Sunday, December 25, 2011

Little Angels...

The FED is just a scapegoat the top uses. When the top can't suck anymore yield from the bottom to keep the system from collapsing due to the inability or refusal of the bottom to supply it...Then they was the FED's fault.

And you believe it.

I hear them on TV and radio all the time saying that...The politicians in Europe better get their act together and do something...

Like what?

Pass a rule making it illegal for the Universe to function how it does?

There never was anything that could be done to avoid the logical conclusion...Other than postponement of arrival at the logical conclusion for as long as possible.

Well because all growth is exponential...the time in between the postponements and the logical conclusion shrinks...eventually it becomes impossible to further postpone the inevitable arrival at the logical conclusion.

Rome sent out the legions looking for new sources of resources to sustain further postponement of arrival at the logical conclusion.

And didn't find what was reacquired and collapsed.

To maximum potential then expanded to maximum potential again by the 12 century...then collapsed to maximum potential and then expanded to maximum potential by the 21st century again.

How's the exploitation of space going?

It's the same as back in Roman times...the cost to send out the legions is greater than what they return with.

Time for empire Earth to starve to death and die.

What are the elected officials supposed to do? Make it illegal for you all to starve to death and die?..You know they better get busy and do what needs to be done and quit wasting time...

You all have a right to be oblivious morons but zero right to escape the consequences...1+1=consequence.

You all can try all you want to escape the consequences...but never will.

Maybe CERN will save us...maybe CERN will figure out a away for us all to choose to be oblivious morons but avoid the consequences of that choice.

Your ability to continue postponing the arrival at the logical conclusion or the suffering of the consequences phase of the choice to be oblivious vanishing faster and faster now.

Time which is eternal is somehow running out.

Drop to your knees and worship your

Elect me and I'll saves

The whole phoney baloney system that all the slaves of the world sustain is crumbling because the slaves have reached the maximum potential to support it. What do you think the politicians can do...increase the whipping of the slaves...yell.."We need more yield to support the lifestyles of the oblivious morons above?"

It's over...they are done...maybe if we raise the expected yield from the slaves from 5% to 100% the top will get what they want? Let's see, they could not supply 5% of what they produced so what makes you all think they can supply 100% yield?

Maybe they can supply the top with 150% of what they produce?...300%?

Again you all have a GOD given right to choose to be oblivious morons...but unfortunately zero right to escape the consequences of that choice.

But Hyper we will just pass legislation making the suffering of the consequences of our actions illegal...and we will escape the consequences. That delusion only works if you have the workforce to supply the power to sustain it...the meatshields to hide behind.

You don't....the golden age of oblivious moronism is ending...

The so called financial industry operates like any other industry....They take more than they give to sustain their operations. They are systemically doomed to expand to maximum potential then collapse...

The longer they operate the harder it becomes to obtain the yields they require to sustain their continued existence. Like starving people they resort to rule breaking to feed themselves...But because they need to constantly inflate...they eventually reach the point where even illegal yield acquisition is not enough to sustain them...and they collapse.

Lying works...if you can sustain it.

Money printing has sustained the global trade system during the roaring six decades.

A consumer uses their current income which is previously printed or coined money or an asset that has been inflated in value by previously printed or coined money as collateral backing their request for a commercial bank to cause new money to be printed and coined.

That's been how the system has worked for centuries.

"Hi. I hear you have a have no money and want some...I have some money and can lend it to you as long you agree to pay me more money back than I give to you...but if you fail to...I will take everything you have."

Ok let's say after a while everything they have including their income is nothing more than previously created debt that has been inflated in value...and the only way they can sustain their income and inflated values is by requesting the creation of new debt.

But they have reached their maximum potential ability to use the previously created debt to request new debt to be created...

Then what?

You have to increase the consumers ability to request debt creation...the only way is to increase their income or the value of their assets.

You are not the source of your then what is the source of your incomes and how do you increase them by the required amount to prevent the system from imploding?

Yield is a demand for more...If the yield you demand is 7% then...for every 1 Dollar you input into the income will output double every 10 years.

What you call civilization is your income generator.

Input 1 Dollar at 7% and in 10 years the output is...2 Dollars...20 years 4 Dollars...30 years 8 Dollars...40 years 16 Dollars...50 Years 33 dollars...60 years 66 Dollars...70 years 134 Dollars.

Let's say back in 1789 the money supply was 100 Million Dollars...and let's say the demand or yield for more was an average of 2.835% per year until now.

