Sunday, October 02, 2011

The shadow of a hammer...

During the expansion phase...You need to power inflation greater than previous inflation...

It gets tricky understanding inflation.

Inflation requires a measurement between two points to figure out what it is doing...oh it's inflating...but how. There are generally two kinds...inflation greater than previous inflation and inflation less than previous inflation.

Inflation greater than previous inflation to maximum potential is the one you all generally call's the one that everyone loves...because it's positive.

Then there is inflation less than previous inflation...a term called deflation was invented to describe the observation of this form of's the one everyone fears because it's negative.

Of course depending upon what is deflating...The deflation of the witch at the end of The Wizard of OZ...that's an example of deflation that people that fear witches love.

Now losing money.

In a credit system...a consumer uses their current income which is previously created out of thin air money or an asset inflated in value by previously created out of thin air money as collateral backing their request for a commercial bank to create new money out of thin air.

Basically due to the attachment of interest, a yield or growth rate to money...It generally inflates greater than previous inflation to maximum potential...attachment of a demand to grow will generally cause something that is capable of grow.

When a consumer requests money to be created out of thin air and loaned to them...they are making money...but when a consumer pays the loan back they are causing money to return to where it came from...and they are losing money.

So during the inflation greater than previous inflation to maximum potential phase of the cycle it's he that obtains the most money that wins the game.

But once maximum potential is reached and it becomes impossible to sustain inflation greater than previous inflation any longer...inflation greater than previous inflation transforms into inflation less than previous inflation to maximum potential.

Or deflation.

Then it becomes he who loses the least money that wins the game.

And since the positive phase has been sustained so long you all generally have zero concept of how the fantasy you all call reality will operate past the point where inflation to maximum potential transforms into deflation to maximum potential.

The further past the point we travel the harder it will become to make money the way you have during the roaring 6 decades.

Many people that could have lived died because they didn't chop off their leg when they should have.

In the inflationary phase consumers are basically forced to request more and more and more new money to be created out of thin air but once the maximum potential is reached...consumers are forced to request less and less and less new money to be created out of thin air.

Yield rates were rising until the early 1980's...consumers were basically forced to request ever greater amounts of new money creation...until maximum potential was reached and they were then forced to request less and less until now.

Which causes a greater demand for growth of 100 Dollars...a 20% yield rate or a 1%?

OMG...The past 30 years you all thought something different was happening.

Well now growth rates are so low that there isn't enough inflation greater than previous inflation to keep the system from inflating less than previous inflation...or collapsing.

The top lives off the yield from the bottom...the roof or top of the structure is supported by the bottom or foundation of the structure.

If the bottom can't support the top...the structure collapses.

Oh I get it you all think you support those below...

You think the top or roof supports the foundation of the structure...well I guess in your mind where LAW that governs the Universe does not apply you could imagine such.

The bottom produces everything and the top monetizes it...They then mark up everything and sell it back to the bottom to get their money back.

The top owns the money and all the money belongs to's their money that monetizes the wholesale production operation...not yours...all the money in circulation does not belong to any of you...You just think it does.

The difference between the wholesale cost and the retail price is the yield the top lives off of...well then how does the bottom make up the difference?

By supplying the top with more than the top gives...forever...Until the bottom can't supply the top with the yield they demand.

Then poof...The goose that lays the golden eggs...dies

So then when the top inputs money to the bottom and the output by the bottom is less than the input. The top has to stop doing that or they will not make any money...they will just continue to lose money.

What you think? the FED is going to print money forever?

The bottom produces everything and the top prints money to buy it wholesale and then marks it up and sells it to the bottom retail...and it's up to the bottom to pay the difference between the wholesale cost and the retail price to supply the top with the yield they demand.

And if you all can't.

Then you are going to have to be fired and replaced with more productive workers.

You were fired over the past few decades and Chinese workers were hired...but now they can't even support the top supports the bottom delusion you all depend upon.

