}, just traded his paid for motor home for an old honda motorcycle.

My son has found out they "qualify" for 120 grand to buy a house. They can barely afford to rent, and have been trying to refinance their cars. And rent their furniture.

And on it goes.

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

And I'm in a Porsche dealership right now with a gun pointed to my head after the salesman told me that Porsche is no longer an independent entity and was just swallowed by Volkswagen.

If Porsche is dead then this is one frackin cruel world I don't want to be part of any longer.

Anonymous said...


Yeah, and I'm working on a new approach to fusion to try and save the planet from destruction for a while longer. How much is the central bank giving me to do this? Far less than your dysfunctional kin. So there.

Anonymous said...

RE: Nutjob who traded his paid-for motorhome for an old honda motorcycle

I bet that was HyperTiger himself...hahahhahaha

Anonymous said...




HyperDemented, come on out and piss on our heads, you moron.

Anonymous said...

I think HyperDementia has failed miserably...the dude is as useless as any other wallstreet shill.

Anonymous said...

shorts are losing their shorts and are getting liquidated.

Anonymous said...

A slow, sickening, soul annihilating... blog.

Chattel Slave said...


I put a spell on you
Because you're mine
You better stop the thing that you do
I said watch out, I ain't lyin
Yeahhhhh...I aint gonna take none of your foolin around
I aint gonna take none of your putting me down
I put a spell on you
Because you're mine

Jackass said...

baby hyper, we are heading to hyperinflation!

sorry, you miscalculated this time.

final implotion (deflation) will happened after that.

Baxter said...


Its time for your H1N1


Anonymous said...


Its collapsing, its collapsing

Eric said...

bank holiday, add a zero. Savers wiped out, debtors slate clean. Any questions?


Anonymous said...


The King of Collapse, HyperTiger, said it can't be saved...

Say, where is the King of Collapse anyways? He's sort of MIA lately

Anonymous said...

Hyper, its collapsing, its collapsing, Hyper.

Ho Ho Ho.

baby hyper said...

come on hyper, we are waiting your newer post.

don't get upset with those noises, they don't matter.

Lethalvirus said...

Hyper may be a member of the top, but we viruses don't give a shit.

HYPERTlGER said...

The bubble that is popping is the largest in History.

You all will be dead long before the bottom is reached.

Unless of course control is lost and there is a hyperdeflationary implosion.

It took from 1929 to 1945 for the roaring 20's bubble to collapse down to where it began hypertinflating in 1919.

This one has been huperinflating since 1945...the last bottom...over 65 years ago...and it's still not showing visible signs of collapse yet...

the growth of the bubble has of course slowed by the greatest amount in its lifespan...It's still slowly creeping along...after the greatest coordinated global government intervention in history...

You useless morons think the worst is over or something?

Just teetering at the top before the next plunge.

but Hyper...why don't you post more often.

I have much better things to do then to attempt to deprogram all you mindless drones being blasted 24/7 with just think positive lies.

I have to wait until this current debt inflationary messiah is revealed to be a false profit.

The markets havent even done a 50% retrace like in 1929-1930

This bubble is massive beyond your abilities to comprehend...the only thing you drones are good at comprehending are the lies you are trained to gorge yourselves like pigs on.

Until of course you all can't stomach the swill you are fed anymore...

It will be awhile until then.

Anonymous said...

At least LaRouche says Sept-Oct is KABOOOM! time. HyperFool says "its gonna take awhile"...Duh!

Kind of like the sun kicking the can, eh Hyper.

Anonymous said...

Look everyone, the "genius" Hyper said it could take awhile. The time would best be served by working on your grade 6 level writing skills.

mannfm11 said...

Im ready for another post myself HT, but what you wrote is good enough. I was at a class reunion and I was amazed to find the really smart guys on one end knew there was a mess and on the other end, the just think positive crap. I had to tell the think positive guy that negativity doesn't have anything to do with no mathematical solution. continue to create money on the account you can't pay and allow it to be counted as good debt over and over again by lending more on the account you can't pay. I think they went over the edge on that 25 years ago.

I just read this quote on the naked capitalism site: "It would be nice to The Keynesians have a bit of an edge in this, because it is easier to control inflation than deflation in a fiat regime, and the natural growth of inflation tends to satiate the impulse to greed.

I thought it was so stupid that I had to respond, as few understand that we are inflating as hard as we can and the system can't create enough credit to keep the game going. The whole thing started with inflation and this is the end result of inflation, not the beginning of a new inflation.

HYPERTlGER said...

Start getting physically fit while you are waiting around...

Yes it's possible to ignite a hyperinflation.

but it would buy a few more months to a year and end in a hyperdeflationary implosion of the global economy.

Any way it's sliced and diced...It's the end of the line for you idiots.

Any of you ever played a game an lost.

well guess what?

YOU WERE LOSERS THE INSTANT YOU DECIDED TO PLAY...You just didn't become aware of that fact or Truth until the logical conclusion of game was reached.

This game you were all born into and chose to play will reach it's logical conclusion as well.

That's the beauty...All you just think positive drones think you are winning or going to win...right up to the point you become aware that you lost.


At some point it will become blindly crystal mindless idiots will be forced to accept that which you continually attempt to reject.


It will be game over...and you will all lose.

Because the game all you mental retards were born into and chose to play was designed by the top and the top win by default.

Every time...This is not the first time and won't be the last.

Imagine if it took 300 years to feel the pain after you grabbed a red hot bar of iron...

How long do you think it would take you all to learn?

Too bad you don't live for 300 years.

Your ancestors chose to grab the red hot bar of iron and you all are going to feel the pain...and are totally oblivious as to why.

You have no memory of what you all did...because all those with the memory died centuries ago and history is written by the winners.

The default.

They have never lost...You think the top have?

Whatever story you heard...Was a lie manufactured by the top to manipulate you into believeing that the top has lost.

To cheer emotional slaves keep you all thinking you can win the game that the top designed and wins by default.

The game you have to play because all the other poor unfortunate losers around you are.

All trying to win a game that can never be won.

But like all the just think positive drones keep telling me...If at first you don't succeed...try try again...

You idiots have been try try trying again for over 6000 years now.

You never will succeed.

I know it...the top know it...but just think positive drones don't.

Your programing prevents you from accepting truth...

You all accept lies and delusions which are lies you tell yourself by default.

Until of course the logical conclusion of the game is reached...

Game over...and you are forced to accept it.

Untill then you can just think you are winning or going to win.

Like all the previous times.


HYPERTlGER said...

Like really I have no Idea how to simplify all are basically staring at a sign saying...There is not a fist rocketing to punch you in the face...

And behind that sign is a fist rocketing to punch you all in your stupid faces.

Really...That is basically what you all are doing.

Waiting around for the next wave to crash over you.

You all need someone to tell you what is happening...

Trained to follow the commands of an authority.

Trained to avoid murder...

In the end you will be unable to kill those trained to kill you.

You will all let the killers kill you.

You all will commit suicide.

You all are commiting suicide.


You are killing yourselves day in an day out attempting to win a game that can't be.

Yes the survivors will of course think they won...The top will hire them to construct/play the next game.

That of course will not make the same mistakes that are fresh in the minds of the survivors.

The only mistake the survivors will make is to choose to play the game again...

and again and again...little babies born into the doomed game and being coerced by their parents to play...again an again.

It will never end until you all wake up...but you all are fighting day in and day out to stay asleep.

You all are basically staring at a sign saying...There is not a fist rocketing to punch you in the face...

And behind that sign is a fist rocketing to punch you all in your stupid faces.

All running in terror from that which you are all going to inevitably smash into.