Monday, October 19, 2009

Not Since The 1930's...

The bottom supports the top.

All the money the top pays the bottom to support them comes from the bottom...If the yield rate drops...the bottom has to suffer the cuts...and as the bottom is cut the yield rates drop more and more.

It's the end of the line folks...the top takes more than they give from the bottom while the bottom gives more than they take.

The top has taken all that can be and the bottom has nothing more to over.

The recent price increases are the result of the top attempting to obtain the required yield.

It's like a rider...the top...and a horse...the bottom...The rider has been whipping the horse to sustain top speed...the past 65 the point that the horse has become's slowed...over the past 2 years...and now stopped.

The top has dismounted and is basically whipping the horse now but it won't budge...The rider is going to whip the horse to death.

The rider will then blame the horse.

The Government will make a new rule making it illegal for exhausted horses to stop galloping at full speed...problem solved.

The horses will still stop when they become exhausted...and the riders will continue to whip them to death.

Like they have been doing for 1000's of years now.

All money is fiat or by decree. Money was a tool created by those rich in power to more easily account for the power you all owe them.

Tell me why a farmer would slave in his field growing food all year to exchange it all for a a few ounces of gold which you panned in a couple of weeks. Why would a farmer spend a year to grow and then trade enough food to feed many families for years for a couple ounces of yellow metal?

The cause of the crunch is that consumers have reached the point that they can no longer request the commercial banks to manufacture more and more new money...

Inflation greater than previous inflation to maximum potential becomes inflation less than previous inflation to maximum potential once the maximum potential of inflation greater than previous inflation is reached.

It's a wave...On the way up consumers are forced to request more and more and more and on the way down consumers are forced to request less and less and less.

The FEDERAL RESERVE is not expanding or contracting the money supply...They just claim to and all the oblivious morons that have no idea how the system works are basically forced to believe the claims.

It's like a magic show...You all don't know the trick so ultimately all you see is the rabbit popping out of thin air out of a hat.

The growth of the US money supply stopped last quarter...So demand for the US Dollar has to drop quicker than the supply shrinks or the US Dollar is going to gain against other currencies.


They threw over 50 million people out of work when the US consumer caved in.

Their economy is based on export to the rest of the world...The USA makes up over 25% of the rest of the world and the other economies either have the USA as the largest consumer of their exports or the largest consumer of their exports has the USA as the largest consumer of their imports so without the consumers of the USA...they along with the rest of the world are toast...their economy implodes without massive imports of inflation from the rest of the world with the USA the engine of global inflation grinding to a halt.

Remember the stimulus in the USA..guess what? All of the G20 threw the kitchen sink at their economies as well...

Canada was producing a surplus and paying down public debt for the past 12 years and that was all wiped out in a couple months.

The largest coordinated Government intervention in the global economy in history.

Trillions globally bought a few months.

Ultimately the only way for the US Dollar to collapse in value relative to the rest of the currencies of the world is if it's produced in greater quantity than all the rest.

The current drop was due to the glut of oil on the market from a global economy that has slowed its growth by the greatest amount in 65 years.

What you all fail to realize is that the US Dollar was made the global trade medium of exchange in 1944...The USA and its consumers became the demand....the rest of the world the supply.

Over the past 65 years the rest of the world has become more and more dependant upon the consumers of the USA gobbling up the supply.

The US dollar caves and that drives up the cost of Chinese imports...once American consumers can't afford to buy Chinese exports...Poof China blows out like a candle.

Their communist dominated banking system requires massive imports of inflation to prop it up...without that...China's banking system implodes to oblivion...It's run worse than the US banking system aand has more non-performing debt than the Japanese banking system...when the music stops in China...there will be no chairs.

Sorry but China is not coming to the rescue.

The British pound was the previous global trade medium of exchange of the global trade system that collapsed...It was inflating China in the 1920's...until the global trade system collapsed 1929-1933 and the flow of pounds into China stopped.

China imploded to oblivion and did not rejoin the global trade system until the 1980's when China was opened up to absorb massive amounts of US exported consumer debt inflation that has "puffed" China up into what it is today.

Stop that and China caves in...

China is in almost the same position as Japan before they overdosed on imports of inflation and popped in 1989.

But this time around there is not going to be a recovery or further jiggering of the system or new rules.

Without a consumer able and willing to consume better than the US consumer did the past 65's the end of the line...Just like in 1929-1933 followed by the 1933-1945 bankruptcy reorganization of the Global economy.

Now for reality.

The national debt or public debt is the amount of money the US Government has borrowed from the money supply of the USA.

To the penny currently it's 11,908,351,334,548.00

11.91 Trillion Dollars.

The total money supply of the USA?

The Federal Reserve calls the money supply of 52.8 Trillion Dollars...Total credit market debt.


Because its all debt.

In 1944 The total credit market debt of the USA was 355 Billion Dollars

The national debt or public debt was 201 Billion Dollars

Meaning that the US government had borrowed by issuing bonds...56% of the money supply of the USA.

Currently 11.9 Trillion Dollars is only 22% of the total money supply of 52.8 Trillion Dollars.

basically since 1944 US consumers have requested the comemrcial banking system in the USA to manufacture 52.45 Trillion Dollars of new money.

banks ran out of money to lend centuries ago...well since rich people own all they money...they ran out of money to lend to all the poor people so that they could continue paying the interest due on all the money they previously borrowed from the rich people.

What to do?

Issue credit...Create IOU's to pay the rent due on IOU's

All the money in circulation is debt with interest attached...the cost to service this debt...or to pay the top the rent due on the money supply your ancestors borrowed centuries ago in Europe?

Is hidden in the cost of everything.

Of course since 1944 to now the US Federal Government has "borrowed" 11.7 Trillion Dollars of the 52.8 Trillion dollar money supply the consumers of the USA requested the commercial banking system to manufacture.

There are about 150 Million workers in the USA...They are the ones that have an income and can actually pay teh rent due.

That means that each worker in the USA owes around 352,000 Dollars and lets say at an average interest rate of 5% the yearly interest per worker is around $17,600 per year.

Consumers of course request more money than is needed to just pay interest...the average growth rate or compounding interest rate of the money supply since 1944 is 7.99 to 8%

Every time a consumer goes to a bank for a loan or swipes a credit card...the total debt of the USA/money supply increases by that amount.

Every consumer in the world...because the exact same system in operation in the USA is in operation in every country on Earth...

It's been like this now for over 300 years.

The top invented money and owns it all...the bottom rents it.

But not to worry.

This last quarter for the first time in 7 decades the total credit market debt stopped contracted by 200 Billion Dollars.

Because after over 65 years of requesting commercial banks to manufacture more and more and more new money to pay the rent on all the previously requested money...US consumer are maxed out.

They have reached the point where they owe so much that they can't request more and more and more...they are forced to request less and less and less.

The roaring 6 decades are coming to an end.

Why is the US public dbet increasing so quickly lately?

Because the Federal Government is trying to pick up where the US consumers have left off...

Like trying to whip an exhausted horse into a full gallop...that has just spent the last 65 years running at a full gallop.

At the peak in 2007 US consumers were requesting the commercial banking system to create almost 6 Billion dollars of new money aka credit aka debt a day to sustain the USA and global economic system.

Last quarter US consumers requested the commercial banking system to create -200 Billion dollars.

Negative 200 billion dollars...or basically zero new money...whip the horse to death...

This has not happened since the 1930's.

The last time US consumers reached the point where they could no longer request more and more new money to be created to sustain whatever it is you all think you are sustaining day in and day out generation after generation...

Even more great news...There is not anything that can be done to stop the inevitable implosion of the compounding or exponential growth system.

We are basically at the point now where we just crumble down to oblivion or hyperinflate in a last desperate and pathetic attempt to sustain inflation a bit longer and then hyperdeflate to oblivion.

Oh it was all going great...the recession was ending...bla bla bla...and then...insert scapegoat here....happened.


Anonymous said...