I have no idea when the real yucky mindblowing soul destroying stuff is going to begin having an impact...but as long as you have a few years of existence will see the day.

As far as I can tell we are a long ways from the actual bottom where the milking operation reaches its maximum potential and the shorting method of extraction of yield from the dying USA and world system is still an effective way to make money.

If that is what turns your crank.

The bottom supplies the top.

Stocks will storm back if the bottom can support the ability for the top to cover. The bottom is the leverage the top use to increase the value of their assets.

Master what is my purpose? Your purpose is to slave till the day you die making me rich...

The top lives off the yield from the speculators.

There's two kinds...aggressive...Those that are personally involved...they are a minority...then there are the passive...they supply the agressive speculators.

The top does all the buying and selling...the bottom follows along and speculates.

The top is following a plan...the bottom is trying to figure it out.

The top must keep the bottom in the dark.

The top can see the bottom's demand.

The bottom supply the top with everything wholesale...the top then mark everything up and supply it to the bottom retail.

Eliminate the ability for banks to inflate the money supply to make up the difference between the wholesale cost and retail price...and the economy can't grow.

It's why the world basically went nowhere for's why the primary method of travel was riding around on the back of an animal or pulled around in cart by an animal for 1000's and 1000's of years until the 20th century.

Consumers use their current income which is composed of previously created money which is debt or an asset inflated in price by previously created money which is debt as collateral backing their request for a commercial bank to create new money which is debt.

Operating expenses are composed of previously created money which is debt and profit or yield is composed of newly created debt.

Within a constantly growing or yielding system...Once the bottom reaches their maximum potential to sustain the expansion...contraction follows. The roaring 6 decades was the greatest boom in the history of the 600 year old credit system...The past 6 decades was a massive blow off.

So in order to sustain this...the bottom has to supply the power that is required to sustain perpetual blow off.

Due to the construction of the system...that is impossible.

The top is the rider and the bottom is the horse...for the past six decades the top has been whipping the bottom...demanding more yield a year...faster...faster...faster...

Until the horse became exhausted slowed and finally stopped. Now the top is basically whipping it to death.

That's Greece

Eventually it will be those higher in the hierarchy.

Eventually there will be nowhere to put what you perceive to be money to acquire a positive yield.

Unless you short sell your countrymen and country to those higher in the hierarchy in Greece did.

You think Obama gives a rat's ass about any of you?

They are all using insider information to short sell you all to oblivion.

They are the first class ticket holders on the Titanic...

Obama was hired to tell the clowns trapped below decks that everything is a ok and that there's plenty of lifeboats.

Obama was installed to supply hope...To buy more time...A qualitative easing.

So those higher in the hierarchy can suck the last succulent drops of power you have left.

What do you think the real purpose of the video game industry was all this time? Most teens think you just re-spawn when you die and that mowing down people with mini-guns is ...all that you can be...cannon fodder in the army.

The top has not been trying to cure the problem...just treat the symptoms...

The top is the cause and the bottom is the effect...

The top is instigating all the revolutions and war outbreaks globally...

In the end there is going to be a maelstrom of chaos...a blizzard of effects to promote as the cause of the effects so that the culprits can escape.

While the top did all gleefully followed...paid to follow...

At the end the Germans said...we were just following orders...according to the judges...that is not an excuse. So I'm sorry to all are going to suffer the consequences the top or your employers hired you all to suffer.

But I'm a civilian...too bad so sad...

Rich people cause wars that they employ poor people to suffer the consequences of.

The battle against deflation is a rich man’s war and a poor man’s fight.

The top is not the most productive. The bottom is...

until they are sucked dry.

Well the top becomes the top and maintain their position by always taking more than they's the divine right of kings. Oh you think you gained independence from kings? nope...never all just think you did...and if you think therefore you's magic...Hyper my teacher said I did and all the history books said I I must have...

The sucked dry wreckage at the bottom cause problems...the bottom cries to the top about the effects.