How many dollars would there need to be to satisfy that demand?

Well according to the 1792 coinage act A US Dollar was defined as...

"DOLLARS OR UNITS--each to be of the value of a Spanish milled dollar as the same is now current, and to contain three hundred and seventy-one grains and four sixteenth parts of a grain of pure, or four hundred and sixteen grains of standard silver."

Let's say back then there were 100 million of them in the form of Spanish milled Dollars circulating...and the demand for more or yield was an average of 2.835% per year until now.

You would need 52.6 Trillion Dollars to satisfy that demand.

I wonder why silver is not used in coinage anymore? DUH.

The total credit market debt of the USA is currently 52.5 Trillion Dollars.

You all think that somewhere in the income generator is a magic device...called a printing press or its electronic equivalent that supplies your demand for yield.

Unfortunately that is not the source.

You can create money to buy food...but if there is no food...the income generator dies.

So then make sure your slaves' demands for calories are supplied or their ability to slave till the day they die will end.

Oh ya that's right you all require more than food to sustain your continued existence...

Well I guess you all will just have to print money to postpone the collapse of the income generator a while longer and maybe enough time will be bought for you all to figure out what the source of power is.

Rising rates is an effect. Rates rose in the EU because they were forced up by the lack of yield. All the obedient yield locusts were becoming starved for yield and that caused rates in the EU to rise forcing the ECB to follow along.

I'm so sorry to say but central banks have zero power to set yield rates.

The ability of the income generator or producer dictates the yield.

From 1945 till now the average yield rate in the USA was 7.94%. But from 1789 it was only 2.835%.

If you have a contract that states that you must pay x amount at a certain time...and you can't or refuse...the contract is broken.

Well...all the contracts in existence are combined and it's up to all of you all to pay the bill due.

There is a contract that the globlal so called civilization has signed on the dotted line and agreed to pay...if you can supply the yield the contract is demanding...the existence of the fantasy world you all are floating around in while you are waiting to die is financed.

If you can't or refuse...the contract is broken and the the fantasy world you all are financing the continued existence of...ends.

The bubble pops.

Printing money is one option...a temporary you all to continue to produce nothing while you all are taking a rest prior to you getting back to work and producing the required yield the system demands.

You all have to start producing the yield the system demands or it will default.

The longer you all refuse to comply with the demands...the greater the chance of default becomes until it reaches 100%.

But what if you all can't comply?

Then I guess your master just whips you all to death trying to get the required yield.

The time in between rescues will shrink until it will be a constant emergency and then the time to plan the rescues will shrink until it becomes impossible to plan.

The time in between recessions will shrink to nothing...until the time in between the current recession and the next vanishes...then the time to plan what to do next will shrink to nothing.

Then a science fiction nightmare will unfold.

On the way up you had long periods of economic expansion followed by short periods of economic contraction...on the way down you will have long periods of economic contraction followed by short periods of economic expansion.

That will be marketed to the masses as the recovery...really this time...for sure...that will just be the set up for further milking.

There will inevitably come a point where it does become impossible to sustain the recovery lie...then there will be a further collapse or acceleration to the downside.

Debt growth rates have been collapsing for decades...they are entering into the zero yield realm.

Kind of hard to sustain inflation if the growth rate is zero...Europe benefits from the US inflation machine...It's why it's caving in...another effect.

The foreigners will stop lending to the USA once the USA stops supplying US Dollars to invest into the machine to produce ever greater amounts.

Which is what the poulation of the USA causes if they can't produce enough Dollars to use as collateral to create enough Dollars...The Chinese stop buying Treasuries...Because they are too busy blowing US Dollars building ghost cities to hide reality.

You get debt deflation and the destruction of equity.

Which shows up as the collapse of debt inflated prices of assets....valuation that was created out of thin air is returning back into thin air....It's like the structure of inanimate matter vanishing and sending people that were depending upon it for support to their screaming doom.

The yield has to come from somewhere and when the population of an economic zone can't supply the demand for yield...collapse is the result...every time.

Everyone needs money to survive...which is a lie...because people don't eat money.

Turning people into delusional liars has negative consequneces unfortunately.

Lies require more power than they give in order to sustain their contnued existence masqurading as Truth.

Lies depend upon Truth to sustain their existence.

Like people needing money to all will believe this until the food runs out...then the lie which requires power to sustain its existence as Truth...can't maintain its existence as Truth any becomes impossible to believe the lie is Truth...this is revelation.

