Saturday, April 23, 2011

Screaming For Salvation

At the core of what you call civilization...Is a scam that everyone depends upon.

It's always been a scam...that you all only become aware of at the end...

Like all scams...It looks good at the start.

All the illegal activity and hijinx is just an effect...It's not the cause of the collapse.

The massive expansion of the money supply the credit system allows...makes those with an income think they have skills or are important.

We need jobs? Who is going to create all these Jobs? An employer obtains the money to hire employees from where?

Where does money come from?

Are you hiring?

How is the FEDERAL Government going to obtain the money to hire people?

Print money?

Do any of you have the foggiest idea how civilization is constructed?

Like where are you going to obtain the massive unending supply of resources to sustain the USA if the USA has been running a massively insane trade deficit for almost 50 years.

I'll tell you exactly what is going to happen.

You all are never going to change...You all are going to keep trying to sustain this doomed system until it completely caves in and you are all screaming for salvation and will agree to all the austerity measures.

Whether you all flip and wreck the place or not...You all are going down and you ain't getting back up until you hit bottom.

1929-1933 was the collapse...All the rationing and austerity measures were not implemented until after the collapse.

You are not even out of 1930 yet.

2016-2017 is roughly equal to 1933.

There is no example of any credit system in operation the last 600 years that's ever been able to go from boom to boom without a bust.

The last 66 years so far has been the longest temporary prosperity in's been one long boom...recession is a word invented to describe a slowing of growth within a boom.

Prior to 1900...booms lasted 5 to 7 years then were followed by busts of 5 to 7 years...too short for there to be recessions noticed...

Jobs?...the manufacturing jobs were exported out of the USA into the special economic zones in China to stop the 1970's hyperinflation of the USA...It's what allowed China to hyperinflate into what it is today...and the USA to contine enjoying the lifestyles of the wannabe rich and famous for the past 30 years.

Where did the Chinese get all the money to hire all the workers of China to build it into what it is...the US consumer.

Where did the US consumer get the money from?

A US consumer uses their income which is mostly composed of previously created debt or an asset that has been inflated in price by previously created debt as collateral backing their request for a commercial bank to create new debt.

Well with US consumers maxed out after 62 years of supporting the global civilization's inflation...they are finished.

It's over...

Money supply was shrinking...but last quarter reporting period it showed quarter over quarter growth...that's 4 month ago data..

It worked out to 4.1 Billion Dollars of new money requested by consumers to be created by commerical banks per day...from Q3 2010 to q42010...

But it's very slow growth...You have to go back 10 years to 1999-2000 to find a similar growth...It will take above 14 Billion a day to get back to normal...which is good abnormal as opposed to bad abnormal

As far as I can tell...Either the Federal Government has to stop production of new Treasury bonds or the FED is going to have to continue subsidizing rates...Or rates will have to start rising.

Problem with the cutting off of the Deficit spending...GDP will go negative.

QE3 of some sort will be needed to sustain all the green arrows required to maintain the belief that the war against deflation is being won.

Special economic zones were opened in China to receive exports of US manufacturing jobs and US consumer debt...

To increase unemployment in the USA allowing downward pressure on wages and the exportation out of the USA of massive amounts of consumer debt inflation.

China set its exchange rate artificially high and utilized their socially engineered for decades communist slave labour to produce products virtually for free.

The inflation or growth rate of the money supply in the USA slowed and the hyperinflation of the USA stopped...

China over time used with FEDERAL RESERVE direction their massive supplies of Dollars to engineer rates lower and lower...allowing the massive real estate bubble that had been growing in the USA since continue to grow.

US consumers in this environment basically could continually request commercial banks to manufacture credit to buy real estate...Which in turn caused there to be a continuous flow of money into the US domestic economy to buy imports from China...which allowed the Chinese slave labour operation to continually grow and acquire more and more US Dollars to buy more and more US Treasuries to keep rates continually dropping.

Well China took this operation over mostly in the 1990's after Japan inflated to maximum potential and popped from doing the exact samething.

China is over 10 times the size so they have been able to sustain this for far longer than Japan.

Japan has survived their implosion because the Bank of Japan basically supplied the Japanese with massive amounts of YEN to subsidize the acquisition of US Dollars...Basically the Japanese have kept the YEN artificially week causing all their exports into the USA to be affordable...If the Japanese would not have done this...They would have imploded...Causing the supply or more importantly the production of YEN to continually slow or stop...which would cause the YEN to strengthen against the US Dollar...making Japanese exports too expensive for US Consumers to purchase....collapsing their export based economy.

The problem now is that the US Consumer reached maximum potential in 2008.

The lower rates go the greater the volume required...because there is a cost.

The required yield is...not too much...not too little...but always greater than previously.

Well rates collapsed due to consumer desperation beginning in 2007 following the exhaustion beginning in 2003...Just like all the previous times when consumers became exhausted for the past 6 decades.

But something new showed up...Because US consumers have basically reached the point where they have requested their maximum amount of debt to be manufactured by commercial banks...they can't sustain the volumes required to allow the continuing drop of rates.

The FED was finally forced to use unconventional measures...

How it worked before 2008 when US consumers became useless.

Consumption rates are dynamic...consumers consume more and more and as they do they become full and then begin to consume less and less...It's a wave...some poeple think the FED has some way to control consumers...they don't...they are at the top of the monetary system watching the flows in the system...and they can basically know the winning lottery numbers days, weeks and months before they are reported to the general population YOU ALL....The FED knows what is going on before you all do...The economy takes a left turn...the FED comes out and says...that due to such and such conditions...we are making a left turn...and then a week or more after the economy has taken a left turn they release a chart showing that the economy is making a left turn...and then the FED says...see...look how powerful we are...and you all believe it.

