Sunday, October 23, 2022

Zero Barrier hit.

Since the last time rates have risen up even more.

Due to hitting the zero barrier in 2020.

From 2014...

"and then we collapse down to 2020 which is the trough...that is where fall will end...and winter will begin...Where you invest into planting crops...but will get no yield..."

The FED can see the economic future and knows when the real demand for yield will increase and increases the fake yield rates so that you all believe they are doing it.

You all are doing it to you all.

For the past 40 years you all have been investing into powering yield rates lower and lower to the zero point where it takes infinite volume to sustain.

your demands for yield are growing but your ability to supply the demand is not.

It is shrinking and this is why prices are rising so fast.

You all are yield starved.

Since you all need food and fuel there is significant inflation manifesting there.

Covid19 showed up right where the long journey the past 40 years reached its logical conclusion.


HYPERTlGER said...

Omicron showed up November last year and then Bitcoin collapsed.

The Nasdaq collapsed.

The money flying out of there poured into the Dow and S&P which bumped it up into January and then has been collapsing ever since.

Yield rates have been spiking up like mad.

In fact once the main markets began to collapse yields on the 10 year began to blast off higher which lead to the raising of the interest rates in March.

HYPERTlGER said...

Here are some notes.

HYPERTlGER said...
Florida double dose 57%
Texas double dose 51%

You begin to see herd immunity when you hit 75 to 85%

Florida and Texas have not been vaccinated enough to hit that and they are basically wide open and the cases exponentially grew up to the maximum potential and now are exponentially decaying down to maximum potential.

September 27, 2021
Anonymous said...
Implications looking forward?

October 02, 2021
HYPERTlGER said...
I noticed the Dow hit its current all time high on 8/16

Then looked like it was following the same pattern which was down to resistance then back up.

But it has collapsed through long term resistance and this is obvious now.


Up at the top is where I could see that restrictions were not actually required.

The virus exponentially grows up to maximum potential then exponentially decays down to the maximum potential.

I noticed the same thing at my location but the higher the cases became the greater the panic to shut down to stop the virus from collapsing the medical care system.

At the top or peak of the virus spike is where the restrictions were implemented.

The authorities would then say...look is working.

In Texas and Florida they were less vaccinated than my location and they had no restrictions while we had massive restrictions in relation but our cases peaked around the same time.

Of course once the natural process ran its course the cases would have collapsed regardless.

Like influenza leading up to that point.

It forms a spike up every year during virus season and the only other thing that peaks like that during the same time is the amount of energy from the sun.

Basically where the lowest amount of energy from the sun is that is where the peak of the virus season is close to.

One slight problem is that the increased sickness is slowly but surely destroying the global medical care system.

It is exponentially decaying.

Slowly towards the collapse point.

All growth and decay is exponential.

Where you notice it being cold or hot is where the the turn or collapse in the exponential growth curve occurs.

Above is also where I noticed that the market was topping.

HYPERTlGER said...

What happened November last year?

Omicron showed up.

It was highly vaccine resistant.

Meaning that the vaccines became virtually useless at that point.

That is when bitcoin began to implode.

Then the Nasdaq began to collapse and what was flooding out of bitcoin and the NASDAQ flowed into the S&P 500 and DOW which propped it all up until January 5th, 2022.

Then it all collapsed down while food and fuel prices shot up like mad since money being disallocated from the markets was in search of yield.

Like you invest a Dollar in and then get a return on investment in the future that is larger.

Interest rates are yield rates.

A demand for yield.

When they rise it is not to fight inflation.

That is why food prices and fuel prices rose up?

Because they were fighting a war against inflation?



You all need to eat and you need money generally to obtain food.

Your demand for money causes the prices of food to rise in order to acquire the money you all are demanding to be supplied with.

The system is food powered not money powered.

The prices of electronics and other things like that have a harder time rising because you all need food and fuel you can do without luxuries.

Anyways after 40 years of yield rates in the USA dropping down to the zero point.

It was reached right around where covid19 showed up.

That 40 year drop was basically sustaining a balance between the USA and the global system.

As the population of the world followed the plan the past 40 years the yield from them was invested into powering yields lower and lower for 40 years straight until the zero point was reached.

That is why demand for yield rates are rocketing up.

What you were all doing the past 40 years became virtually useless at that point.

You all are currently in the transition.

"What is meant by the term ‘the energy transition’? Why is it so important to combat climate change? What can help speed up this process? What is the role of electrification in this process? Here is everything we need to know about this century’s biggest challenge."

Global warming turned into the climate change to winter.

That is where you plant crops but get no yield.

That is where you invest money but get no yield unless yields rise and everyone that has the power to increase their demand for yield is doing that.

That is why you see everything rising up.

The demand by you all has become greater than the supply by you all.

Due to the inability to acquire enough supply to power yields lower than zero.

Basically like a ricochet off an impenetrable barrier.

You all were headed to this point for 40 years but never talked about it much.

I first saw this path 20 years ago.

According to the calculations 2001 to 2030 is the fall down to winter.

We are in late fall now as far as the waveform goes.

"Transforming our world: the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development"

HYPERTlGER said...

"Sustainable Development"

If Ukraine can not find a way to stop Russia from inflicting damage upon Ukraine.

Ukraine can not win.

But one thing is for certain.

The reputation of Russia and China is being annihilated slowly but surely as well.

The ultimate supply for both sides of this conflict?

Everyone else in the global trade system just like leading up to the liquidation climax of the 1933 to 1945 bankruptcy reorganization of the global trade system.

It is called WW2.

Everyone supplied the global system that Germany, Italy, and Japan utilized to transform into war machines.

Like China today.

Basically inflated up into what it is due to its connection to the USA.

If Ukraine can not repair their life support system faster than it is being annihilated by Russia then Ukraine will transform into a hyperdeflation or death zone.

That is where the life expectancy of a person that is placed into such a zone drops to zero very quick.

It is almost like playing a game of RISK by yourself.

The only RISK is getting caught by the pieces you are playing around with.

Sustainable Development...

To sustain continued existence there are two paths.

One is taking more power than you give and the other is sharing power as equally as possible.

How about a lie?

Lets say I tell you that I know how sustainable development works.

And I use taking more power than I give to sustain that lie I told you.

How long will it be sustained?


If I take more power than I give to obtain the power to sustain the lie or fantasy as Truth or Reality.

That is the same as chopping down trees faster than they regrow to supply power to the lie.

It will appear to be Truth until the trees are all chopped down.

Then the lie masquerading as Truth will be revealed to be a lie.

But what if I choose to share power as equally as possible to power the lie I want you to believe is Truth?

The lie that I know how sustainable development works which I want you to believe is a Fact.

I chop down trees as fast as or slower than they regrow to obtain the power to sustain the fantasy I want you to believe is reality.

If I chop down trees as fast as or slower than they regrow so that the trees never run out.

The lie will never lose power and will appear as Truth or Reality since Truth is the supply of power to the demand for power by lies that want to be Truth.