Rates are not set by the FED.

The producers set rates.

But in order for the FED to appear to be the source of power...they must perform a magic trick to convince the producers that the consumers are in control. The magic trick requires the people being tricked by the trick to supply the power the trick requires to succeed...

But when the producers of the power that the fantasy, they think is reality, requires to appear as reality.....can't supply the power. That is the end of the ability for the magic trick to work...So then the people that are tricked by it...Then claim the FED is doing something wrong.

Based on of course how they are capitalizing upon the fantasy they believe is reality to sustain it.

When the bottom can no longer support the top...the system or fantasy implodes.

It's why the FED is hinting that they can only do so much.

It's ultimately up to the population to produce the yield that is being demanded.

The top lives off the yield from the bottom and have been asking for less and less the past 30 years...

That is over...but now asking for more and more has prices rising and the system imploding as well.

Your slaves dictate what the yield is...and once they reach the point of maximum potential...that is the end of the setting of rates lie they are supporting.

The so called bond buyers or masters of the Universe are trying to set the yield rate higher and higher....But those in bondage are not able to supply the demand.

The servants and slaves either can't or refuse to supply the demand for yield by the master.

Which in the end is basically the system itself.

The US Government issues bonds that are used to borrow money from the money supply.

A money supply that is created and sustained by the population requesting commercial banks to create money whenever the population wants money but doesn't have any.

The best time to issue bonds is when demand is high...when the money supply is expanding...generally when the population is desperate for more money.

When the population is desperate and they have an ability to sign on the dotted line...the money supply can expand rapidly.

When the credit system begins to collapse...The population becomes desperate...

But what happens when the population can't or refuses to sign on the dotted line anymore?

Then you have scenarios where the FED buys the bonds and holds them until they can be sold in the future...

What the FED is currently doing is not standard operating procedure.

It's emergency action.

Emergency postponement.


People have zero power to make or break LAW. All that people have the power to do is make and break rules and call the rules LAW. But if a rule attempts to break LAW...LAW will break the rule.

If it can be made or broken by people it is not LAW.

It's only a rule of the pathetic game you are all playing.

The economy is not collapsing because rules were broken...the economy is collapsing because you all attempted to break LAW.

You all are trying to sustain something that can't be sustained.

Well in your minds...your imaginations that have no constraints...You all think it can be sustained...But unfortunately it can't be...

The cold cruel reality is that if the rules were not changed and broken along the way...the economy would have collapsed sooner.

Because everything you all know about the sustainablity of the economy is just a delusion...a lie about the messiah that the masters told their slaves to keep them slaving.

A fantasy you all think is reality

A rule you all think is LAW

A lie you all think is TRUTH.

Now it's time like all the previous times in all history recorded for all the delusional fools to flip out and hack each other to pieces trying to reacquire what you never had to begin with or acquire what you never will.

WW2 was such a liquidation climax during the 1933-1945 bankruptcy reorganization of the global enterprise last time around...The unemployed were hired and retrained then loaded up on boats and the boats were sunk...millions of unfundable liabilities were liquidated in various ways like that...

Freedom from Truth...The inflationary Messiah you all were worshipping was a false 'profit.'

The collapse of the economy is causing you all to be shaken awake...but you all are fighting to the death trying to stay asleep to enjoy the dream you are awake.

All lending practices that require you to give back more that you were give to begin with are abusive. But of course all those living off the yield from abusive practices must sustain them...Like professors who do nothing but figure out new and nifty ways to enslave taxpayers into sustaining ever larger bureaucracies.

So then you have to bascially create a system where the lesser of two evils is good.

You draw a line and claim that one form of plunder is illegal and unfair while another is legal and fair.

Like smacking old ladies over the head and stealing their purses...That's illegal

But coaxing them to pump their life savings into the markets and then when the volume of little old ladies pumping the markets up...dries up...short the markets to oblivion...perfectly legal...

Plunder is taking more than you give which is the same as chopping down trees faster than they regrow...So as long as the method chosen is legal then chopping down trees faster than they regrow is great.

Until you run out of trees to chop down to sustain the pampered existence of all the so called educated elite that dream up new and nifty ways to pander to the moron masses.