The workers go out and slave day in and day out and the FED takes credit for it...

It's been like this since the FED has existed.

At the start of the consumption cycle...consumers are desperate...They request commercial banks to manufacture massive amounts of new money...This new money causes an acceleration of the flow within the system...generally leading to bonds being bid up and yields to drop...

But over time consumers regardless of how low rates go...Become exhausted and begin slowing their consumption or requests of commercial banks to create new money. This leads to the deceleration of the flow through the bond markets...generally causing bonds to be sold off and yields to rise.

The money supply of the USA has shown this acceleration and deceleration for decades...consumers become exhausted enough and recessions show up...which causes consumers to become desperate.

To stop the dropping of rates since desperate consumers would basically cause rates to implode every time they became exausted...The supply and or production of treasuries has to be build a floor under them.

Every time consumers have become desperate...magically...congress is supplied with reasons to increase the supply/production of treasuries...last time around it was the war on Terror...This time it was the so called sub prime crisis...economic collapse.

This time around though...consumers were desperate and then became exhausted too quickly...They all were desperate for money...but had no ability to request anymore money creation by the commercial banks.

They were all used up...spent.

Think of the economic system as a reactor that supplies power to the top and the bottom are the fuel rods...

Unlike a reactor...It's a lot harder to replace the 100's of millions of consumers of USA.

So the FED for the first time in decades was forced to build a floor under bonds by buying them...As opposed to the manipulation of Congress into increasing the supply to absorb demand like all the previous times...

Due to the elimination of the consumer from the equation, the FED had to become the consumer, The flow has basically stopped and reversed...yields should have stopped dropping and rocketed up.

The US domestic economy along with the 1944 global trade system should have imploded...It was..still is.

Game over...

But not so fast...The G20 got together and was forced to agree to the greatest Government deficit spending/economic intervention in world history...and stopped the implosion.

Actually all that was done was a bounce was caused.

Ultimately on a macroeconomic level...The consumers or bottom reached their maximum potential to sustain growth...

The top lives off the yield from the bottom...yield is growth.

The top shorted the world or began extracting yield from negative growth...the G20 met and agreed to the greatest economic intervention in history...Which began to flood the world with massive amounts of spending that consumers could not or refused to do...the top then covered their short of the world...Causing everything to begin rising...or a bounce that's been marketed to the bottom as the late 2010 recovery.

In order for this mass global social engineering event to work...the bottom or masses have to resume what they were doing prior to the point at which they reached maximum potential and sustain it.

The chart shows what the money supply was 4 months ago...from 1945 to 2008 it was compounding or exponentially growing by 8% per year on average...It's been flat for years now...The US domestic economy is short easily 10 Trillion Dollars...

That line has to begin to shoot back up or begin exponentially growing again or the top will be forced at some point to begin extracting yield from negative growth..."shorting the world"...and there will be no way to hide the negative effects of printing money to cause inflation of the numbers to produce green arrows which are required to sustain the 2010 recovery lie.

The FED will be forced to follow along and raise yield rates...their ability to resist reality or fight Truth is limited.

Split 100 get 33.3333333 repeating forever.

It's easier to just split it into 33,33,34

It's easier to take more than you give than to share equally.

It's the default method of power transfer in the Universe. falling down hills...water flows...bacteria and all animals follow the path of least resistance.

Taking more than you give is absolute capitalistic...sharing as equally as possible is responsible capitalistic

Within a system an increase in demand anywhere within the system spreads throughout the system.

Civilization is is powered by taking more power than it gives...the bottom supports the top...the top lives off the yield from the bottom.

To each according to his ability and to each according to his needs?

You are a shoe polisher...You need very little

I'm the leader of the USSR my abilities dictate I require more than you...polish faster.

The so called Marxist power distribution scheme is the same as the so called evil capitalist scheme...take more than you give...bottom supports the lives off the yield from the bottom.

It's why the USSR caved in...It was just a typical absolute capitalistic hierarchy that sustained itself by taking more power than it gave and when it ran out of imploded...

Taking more than you give is also known as plunder.

"When plunder becomes a way of life for a group of men living together in society, they create for themselves in the course of time a legal system that authorizes it and a moral code that justifies it" -- Frederic Bastait

China is going to implode as well...

Without a US consumer to power China and the world...They are all collapsing...China has been flooding their economy with money trying to keep it from imploding.

The top in order to stop the implosion was forced to cut production/supply in relation to demand to supprt prices...and now the whole systam has been left starving for for the resources to sustain stable growth.

It's all become unstable and is going to collapse...demand will drop and production/supply will have to be cut again.

It's a waterfall decline

China has so much reserves because the communists have structured their economy to be able to acquire US Dollars for far less than the cost of production.

The source of US Dollars is USconsumers...the source of any currency is ultimately the consumers...

Without QE China's export to the USA and Europe based economy would have imploded...QE is the FED subsidizing the consumers of the USA so that they can continue sustaining the Chinese.

The West controls the global supply and production of the vast majority of commodities...eliminate China's exports and they are a net importer of raw materials to sustain civilization inside China.

China would need to send out their military and take over the world to get their hands on the state control of the commodities they require to keep their domestic economy from hyperinflating.