The top is not going to pay the cost of dealing with the consequences at the bottom...that's what the top employs all of you to do....the top doesn't pay its credit cards...the bottom does...

The employer doesn't pay for anything...the employees's what your purpose within the enterprise is. It's your purpose on Earth within the system you all are in...That's not what they tell me at church...

The bottom is already being supplied the minimum in order for the top to obtain the's the middle that ultimately has to do with less in order for the top to obtain the power required to deal with the effects at the bottom that are causing the bottom to bawl like babies.

It's like your brains which are supposed to be capable of thinking according to rumor...have been programmed to be unable to.

Rich people are the biggest welfare cases of society...The entire bottom...billions of people globally have to slave till the day they die supporting the welfare cases at the top and the bottom...

At the extreme bottom of the global hierarchy far away from your sight...10's of 1000's are being sucked dry and dying to support your asses...

If the farmers stopped producing 1000's of times more food than they need to sustain their existence and decided to just produce enough to sustain themselves...all the welfare cases being sustained by the welfare system would die off in massive numbers.

Double digit growth rates for 30 years...hint hint.

Ten percent is a doubling every 7 sustain will take double the inputs the next 7 years...then 4 times...then 8 times....then 16 times...or China will implode to oblivion.

Along with double the outputs...the demand is going to have to grow exponentially slightly faster than supply the whole time as well...forever...or poof...gameoverville.

21 years from now it will take double all the current resources of the world to sustain the growth...Like China takes all the resources of the world leaving everyone else with's not going to happen

China will have to at some point construct a military strong enough to spread out and take over control of all the resources in the England and the USA did at the climax of the 1933-1945 bankruptcy reorganization of the previous British pound based global trade system.

The plain simple fact is people have been socially engineered into mindless yield locusts...Human beings? Don't make me laugh...The path China is following is the same path bacteria follow.

consume...consume...consume...until there is nothing left...then die good show old chap.

The Chinese are not smart...they are stupid. The people's liberation army runs China...They are trapped in the same war against deflation the rest of the billions of retards globally are...

The just think positive ignore the negative religion.

The embrace fantasy reject reality equation.

The embrace lies and delusions reject Truth equation at the core of the drone reasoning algorithm.

Inflation is positive...deflation is negative.

Lies and delusion are positive...Truth is negative.

There is never a lasting victory over lies while the war against Truth has no exit strategy and always end in defeat.

Dummies...inflation can be good or bad while deflation can be good or bad. Unfortunately you all are within a system that attempts to transform variables into constants...

Inflation is a variable.

In order to perceive inflation or a need two points.

There is no way to perceive a gain otherwise. So the observation of a positive gain is inflation greater than previous inflation...while observation of a negative gain is inflation less than previous inflation.

Inflation is a constant variable. A wave is a constant variable.

The system you all have fallen in love with attempts to cause inflation greater than previous inflation or positive inflation to be a constant.

It's impossible to sustain inflation greater than previous inflation indefinitely.

it's impossible to sustain positive yields derived from inflation greater than previous inflation indefinitely.

At the core of all the accounting algorithms is the take more than you give equation...the exponential growth...the compounding interest equation.

In order to derive positive can never ever input negative numbers.

Inflation less than previous inflation annihilates the system you call civilization which is sustained by constant inflation greater than previous inflation.

The system basically turns Earth into a petri dish and you all are bacteria.

Don't think so? Of course not...In order for this scheme to all have to be oblivious of it.

Nothing is mentioned in grades 1-12 or and virtually nothing in University/College...the top know about it...have known all's why shorting is legal.

Once the maximum potential of inflation greater than previous inflation of so called civilization is reached...the top shorts all you oblivious fools to oblivion.

Seven billion oblivious fools or fundable assets transform into unfundable liabilities and are liquidated during the inflation less than previous inflation phase...then the top covers and employs the remaining assets of let’s say one Billion to construct and maintain the next inflation greater than previous inflation phase.

