Tuesday, April 22, 2008

A Population Of Ignorant Peasants

Prices rise until you all begin crying and moaning and then they drop and you all stop crying and moaning then they rise...And so on and so forth...That might be a clue as to how the game you all are playing functions...

When game over is reached the crying and moaning will last for quite some time.

The crying and moaning is caused by people that are not getting what they want...The price rises until you all cry and moan then it is dropped so you think that you are getting what you want.

It's worked for decades.

The winners jump for joy and the losers cry. That's how games work.

Sorry but you all are the problem...You are all absolute capitalist drones in a typical absolute capitalist hierarchial food powered make work enterprise...

All that an absolute capitalist drone or absolute capitalist system can do is take more power than it gives...until maximum potential is reached...then the absolute capitalist drone assets transform into unfundable liabilities and begin liquidating and the absolute capitalist system implodes.

The top is not going to implode the system...They would need a reason.

The bottom supplies the reason to the top.

When the employees of an enterprise cost more than they yield then it's liquidation time.

It has nothing to do with money management.

Top lives off the yield from the bottom and when the yield from the bottom to the top is zero...game over of the game you are all playing.

All that the top has comes from the bottom...

Does the rider of the horse support the horse or does the horse support the rider?

And when the horse is exhausted the gallop at full speed to the glorious future ends. And there is nothing the top (rider) can do about that.

Banks can lend out whatever is not needed to supply demand. Eventually banks can issue banknotes. In an economic system where there is only one bank the money lent out cycles through the economy back into the bank increasing the assets which allows more to be lent out.

100% banking would be where there is 100% backing for all the lendings.

100 silver coins or dollars in the bank and 100 1 dollar banknotes with 1 silver coin or dollar backing each banknote lent out or withdrawn.

But if the economy had fractions then there would be around 400 quarters, 1000 dimes, 2000 nickles, and 10,000 pennies.

A total money supply of 500 dollars.

The question is.

Who do you think should supply the demand for money by the population of ignorant peasants?

The only problem that money solves is the problem of not enough money.

Lets say you need 1 silver coin a day to obtain food to prevent starvation and if you can not obtain it then starvation begins.

You are now at -1 silver coin. The next day -2.

Eventually the damage to your physical body and psychology becomes greater than the deficit in money which led to your situation can ever repair.

Lets say -30 silver coins.

At this point you could easily collapse and by -60 silver coins be a skeleton.

Who do you think should supply the demand for money by the population of ignorant peasants?

According to the 1792 coinage act...

Silver and copper miners will supply the demand for money by the population of ignorant peasants.

And when the ignorant peasants reproduce quicker than silver and copper is mined, refined, and constructed into coins...

The population of ignorant peasants will be governed by death.

You will have to of course hire people to deal with fate resistors since starving animals will most likely stop following the rules of civilized society at some point and refuse to accept their fate and begin making illegal demands.

It's what the scarce metal is money religionalists are calling for.

Consumers have a finite ability to request banks to manufacture money.

Consumers use their income which is mostly previously manufactured money or an asset/equity inflated in price by previously manufactured money as collateral for their request of a bank to manufacture new money.

"The process by which banks create money is so simple that the mind is repelled."--John Kenneth Galbraith

Please go to a bank and request an infinite amount of money.

I guess all you need is infinite income or an asset/equity that is inflating infinitely.

In the 600 year history of the compounding interest commercial banking monetary system...more banks have inflated to maximum potential and imploded to oblivion than currently exist.

There are 8000 individual banks in the USA currently.

Between 1930 and 1940, 9000 banks imploded to oblivion in the USA.

In order to sustain infinite withdrawls from a bank you need greater than infinite deposits.

There is no such thing as greater than infinite.

Maximum potential is infinite and indestructible.

Inflation is infinite and indestructible...But it can increase and decrease to maximum potential making it finite and fragile...

Inflation greater than previous inflation to maximum potential is what you all generally call inflation.