Because the only thing China their exchange rate...they could easily have set it higher so that there were no reserves...but then the flow of debt inflation that has been flooding into China the past 30 years would have stopped...The Chinese bought all those Treasuries to sustain lower and lower rates so that US consumers could request more and more mortage debt to flood the US economy with money to buy slave labor Chinese imports...

Their economy would have imploded otherwise.

Now they are in Big trouble in little China...They basically have seduced their population into taking for granted double digit growth rates to infinity and beyond for the past 30 years with zero way to sustain it.

For the Chinese it's been the roaring 3 decades powered by the US/West's roaring 6 decades that is coming to an end.

The Chinese warnings are for domestic consumption...So when their domestic economy implodes...they can blame the USA and their bad policies...not the Chinese Peoples Liberation mafia.

The USA was set up to take the fall for it all...

Bretton Woods = The inevitable and certain death of the USA.

It was great at the start when the destroyed world was flooding the USA with firesale raw materials to obtain US Dollars to reflate out of the destruction of the 1933-1945 Bankruptcy reorganization following the 19 late 20's-1933 collapse of the British global trade system.

Now with the world rebuilt and inflated well beyond the previous high point...

Time to collapse and do it all over again.

After the collapse and a bit of starvation/suffering...You all will agree to the mind blowing austerity measures.

Back to an unfree market or fixed exchange rate system from the current free market or broken exchange rate system.

All are going to wake up from the dream they are awake into the nightmare soon.

Hundreds of millions and billions of people lied to their entire lives that have zero idea what is wrong or right true or false...will go insane.

Or the people you all love to hate will have some more tricks to postpone the inevitable nightmare a little longer so that you can enjoy hating them some more...


alexnewbee said...

" the USA has been running a massively insane trade deficit for almost 50 years."

this is not quite true. USA was running surplus untill early 70es.

also not quite clear, how BOJ could flood the japaneese with Yen if currency is only produced by consumers reqesting loans. If BOJ managed to do it, what can prevent the FED or ECB to do the same?

alexnewbee said...

another thing - after the collapse of USSR there was huge hyperinflation, which lasted about 4 to 5 years. it was caused by the government, not by the consumer.

Anonymous said...

That was one hell of a rant.

I broke sweat just reading it.

Anonymous said...

Written by a judge..this might help explain to some of the uninitiated, how dumbed down they really are.

Thanks for the nice little song and dance Hyper...always much appreciated ;-)

Risksorter said...

Nice going Hypertiger. Your understading of these dynamics is impressive.

I must read your post again, more slowly this time, as there were a few sharp bends in your narrative that almost threw me from my flivver.

It's an intricate road you're driving, and you seem to know each pothole -- even the ones I never discerned. But what you said made absolute sense and reflects my own views completely.

It's always been a charade with elites doling out one rationalization after another to justify their plunder.

Inflation was not a big deal in this country until FDR took us off the gold standard. Once that break was removed, the illusion of a material-world paradise broke out like the plague.

It was all debt driven by consumer fetishism, and it's still that way today. We are all like infants in our pursuit of objects, still pretenaturally fascinated by matter mostly dead.

You should read John Williams' 03-15-11 report on hyperinflation, which he predicts will be here by 2014. Have you written on hyperflation? I ask as I'm new to your site. If so, when? If not, when?

Keep telling it.

SLV Trader said...

Hyper, I completely agree with your outlook. I've been following you for years. I suppose the goal is to sustain the charade for as long as possible until it implodes. Right now, it looks as if the top is engineering another reason for Congress to scrap a cut in spending and increase treasury sales while simultaneously reducing the ability of non-Western US treasury debt holders (China, Japan, middle east kingdoms) to enforce their rights as creditors and demand higher interest payments on their debt. A Global force majeure on treasury debt whereby the RATE of debt accumulation can be increased, the yield on that debt (interest rates) stays low, AND certain US treasury debt holders would be DEPRIVED of the interest payments on their debt. This could be accomplished by ceasing interest payments on all debt which would cripple non allied/western holders while allies and debt holders directly within the Fed's ring-fence (Central banks?) would be able to pledge their debt for further collateral.

This would all take place with the backdrop of a major escalation in global warfare, which is what I think we are seeing right now in the ME and north africa. tunisia, egypt, yemen, libya and now syria. who else is left but the saudis and iran? And here in the US expect some more major terrorist incidents to strongarm the public into advocating wanton bombing and troops on the ground.

Do you have any thoughts as to how they game the system to continue the charade into 2012 and 2013? If you are right about 2016-2017 being the eventual super-top (1933-1934) then our current temporary artificial rebound has to be sustained in some way?

Anonymous said...


I would suggest that read up on some older Hypertiger comments. The topic of hyperinflation and gold standard are for unwashed masses to swallow and believe. If that is what you're looking for, I would suggest Zerohedge.

Hypertiger Wisdom is about the onset of debt/ deflation that'll manifest itself as hyper-deflation.

Your claim that FDR took US of the gold-standard is incorrect. It was Nixon in 1971-- a Republican.

Stevie b. said...

so Hyper, where's he going wrong?

Stevie b. said...

and by-the-by, where's he going wrong? In both cases, I'd really like to know - thanks!

Vinz Klortho said...

Getting more coherent these days, HT. Your explanations are basically the MMT (Modern Monetary Theory) party line. The only way to sustain the debt is to put $$$ in the hands of consumers, either by tax credit/reductions, or by spending on jobs and infrastructure products. Giving more to the bankers and speculators ain't gettin' it done.