Any opinion on the attempt at a transition by the ruling elite toward SDRs?

Anonymous said...

Hyper -- I would like you to expand on your comments about our awareness being outside of the you know this, what exactly you mean...

Anonymous said...

"Bye bye Miss America pie drove my chevy to the levy but the levy was dry..."

Anonymous said...

RE: "Outside of the universe"

Don't you know that our "moral" authorities have told us that the multiverse exists? That you're nobody if you don't do String Theory? HyperTyper is a String Theorist.

Anonymous said...

Hyper- I wish you'd write a book-
did you write The creature from Jekyl Island? You sure sound similar in some regards- anyway let me know when the book comes out- I get tired of checking the website for your latest post. Anyway write it while some folks still can buy it-

Anonymous said...

Are you the Poster "Nothing" from the Ticker Forum- aka Russian River Appelation- or Karen Winters- which was an cute way of indicating you believed this was a Kondratieff Wave - which you alluded to in this last post here? Are you on the Ticker still? come back please miss your posts

Anonymous said...

Another incredible day for deflationists like Hyper.

Anonymous said...

Are the decendants of King Bulla still in control?

Anonymous said...

Have to give Hyper credit for not censoring the board.

Cheryl-Lynné said...

"Have to give Hyper credit for not censoring the board"

Only one comment has ever been deleted and that was only because it was disgustingly obscene and I could not leave it as is (blogger doesn't allow editing of comments).

Anonymous said...

One of the best columns yet! Could you explain just how a negative amount of new credit is requested? What does that look like?

Anonymous said...

once money (debt) is requested, it will always exist.

That money is just changing hands.

Unless banks go bankrupt and people losing their savings, otherwise it will be no deflation.

Decrease of credit only means money is decreasing in all US bank account, but the total money (debt) is still the same, it's just not at US anymore.

No deflation.

Anonymous said...

hello Hyper.

Do you still like tech stocks?
If so, any thoughts on how high amazon (the stock, not the river) will go?

Your friend,

Anonymous said...

Oops - sorry! Wrong forum!

Not your friend,

Robert said...

Are you "nothing" of TickerForum fame? If yes, I missed you.

Anonymous said...

wow...intelligence AND beauty....
i 3rd the question..."Nothing" is that you?

Anonymous said...

"That money is just changing hands...No deflation."

Hyper, (or Cheryl) tell me if I'm way off base here...but in micro terms I think in terms of a monopoly board. If you had:
- 4 players
- all rents on board equal
- all players own the same number of properties
- all players start with the same amount of cash
You could probably go round and round with money just "changing hands."
But give one player the right to charge a small percentage of interest on rent and over a long period of time that player will suck up all the cash...
Now imagine instead that over this board there is a fifth player, the Lord, and he decrees what is money and owns all the squares. At first money is silver and at the beginning there is a steady supply of silver until eventually, it is all sucked back into the hands of the Lord while the players fight over it amongst themselves...
Franklin Roosevelt’s Federal Reserve Chairman, Marriner Eccles. In his memoirs, 'Beckoning Frontiers (New York, Alfred A. Knopf, 1951), Eccles explained:
"Instead of achieving that kind of distribution, a giant suction pump had by 1929-30 drawn into a few hands an increasing portion of currently produced wealth. This served them as capital accumulations. But by taking purchasing power out of the hands of mass consumers, the savers denied to themselves the kind of effective demand for their products that would justify a reinvestment of their capital accumulations in new plants. In consequence, as in a poker game where the chips were concentrated in fewer and fewer hands, the other fellows could stay in the game only by borrowing. When their credit ran out, the game stopped."

Anonymous said...

"Tell me why a farmer would slave in his field growing food all year to exchange it all for a a few ounces of gold which you panned in a couple of weeks."

There was nothing stopping the farmer from joining the gold rushes and panning for gold. So what if all humans need food to live. Farming has low economic value because it requires very low education to perform. Farming hasn't been back breaking work for quite some time. The modern world requires a medium of exchange. You are free to join the Amish if you don't like our system. Even if our political, economic, and monetary systems have been corrupt for millenia, I still live a MUCH SUPERIOR life with joy and fulfillment by participating in it rather than being a crybaby and trying to opt out of the system.

Anonymous said...

Hyper all you are showing to us is that we reached the end of growth. hence the end of lending money at interest.

So what?

Now time for something different.

You know, there really is no mathematical reason why the money supply must always inflate for debt to money to be sustainable. It can quite happily work as a circuit.

The reason growth is needed is to keep us all doing stuff without being ordered to do it by a single central authority.

Bearjob said...

"The reason growth is needed is to keep us all doing stuff without being ordered to do it by a single central authority."

Heh, don't need growth for that either. Just watch BBC's documentary "The Ghost in your Genes" and read Gunter Vitzany's book "Biocommunication and Natural Genome Editing". Thats all the education you need. Then look around you and note how the masses just love:

a. Standing in long lineups begging some authority to stick a needle in their arm or prescribe pills.

b. The lust for "The Digital Lifestyle".

Just read Vitzany's book. He offers some hope for the future while implicitly demonstrating that that "Other side" is a downward spiral into 21st century concentration camps without the buildings.

By comparison, Hyper, ZeroHedge, WallStreet Examiner, Denninger, etc are all trivia.

Anonymous said...

"Even if our political, economic, and monetary systems have been corrupt for millenia, I still live a MUCH SUPERIOR life with joy and fulfillment by participating in it rather than being a crybaby and trying to opt out of the system."

Its hard for me not to want you to starve to death... I hope you starve in a MUCH SUPERIOR way just as you live.

Anonymous said...

Too many Ticker fans here. I can't take Karl seriously. Not only is he a bigot, which instantly wipes away his credibility as a rationale and reasonable human, he also labels truths like the 911 demolition and the Fed being a private bank as "tin-foil hat bullshit"

KD is a book smart guy, but very light on the critical thinking skills. I'd be surprised if hyper was Nothing. I still get the feeling that many people who read and post here don't really understand hyper's message. Which makes sense if denninger is someone you actually respect.

Vitzany make hyper seem like trivia? Ridiculous...

Anonymous said...

to add. I am not downplaying vitzany's very relevant message. but hyper is dealing with the economic cycles in particular that facilitate the slow-motion-mass-lobotomy we are all experiencing and witnessing together

thomas saranacas said...

Bearjob, do you have a link? I cant find the book.

Cheryl-Lynné said...

"Bearjob, do you have a link? I cant find the book."

Anonymous said...

"Farming has low economic value because it requires very low education to perform."
Unless you actually want to be good at it. Look up Joel Salatin, Michael Pollan, and my favorite...Sir Albert Howard.
Besides - most of the "jobs" people I know have that make them 40k+ a year -- a trained monkey could do.
Their college education is hardly put to use.

Hyper - would love to hear your thoughts on some of the other questions in this thread.

thomas saranacas said...

Thanks Cheryl.

can you find music by Vagner for me too. ;)

Anonymous said...

Bearjob said...

'Circuits' in banking:

Finance becoming more like biology every day. But the crims view on biology (the relevance to the masses is made prominent through the so-called need for resource arbitrage) is deceitful. To them Biology is just the same logic that powers computers, only more complicated.

Bearjob said...

The above link was chopped off.


Bearjob said...

What seperates man from beast?
Try and audit 'circuits' in finance
Finance now employs the tools of science.

We're not beasts.
Good book: What Genes Can't Do (Lenny Moss) (heavy on molecular biology)

A world of 'circuits' (financial and biological)
Evil book: Wetware: A Computer in Every Living Cell (Dennis Bray)

Finance is science afterall
Evil Book: Framing Finance (Alex Preda)

Now reading: (why jerking us around with disaster capitalism is really for our own good. lol.)

After Finitude: An essay on the necessity of contingency
Quentin Meillassoux

At War With Time: Western Thought from The Sages to the 21st Century
Craig Eisendrath

Cheryl-Lynné said...