Obama...a mindless puppet trained to be a teleprompter parrot demagogue...Just another employee of the enterprise. And you are....not only oblivious...but so dependent upon it that you all will fight to the death to sustain and maintain it.

At this point you are all hopelessly trapped without any way to escape the glorious march to doom with glee.

You all basically will fight to the death protecting that which is ultimately going to kill you in the heroin addicts. You all think you are superior to bacteria or all the rest of the animals and natural processes in the Universe...none of you are or ever will be...By following the same path they do to its logical conclusion.

By taking more than you give until there is nothing left to take to sustain the exponential/compounding power requirements to sustain your hubris.

I first showed up in 1998...from then to now you all have not grown at all...You all were basically crying about the same things back then as you are now.

You all have done nothing but cry about effects and totally ignore the cause.

Because ultimately you all are the cause of the effects.

The top lives off the yield of power from the bottom.

All the power that the so called powers that be have in excess of their own personal supply comes from the person you see when look in the mirror.

The greatest enemy of human advancement can be found the same way.

Ignorance of Truth is the root of all evil in the affairs of humanity.

but Hyper ignorance is bliss.

And bliss is positive.

Yup the just think positive ignore the negative religion strikes again.

The embrace lies and delusion reject Truth equation at the core of the drone reasoning algorithm strikes again.

"This is a staggering thought. We are completely dependent, on the (compounding interest) Commercial Banks. Someone has to borrow (Request the manufacture of) every dollar, we have in circulation, cash or credit. If the Banks create (At the request of the consumer) ample synthetic (All money is fiat) money, we are prosperous; if not, we starve. We are, absolutely, without a permanent money system. When one gets a complete grasp of the picture, the tragic absurdity, of our hopeless position, is almost incredible, but there it is. It is the most, important subject, intelligent persons can investigate and reflect upon. It is so important that our present civilization may (Not may...Will Inevitably) collapse (Implode), unless it becomes widely understood, and the defects remedied very soon." (the remedy will cause the premature implosion)--ROBERT H. HEMPHILL (Credit Manager of Federal Reserve Bank, Atlanta, Georgia 1938)

Civilization as you all know it and based on taking more than you give is the disease that is the cause of all the negative symptoms all are not looking for the cure...all you are looking for is a way to treat the symptoms.

Currently the favorite antidepressant drug being used to treat the symptoms is what you all perceive to be money.

Will I live the see the day you all reach the point you can no longer ignore the negative by sedating yourselves with ever greater amounts of antidepressants?

Because when you can't keep the supply of anti depressants continually growing...

You all will be forced to suffer a deep depression.

The high you all have been enjoying the past 6 decades will be followed by withdrawals currently beyond your abilities to fathom.

And relativity is still called a theory.

The Government is controlled by the top.

The elections are a fool you into thinking you are free or in control...You get to choose the most favorite puppets.

Their plan is to...reduce the population as much as possible over the next 100 years...then use all the wonderful technology you all supplied to the keep growth rates, the compounding, or doubling time to as close to 1% as possible.

Then what happened the past 6 decades...can be stretched out to centuries

When you choose to take more than you have two options.

continue until you can' which point game over is reached.


stop before you reach the point where you can' which point game over is reached.

Without the current all have no need to exist anymore.

The credit system requires you all to exist to sustain it...Once it reaches maximum potential...all the assets begin turning into liabilities and are liquidated.


The system is inevitably doomed to inflate to maximum potential and implode...that's all it can do.

So then who or what is going to get the blame in the end?

Too funny...hackers that can't be found are going to screw with the computers and crash the world and cause all you fundable assets to turn into unfundable liabilities and be liquidated...

No Hyper it was a handful of people with box cutters that ultimately brought down the USA in 2001...

You all have been brainwashed by the top into believing in comic book super villains that you actually believe this.