Anonymous said...


What money?

It is all credit and debt.

You go to the bank to request a loan.
The bank says sure, sign here.
Your note is deposited. The amount of the note appears in a checking account..paid in full.
Now you pay interest on that which you created from thin air. You morons.
How long will you love to be slaves?

Vinz Klortho said...


Money doesn't have to be credit and debt.

You moron.


Daniel said...

Great post. however you like everyone else seems to miss something(you alude to it "unending supply of resources"). You CANNOT have ENDLESS GROWTH in a FINITE world!

Its the REAL world stopping the growth, humans have already grabbed all the easy to get resources and how the RATE of EXTRACTION is SLOWING/STOPPED.

When looking at it from this point of view it makes all the games with credit very interesting. How long can they keep the game going before everyone catches on and runs for the Doors.

Anonymous said...

In this system there is currency, but no money.

Please advise what acts as money beyond debt and credit...?

MMT is irrelevant. The top doesn't operate on endless theories and party lines. You do.

You are all unincorporated banks who have access to mind blowing powers. But you would rather embrace lies and defend lies rather than seek Truth.

Anonymous said...

Here is my proposal and there is already open evidence of this:

If all of the big players have agreed to it, we have been playing a game of “let’s pretend the markets are normal…” for several years already.

Imagine this scenario:

The big players are worried about a catastrophic collapse of a certain market, a REAL COLLAPSE brought on by market panic. They decide that this is not in their best interest to allow any UNPREDICTABLE or UNCONTROLLED collapse to occur in ANY MARKET that they did not intentionally start a collapse in. The big players agree or are induced to agree to play the new game called “We can manipulate key numbers on any given day to CHANGE PERCEPTION of any MARKET.”

What I’m saying is that by having power to manipulate a few key numbers during a potential collapse of a market, what this does is it immediately changes the PERCEPTION of that market and one can turn PANIC into CALM. Do you see what I’m saying?

If the markets, ALL MARKETS, can now be manipulated under the guise of “it will help the people, because there will be NO CATASTROPHIC collapses…yada yada…” then the STATUS QUO can remain in power INDEFINITELY, and NO MARKET will fail that is not PLANNED to fail.

This is ULTIMATE POWER over economics, and WHY WOULD THE BIG PLAYERS NOT agree to this? They want total control and this allows it.

We already have seen OPEN EVIDENCE of this with the Stock market stoppage when dropping too fast, plunge protection teams, and FED intervention in markets that they should not be manipulating. Now they have taken it one step further by making sure that ALL REPORTED MAJOR KEY MARKET INDICATOR NUMBERS MUST BE APPROVED BEFORE BEING REPORTED.

A little bit of fakery goes a long, long way…… with changing just ONE or TWO KEY NUMBERS on a daily basis, you are allowed to change MASS PERCEPTIONS and INDEFINITELY HOLD UP A MARKET THAT SHOULD HAVE COLLAPSED!!!!!!!!!!


messianicdruid said...


But, if God is collapsing it, all their efforts are in vain...

Anonymous said...

Ok, so taking this a bit deeper...How do you engineer to save the US from debt burden without collapsing all markets?

First off, money is created with electrons now and not printing presses, so you can have immediate amounts sent of whatever quantity to wherever.

If China and the U.S. agree to the pretend game then this could be happening:

On any particular day-

China is said to sell huge in "x" and buy big in "y", neither of which actually happens, but the story line is what is important. At the end of the day another story comes out that China's exports have dropped. It's not true, but that is the story line. The books get cooked to reflect whatever they need to.

This causes various real trades throughout the globe to occur based on the story line which has now become a reality, but actually never happened. The real trades were then all manipulated but only the players at the top know that.

Next day something similar. Saudi Arabia says "we have increased oil output to lower prices..." This is not true, but regardless this causes real trades to occur based on the story line, which becomes fact because it was reported.
The books will reflect what needs to be reflected for that quarter, basically the books get cooked also.

This goes on for years with reality being produced from intentionally faulty storylines.

What keeps the USA Stockmarket from collapsing as it should have?

Phony reports and numbers that allow reinvestment confidence where their should be none. And if this happens to fail on a particular week, simply manipulate all key stock values upward during the day in order to directly float the market.

This allows absolutely no bad news sneaking through to actually cause a real collapse. A real collapse is not allowed, not a total one.

So, you can see that a completely fairy tale storyline can be running right the end what needs to get done is certain shipments of goods have to be made and certain products need to get produced to prevent chaos. Everything else can keep running as a fairy tale.

The U.S. debt disaster is also a storyline and being dealt with in story fashion. The TOP players simply make up how this plays out, and if they want it to, they make up a story of how the U.S. fought its way back out of this crisis. Lying about key numbers everyday allows the fairy tale to continue indefinitely.

Favors for China or other nations are carried out to make sure everyone stays happy with the story.

Anonymous said...

So, do you eventually have a problem with exponential increase of numbers?

Hyper seems to think this might cause a problem. This is only a problem of SCALE and nothing else.

Simply find a way to deal with the scale manipulation and you can solve that problem.

Quadrillion can simply be Q.

Need another level?, well that is the R series.

There is a way to deal with the scale.

Anonymous said...

Note to Moderator!

Was my post removed from 4/28/11? If so, what was the reason? I want to make sure that I don't re-post it thinking that it somehow didn't post due a technical issue.

