Sunday, May 11, 2008

The Arrows And Boiling Oil Show Up And The Rulers Say...How's That Morons

Everything you think you know is just a lie...

It's the compounding interest equation...It's at the core of all the power accounting algorithms...

Give the equation the tribute it wants and you will be rewarded. Refuse or fail to give the equation the tribute it wants and you will be punished.

It's the false GOD you all worship aware or not.

Once the equation tells the top that it's game over...It's game over.

The global system is just an enterprise...And when the yield from the bottom to the top approaches zero or negative...Jigs up.

It's liquidated.

The survivors are hired to build the next enterprise.

Oil which is controlled is used to help prop the dollar.

The DOW which is a measure of Liquidity has basically gone nowhere.

The top milked it...They bailed in September 2001 and then got back in in 2003.

Above 10,000 they have been milking all that liquidity out...

From 1944 to 2000 the money supply grew from 400 Billion to 25 Trillion and the DOW went from 135 to 11,722.

From 2000 to 2008 the money supply grew from 25 Trillion to about 50 Trillion and the DOW went from 11,722 to 12,745.

1944 to 2000 a 6000% increase in the Total money supply = an 8500% gain in the DOW

In 2000 the cost of a barrel of oil was $34 now $126

Most commodities have increased significantly.

Most of the the new money that consumers have requested to be manufactured by commercial banks has been extracted by the top and then pumped into "commodities Markets" most of the gains are just on paper.

By get rich quick speculators bidding up the prices.

When the consumers cave in the inflation of the money supply will cave in...The commodities will as well unless the supply is cut quicker than the demand drops.

Wages and salaries will have to be cut or worker drones laid off in mass numbers...

All the significantly inflated contracts/Mortgages will become harder to service, eventually impossible, and ultimately all busted.

Where have all the trillions pumped into the DOW over the past 7 years gone?

Top lives off the bottom...Over the past 7 years the top has extracted Trillions from the speculators...

That's what has been happening all this time...That's what a sideways market means...

But all my investments are up...

Yes on paper...Once enough speculators attempt to convert all those fantasy numbers into actual % gains over the past 7 years...the markets will implode.

Send me your savings and I'll send you back a piece of paper telling you how rich you are getting.

As long as not too many investors (depositors) demand their money out of the market (Bank) the fractional reserved Ponzi scheme (greater fool game) masquerading as a legitimate component of an economic system won't collapse.

Solely because of the compounding interest commercial banking system that allows consumers that have the required amount of previously requested debt income or debt inflated assets inflated in price by previously requested debt to use as collateral for their request for a commercial bank to manufacture more new debt to sustain the inflation of prices so that you and all the other consumers can take part in the "carry trade"...

Where you have lets say GOLD and you bought low and held while it was being bid up in price with all that newly requested debt...

If as the Gold is money religionists suggest then the carry trade as you currently enjoy it could not exist if the gold is money religionists were to actually practice what they preached...You would have as an income GOLD if you actually did something that those who have the gold decide they need you to do for them and hire you and pay you to do or you would not have an income. If you did have an income then you could spend it to sustain your existence or save it to spend at a later time...

But sitting back and acquiring an unearned income would not be taking place without a compounding interest commercial banking system in operation inflating debt at the request of the consumer by the required amount to sustain the carry trade...

You would actually have to do something to earn your right to exist as opposed to the current welfare system you are enjoying the benefits of...

GE owns NBC...GE is the only original DOW component left...all the others have imploded to oblivion and been replaced.

Old self destructing Lies are replaced with new Lies.

CNBC is just an infomercial...To attract bagholders...Most of the clowns that phone Cramer are most likely paid drones or idiots.

The Mutual funds have very little cash...It's all tied up in stocks and bonds...It's another fractional reserve scam.

Lets say that there are 1 million shares at 1 Dollar apiece. And one is sold for 2 dollars.

The Value of the 1 million block of shares becomes 2 million.

Then imagine using those shares as collateral for loans to increase long or short positions.

The reverse happens when one is sold for less than the previous price.

Allow me to take more power than I give from another and I care not who makes the rules since the power will be sucked from the hands of the many into the hands of the few or one...

Then they who have the power will make the rules of the game you are playing...

Buy and hold...All the people saving up to retire...

The mutual funds are all paper gains...They used to be called income trusts and all the bagholders in 1929 that were wiped out ranted and raved about them.

So the name "Income Trust" was changed to "Mutual Fund"...the ranting and raving stopped.

Issur Danilovich Demsky became Kirk Douglas.
Nathan Birnbaum became George Burns
Bernard Schwartz became Tony Curtis
Joseph Levitch became Jerry Lewis
Ehrlich Weiss became Harry Houdini

Old self destructing lies are replaced with new lies...Or the old lies are reworked and sold as new and improved.

Mutual funds are scams...

There are mutual fund holdings that have mutual fund holdings held inside of them...

It works great as long as there is enough inflation to sustain the scam...The Ponzi...once the inflation dries up...The Ponzi caves in.

The top sucks from the bottom...when the bottom is sucked over.

Consumers request commercial banks to manufacture money to sustain the "Thing you are looking at" you know the civilizational thing...what you are in.

All that the top has comes from the bottom...and when the bottom can not supply the top with it anymore...The top can't supply the bottom with their paychecks...

The rulers head to their castles and the peasants stand at the gates and demand a better return on their investment than nothing...

The arrows and boiling oil show up and the rulers say...How's that morons.


Anonymous said...

Hi Hyper

"The rulers head to their castles and the peasants stand at the gates and demand a better return on their investment than nothing..."

Where are their castles? I know you have said that the top has holdings in Switzerland and Costa Rica (I think you said) at any rate if they know that the end is nigh, then they must have massive compounds to survive in, No?

So where are these compounds/castles?

Cheryl-Lynné said...

"So where are these compounds/castles?"

Fine-tuning your pitchfork? ;-)

Anonymous said...

I am not so much tuning up my pitch fork as just wondering where the evidence is that the "Top" is "in the know"

Are they really aware of what is going to transpire or are they going to be run over by events like the rest of us.

One would think there would be evidence aplenty, that they are
stocking their compounds and raising their private armies etc. etc.

Cheryl-Lynné said...


Wonkette reports a bizarre story. The Bush Family has purchased a 98,840 acre ranch through a secretive land trust, in Paraguay. The ranch, which is close to the Brazillian and Bolivean border is also located in proximity to natural gas reserves and a large water reserve.

J.C. said...

This is a non monetary alternative to what we are doing. Will we do it? As you know the system is about to collapse. Then things are going to get very interesting. All the various groups hate each other and really cooperate to maintain power at the top (money). These people are mostly ignorant of the actual dynamic of what is taking place and how to change it. Survival may bring attention back to what is probably the most creative group of the 20th century... the Technical Alliance .. the first ''think tank'' out of Columbia University.
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