Inflation less than previous inflation to maximum potential is what you all generally call deflation.

Inflation greater than previous inflation to maximum potential that reaches maximum potential turns into inflation less than previous inflation to maximum potential and when inflation less than previous inflation to maximum potential reaches maximum potential it turns into Inflation greater than previous inflation to maximum potential.

Maximum potential is infinite and indestructible.

The below chart.

It's not drama...you are all DOA...period end of story...

It's not my problem you are all in denial.

Or that you think airstrikes or Nuclear weapons can protect you from the march to doom with glee you are all on...

It's over...I have listened to your sales pitch for decades and I'm sorry to say...I'm not buying what you are selling...

The product known as the USA is defective...It's pure garbage...

Not worth saving...

It's just a waiting game now...And I don't need to be here telling you about it...

That is why I thank GOD I was not born American...

I'm not on the Titanic...The end is ugly with all the people that are doomed screaming in the water...

I don't need to see that either.

Again cry and moan all you want...

After 20 years...That appears to be all you are good at doing...I have grown tired of all your crying, moaning, and groaning...your claims of ignorance..Your lies and delusions you expect me to believe are Truth...the whole game you have been playing with me since I popped into existence on planet Earth.

There is no way to convince me otherwise...

Reject the Empire all you want...You are living in...supplying power to its continued existence regardless...born into it.

"Bill Gates, his wife Melinda and U2's lead singer Bono were collectively named by Time as the 2005 Persons of the Year for their humanitarian efforts. That same year he was made an honorary Knight Commander of the Order of the British Empire by Queen Elizabeth II, which would entitle him to be known as Sir William Gates if he were a citizen of Britain or the Commonwealth."

"London was still at the top of the financial pyramid with New York"--Alan Greenspan K.B.E. September 25, 2002 in a speech to business leaders and dignitaries at both the Treasury and the Bank of England after receiveing his K.B.E...Or Knight Commander of the British Empire...By Elizabeth the Second, by the Grace of God, of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland and of Her other Realms and Territories Queen, Head of the Commonwealth, Defender of the Faith.


LONDON — Brash, bold New York met the rarefied world of royal pomp Wednesday as Queen Elizabeth II made former Mayor Rudolph Giuliani an honorary knight for his steadfastness after the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks.

May 25, 2004

LONDON - Retired U.S. Army Gen. Tommy Franks, who oversaw military operations in Iraq and Afghanistan, will receive an honorary knighthood Tuesday in recognition of his “inspirational leadership,” officials said.

Friday, 6 June, 2003

Queen gives Karzai knighthood

The honour marks the esteem the UK Government has for Karzai
Afghan President Hamid Karzai has been awarded an honorary knighthood by the Queen in a ceremony at Windsor Castle. The Queen handed the president the insignia of a Knight Grand Cross of the Order of Saint Michael and Saint George - a senior knighthood.

Wesley Clark, U.S. General and NATO Supreme Allied Commander in Europe made Knight Commander of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire March 28, 2000.

George H. W. Bush
Norman Schwarzkopf, Jr.
Colin Powell
Brent Scowcroft

The United States of America has turned into a nation of hypocrites and cowards. Ultimately it's very depressing watching how low the USA has sunk and is sinking day in and day out...

You will all be liquidated...Not because the top wants to...Because the top has to...To maintain their position on top...

It's over...It's time to run to the lifeboats...


Anonymous said...

I see Jim Sinclair has put forth a return to a quasi gold back US$ to satisfy our foreign debts but leaving the populace to deal with fiat around 2012. I find JS a bit more practical than most not that the suggested fix is a cure all but extends the game(power) further.

Like the game Monopoly, the winner is declared when one has all the other players' money and property. The bank may or may not be broke, doesn't figure in declaring a winner.

Anonymous said...


The game's been over for 20 years now, yet it never ends........

Anonymous said...