The hacking of Sony was just to create street cred

News flash...The top has known all along that it's impossible to sustain taking more than you give forever...when the end all will be watching what the top wants you to see.

The end has been know about all along...It's been planned for.

The FED was created to take the fall for it all.

The FED is an effect...not a cause.

In the end the top will get you all to believe the effect of the cause was the cause...and the cause will escape.

I'm not worried about the FED in the slightest...It wasn't created to's totally doomed to's inevitable.

It's the third central bank of the USA.

The European owners of the USA have been at this for centuries now.

The next central bank will be even more powerful than the current one.

It will have to be made better...It's so all have all sorts of fantasies about what it's going to be like post FED.

You all are going to be chipped and tracked...your every transaction...

The prolonged wars are to create a wonderful force of trigger pullers...It's all just a video game to them...You all have no idea that PS3's an XBOX 360's are being used to train the unfundable liabilities liquidators of the future.


There has been no crisis yet...

When the crisis actually shows up...none of you are going to be able to believe what you are seeing....because none of what you are going to be seeing will be compatible with the current delusions you cherish.

The top is cranking up the chaos more every day...

The black death was discovered and utilized by the top after the 1345 collapse of the previous global system in Venice. It took until the late 16th century to consolidate and then begin the next iteration we are in now.

There will be a blizzard of scapegoats in the end that will totally mesmerize the masses of oblivious know nothings.

When your children turn the proper age...say...”Get out”...and if they the police and have them charged with trespassing.

It's what all the wealthy people do...kick their kids out into the gutter...It's why they turn out so crappy and poor kids turn out so well.

The top created the tough love method to supply the lower classes with an out.

A whole bunch of desperate individuals willing to drop to their knees and suck to survive...The top needs a supply of desperate people to exploit...

Why do you think the southern border is basically open and millions of desperate people have been allowed to flood the whole southern USA?

Top lives off the yield from the bottom.

The rich kids relaxing at home studying to be snappy dressers are supported by all the poor kick outs at the bottom.

I love it...

The resources will run out eventually...

The current problem is that the system needs to constantly inflate.

what is ultimately powering it is people signing on the dotted line...

And the system is demanding people willing and able to sign on the dotted line quicker that they are being produced.

The FED is not causing the price rises...

The top is.

Top lives off the yield from the bottom.

You all supply the top with everything wholesale...the top then marks it up and sells it to you all retail.

Yield rates are so low and there's not enough volume to support rates...

The top is forced to make up the difference elsewhere.

The FED was invented and is run by rich people last I looked.

The bottom demands compensation from the top for the bottom's support.

Where does the top get all the money from that the bottom wants as compensation?

From the bottom.

The more the bottom wants...the greater the suck from the bottom to the top becomes.

there's 10's of millions of Chinese workers slaving at the bottom to support the life styles you all enjoy.

The more those Chinese workers demand as compensation...the less the top has left over to bribe you all with.

That's why the FED is printing money...desperately trying to keep you all alive.

Because once the system implodes...the Farmers will have no need to produce all the food they currently do...especially if you all have no money to buy it. will come to the point where the authorities you all hate will have to point guns at farmers' heads and demand them to produce for free...or you all are going to massively die off.

All the money in circulation globally is basically a figment of your imaginations...a mass cherished delusion...and when the system can't continue to sustain the delusion.

It will shatter.

The money will dry up and the servers that are hosting this...will shut down.

All the money you all currently are enjoying will vanish.

It's because money is so common that you have it...once it goes back to being rare...The drunken sailor spending that currently keeps you alive...will end.

The top designed the game so that they win by default...

The only reason the top is postponing the inevitable for as long as possible is because they employ reason.

Of course when it can't be postponed any longer..the top will then have a reason to downsize you all.

Yes the resources have not run out.

What do you think the top is going to do?

Use up all the resources...or conserve them?

You know so after the inevitable collapse they can hire the survivors to rebuild...