Another domino:

CIT Nears Bankruptcy Filing

CIT Group Inc. plans to file for bankruptcy as soon as Sunday afternoon, in what is termed a high-stakes restructuring intended to keep the doors open.

CIT's board was meeting about the likely filing early Sunday afternoon, and the company expected to seek Chapter 11 protection in New York in a matter of hours.

The lender expects to have considerable support from creditors for its "prepackaged" reorganization, which could allow CIT to have its plan approved quickly and emerge from bankruptcy by the end of the year.

Even if CIT emerges intact, its lending capacity could drop to less than 20% of what it was two years ago, according to an estimate by Brian Charles, a debt analyst at R.W. Pressprich & Co. CIT made just under $40 billion in new commercial loans in 2007, not including an additional $45 billion for trade financing, according to company figures. That plunged to just $4.4 billion in the first half of 2009.

CIT's bankruptcy filing "is a risky proposition," said Donald Workman, head of the bankruptcy practice at law firm Baker Hostetler. "It's far from a certainty that they will be able to exit... because of all the challenges a financial services company will face, particularly in this market."

Cheryl-Lynné said...

"can you find music by Vagner for me too. ;)"


Bearjob said...

Another domino, what a laugh. Another whoop-de-doo.

And I don't know why HyperTiger makes a big deal out of the US consumer being exhausted. They gotta have their vaccine(s)! lol.

Bearjob said...

mannfm11 wrote on some other site:

"The only way we can avoid debt destruction is if all of us besides the high elite become total bond servants. I don't know about you, but that isn't in my plans or the plans of people that back the concept of the United States. If this is the plan of TPTB, then I hope they fail. "

The proles are lined up and waiting 7 hours to be "saved". So much for fail. lol. Bring on the wonders of personalized medicine where TPTB owns your body.

"Because epigenetic states are reversible, they can be modi-
ed by environmental factors, and this may contribute to the development of
abnormal responses. What needs to be explained, from their perspective, is
the variety of stimuli that can bring about epigenetic changes, ranging from
developmental progression and aging to viral infection and diet.
Jaenish and Bird conclude that the future will see intense study of the
chains of signaling that are responsible for epigenetic programming. As a
result, we will be able to understand, and perhaps manipulate, the ways in
which the genome learns from experience."

"Gene Expression and its Discontents" 2010 Springer

thomas saranacas said...

scary fucking thought when huxley had it, albiet without the description of how.

Anonymous said...

Bearjob --

Can you tie together some of your posts here? Some interesting thoughts and links; started to watch "Ghost..." and tried to find a copy of the Vitzany book...

maybe you can expand on this for starters:
"implicitly demonstrating that that "Other side" is a downward spiral into 21st century concentration camps without the buildings."

Anonymous said...

Chain Deflator Reality is sinking In

Anonymous said...

"Folks choose this reality to experience sentient life...vices are appropriate's the folks who have forgotten why they chose this reality, who are screwing it up. It's about predators, victims, and folks who choose's all here and it's doesn't need fixing"
Do you agree with this statement Hypertiger?

Anonymous said...


What do you picture the end game looking like? A massive war? A world epidemic with billions dead?

I am having a hard time picturing a positive outcome for a single individual of modest means.

mannfm11 said...

Good post Cheryl Lynne. One of the Anons didn't seem to understand credit, that money doesn't exist in banks because banks are already liable for more money than they have and that the repayment of credit wipes it out, thus the -$200 billion. Savings and debt are mirrors of each other, ones debt being anothers savings. There is all this nonsense about retirement planning when the people planning for retirement are carrying mortgages 2 or 3 times their annual income. Wall street sold us this nonsense about stocks for the long run. Most stocks for the long run go to zero. Backdate the SPX to a 3% dividend yield at any time in the past and adjust to inflation and see what the SPX is today. Thus if the SPX was 6%, double the price then adjust to CPI. To adjust this market, one would have to divide by 3 roughly and multiply by 2. It appears deflation begins when one side of the equation hocks all its equity and the other side bids the value of equity up to the moon, thus creating a double vaccuum when asset prices deflate. There is an inordinant amount of toilet paper being used this day and time around central banks.

Anonymous said...

Another incredible day for deflationists like uh Hyper used to be, sometimes, when it suits him...hahahaha. At least Manny isn't waffling...

Look its no big deal killing off the top...just invent a fusion reactor and then you can start up a new world currency.

HYPERTlGER said...

Inflation less than previous inflation is taking place.

The price of Gold has been marketed as a measure of inflation for the purpose of social engineering the mindless masses.

the global civilizational structure built up over the past 3 or so centuries is deflating...but just look at the price of gold...Its inflating.

yay...inflation is happening not deflation.

There is still over 210 Trillion dollars of money in circulation.

Even if there was not a penny more created there is more than enough money in existamce to blow the price of gold sky high if the mindless drones are encouraged to panic buy.

Of course at some point they will...after the top has positioned themselves to obtain maximum gain from that doomsday spike.

Money was tool that was invented manipulate fools...

Anonymous said...

I don't see much talk amongst the masses about gold rising because of inflation. The focus is instead on the collapse of the US dollar. Hyper, why don't you answer the posters question about SDR's?

HYPERTlGER said...

Special drawing rights are ultimately irrelevant.

the supply of money/SDR's must also be the demand for goods, raw materials, and services for an economic system to operate.

I see zero ability for the current Bretton woods global trade system to continue to operate and any replacement system will require a similar transitional type period as the 1933-1945 Bankruptcy reorganization.

But since this inflationary phase ran 7 times longer...the magnitude of the...


Is going to be far greater.

The city of London financed the Japanese war machine to liquidate their China operation and then used its USA operation to liquidate the Japanese operation.

You all are as oblivious of your approaching liquidation as all the economists in Hiroshima were...

But Hyper I watched the history channel and it never mentioned anything about that.

The history of the game is written by the winners of course and the game the top invented which you all begin playing basically from the momment of birth to the instant of death is designed so that the top wins by default.

Its impossible for the bottom to win.

You are all basically puppets brainwashed day in and day out into thinking you are not puppets.

You idiots have as much control over your destiny as a leaf caught in a hurricane does.

But hyper I don't THINK so.

Of course you don't think the above is truth.

It's incompatable with all the cherished delusions you think are truth.

I'm well aware of what you all think...

A secret is what you all think I'm unaware of.

Anonymous said...

Hyper - looks like more are catching on.

thomas saranacas said...

good post anon

I agree with tiger. The thing never brought up howebver is what I call the "throw pillow effect"

After the Great Depression people got back on their feet. They bought shovels, hoes, and trucks. They bought all kinds of tools and other useful things. They were able to generate money, and then buy tools to make more money.

What do we live in? Well all of us have lived out ahead of ourselves. We spent money we didnt have. We used our homes as ATM's in order to expand the kitchen, go on vacation, or buy more fucking throw pillows.

So what do we have now. Our economy is dead. Eventually all those magnificently orchestrated microcosims designed to have fresh fucking basil on our tables will stop working. All those fucking retarded truckers depending on their 18 wheeled monstrosity to bring us food will stop driving when the oil stops flowing, or the credit locks up and stores cant order more food.

You will panic, and go through stages of acceptance. When you start to cry and you roll up into the fetal position on your bed. You will at least have 500 FUCKING THROW PILLOWS TO CRY ON!

thomas saranacas said...

The supply chain has tightned, and the money supply has slackend. do you see the sad irony in that?

Joe that owned the hardware store used to buy items to stock his store,bought with cash. He owned his inventory as his supplier owned his before it was sold to joe. It was all useful shit.

Now the chain is reversed.The shit arrives before the money is paid. Imagine if everyone ordered COD online. Lot less divorce. The shit is paid for WAY out in advance. Money is gone. Useless shit arrives.


Anonymous said...

Yea, it's nice to be in the top

Anonymous said...

Poor Hypertiger

Bearjob said...

Hypertiger said: "I see zero ability for the current Bretton woods global trade system to continue to operate..."