The game CAN extend longer. It seems what is required now is not a "ONE TRICK DEMAND CONSUMER GIANT"(like the U.S. has been), but an "EMERGING MUTLI-COUNTRY DEMAND CONSUMER CONGLOMERATE". If that can be achieved the game can go on for several more years and become even more inflated. Can China, India, and the like work fast enough to become the new "SUPER-GIANT" as the U.S fades? What will the U.S. fade look like? Traumatically fast, or slow enough to prevent deadly implosion? Thoughts?

Anonymous said...

It's nice that you call everyone an idiot. We are all the problem and you are enlightened. I feel so much better. Every one of your posts is the same thing.

I will bet you all of your money that most, if not all of the rest of the world has a much more severe recession.depression or whatever than the U.S. Wanna bet?

There is nothing wrong with capitalism. Economies are inherently unstable. Stability is not the norm. Never has been in history. Debt can be defaulted, worked off, devalued or whatever. How quickly did the U.S. work off its massive debt post 1929? Quite rapidly. Quite frankly, debt default or refusal to pay obligations is more common than people realize. Britain defaulted on its debt into the Great Depression and it had a much quicker recovery than the U.S.

This is not the end of the world. But it might appear so for quite a few years or maybe longer.

You don't seem to understand that. Or, if you do, you don't acknowledge it.

Anonymous said...

debt default must be re-intitutionalized. WE used to cancel all debts every seven years; everyone knew it was going to happen at a set time, so people did not loan for more than six years. In the seventh year no one planted anything, all {most] the bugs died = no food. The few that didn't keep the law haboured the vermin, which later spread back out to feed off the new crops. This was the seven year cycle. Everyone went bankrupt as a matter of policy, those that loaned money for more than seven years ate it. No crudit cards paying of credit cards.

There was also a seven times seven year cycle. After forty nine years everything above happened, but also land that had been mortgaged {death-gauged} was returne to the original allotees. Every family was allotted land to make a living. But if from sloth, laziness or ignorance it was lost to usurers and other shysters the children's suffering was limited so that they could be restored to their inheritance at some point.

God created the earth, He is the owner. It is true He places us in stewardship {a business arrangment} where we are to return one-tenth {a tithe} to Him. We keep ninety percent of the increase {not the wages or expenses of doing business} but are responsible for the managment of all the interests over which we have been appointed including familiy members, adopted members, concubines, bind-servants, slaves, live-stock, animals, plants, worms, nemotodes, rocks, minerals, -all of it.

A jubilee.

Anonymous said...

"I had always assumed the entire business of the markets to be a massive criminal enterprise that allowed public participation simply because it made a few people extremely wealthy… Assume maximum criminal behavior…"

—Insider Crimes, Funny Money and Options Rackets

"I told you that trying to trade this crap, as a retailer, is the equivalent of bringing a knife to a gunfight, and that the smart money doesn’t rely on luck."

—Jim Cramer on Staying Upwind When You Start a Fire

"When I think of large, private capital accounts in London and the Bahamas, where the bulk of recent U.S. debt purchases are originating from, I think of narcotics money. Lots of narcotics money."

—Who Is Financing America’s Current Account Deficit?

So the SWAT teams are going to start kicking in doors on Wall Street? HAHA. Wrong.

My wild guess is that if just the heroin proceeds were pulled out of the system, the whole show would collapse within 24 hours.

Expect a “War on Drugs” type response to what they’re calling organized crime’s involvement in the financial markets. Upstarts will have the guns pointed at their heads while the big institutional stuff—that has been going on for decades—will continue without skipping a beat.

The junkies out scrapping together a few bucks for a fix are holding the economy together. Anybody using "dollars" {FRNs} are out there scrapping a few bucks together for their next consumer "fix". Pathetic...

HYPERTlGER said...

The plan is to keep this mess afloat until after the new puppet is installed into the white house...

Since the new puppet gets to blame the old puppet...

So from now until then there's not much going to be happening.

That's about all the extentions I can see.