Anonymous said...

Hyper, what do you have to say about the "storyline" theory?

If it's true that we are living in total "storyline" mode, then the rise or fall of the U.S. is also dependent only on the story makers and not real numbers.

Anonymous said...


remember that?

That may have been just a BRIEF TEST done on a precariously shaky market day, to see what the REAL market could have done to stocks.

If the major players were present:

"Welcome friends, we will now show you what the REAL stock market would have done today without OUR intervention....

Watch now as we let the REAL world play the market....

[players watch in horror and amusement as the market drops 1000 points in 30 seconds....]

Ahh, [as they all laugh] you see now why the "storyline" is necessary?

[clapping from all players and nodding at the massive power of the storyline]"

Anonymous said...

Even Hyper said once:

"only the leveraging of leverage AND THE IGNORANCE THEREOF is holding up the world.."

Hyper is basically supporting the storyline theory. The players manipulating key numbers without mass knowledge HOLDS the markets in place indefinitely! Why can't they keep putting out the storyline FOREVER? In my opinion, they can, it's only a matter of fixing the story in a more intense manner.

Anonymous said...

One last comment to Hyper:

If they can "leverage leverage" as you know they are....they can also "leverage leveraged leverage" and also they can "leverage the leveraging of leveraged leverage"

You see, they can keep doing this ad infitim, and ONLY THE ADJUSTMENT OF THE SCALE is a problem, and THAT is a MINOR problem to fix.

alexnewbee said...

China empty city

Anonymous said...

China's building ghost cities and we are building ghost strip malls.

Anonymous said...

Another fantasy "storyline" just took place with the Osama fiction that has gone on since 9-11 and before.

Andrew B Brown said...


Andrew B Brown said...

alexnewbee said...

HT keeps on saying "share power as equal as possible" - you can not do this. it is against the LAW of nature.
you can not share power equal between infants, insane, wise, young and old. it is like demanding to share equal power between your brain, fingers and balls. each part has it's function and it's power. So the top is the brain, the bottom is the legs and ass. it is only natural that brain lives off the yield from the legs and arms.

Anonymous said...

Kubrick tried to tell us about the "storyline". The story is writing reality not the other way, so it's backwards. This is what he meant when he alluded to the "movie screen" as the "monolith".

The TOP creates the stories out of thin air, it gets reported as fact, this CREATES new realities.

As long as you keep controlling the big stories, you control the realities that matter to you.

Therefore: IF the TOP wants to "rescue" America from the debt, they can WRITE THE STORY that way.

This changes things, this kind of power was not available 60 years ago, but it is now. Therefore a total crash CAN NOW BE AVOIDED by writing the CORRECT STORY.

Vinz Klortho said...


You write as cryptically as HT, but with none of the underlying logic.

Give an example of the "story" the top can write to "avoid the total crash".


Anonymous said...

First you have to know how the big guys want to play the scenario, if China and European powers want a long story or a shorter one.

So America has been living outside it means, this is obvious, but we know that the whole world needs us as well-trained consumers at least for several more years even for a short story.

The big players don’t want to see a total collapse of the U.S. to the point that we can’t consume anymore, so despite the fact that the U.S. debt is overwhelming, multiple tricks have been/will be pulled.

Assume that ALL reported numbers, the important numbers, are fictitious to a certain measure. Only by accident will a particular number be okay to report, all others are carefully manipulated to “not cause panic”, or to “cause a large sell-off”, “cause a large buy”, etc. The TOP wants COMPLETE CONTROL over ANY COLLAPSE OR STABLIZATION, this should be obvious.

The big players work together with U.S. debt supporters to cause them to keep supporting the USA, but then they put out stories that, “China is Considering Dumping U.S. Debt” etc. This should put downward pressure on the dollar, but only the small to medium investors actual short the dollar while the biggest players buy it up a bit cheaper as a result. The big players buy it up because they know it’s not going down.

China might not even have to put out actual cash to support the U.S. debt. It might just get reported as such and registered in history as such, but with no consequence other than the U.S. debt continues to be “supported” miraculously and the proper accounting said to occur on our books.

Next year we may get another false story, it might say “U.S. tax revenue picks up unexpectedly, outlook improving for U.S….” It won’t be true but it could actually be self-fulfilling by just being reported.

Markets are ALL about psychology. Later during Obama’s second term…”U.S. cuts deficit drastically and rating outlook improves”. The graph could be printed to show GDP taking an uphill turn again. Debt could be shown to be getting paid at a tremendous rate!

All of these things could be false stories, but once reported become true history for the masses. Once the “improvement” is evident and the masses join in, the “recovery” could be said to be well on its way.

Once you control every pivot point to the story, you can do miracles. This is only possible in our electronic age where the numbers can move instantaneously and everyone knows immediately “what the story is”.

The TOYNBEE convector did the same thing. This was from an old movie, the idea was that it DID NOT MATTER what the REALITY WAS since the TOYNBEE convector was said to be a TIME TRAVELING DEVICE, the owner told everyone that he travlelled to the future and then told them what he saw.

He COMPLETELY FABRICATED everything he said would happen in the future, but since the people BELIEVED HIS STORY, they MADE THE STORY HAPPEN!

In essence, the time traveller CREATED REALITY by moving the masses to his vision!


Anonymous said...

Another concrete example of a false story:

U.S. real data comes in as 13.7% unemployment, only the TOP is privy to this.

"NO, we aren't reporting that number, instead we are reporting 9.8%"

Anonymous said...