Why can't it continue? Because its mathematically impossible? So what. Mathematics is full of singularities. Because the players are all bankrupt? 'Insolvency' matters to some entities and to others it does not.

I've given up on spending countless hours on figuring out the financial catastrophe that never quite happens. And the "experts" have all concluded it was supposed to occur yesterday. So whats a good doomsayer to do?

Heh, its all about who enslaves who and we're way past the realm of economics.

Pick up the biology books and start reading, its your only hope.

Trader said...

Hyper, based on current situation, will you bet US dollar to go up or go down?

Hope to hear your speculation advise..

scepticus said...

Bearjob I agree. A financial crisis as a bridge to the start of the next 300 year epoch is a perfectly sensible concept.

It can be achieved easily by simply removing the option of cash from the economy.

Thereafter, no leaks from the banking system at all regardless.
Thanks for the link to the alternative banking report above.

You a brit?

HYPERTlGER said...

The system needs constant growth...yield.

Interest attached is growth.

The cost to service the existance of the money supply...the rent due to the top...Is hidden in the cost of everything.

It has to be paid...failure to pay equals death.

Just stop paying to see.

Do idiot.

maximum potential yield is that.

right now you can choose to continue paying the rent or run into the wildnerss and refuse to.

But at maximum potential becomes impossible to continue paying the rent due.

Even if you all dropped to your knees and begged for mercy.

The compounding interest equation at the core of all the accounting algorithms will supply none.

The top have known about this for 1000's of years.

It's no mystery.

The top capitalise on weakness.

Not only do you not know...but you have been socially engineered to hope for a miracle that is never going to show up.


1+1=2 but you trained fools will hope till the day you die that one glorious day will arrive where 1+1=3 or whatever other fantasy outcome you are currently dreaming about is going to become a reality.

But Hyper I have feelings...and those feeling are telling me that It just can't be.

The top gave you all the feelings you have...

All the stupidity you embrace.

All the mental retardation you have fallen in love with and cherish.

And will fight to the death to protect.

All I do is watch you all die fighting to attempt to reaquire what you never had to begin with or aquire what you never will.

Salvation from Truth.

It keeps you all busy though...for 1000's and 1000's of years now.

Because all you just think positive ignore the negative drones keep telling me over an over again...If at first you don't succeed..try..try again.

After 1000's of years you idiots have never succeeded.

and never will...Oh but that's negative...and must be ignored...

The just accept lies ignore truth equation at the core of your drone reasoning algorithms rules you.

the top gave you that as well which makes their job easy.

You will run in terror from salvation.

Because you all have been and are being socially engineered to hate and fear Truth.

Truth is GOD and GOD is Truth.

The top know this.

HYPERTlGER said...

The US Dollar...

It's a balance...too much in relation to demand and it weakens.

Oil is the greatest demand...Rig counts are down...there is a gult of oil...economic growth globally is basically flat lined.

The current weakness is due to the collapse of demand for oil globally.

The Dollar should gain at some point as the glut of oil works it's way through the system.

If it weakens much more...Chinese exports will become unaffordible and China will implode to oblivion.

I was telling people to get out of the stock markets in 1998-1999 and to buy Silver and Gold.

Go look at some charts...Good place to buy?

Like under 300 Dollars an ounce sound like a steal?

I don't speculate.

The top was buying there as well.

But blasting you all day in and day out with social engineering that buying the stock indexes which the top was selling out of was the smart thing to do and buying gold and silver is what Y2K nut cases do.

Now what is the top telling you all to do?

Jump back in morons...

The worst is behind us...

Because the top caused the bounce...The top were the ones that covered all their shorts and now they need you all to buy all that they are selling again.

Gold an silver will of course be the last to be dumped by the top.

Once all you morons have bid up their positions to the stupid zone.

The top do all the buying and selling.

The bottom just speculates.

Over the past century the bottom has provided the top with new technology that has made the massive division of labor you currently see...obsolete.

98% of you or so are no longer needed by your employer...the top.

The only speculation at this point is how the liquidation of all you soon to be unfundable liabilities is going to play out.

One way or the other it's inevitable.

Anonymous said...

Are you telling me that the thousands of dollars I've spent on self help and positive thinking books is wasted? Certainly there must be one more book that I can read to help me to persevere through this Kondratieff wave. If not I would like to choose the blue pill this time and go back to 2005.

Trader said...

So Hyper, at what level do you suggest people to get out of gold & silver?

Should we dump gold at today price ($1130)? Or will the top engineer it higher? If yes, how high?


HYPERTlGER said...

Greedy people desire to know when to sell something to maximize yield.

Scarce metals like Gold and silver will be some of the last things to collapse in price.

I don't sell unless I need to.

right now thw global supply of money is around 210 Trillion dollars

Less than 1% of the global money supply is playing around with Gold and Silver prices currently.

Trader said...

Which means now is not the time to sell. Gold & silver price will most probably go up rather than down.

Thanks for sharing Hyper..

& Yes, I am greedy :)
Sadly because I still need to eat.

Anonymous said...

GIM mods are liars,some tell members to STFU,others ban people for no reason.

Anonymous said...

What Nixon performed was a real piece of work. Snookered China hook line and sinker. Of course the selling point was to the few at the top to gain riches and power.

When the rule of law is completely abolished then that's all she wrote. (martial law leading to anarchy)

Anonymous said...

what do you think of Ayn Rand's
philosophy of Objectivism. I've been reading a book called The Selfish Gene by Dawkins, an evolutionist. It is all starting to make sense to me now. All of this means nothing.

HYPERTlGER said...

Nixon is like all so called leaders of economic installed puppet.

The top has snookered you all for over 6000 years.

Power seekers...Thats what all the current so called leaders are.

They desire power as much as pedophiles desire children.

The top maintains their position by giving the bottom what they what.

The top obtains what they want by giving the bottom what they want.

So called leaders are given...power.

The bottom supplies power to the top...the top then use it to power the administration systems of the absolute capitalist hierarchial food powered make work enterprise.

The thing you call Governments.

The USA, China...all the so called countries of the world are just economic zones.

sub hierarchies within the global hierarchy.

Just parts of a global apparatus to supply power to the top.

Those below you are supporting you and you are supporting those above.

The top have none above them to support...Most at the bottom live short painful lives as they are crushed under the weight of all above they are holding up.

Anonymous said...

Enough of this fucking "top" is social engineering your dog to wag its tail bullshit already. People are looking for analysis of the day, not a continous stream of your "Joe Stalin was a Pussycat compared to me" genocidal wet dreams.

Siege said...

@ tail wagging the dog anon Nov 24.

I hate to slap you, but you earned it. What the 'ell are you doing reading all this if you aren't ready to be enlightened? Your comment expresses how deeply engrained your training is. Leave. Your mind is closed.

HT. Enlightenment moves in stages. I appreciate having your thoughts to mull on. I especially appreciate your comment re: gold being the next bubble. I'd come to that conclusion already, but few share the view.

Anonymous said...

re: gold being the next bubble

Hahaha...hyper is foolin ya. He's a hardcore deflationist. Sure, gold is a worthless bubble right now because the sheep don't get the point of physically owning it for decades to pass on to their descendants. I hope it gets clobbered and the fools are chased out so I can buy some more.

What else are you gonna pass on thats portable and durable?

Land titles (when there is no more contract law)

Computers (hahahahaha)

Claims on future productivity (hahahaha, like it well exceeds the slave capacity of the entire world)

cars (that noone can afford to operate)

dreams of retirement (another soon to be extinct concept)

get em ed-u-kated (lol, I've already got a zillion science and engineering books for free, the singularity is nonsense, the tech is worthless fad junk.)

may as well give em some collector gold coins from the mint every year going forward.

HYPERTlGER said...

I have piles of silver that I bought in 1998...

Silver has been what the generally circulating currencies of the wolrd have been constructed out of for 1000's of years.

not Gold...There is very little Gold in circulation...most of its has been lent into circulation by the owners of it.