"When plunder becomes a way of life for a group of men living together in society, they create for themselves in the course of time a legal system that authorizes it and a moral code that glorifies it."--Frederic Bastiat

The simple fact is that banking as you all see it today has been a scam for 600 years...and the entire history of the USA was financed by creating money out of thin air using the previously created money as the fractional reserve to back the derivatives which are the newly created money.

It's what the American revolution was all about...breaking free from the rules of constraint imposed upon the population by previous Monarchical adminstration systems...

Constraints imposed by rulers that could not be controlled...You can't be free if there are rules attempting to stop you from what you need to do to obtain what you want...more and more and more power.

The entire history of the USA and world was financed into existence by the system you think you all can control with rules. The system sustains its existence by taking more than it gives...create a rule that attempts to stop the system from doing that and the system will either destroy the rule or die trying.

All the system can do is inflate to maximum potential and then implode...and if you impose rules on it to stop it from inflating to maximum potential and imploding...that is maximum potential and it implodes at that point.

But there is a maximum potential...and once reached...there is nothing you all can do except die.

Sorry...Thanks for showing up to planet Earth.


Once all are on the run for their lives suffering the consequences...then I will know there has been an actual demonization.

Because right now all the Demons suckling on Mammons teat still think they are little Angels.


alexnewbee said...

thanks for posting. but you must admit - you underestimated system's ability to stay inflated. ;-)

alexnewbee said...

Unprecedent Lawsuit

Anonymous said...

For those souls who wander on to this site - yes, the author of this site was one who grasped early on the flaw in the system. Many of the rest of us did as well. The trouble with hypertiger is that he assumes a position of pathological arrogance and an apparent need to create a sense of depression in others. One might guess this is because, even though he grasped a few truths, he has never been able to assimilate them very well himself. His emotional outlet is to puke his depression on others in the guise of mysterious guru of doom. I suggest not falling for it - there is little or nothing constructive here other than his initial realization about the obvious math.

Take care of yourself and your family and friends the best you can. No one knows precisely how events wil unfold. We only know the current path is unsustainable. What is good about life is our humanity to each other, love, and enjoyment of experience. Everyone is mortal, and the crushing fear that hypertiger is in the grasp of is neither constructive in terms of how we deal with the future, nor vitalizing in terms of how we enjoy the present moment. That moment is all you have ever had. Each additional one is a gift to be treasured.

Anonymous said...

Hypertiger I have enjoyed reading your posts and occasionally commenting on them for some period of time now.

Could you please unfold for us your concept of LAW and what authority gives credit to it?

I stand in the principles and maxims of the inherent jurisdiction of Equity and I am interested to know whether I am unaware of greater law.

There are people who create private dollar credits which are trade-able in the international debt markets. Private Bankers.

There is no money, at least not as it is referred to here although daily you extend it and receive it.

The shared delusion also known as the medium of exchange was initially created as a means of enslaving the man and preventing him from unfolding his own powers.
This has been a nearly perfect success.

You all are far more powerful than you will ever begin to realize, fortunately or unfortunately.

Is LAW to simply give more than you take?

Anonymous said...

>>For those souls who wander on to this site - yes, the author of this site was one who grasped early on the flaw in the system. Many of the rest of us did as well. The trouble with hypertiger is that he assumes a position of pathological arrogance and an apparent need to create a sense of depression in others. One might guess this is because, even though he grasped a few truths, he has never been able to assimilate them very well himself. His emotional outlet is to puke his depression on others in the guise of mysterious guru of doom. I suggest not falling for it - there is little or nothing constructive here other than his initial realization about the obvious math. <<

You sound like you are offended by HT calling you a moron.
Then telling us that HT is 'depressed".
You sound depressed because your mind reels at the idea of the absolutism of LAW as HT expounds it. You rebel against that and appeal to a sense of humanity that you believe is lacking in HT.
You end up just sounding scared is all.

Anonymous said...

If HT is your guru, the post wasn't directed at you - no need to be offended. It's getting real now, meaning the stuff is going to start flying very soon. Real means something different than jawboning about it. You won't be sweating the small stuff in a couple of years. Good luck to you.

Anonymous said...

I know you did not direct it at me.
You directed it at HT.
Again: why do you berate your perceived flaws in HT who is nothing more than a voice crying in a wilderness of "feel goodism"?

My guess is that HT pretty much knows he is mortal too. You just get weirded out because he puts that aside and discusses some absolutes.

Anonymous said...

All it will take is the food supply chains to seize up as the grease they run on (money)dies. Then these little angles will start pulling each others wing's off. A matter of days, just hours maybe in some places.