This is what Kubrick may have been trying to tell us in the movie "2001".

He encrytically alluded to the movie screen as the true "monolith".


Anonymous said...

Hyper is assuming that fundamentals are still valid to assume that America must collapse. That has now changed. Fundamentals no longer need to be followed. There is no LOGIC to the markets now, the TOP is writing the story as they go and they can do whatever they want.

Anonymous said...

Hyperdeflation day 2011..

Anonymous said...

where do we go from here- only mushrooms know

Unknown said...

Excellent entry, one of your best Hyper.

I am a frequent visitor to China on business and China is teetering on collapse. Every time I hear a pundit say that China's GDP will surpass the US, or that China is the next superpower, I want to hurl.

They are cooked. Done. Stick a fork in 'em.

China has lived on US exports for 25 years. Without the US consumer, they have played the game of increasing reserve ratios and government spending. Their real estate market has ballooned out of control and labor costs/food prices are up by 10% in just the past three months.

It's over for everybody, really, but China will be the first to fall. Remember to look surprised.

HYPERTlGER said...

All Inflations are caused by consumer demand.

The Government can choose to supply the demand or not.

In the case of the CIS...They chose to supply the consumer demand...

The surpluses in the USA leading up to the deficits after 1971 were covered by the Gold supply.

Gold was used to balance trade.

A person that dies of heart failure had heart diesease for years before they died.

They were alive until they died.

The US had surpluses until they didn't.

They stopped having surpluses once they ran out of Gold to balance trade in 1971...

The process that lead to the failure in 1971 began in 1944.

A criminal sitting in a cell thinks they are in that situation because they botched their last crime and were caught.

But it was their choice years previously to become a criminal that was the cause of the effect which is the current negative situation they find themselves in.

The first mistake in the chain leading to the last mistake is the cause of the logical conclusion or effect.

The the BOJ have been buying Government bonds for 20 years to flood the economy with YEN to keep it weak to sustain it's export to the USA and world based economy.

Because the normal operation...where consumers request commercial banks to create money reached maximum potnetial and collapsed in the late 1980's to early 1990's

Now why can't the USA do that?

Because the USA has a consume imports from Japan and the rest of the world based economy.

What Japan has been doing was to support the US consumers ability to continue purchasing imports from Japan.

Expanding the money supply in the USA is the same as fighting against what the Japanese are doing.

The Japanese have been on life support all this time...provided by the US consumer.

The US Dollar becoems weaker and weaker basically slowly destroying global demand within the global trade system.

All the other economies would need to all begin printing and buying Dollars faster to stop the collapse of the US Dollar so that US consumers could continue to afford to consume global imports.

HYPERTlGER said...

Governments of the absolute capitalistic hierarchial food powered make work enterprise are administration systems of the enterprise constructed and sustained by the bottom or employees at the demand of the top or owners of the absolute capitalistic hierarchial food powered make work enterprise

The top lives off the yield from the bottom.

When the bottom reaches their maximum potential to supply the top.

The top who control the Government use the Government to force the bottom to supply the top.

Governments were originally created to be scapegoats.

Of course once everything caves in

The top or culprits will employ the bottom to deconstruct and demolish the Government.

Like what you currently see happening in the Middle East.

The top consumers demand more and more from the bottom who are the supply.

When the bottom can't supply teh top...the top uses the government to force the bottom.

in the end the oblivious drones blame the government and the top supplies the bottom with what the bottom wants to smash bash and beat the scapegoat to death.

Then after the dust settles...the top employ the bottom to construct the next scapegoat...government.

That's how the world has actually operated for 1000's of years.

All the so called popular revolutions in the historical record are basically just psy ops.

The top maintains their position by giving the bottom what they want.


The top knows that a government is just a temporary construct...a means to an end.

HYPERTlGER said...

The British pound has been collapsing in value for 400 years.

It and London are still top after centuries.

All eyes have been concentrated on the USA...To watch it take the fall for it all.

You tell me exactally what within the links you posted you want me to address...

Anonymous said...

The City is the this supposed to be construed as some pearl of wisdom?


Vagueness and ambiguity scribed cryptically fall short of TRUTH.

Government was not originally created to be a scapegoat. The first government was created by I AM THAT I AM.

Genesis 2:15

Anonymous said...

Things should have collapsed already, but they haven't.

Here's their plan:

Control the reported numbers, make them up if you have to.

Control the pivots points of the key markets.

Keep things flowing and status quo remaining, pay off those who need paying off, make all big players happy.

Keep the stock market slowly increasing artificially if you have to.

Disallow the collapse of the USD.

The fundamentals don't matter now because you can lie about everything that has happened and change reality.

Americans aren't borrowing enough?
No problem, say that they are increasing their borrowing, just lie about it. Give banks profit and interest for phony loans or simply give them what they want to stay in business. Let them know they won't be allowed to fail.

Let the FED be the distributor of global gifts, they already are.

Worried this will cause hyperinflation?
Don't worry, this is only a problem of SCALE and nothing else, this is a minor problem.

Control the story and you are god.

Liminal Hack said...

Another ripping yarn (!!) which demands a reply, ere long.

Anonymous said...

An anon: "You are all unincorporated banks who have access to mind blowing powers."

Andrew B Brown said...

Careful of ripple. It leverages trust relationships for payment.

Never do business with friends is the basic axiom to follow.

Promise Language can incorporate ripple, but also works with the existing banking systems.

Two promises = transaction.