The top who invented the Gold standard to control the economies of the world.

The 1900 Gold standard act which the city of London funded Mckinley gold republicans promoted and passed in the USA turned the 1792 US Dollar from a measurment of silver into a measurment of Gold.

It was called the London fix

(From The Financial Post - Feb. 17, 1996.

LONDON - The financial district known here simply as The City is a hotbed of the loyal Order of the Masons, who have a penchant for strange rituals.But Masonry has nothing to do with an odd little ceremony performed twice every day in an office at N.M. Rothschild & Sons Ltd.

Five men talk on their phones for 10 minutes or so and then lower tiny Union Jacks sitting on their desks. And that's it. The London gold fixings is complete. It takes place at 10:30 a.m. and 3 p.m., like clockwork. The same ceremony has been performed the same way, in the same place, and with mostly the same firms participating since the first gold fixing was enacted at Rothschild in St. Swithin's Lane on Friday Sept. 12, 1919.

HYPERTlGER said...

1919 and Gold?

"ARTICLE 235 The Versailles Treaty June 28, 1919

In order to enable the Allied and Associated Powers to proceed at once to the restoration of their industrial and economic life, pending the full determination of their claims, Germany shall pay in such installments and in such manner (whether in gold, commodities, ships, securities or otherwise) as the Reparation Commission may fix, during 1919, 1920 and the first four months Of 1921 , the equivalent of 20,000,000,000 gold marks."

2790 Gold marks equalled 2.2 Lb of pure gold.

15,770,609 Lb of Gold or 7885 short tons of gold or 229,935,483 oz of Gold...

Quite a bit of GOLD...Especially when the total above ground stock around that time was 50,000 tons with around 25,000 tons monetary Gold world wide...

And Germany certainly did not have 7885 short tons of gold in 1919 1920 or 1921...

What to do then?

The British (Bank of England) basically told Germany to print marks to buy GOLD...From? The winning powers...

The Looting of Germany carry trade...Germany printed marks and then bought Gold then the amount of GOLD they owed dropped and the winning Powers still had GOLD and loads of marks...what to do with all those marks? send them home to roost buying raw materials and finished goods...

The marks flooded into the German commercial banking system allowing it to inflate the debt supply in Germany...The more GOLD Germany bought the more marks they had to print...Which caused the purchasing power to drop...It was quickly losing it's value...

But outside of Germany all the currencies were quickly gaining value...Basically German exports were getting constantly cheaper and cheaper...A free give away of German raw material and finished products basically...

To the winning powers...England France, the U.S.A...The Whole British Empire.

This fueled the Roaring 20's until the mark was losing value so fast that it basically caused prices inside Germay to hyperinflate until it was impossible to account...The looting of Germany carry trade collpased in 1924 after about 14 months of Hyperinflation of prices or a hyperdeflation of the value of the mark...

The collapse of the carry trade caused a hyperdeflationary implosion of the banking/monetary system in Germany and the shockwave spred out into the Global system and reached the USA by late 1926 and visibly manifested with the market crash October 21 1929...

The top own all the Gold on Earth...Most of it was leant into circulation...and on top of that all that the bottom owes the top is many times more than all the gold in the world which the top owns anyways.

In ancient times farmers built up multi year grain reserves.

But Gold is "portable and durable"

Why store and maintain a small mountain of grain whan a small bag of gold is far easier to take care of?

The answer arrives when the crops fail and all the people find out that money made out of metal is not very good to eat.

HYPERTlGER said...

Conversion of savings from grain to money by the food producers was one of the factors contributing to the collapse of Rome.

Sunday, June 07, 2009 in the post Enron Economics...

This appeared...

"You all will wake up from the daydream you are currently enjoying into a nightmare...that will just go on and on and on...

China...poof...India? poof...Europe? poof...Japan? poof...Dubai...poof.

Every country on Earth...poof poof poofity poof.

This credit bubble is 64 years old...It's going to rewind back far further than 2001...The real estate bubble in the USA is 37 years old...all that has popped up to this point is the bubble within that bubble...the actual real estate bubble is still intact."

"November 27, 2009

Dubai in deep water as ripples from debt crisis spreadPatrick Hosking and David Robertson

Fears of a dangerous new phase in the economic crisis swept around the globe yesterday as traders responded to the shock announcement that a debt-laden Dubai state corporation was unable to meet its interest bill.

Shares plunged, weak currencies were battered and more than £14 billion was wiped from the value of British banks on fears that they would be left nursing new losses."

"The Fabian strategy is a military strategy where pitched battles are avoided in favor of wearing down an opponent through a war of attrition. While avoiding decisive battles, the side employing this strategy harasses its enemy to cause attrition and loss of morale."

"This strategy derives its name from Quintus Fabius Maximus Verrucosus, the dictator of the Roman Republic given the thankless task of defeating the great general Hannibal of Carthage in southern Italy during the Second Punic War (218-202 BC). At the start of the war, Hannibal boldly crossed into Italy by traversing the Alps during winter-time and invaded Italy. Due to Hannibal's skill as a general, he repeatedly inflicted devastating losses on the Romans despite the numerical inferiority of his army — quickly achieving two crushing victories over the Romans at the Battle of Trebbia and the Battle of Lake Trasimene. After these disasters the Romans appointed Fabius Maximus as dictator. Well-aware of the military superiority of the Carthaginians and the ingenuity of Hannibal, Fabius initiated a war of attrition which was designed to exploit Hannibal's strategic vulnerabilities."

"The group, which favoured gradual incremental change rather than revolutionary change, was named – at the suggestion of Frank Podmore – in honour of the Roman general Quintus Fabius Maximus (nicknamed "Cunctator", meaning "the Delayer"). His Fabian strategy advocated tactics of harassment and attrition rather than head-on battles against the Carthaginian army under the renowned general Hannibal Barca.

The society was founded on 4 January 1884 in London"

"Two members, including the twentieth century's most pre-eminent economist, John Maynard Keynes, and Harry Dexter White were delegates at 1944's United Nations Monetary and Financial Conference"

Not just delegates...but the front men for the new global trade system...

The Bretton Woods global trade system...that has been inflating greater than previously for the past 65 years...

The one that has reached maximum potential and is imploding.

It's so massive that it's going to take decades to inflate less than previous inflation.

Or deflate.

general Quintus Fabius Maximus (nicknamed "Cunctator", meaning "the Delayer").

The strat was to construct the largest inflationary self delsuional bubble in the history of civilization.

You all are dancing on the top of it...have been for years now as it slowly turns over.

The period 1929-1944 was heaven compared to what you all are going to sink into.

Because scaled up that 15 year period is going to take 80 to 90 years this time around.

Most of you are not even going to see the Bottom.

Anonymous said...

Another incredible day for deflationists like Hyper. Why doesn't the "top" just pull the plug if the american dufus is tapped out? Why do they keep propping it up? They're the "top", right? What worries could they possibly have.

Ishkabibble said...

You really think the US system is being indefinately propped up? One of the fundamental rules you learn about being management is controlling your losses. The US system is being dismantled in such a fashion that the people bringing it down salvage what wealth they can... and ideally grow it as best they can while the collapse unfolds.

We have never seen such blatant corruption as we do today in the open. Why? This is a mad dash to grab what isn't securely tied down. The Titanic is floundering.

I suppose you might be inclined to think TPTB will be forever generous... giving you what they would otherwise skim off. If so, I'm happy you're happy in your beautiful, magical world.

Anonymous said...

RE: "The US system is being dismantled in such a fashion that the people bringing it down salvage what wealth they can... and ideally grow it as best they can while the collapse unfolds."

Salvage what wealth they can??? Your entire message is incoherent in the context of this blog. The so-called "top" owns and runs the entire show. Why would they salvage a monopoly? Why bother prolonging what must expire? Why bother replacing the tapped out peons with government when its futile? Or is it not yet futile? How do you really know when that point is reached?

Ishkabibble said...