Maximum social complexity.

An industrial age population explosion fueled by scientific advancement and cheap fossil fuels.

And here we are with the majority of the population hopelessly programmed like lab rats to associate pleasure/self-worth with actions only consistent with the expansionary phase of the current cycle - which is now ending.

There just isn't any good way to quickly unplug everyone from the matrix. Nor is there any realistic way to make good on the promises made to so many. Promises essentially for adequate food, shelter and medical care.

The best possible outcome for this cycle is a long period of adjustment. But, it seems the timing does not add up. The actions taken to "kick the can" a little further down the road worked quite well, but burned up critical time needed to manage a more gentle transition. And, the more the inevitable is delayed, the more violent the transition will likely be... in my humble opinion.

The irony in all of this of course is that final joke (insult) is on us. Even better, we will self-liquidate to a large degree. Scary.

Anonymous said...

Again: why do you berate...

Fair question. You might assume HT is being altruistic or attempting to act in the best interests of humanity and readers who happen here. Could be, but even if true, I find the voice and assumed moral superiority to be comical to me and likely counterproductive to others who are just now waking up. I figured this stuff out decades ago, and for years did all I could to move society in another direction. My work was at the government, scientific, social, and other levels. The wave of crap moving in the wrong direction was overwhelming. Now, most of my efforts are towards protecting myself and those individuals I can reach out to because time is very short. Large-scale positive changes are unlikely until people begin really suffering, and as the post above this one says so well, we are far into bad territory with way too much time wasted.

So, being generous, let's say HT is acting in the best way he thinks possible to help others. I am doing the same. Maybe he thinks denigrating the newly awakening is good medicine. I agree it might work for a few people, but at this point, I think it is damaging to most. I suspect he is pissed off and depressed and this I understand as I think those of us who caught on first are tired. But again, I think belittling people who are waking up does more harm than good. HT has had much more time to assimilate all this. He ought to be able to take what he dishes out. And in the process, some newbies get a variety of perspective on the same theme. My intention was to stir their own thinking so they can tap their own inner resources. We are all going to need to be operating at maximum capacity in the coming years.

Anonymous said...

I am not put off by the author's attitude at all. I am glad to have a much clearer understanding of what is going on in the world.

I am not a mover or shaker on the world scene, all I can do is work towards having a good understanding of what's coming up, why it's happening and help those around me who will be clueless.

Another piece to the puzzle falls in place and a bit more cohesive understanding of the puzzle's message materializes. Thanks for the insight.

Anonymous said...

Folks, Equity is the 900lb gorilla that has been hidden from your eyes. Trust law is the highest law, the wealthiest families in the world have operated under it for thousands of years and the only remedy to the problems Hypertiger spouts off about can be found in a court of special equity. The maxims and principles of equity are what rule all. A court of conscience is the only court to have subject matter jurisdiction over and express trust and express trust is the remedy to slam every trustee on every foreclosure, seizure, tax issue, etc. All bills you get in the mail are simply a debt title waiting to be overlaid with your equitable title and extinguished under special deposit. The groundwork is already in place for you. Everything has been placed into trust. That's why one you go to court you are presumed guilty until you prove your innocence. That's trust law. Until you step into the rightful position of beneficiary and claim your beneficial interest, you'll be stuck listening to people like Hypertiger, lone voices wailing in the wilderness without a clue of how to get out. You are all so powerful. The Fed and the Treasury are awaiting your orders. The IRS awaits your orders. It is so simple and beautiful. Leave the public world behind and enter the private realms, where there are no limitations. "Money" is a limitation. You no longer have an excuse to be ignorant, to sleep on your rights. Equity aids the vigilant...

"In the case of a trust created in lands, the estate of the cestui que trust is purely an equitable one, of which law courts refuse to take cognizance. He is therefore always entitled to the aid of a court of equity in establishing, maintaining, and enforcing his estate according to the nature of the trust and the doctrines of equity jurisprudence which regulate it, and to obtain such remedies as the circumstances may require; and the question never is asked nor could be asked, whether the remedies given him by the court of law are or are not adequate, since all legal remedies are to him impossible."

Anonymous said...


-Pomeroy on Equity Jurisprudence

You are all presumed to be the trustees. Debtors and defendants. Unfold your powers and pay with a flick of the freely and drink freely..take as you need and give as you may..

33 maxims of equity.

Ruling over 50 million statutes and codes.