It would be pretty dumb to use up all the resources.

Why do you all at the bottom think the resources the top owns and controls belong to you?

The collapse was inevitable...and the top has known about it all along...

The bottom is trained...socially engineered to reject the inevitable collapse...

You all will fight deflation with inflation until you all can't sustain the inflation required to keep deflation at will be unleashed and rip you all to pieces.

It's almost over...

The hope you all have currently will be blown out like a candle.

Regardless of what is done at this point...a science fiction horror show will unfold.

Taking more than you give is the cause.

Civilization is a bubble...The dot com bubble?

was just a bubble within the bubble.

The collapse of the real estate bubble...that was just a smaller bubble within the 40 year old real estate bubble.

You can't do anything about it because it's what you all are doing on a daily basis.

you as an individual don't think you are responsible...but all you irresponsible individuals combined fact...responsible.

Why are you seeing more and more bubbles though? Because 66 years ago at the bottom of the collapse of the roaring 20's the end of the 1933-1945 bankruptcy reorganization of the global trade system.

See if you tell a person what they must do...They can try to avoid doing it...that's why you have to fool people into doing what you want them to do.

WW2 was the climax of the liquidation process...of course all of you were educated differently.

Anyways you are seeing more and more bubbles because 66 years ago there was a far greater supply to the time has passed...the supply has not grown as fast as the demand.

And now the system has reached the maximum potential...the roaring 6 decades bubble has reached maximum potential and all that the postponement of the inevitable is a pile of rapidly forming and popping bubbles.

I call them doomsday spikes.

It will just get worse as all you drones programmed to operate a certain way...can't...every time you try to inflate further...all that will happen is the inflation of a pile of bubbles that will then just pop.

You all will continue trying over and over again to operate in the correct normal way according to your programming/religion...but won't be able to.

Because the system has reached maximum potential.

All that you think, believe, and have faith in is vanishing...because it was all just a mass cherished delusion...that requires exponential inputs to sustain the continued existence of.

Due to the just think positive ignore the negative programming...You all can't see the logical conclusion until you arrive at it.

Back in 1944 when the Bretton Woods global trade system was agreed to...The logical conclusion became certain and inevitable.

You all didn't see it back all don't see it now...all you do see are the effects of the choice that was made.

What choice was made following the collapse of the roaring 20's bubble?

To do it all over again...but this time around...Of a far greater magnitude...The roaring 20's bubble was inflated by the post WW1 looting of Germany.

This current one was inflated by the post WW2 looting of the world...It's global now...there are no countries...just economic zones full of drones that think they are countries.


At the start you all were standing on an anvil and it all looked wonderful...but as the decades passed a shadow began forming at your feet...The shadow of the hammer coming down.

The hammer that began falling 66 years ago to smite you all decades later.

The USA was doomed in the 50's 60's 70's 80's 90's 00's and today.

The devout followers of the just think positive ignore the negative religion are not going to see the bubble...until it pops in their stupid faces.

You all ain’t seen anything yet.

And once you all do...You will all wish you died before you did...because it will wipe out everything you currently think believe and have faith in.

I've had years to observe and deal with all will be forced to accept what you currently refuse to in an instant..with zero possibility of escape...boy oh boy are you all going to be pissed the f off...

The top hasn't been turning the USA into a police state the past 10 years for the fun of it.

There's 100's of millions of fundable assets that are going to transform into unfundable liabilities and be liquidated one way or the other...over the next few decades.

The next new world order to replace the current one...doesn't include the vast majority of you...or your offspring.

The natural cleansing process.

Of course you as speculators will be unable to see that until it's happening.

Of course when that liquidation process is taking place you all will be caught up and enthralled by the all those during WW2...the climax of the 1933-1945 bankruptcy reorganization of the global trade system.


There hasn't been a revolt in many centuries that was not controlled and managed by the top...

You are all going to be employed by the top liquidating the system and yourselves.