Friday, July 01, 2022


"July 1 is the 182nd day of the year (183rd in leap years) in the Gregorian calendar; 183 days remain until the end of the year."

Last post was 5/1

The reverse of that day is 9/1

51+91 = 142

142 divide by 2 = 71


On leap years it is the middle of the year with it being the 183rd day with 183 remaining.


HYPERTlGER said...

Principle of least action...

I call it the path of less effort...

The path that all and everything in the universe follows by default.

"I noticed the Dow hit its current all time high on 8/16.

Then looked like it was following the same pattern which was down to resistance then back up.

But it has collapsed through long term resistance and this is obvious now."-October 04, 2021

The current all time high on bitcoin is listed at $68,789 November 10th, 2021

That is where the deflation began.

Bitcoin has been collapsing lower since then.

Then the next high was the Nasdaq 16,212.23 November 22nd, 2021

The Nasdaq has been collapsing or deflating since then.

The Dow hit its all time high January 5th, 2022 at 36,952.65

The Dow has been deflating since then.

The final was the TSX or Toronto on April 5th 2022 at 22,213.07

The TSX has been deflating since then.

Other than food and fuel inflation the markets have been deflating for months now.

Bitcoin started first since it is the most frivolous

Then the Nasdaq followed by the Dow and then the commodity heavy TSX last.

The central banks do not raise or lower rates.

The markets or natural progression does.

The central banks just follow along and claim to be raising and lowering rates so you all believe they do.

When it all turns to crap they will come out with an excuse as to why the policy did not work out like it was being promoted.

They have no more ability to raise and lower rates than magicians have at pulling rabbits out of hats.

Spongy Iris said...

Looks like the cash that came out of the stock markets has inflated food and fuel prices.

Anonymous said...

How do I stop gravity ( the path of least action)?

HYPERTlGER said...

Prices of stuff people need will be the last to collapse.

As the credit supply began to dry up bitcoin was the first to begn dying of thirst.

Then the Nasdaq began to collapse.

The money from there was fed into the S&P 500/DOW to pump them up into January 2022 and then they began to collapse.

The TSX in Toronto is loaded with commodities stocks.

Loaded with what people need and it was the last to collapse.

oil prices peaked and are now collapsing.

It is a natural cycle or wave.

Inflation up to maximum potential followed by deflation down to maximum potential.

The people at the top of the hierarchy claim to be in control but they just ride the wave.

HYPERTlGER said...

The path of less effort is the path that all and everything in the Universe follows by default.

The path of less effort is the same as taking more power than is given.

All and everything in the Universe takes more power from all and everything in the Universe to sustain the continued existence of all and everything in the Universe.

The path of less effort or taking more power than you give is absolute capitalistic.

All and everything in the Universe capitalizes upon all and everything in the Universe to sustain the continued existence of all and everything in the Universe.

Anonymous said...

If I'm subject to the law of least action, would the best path to follow be the unstable path along a maximum (Where S=0)? Am trying to figure out if there are other options from the default, or is best I can do is select the best default path (unstable maximum). Am assuming that taking more then you give, leads to collapse into singularity, like the path of least action will end out in a black hole. Quite a challenge for anything finite to not take more the you give or give more then you take. Is it possible to do?

HYPERTlGER said...

Everyone strives to take more than they give to sustain their existence.

Those that succeed more than they fail end up taking more than they give and become richer.

Those that fail more than they succeed end up giving more than they take and become poorer.

It is as easy to take more than you give as it is hard to share power equally.

HYPERTlGER said...

Noticed that the DOW seemed to hit a bottom around 6/17.

HYPERTlGER said...

Rates now equal to the previous high before covid hit.

They have broke the 40 year trend line where recessions follow.