Take the wool off your eyes already...

This includes you, Hypertiger.

Time to wake up.

Anonymous said...

What is specifically is a court of special equity?

Anonymous said...

People who want a deeper understanding of what is going on should take a look at "Political Ponerology". You can find a PDF of the book for free on the Internet, and there is an interview with the author (now deceased) on a site called sott or something to that effect.

The book is short, but a bit technical. The editor's preface will give you a pretty good idea of the story and is an easy read. This is the real stuff - the reason behind the mess we are in, far beyond HT's rants about the consequences and inevitable end to the ponzi scheme.

Anonymous said...

How about a more general explaination (primer) of the equity gorilla - how we "unfold our powers" from within the current system?

Anonymous said...

How to unfold your powers from within the current system?

Control your signature and reestablish your equitable estate which is of unlimited value.

messianicdruid said...

"Control your signature and reestablish your equitable estate which is of unlimited value."

That's clear as mud.

Anonymous said...

Newt's space vision to develop the moon and Mars...

It's actually a great idea.... what drives our current financial system is people signing on the dotted line to go into debt, to pay tribute to the banks via interest.

The whole world operates on the same principle. If a new "vision" can spur "signing on the dotted line" you can run the exponential curve up ever further for another 10-20 years, thereby delaying the self-evident implosion that long.

Space exploration supplies the necessary slack to delay the world implosion because it can outsize "Earth loan & credit" extensions. In fact if the "exploration" can keep continuing to, let's say, Mars, you could indefinitely postpone implosion by keeping the numbers simply running upwards...

For those that counter "we're broke"... they don't understand how the world financial system works. Our current world was "broke" as soon as it started running up the compound interest fractional reserve banking scheme. So far that "run up" has created America.

If we can "continue the pattern indefinitely", the system can be tricked into never reaching the "inevitable implosion"....

There are ONLY two paths for the world at this point:

1) let it implode to amazing oblivion (credit dries up)

2) keep the current system running up indefinitely whatever it takes to do that...

What this entails is that you must at some point move to a totally electronic money system that allows a fractal-type re-calculation on a weekly basis, allowing the money system to self-correct by constantly re-valuing denominations of currency worldwide.

This system circumvents the need to constantly print larger paper bills in the inflationary period that must come.

Anonymous said...

Greece is microcosim of what the whole world is going to go through.
You need people with an income high enough to enable them to borrow for this debt backed by debt system to continue to function.
All the talk about going to Mars or back to the Moon is nonsense. Many people are struggling to put food on the table and buy fuel to go 10 miles a day to work.
The chasm between the wealthy (however one chooses to define them) and the rapidly disappearing middle class and the marginally poor is increasing.
By 2016 or 2017 "They" will be machinegunning people down in the United States.
The only thing holding everything together is lies and criminal subterfuge.

Anonymous said...

Greece is microcosim of what the whole world is going to go through.
You need people with an income high enough to enable them to borrow for this debt backed by debt system to continue to function.
All the talk about going to Mars or back to the Moon is nonsense. Many people are struggling to put food on the table and buy fuel to go 10 miles a day to work.
The chasm between the wealthy (however one chooses to define them) and the rapidly disappearing middle class and the marginally poor is increasing.
By 2016 or 2017 "They" will be machinegunning people down in the United States.
The only thing holding everything together is lies and criminal subterfuge.

Andrew B Brown said...

Sounds like you're starting to get the psychology of what goes on at the top.

They already have money. They print it and add digits to a database. It ain't rocket-science.

So why do they refuse to allow the population access to wealth?

Competition of course.

Competition for what?

Natural resources.

What is the scarcist resource on earth?

Answer: hot chicks.

Keeping the population poor makes it easier to suck the hot chicks up the hierarchy.

It's not about money or oil or anything else, except for a game they play.

Because it gets boring to add digits to your database and print cash and spend it, they created a game of business/monopoly with hot chicks as the prizes.

Anonymous said...

Hypertiger...we adore you.

Anonymous said...

keihatsu may be right...

In 1999 Kubrick finished his last film "Eyes Wide Shut".

Some say the moral of the story is how the TOP can get the hottest women and supermodels to obey their every whim with vast wealth, gifts, and the best leisure drugs... the male hormome system is probably the strongest motivational force on earth next to being motivated with a gun pointed at your head (I think that would be a bit higher)...