Salvage what wealth they can??? Your entire message is incoherent in the context of this blog.

They own the top and they run the show, but in a collapse, they need to limit asset destruction. And in the process they resecure what assets and wealth they have loaned out. There is a need to have the law endure, so it can protect their wealth. There are parts of the system that still matter in a reset.

The so-called "top" owns and runs the entire show. Why would they salvage a monopoly?

They don't have to salvage a monopoly. They need to reduce the middle class so we have a reason to work harder. They need to affect a reset and decrease the number of people that simply consume.

Why bother prolonging what must expire?

This system runs in waves. It has not expired over multiple lifetimes. K-waves show that the cycle repeats. We're in the stage where people are crushed to make room for the next growth period. That said, this cycle was pushed to a greater peak, so the crushing force will be greater. I don't know if they can hold it together through this collapse, but that isn't my battle.

Why bother replacing the tapped out peons with government when its futile?

To protect the system that protects the wealth... the legal system. You really think the law is about protecting you and your assets? 'ell No. It's about protecting TPTB and preventing anyone from challenging their position.

Or is it not yet futile?

Depends what you mean by 'it.' If you are referring to the system, 'it' is in a collapse phase. When common people have nothing again, 'it' as a system will continue, I suspect with the same powers in control as always. Just new faces. Maybe a new generation wielding the same power.

If you are referring to the collapse, that's written. Look around you. Do you see the makings of a healthy society or a failing one? Do you see hard working people making a substantial excess? We have nearly 7 billion consumers of the resources TPTB would rather weren't depleted. We have a population where 70% of people are overweight or worse. We are not efficient and we are chewing up the excess. We also have too much. We work harder as crushed slaves given new hope, than we do as a free people. Our assets give us freedom. To remove our freedom and have us produce, those assets must return to roost.

How do you really know when that point is reached?

What does it matter when the point of collapse is reached? One need only recognize that the tipping point has passed to know the importance of preparation. The inflection point matters, after it all is just momentum.

Anonymous said...


what do you think of this guys blog post:

"Are we Living in Zero Hour Now?"

Anonymous said...

RE: "...but in a collapse, they need to limit asset destruction. And in the process they resecure what assets and wealth they have loaned out. There is a need to have the law endure, so it can protect their wealth. "

What nonsense. Did you ever hear of Argentina? Did the rioting topple the ruling class? How about North Korea the other day? "Hey gang, your money is now worthless. Now get back to work."

Not to mention the ongoing experiment in Zimbabwe.

Ishkabibble said...

"Did you ever hear of Argentina? Did the rioting topple the ruling class? How about North Korea the other day? "Hey gang, your money is now worthless. Now get back to work."

Agreed. But you are looking at a different type of people... a type that is familiar with work, younger, accustomed to hardship, and raised in a different political system with percieved different rights. Even so, take a good look at Argentina if you want to use that as an example. How has their productive capacity held up? How did Russia's... how about Germany's? The objective in a collapse is to increase the wealth disparity while protecting productive assets.

NK has instantly wiped out the wealth of it's middle class, while I expect the upper class was heavily into more protected wealth such as gold and assets. How it will play out for them in the long run remains to be seen. From what I see reported from a distance, it appears they have very successfully reset and ensured minimal loss. But then they don't have an international currency to contend with, or a population armed to the nuts, or a system where people are permitted to question the actions of their dictator.

Note as well, that I said nothing about toppling the upper class. There is little risk of this. The risk is that, in the process of resetting, productive capacity is destroyed.

To Anon from Dec 1:

Thank you for that thought provoking article. I personally think picking bottom just results in a smelly finger, so I prefer not to go there.

The article is complete within the author's boundaries and in those established parameters, but I think there are more variables to consider.

I would challenge some of the assumptions, such as the one that "Money is printed in offset to new assets. There are no helicopter drops of money as many believe."

The issue here is that the productive capacity and total asset worth in the US is decreasing fast, while the money supply expands. I would state that the helicopter drops are simply redistribution of the existing wealth, in as much as currency is seen as wealth.

I also think the author sidesteps a most important issue. Trillions of USD are held at bay in treasuries. They can't be spent... today. But within them sits the pent up inflation of decades. The prediction involves the model continuing in it's current path, but I don't see that path as sustainable, even for the short run. Treasuries are coming in strong for renewal; as the fear of long term dollar stability and US solvency increases, nations will want to redeem these instruments for tangibles, not roll them over. When that happens, or when holders seek to sell early to escape the trap, the game will end. Urgency on part of creditors to the US is increasing rapidly. A plug will be pulled... somewhere. The first out is most likely to keep the shirt and all players know.

I think the article puts much into perspective and does contain considerable value. But the predictive model in the article would require variables that are swinging wildly to remain stable. That is not our environment.

Anonymous said...

Why can't this happen?

Anonymous said...

its' time for another post Hyper..

give us something up 2 date please..

Anonymous said...

They're going to kill the fed

...and replace the worthless dollar within 4 months.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Cheryl-Lynné said...

"its' time for another post Hyper..give us something up 2 date please.."

I'll see what I can find this weekend :)

Siege said...

I would love to hear HT's thoughts on this video. I think it evidences ownership by the top and the servitude of the bottom, but I also think it has implications not yet discussed.

Anonymous said...


It seems today we have the same financial concerns as we did in the eighties. We have just replace billions with trillions. Why should we feer economic colapsw, when we can just move the decimal point over one space and continue with the sherade

Anonymous said...

Hi Hyper,
I suggest at this end of 2009, you change your writing style a bit and post a more simple language about what is your prediction for 2010.

What's your opinion about what's going to happened in financial & political arena for the next 12 months.


Cheryl-Lynné said...

Please refrain from posting get rich quick schemes for I will only delete them.

HYPERTlGER said...


That's how the system has been operated for 1000's of years.

The key problem is that the bottom supports the top.

meaning that everything the top has comes from the bottom.

the bottom has reached their maximum potential to supply the top.

Which means the top can not supply the bottom.

It's why the Governments of the world are going into massive deficit spending...basically forcing the bottom to consume.

all those so called liquid investments in the CAFR?

Depend upon support by the bottom...without the bottom slaving day in and day out supporting the inflation.

All those liquid investments implode to oblivion.

Theres more than enough money in existance to pay all the food producers of the world to stop working and relax...but then what are you all going to eat?

You all just don't seem to get it.

If you were all rich...who is going to do all the work?

You popped into existance and your existance is maintaned tio support the top.

Plain and simple...It's what you are here for.

You are all employees of the global hierarchial absolute capitalist food powered make work enterprise.

No Hyper..I don't believe so.

What you believe or don't is irrelevant to me.

Anonymous said...

I think you meant to say "SLAVES" to the global hierarchial absolute capitalist food powered make work enterprise.

Anonymous said...

The "Western World" has been acting as "buffer" and "enabler" of the TOP, they need us as "buffer" and it's the only reason 10% of the world is fairly well off, we are the enabling buffer to feed the top goodies. We, in America and Western Europe, are basically administrating the slavery of Asia and poor nations to funnel slave goods to us and the VERY NICE STUFF to the TOP. IF the TOP wants VERY NICE STUFF, they have to create a complex infrastructure that allows NICE STUFF to be made. That inevitably means that 10% of the world gets "pretty good" stuff. It's the B line of the NICE STUFF, that supports that next level of goodies.

.00001% Elite Ultras, .001% Extremely Wealthy, .1% Very Rich, 10% Well-to-do buffer (most of us), 89+% work like dog for a bowl or rice for supper, then next day do that again.

If the slavery was happening in our backyard would we allow it? Yet we allow it to come from Malaysia to Walmart to our homes.

Anonymous said...

Hyper "Its collapsing" Tiger, why do you give away your analysis when its worth at least a trillion dollars... Zimbabwe. Now be a good boy and give us your predictions for 2010 so we can mock you still more.

Anonymous said...

predictions for 2010? thats easy.