What was promised? That is up to the individuals.

HYPERTlGER said...

Sorry...Yes you can share power as equal as possible.

It's a choice.

That you can make...You do all the time...Without realizing it.

alexnewbee said...

but why should I (or you for that matter) share my (Your) power with people who are clearly inferior to you?

HYPERTlGER said...

Collapse of the global economy can not be postponed forever.

A metaphor that is the same as taking more than you give is chopping down trees faster tha they regrow.

Once you run out of trees...your ability to postpone arrival at the logical conclusion is over.

An absolute capitalistic system sustains it's continued existance by taking more power than is given.

Chopping down trees faster than they regrow.

Once you choose to power the existance of whatever you are sustaining by choppoing down trees faster than they have two options.

Continue chopping down trees until they run out...At which point whatever you are powering the continued existance of ends.


Stop chopping down trees faster than they regrow before you run out...At which point whatever you are powering the continued existance of ends.

All you can do once you choose to take more power than you give is postpone the inevitable for as long as possible.

Animals follow the path of least effort or resistance by default because it ultimately requires no thought...just a reaction...

Human beings can choose to and follow the path of most resistance...

It takes more than belief to claim to be a Human being...

HYPERTlGER said...

And the global trade system is collapsing.

It's been the roaring 6 decades.

The top is not GOD never was GOD and can't be GOD.

life...That is what you all are.

Life has only one desire it can not escape.

The desire to exist as long as possible.

The top know this and capitalize on this.

The top lives off the yield from the bottom.

You are all the trees being chopped down faster than they regrow to power the continued existance of the enterprise.

The trees are rapidly running out and soon it will become impossible to suck enough power from the operation to maintain the lie you have embraced as Truth.

Anonymous said...

Here is Wisdom for you.

Catholicism and Islam are one and the same.

I'm terribly sorry, Hyper. London is not the top and never will be.

Anonymous said...


There is a NEW source of ENERGY that has entered the equation and completely taken it over in the past couple decades which MAY allow an indefinite prolonging of the status quo. This ENERGY is not self-evident, it's the energy gained from ALTERING MASS PERCEPTION GLOBALLY.

At no time in the PAST has there been such an ability to control the mass perception of ALL MARKETS from a single source or handful of sources, now there IS that ability. It's a new kind of power which manifests REAL ENERGY in the form of MANIPULATED ACTIONS.

This is VERY POWERFUL because is can cause the masses to turn NORTH, when they should have turned SOUTH.

This ability to completely control mass perception of the markets MUST be accounted for in your equation. So far it is not. Your "self-evident up's and down's" still assume that actions will be carried out based on correct processing of real data by the masses who are trading in the markets. But what if corrrect data is no longer available, only altered data? You must admit this has a profound effect on market moves.

This NEW type of energy is only possible when ALL MAJOR PLAYERS agree to PLAY PRETEND. They now have, I contend.

When this concept is realized, fundamentals can be ignored. The FORMULA can be ignored, because the VARIABLES can be altered WITHOUT REGARD FOR REALITY, and nearly ALL players below the TOP are clueless, or will turn a blind eye to the manipulation.

What do you have to say about this?

HYPERTlGER said...

What do I say about the fact the system allows you all to continue enjoying the dream you are awake?

I'm not here to convince you or anyone of anything...

I supply information...

Of course until the next collapse of the lie...You all as properly functioning drones are supposed to believe you are in the recovery from the 2008 crisis.

I'm well aware of this.

You all don't want to be free...Because the top has made slavery so wonderful.

It can't be sustained...and when it all all will be set free.

You will be bawling at the feet of your masters begging to be enslaved again.

Like you have been doing for 1000's of years now.

The top has controled mass perception for the entire recorded history of civilization on Earth.

It's not some new found energy.

It is you who are mistaken.

The inevitable collapse is impossible to avoid.

The top know this...You do not.

The top figured out 1000's of years ago that it's impossible to sustain taking more than you give.

There is a maximum potential.

The top has known all along the inevitable fate.

All the police state measures that have been implemented since the war on deflation began Sept 11, 2001 are in preperation for the defeat or loss of the war to deal with all the fate resisters.

Once reached...It becomes impossible for you all to remain asleep dreaming you are awake.

You all then wake up from the daydream into the nightmare.

You can choose to wake up now...before maximum potential is reached...or later once maximum potential is reached and you are forced to.

It's irrelevant to me.

There are Billions and Billions of drones marching to doom with glee.

Billions and billions for 1000's of years...

After awhile I get tired of watching you all desperately struggling to escape desperation.

The only force in the Universe able to stop you from continuing on any path you are on.

Is you.

HYPERTlGER said...

Rome is not the top either.

The top is invisible.

If it can be seen by the bottom it can be destroyed.

You will never break free from the top by trying to find the top.

All your thoughts are more powerful tha you all imagine.

The top knows what can happen when all your hate can find a target.

That is why Governments have been created...

They absorb all the hate.

Eventaully the hate destroys them.

Not the top.

basically the top created a war machine that is a lie which you all call civilization to Fight Truth and the top has hired the bottom or you all to fight truth

the bottom always loses...the top know this...The top figured out that truth is impossible to defeat long before you all existed.

You all have been hired to suffer the consequences.

Not the top...The top always survives and employes the bottom to create the next war machine.

Anonymous said...

The "new" part of this energy is that it now encompasses all major players, all key market numbers. Antoher key factor is the "all-electronic money system" soon to be implemented.