"Eyes Wide Shut" is about SEX massively coated and decorated with the tasty frosting of endless wealth to make sex with ugly men sugar sweet to the most desirable women.

Anonymous said...

Where is everybody?!

Cheryl-Lynné said...

Sorry - killer schedule. But I'll do my best to have a new blog up this weekend. :)

Anonymous said...

Hey Hypertiger, check this out

So what is it that you want to know?

Well, it is quite simple.

Everything begins with the mind and the sword.

You have someone that wants to control everything and others that have no clue what is going on.

The ones that want to control everything have to find a way to convince those that have no clue what is going on that the ones running things have the Divine right to do it. It is quite simple really, it is all about knowledge. It is all about what is it that you want to do.

It is nothing divine, nothing super natural, other than the natural energies that animates each and everyone of us.

Anyhow, one has to convince another...through religion, force, you know, you can put a gun to their head, and tell them that God came down from the heavens and made you the ruler and them the slaves. And that they have to support the structure, for ever and ever. Of course, until someone starts to question your power, your authority, you have to eliminate them in order for you to keep power.

Anyhow, everything has come to a head because of the internet, the great secrets of the ancients are no longer secret. The homeless guy on the street pretty much can have access to them, until he begins to wonder, and internalize that knowledge and fights back.

Now for thousands of years things have always been the same. First you begin with the weapons, then with drugs, and then usury. A simple trick of lending something that you are the only one who can control the issuance of it and then charge interest. That means that the people will always be indebted to you, and they will never break free unless you let them. That is why the state insists on having your children indoctrinated in government so called schools, but they should be called indoctrination centers because they are told what to think, and how to think. They are no longer taught to critically think, they are trained to conform.

Anyhow, the information is out there. You may want to begin by doing a search for gold silver u s,,, silver shield, the silver bullet, financial tyranny. And if you want more of the essence and to the point you may want to research fractional reserve banking, usury, riba, and other financial terms... The goldsmiths, I want the earth plus five percent. That’s a good way to begin, you can take it from there.

Anonymous said...

An attempt at honesty -

I've glimpses of what it's like to be "awake"; at this stage it is terrifying, and at times to fight it parked myself in front of TV and internet...

I grew up in a white middle class town, went to college, and then law school.
Then I figured out what a crock of shit the legal system is and can't bring myself to take the bar or get a job in it.

Now I don't know what to do - I continue to speculate, as Hyper says, and for reason I feel panicked and short of time.

Like I said, I get glimpses...that I am in fact not in control, that I don't matter very much, and that to know Truth there is no search; you just have to lift the veil of lies...


I've researched the economic system and tried to make myself aware in that sense - but still what to do?

None of my friends or family understand what Im going through..

I suppose there's not really a point or question here, since I'm also aware neither Hyper nor anyone else can 'wake me up'...

Andrew B Brown said...

"Eyes Wide Shut" is an excellent reference. Kubrick went into that movie eyes wide open, by the way. The movie is filled with 'fuck you' jokes from Kubrick. The title itself is Kubrick's final command to them.

Another interesting reference is "Artificial Intelligence". Kubrick held on to that script for years before passing it to another director (Spielberg I think). It is a horror film of the TOP's goals.

Also.. wealth and toys are a lure for hot women, however, there is technology and drugs the women are not aware of that are used as well. They see the world population as harvest for hot women and have access to a technology that is extraordinarily powerful (and seductive). Unfortunately, remember, the women, once trapped cannot leave without being killed.

Andrew B Brown said...

Anyone notice the new Oprah Winfrey Network? OWN. NWO.

If anyone remembers Oprah in the 1980s, Oprah started her show in investigation reporting. One particular show focused on Michael Aquino. He was a Colonel in military intelligence who openly asserted his role in the Church of Satan (actually a spin-off called the Church of Set). Apparently he was involved a pedophilia ring in San Francisco for which he was never caught or punished.

Anyway, Oprah at that time was not a billionaire. How did she become a billionaire? What changed in her shows to become trite female zombie followers? Mind-control technology. Her brain was hijacked and she is scripted to this day. She did not "sell out". She was emotionally manipulated and abused until she succumbed. It is the Church of Satan/Set's way of asserting their dominance over the psyche. By making her a billionaire, it was an example of their control.

Andrew B Brown said...

So... one take away is seeing the Oprah Winfrey show as lure for hot chicks. As is her new network. Because the TOP has murdered so many hot chicks they are becoming an endangered species.