ZeroHedge: "We gotta start making shit again" [except for the tiny problem that the consumer won't buy more expensive goods]

ZeroHedge: "We gotta get more gold"
[unless it drops like a rock, of course. Then we're stupid people]

ZeroHedge: "We gotta document what the crooks are up to" [Heh, too many crooks, too little time, and no ROI]

ZeroHedge: "We gotta get energy independent" [which isn't possible because the scientists don't have a clue how to do it]

And I can't forget the neverending Inflation vs Deflation holy wars.

Anonymous said...

also CIT group is not associated with Citi Group.

HYPERTlGER said...

Not slaves anymore...employees in an enterprise.

If you were slaves you would not have access to the Internet.

The effect of the contraction of the US money supply.

The total US money supply grew by around negative 100 Billion last quarter.

The rest of the economic zones in the system all whent into massive deficit to postpone collapse.

The Key is the US consumer...they need to step up and request the commercial banking system to manufacture the required amount of debt to sustain the system.

But they can't.

Its not a theory or an opinion...

The data is a fact now.

The lowest interest rates in as far as I can tell...ever...and the US consumer is producing negative yield.

The entire money supply is owned by the top and the last two quarters the yield was negative.

But hyper look at the markets and all the rest of the data...It's all showing positive advancement.

Yes compared to last year...compared to the time before the largest global Government economic intervention in history.

Canada as an example...had a balanced budget for 11 years and was paying off debt with it's surpluses...

All that progress was wiped out in a couple months at the beginning of 2009...poof.

All that the massive end of the world deficit spending did was produce a minor gain in yoy numbers.

Because the scale is so large...the global mass social enginnering machine is having an easy time marketing a lower high as a higher high.

You all think it's basically over and good times are around the corner.

You will continue the think that of course until it becomes impossible for the social engineers to fool you all as they are now.

There is no recovery...and there will be no recovery.

But of course you morons don't know this...and because you are bascially mindless drones/employees that require someone else/the employer to do the thinking for you...You will not become aware of this until its a fact.

The just think positive/accept lies ignore the negative/reject truth equation at the core of your drone reasoning algorithm causes you all to ignore/reject truth until it becomes impossible to.

Until then you all will hope the lies you are currently in love with are truth.

As usual...yawn

Anonymous said...

Thanks for responding to my slavery corection attemt HT. I stand corected.


I would like to hear your views on the subject of value of gold in a one world currency, where plastic is the medium of exchange.

I posed the question here.

.Would you be so kind as stop in again and address the subject? It's been a while.



Anonymous said...

Hyper's so stupid that he doesn't even realize the outsourcing scam was motivated by "executive management's" desire to shed themselves of analytical responsiblity. I'll bet he isn't even aware its not any cheaper over there. What you save on labour is more than offset by paying off the pinko high officials on a continuous basis. Keep up the hatred Hyper, your weak intellect is fooling no-one.

Siege said...

I have to chuckle. So many times I read you commenting on the morons in our society... but it sure is fresh when one comes here and shouts out to prove it. :)

To the fool that posted. The first stage is denial. If you are there, you have far to go and little time. Shock, fear, and panic will come next, followed by acceptance. Enjoy the journey, but move fast. Your ass may be grass if you don't.

I am interested in some new thoughts HT. I personally see another big bout of layoffs in Jan-Feb 2010. The recent growth revisions from 3.5% to 2.8% and now 2.2% are significant. The numbers are being chased down now so Christmas stats can be played up. But those aren't small revisions... telling me the problems these are intended to hide are not small either.

Though things may look okay when the reports release, cooking the numbers seems futile. Businesses will respond based on their internal finances. Balance sheets and POS reports will tell the true tale. Jobs will be shed, lots of them.

I've noted a few new moves in recent days too... Obama has granted greater rights to INTERPOL than even the US surpreme court has, and the secret of US war contractors is no longer hidden.

I think what grabs me most is the ambitiously overestimated tax revenues the US is banking on next year. They inverted a section of their forecast chart. The percentage change is correct - the direction is not.

Talk of the US collapse is becoming vogue. It's the unspoken secret that everyone's discussing, as though they need to convince others and yet all are saying "yeah, it's true." When the whispers become words, all dials on the economic adjuster will have seized. That day is fast approaching. Awareness is expanding at an alarming rate.

thomas saranacas said...

well said siege.

Im sick of waiting. Akin to knowing a bookie is gonna break your leg. I just want to start healing.

thomas saranacas said...

Hyper I would love your opinion on nates post here

Ishkabibble said...

This post contains a banker's guide to extorting wealth. It appears to mirror our collapse. I'd love to hear your thoughts on it Hyper.

Anonymous said...

thomas saranacas, i deliver to you our saviour, Lord Mosler!

Anonymous said...

Hyper, the ZeroHedge gang says:

Actually, there's a whole contingent of rationale ZH space monkeys who tend to focus on larger issue macro-perspective trends. We leave the political hand-wringing to others who still believe in a world where the US government represents their collective interests.
Ultimately, it all comes down to the ability of the world economy's productive output to service the next tranche of debt necessary to propel the global FRB system to new levels of investment, production & consumption. Historically, the servicing of pyramided debt has been achieved over and over again by either new discoveries of core energy sources and/or improved utility and maximization of existing proven reserves.
Unfortunately, even if we were to have 100-500 years of existing energy reserves, it doesn't do anything for us other than to service the existing layer of debt. We need to be able to add an additional layer of debt in order to inflate asset values and depreciate/roll-forward current principle+interest balances so that they may be re-packaged and sold off as FI investments (ie bonds).
(Some call this Ponzi finance; I call it the reality of our global economic system which has been extant for at least 200 years, if not longer. It is what it is, so in order to keep the game going, we need to repeat the same steps that got us here. Yes, I know it sounds crazy, but if the music were to stop, we would looking at a 30-50% contraction. Is it any wonder then that central banks + governments have abandoned all pretenses about following traditional trade practices, laws & customs? They are neither crazy nor stupid - they know damn well what's in store if we don't pull off a miracle.)
So let us focus instead of what's out there on the horizon in terms of a paradigm shift in energy optimization and/or economic efficiencies. If something shows up, we're good to go; all of this little 'unpleasantness' will be soon forgotten. But if we, as a global community, don't have something lined up pretty soon, then political matters may begin to gain their own momentum that would foreclose future consideration of possible solutions. That is, until the blood letting has run its course.
A few super-doomers are convinced there is nothing that can save our bacon this time around. I'm still holding out judgment, but I will admit it needs to be pretty damn impressive; a real game changer if you will. This would include a massive new source of energy controlled by the US that would be equivalent to gas at $.25 cents/gallon. Or some form of genetically altered food supply/health care solutions that reduced current costs by 1/100. Moving production off-shore to China provided a huge boost over the last 20 years - it really drove down production costs. However, unless we find another planet in which to off-shore production away from China, I don't believe this trick will work again.
So, to recap, unless we come up with something pretty darn quick, we simply will not have sufficient productive output to service the next tranche of debt necessary to cover baseline investment, production & consumption. If this thing really tilts over & goes tits-up, then the US gov't will resemble those slow-mo shots of the Twin Towers as they collapsed inward, gaining momentum all the way down.

Same thing I have been saying. Fusion or bust.
We're at the end of the growth phase of industrial economics until a new, growable source of energy is discovered.
This one has to be as big as coal vs oil or wood vs coal. Aka, completely new. Stopgaps like fission or solar panels do not cut it.
If we were to invent voltaics with insane efficiencies and high EROIs, that could suffice, but there is still the scalability issues along with the need for growth (aka, more sun)

Anonymous said...

Another incredible day of deflation...hahahahahaha. Oh I forgot, Hyper "Its imploding" Tiger is always right.

Anonymous said...

come on hyper, where is your newer post?

Cheryl-Lynné said...

"come on hyper, where is your newer post?"

He hasn't been posting much lately, so there's not enough for me to work with. :(

HYPERTlGER said...