Let's say the "collapse" finally is set to happen. I imagine you feel the USD might begin to drastically fall in value, for instance, as the first real indicator of the collapse happening. Ok, so let's say all of the REAL data comes in to the TOP and it looks real bad like the USD is about to get slammed.

Well, it's very simple for them to control the reported numbers of what the USD is doing, so they let it slip a bit and then forbid it to go down any farther.

By controlling reportable numbers like this, they immediately put a halt to any dire action on the USD, and furthermore their manipulation actually helps STABILIZE IT while they call all "friends" to now buy in a bit lower on USD. So, that's just one example of how a "dire collapse" can be averted, and you can use the same template for all other key indicators.

This kind of thing has the function of NEGATING your formula, unless of course they WANT the collapse to occur, then of course they can do that also.

I agree this house of cards should have collapsed, but that it hasn't already is an indication that the FORMULA is already being averted by "globally fixing the game".

So how does the TOP keep on taking more than they give without the inevitable collapse occurring? This can happen in the form of further inflation, and I contend they can do this indefinitely. Your main argument against this is that the inflation will become unwieldy regarding the actual numbers, but this is a MINOR problem of scale only. This can easily be fixed with an all-electronic money system which they are currently moving to.

As much as they have already leveraged the system, there is nothing stopping them from 100 more leverages of the same. They just set up a fractal-style operation and it keeps going.

Anonymous said...

Here are ways to get away with indefinite expansion of the system:

As stated before, once an all-electronic money system is implemented, control of the economic medium is as simple as blowing air into a balloon a little bit more every day.

Instead of calling new credits extensions “runaway credit expansion” they can rephrase it as “balloon stabilization expansions”.

If they run out of excuses to expand credit for Earth projects they can easily get the masses excited about the “New Mars Colony”, or “New Moon Colony” projects. These can be easily 50 years-worth of “balloon stabilization expansion” excuses.

Just use your imagination on how credit can be extended for 1000’s of years like this.

What is the drawback? All people of the Earth must submit to the new system for the sake of saving it from complete collapse. It’s a huge setback for freedom, but it saves the system. Also, bit by bit the energy gets sucked to the TOP as we know, so they simply come up with a way to bottom feed the necessary amounts back down while inflating the entire system in a very controlled manner.

Just as the universe can keep expanding, so can this credit system.

Anonymous said...

"It and London are still top after centuries"

"Rome is not the top either"

"The top is invisible"

You can only speculate as to whom is the top and whom the top is not, apparently. All speculation is the attempt to gain something for nothing, in other words to not share equally.

"You will never break free by trying to find the top".

Wrong. You must rebut the claims of the top to break free.

"We declare, we proclaim, we define that it is absolutely necessary for salvation that every human creature be subject to the Roman Pontiff." (Pope Boniface VIII, the Bull Unam Sanctam, 1302)",8599,1700157,00.html

The black pope, close to the top?

alexnewbee said...

Hyper, you were talking about 6000 years of history. check this one:Science or fiction?
looks like history was also manipulated starting from 16th century... strange coincidence, with the start of modern finance. amazing facts.

Anonymous said...

@HYPERTlGER - Nice writing style.

Your conclusions about the methods of the top powering the bottom is very accurate, I presume you have already read:

Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars

Pretty much sums it up.

Anonymous said...

"Vatican names next archbishop of New York"

The post is the most prominent in the American Catholic Church. Pope John Paul II called the job "archbishop of the capital of the world."

"When Pope John Paul II met then New York Archbishop John O'Connor in 1983, the pope called him "archbishop of the capital of the world,"

The current "white" pope a former Hitler Youth, also. Hitler, a Catholic, the pawn-like figurehead of the power amassing, wealth dispersing Nazi regime brought to life and given authority by the Catholic powers.

The slaves on this plantation will never wake up until it's too late.

Anonymous said...

Alright, I'll jump in. The "top" is not a select group. It is ever changing. It is more than just "people." It is human nature itself. It is alpha male behavior. Once you think you have found it - it has already shifted again. And even amongst the "top" there is a order - and conflict. The bottom is just noise. Just resources. Engines for production.

Regarding fractals, there are inherent resource/production limits. Not to mention fossil fuels that will become harder to extract. At some point, there is no greater fractal. Just unsustainable population growth. I would encourage anyone who is not sure about this to take a look at long term historical population growth figures. It doesnt look good. The system will need to be crashed in order to be started again. In doing so, the "top" will be partially refined.

Anonymous said...

The overseer slaves have been commissioned to convince you that you are not slaves.

The top has succeeded in recruiting you all into voluntary servitude.

Servitude to a system you are so desperately dependent upon that you will fight in order to protect.

A mind net. An illusion.

We are all considered lost souls.

Anonymous said...

Hyper- can you recommend some books that you've read and/or ones that would be helpful for understanding how this Ponzi/Pyramid sceme works. I've read creature from Jekyl Island. Are there others that help reveal more of the type of truth that you've helped to illucidate.

Cheryl-Lynné said...

"Note to Moderator!

Was my post removed from 4/28/11? If so, what was the reason? I want to make sure that I don't re-post it thinking that it somehow didn't post due a technical issue."

I just now saw your post! With the exception of one particularly obscene comment, I only delete spam so if your comment did not show (or disappeared) it was a glitch on blogger. Comments made 30 days after the blog entry is originally posted are moderated and then only because of the problems I've had with spam.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for clarification, Moderator.