New post to compete with the 24/7 multi billion Dollar mindfreak?

Sorry but the trend is your friend and the top is leveraging the lower high.

The top operates on certainty...theres no speculation.

They will pull the so called plug once that is the only option.

As long as you all continue sacrificing day in and day out keeping everything from won't.

The bottom does everything...the top does nothing.

bums collecting pop bottles from dumpsters do more than the top does.

The system is just a just operates until it can't any longer.

the system will collapse when you all do.

when you all reach the end...when you all can no longer sustain it.


All of in and day out.

Do it all.

The top does nothing except of course claim to be doing something.

Can you believe it...there are people that are so called owners of businesses.

But all they are is self employed employees.


Other than running into the wilderness and avoiding all contact...there is no escape.

resistance...just provides employment to those hired to deal with fate resisters.

The top know that all the things you all deeply believe are truth are lies.

the top did not grow up as you did...all the lies and delusions you all currently cherish as truth are known to be lies by the top.

Because the top taught the bottom everything.

How to read write mathmatics and how to think.

You are all products...

The primary purpose of school is to produce socially engineer new drones for the previously produce drones to exploit for fun and profit.

Period end of story.

You all will spend your entire lives desperately fighting to stay asleep.

frantically searching for something you never want to find.

Anonymous said...

Well, that wasn't very uplifting. Should I buy gold or cans of food?

.. I'm awake. But most of the time I wish I wasn't. I think I was happier when I was one of the sheeple.

Maybe the ones who can see the system for what it is are Gods elect.

Unknown said...

Resistance is futile! Ha, do whatever you want at this point the elite certainly do.

Belalron said...

I smell reruns...

Anonymous said...

the internet, what a miserable place. look at the human vermin so easily funnelled via the path of least resistance. its the same walmart bullshit all over again. look at the idiots flock to while screaming at the termites in gov about concentration of power, lack of jobs, whatever. look at sites like zerohedge, denninger, whatever for ideas and you wade through pathetic goldbug and survivalism junk. whats an honest man of the middle class supposed to do? i dunno but i don't see anything good in the internet.

Anon1 said...


hmmm, sure is a lot of anonimity in these parts.

"What else are you gonna pass on thats portable and durable? "

A good rifle, a good handgun, and the apparatus to load ammo.

Durable, reliable, and much more functional than a chunk of gold or silver (and neither makes good stock to make gun barrels or bullets, for that matter).

That rifle and setch also does a trick on enforcing your property rights when contract law is all POOF!

My AP ammo is my contract.

Anonymous said...

Hey Hyper, your buddy Manny is going bonkers on shouting "SELL EVERYTHING"...Hahahahaha...2 out of 3 down days and the deflationists are proclaiming victory already. This is your 20 minutes of fame again, here I'll another post for you.

"In 1679, blah blah blah..."

Bearjob said...

Heh, a rifle. What a laugh. You're already being exposed to toxins and don't even know it. Then you get sick. And then you realize you're a gun totin dependent on the medical system.

HYPERTlGER said...

The global system has been deflating for decades already...

But that's the beauty of the just think positive ignore the negative religion.

The just accept lies reject truth equation at the core of the drone reasoning algorithm.

As long as there is any inflation greater than previous inflation...all inflation less than previous can be discounted.

I did say in late 2008 that this lower high would last until 2010 and that it would be marketed to Anonymous babbling morons as a recovery.

Like a fly licking up puss through the cracks in a scab.

The top will not order you all to sell until the top is in position to capitalize.

The top does all the buying and selling the bottom just speculates.

Speculators have been bidding up the indexes from the bottom where the top covered all their shorts.

You amass money from the markets by selling...

When to sell?

When the speculators reach their maximum potential to bid up the equity markets.

When is that?

The top know exactally how much money they have to play they are the only ones that know when.

It's just an equation ultimately.

Key is the top is not trying to strike it rich.

Just sustain the inflation greater than previous inflation of their power.

maintain their position.

Thats all the top does.

Give the bottom what it wants.

The bottom needs truth but due to the just think positive ignore the negative religion or the just accept lies reject truth equation at the core of the drone reasoning algorithm.

Give the bottom what it wants.


Basically when simplified the bottom asks the top for the answer to 1+1

of course the answer is 2 but the bottom does not like that answer.

because just think positive drones see truth as negative and lies as positive so 2 will be rejected in favor of another answer.

like 3

Or whatever lie the bottom accepts.

The only time the bottom will accept truth is when it becomes impossible to accept lies any longer.

That point is still far away.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Cheryl-Lynné said...

"Winning bidders will receive no interest on their investment."

I wonder why when if they invest with 'Mr. Sunshine' who posted above you, they can easily turn $20,000 into $50,000 in 3 months!!!


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Of course until the party ends, pyramid schemes work until they don't. Which is what the whole financial system is including your High yield crap.

Anonymous said...

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Cheryl-Lynné said...

"Nice brief and this mail helped me alot in my college assignement. Thank you for your information."

If you're still around anonymous, I'm curious what type of assignment you had?

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Hi HT,

Long time since your last major post... been looking forward to the next. Hope it won't be too much longer. Anyway, thought this might be of interest to you. Seems the world's major bankers are meeting this weekend, very hush hush... I've seen almost nothing on it, yet the implications are significant. Think it's by chance they chose SuperBowl weekend? I don't.

Anonymous said...

Tgher, There is tremendouse amount of activity in the world financialy and politicaly. You have not submitted thoughts for debate and descusion since mid October.

We are patiently waiting.

Anonymous said...

nice article. I would love to follow you on twitter. By the way, did anyone learn that some chinese hacker had busted twitter yesterday again.

Anonymous said...

I'm going to have to start posting norwegian jokes to keep the audience occupied.

......crickets chirping

Anonymous said...

Look everyone, at the MASSIVE DEFLATION EVERYWHERE...just bought a brand new Toyota for $15 bucks...hahahahaha...thanks Hyper.

Oh I forgot, this is a controlled demolition of the global economy...whew thank god for that.

Anonymous said...

This IS a controlled demolition of the global economy. If you can't see that you need to give up because you were not meant to understand you morron.

The euro and dollar are on a death spiral. It is all intended to usher in one world currency/gov.

The bottom cannot/ will not support the top much longer. They need a system reboot to keep the sheep in their pen. Speaking of sheep, with the new system, less sheep will be needed. You will be fleesed then culled. Do some research on chemtrails airisoll sprying, morgellons desease. It's all here. The poisons are in your body now, you just do not know anout it YET.

Jesus is THE only hope anyone has.

Anonymous said...

What I don't get is this Government debt as a percentage of GDP as an indicator if the economy is deleveraging. As an example, this Bill Gross dude comments:

"Risk/growth-oriented assets (as well as currencies) should be directed towards Asian/developing countries less levered and less easily prone to bubbling and therefore the negative deleveraging aspects of bubble popping. When the price is right, go where the growth is, where the consumer sector is still in its infancy, where national debt levels are low, where reserves are high, and where trade surpluses promise to generate additional reserves for years to come. Look, in other words, for a savings-oriented economy which should gradually evolve into a consumer-focused economy. China, India, Brazil and more miniature-sized examples of each would be excellent examples. "

This seems like total bullshit to me. Chinas banking system is more sound than here? I think their capitalist-communist hybrid system does a better job of sucking money in and then rattling in around internally with no escape.

I think these IMF-BIS supra-national scumbags just make their bets and then its all self-serving bullshit after that for why it must be.

Anonymous said...

It already is a world gubbermint. Who the hell do you think has all the voting and veto rights at the IMF and has military bases all over the fucking place.

Anonymous said...


You have to look at the big picture (symptoms).

Consider the manipulation of gold and silver. Historicaly undervalued when paralleld to fiat currency.
But, with that said, there will come a time when you will not trade your last bit of food for a bucket of gold. That is, If the elite will let it get to that point. The mass de-population is close at hand.

Prepare yourself.