Monday, March 23, 2009

You Will Soon Learn What The Word 'Miscalculation' Means

In 1944 at the tail end of the 1933-1945 bankruptcy reorganization of the Global trade system Bretton Woods made the US Dollar the Global trade medium of exchange taking over from the British pound sterling and by default the US consumer became the demand of the global system taking over from the British.

The US consumer is the demand of the world while the rest of the world is the supply.

The USA is addicted to imports?



Argentina has to destroy the value of its currency so that importers can afford their exports.

Argentina sends its exports to...

Brazil 19.1%, China 9.4%, US 7.9%, Chile 7.6%

Brazil sends its exports to...USA Number one consumer of Exports.

US 16.1%, Argentina 9.2%, China 6.8%, Netherlands 5.6%, Germany 4.6%

China sends its exports to...USA Number one consumer of Exports.

US 19.1%, Hong Kong 15.1%, Japan 8.4%, South Korea 4.6%, Germany 4%

Chile sends its exports to...

China 14.8%, US 12.5%, Japan 10.5%, Netherlands 5.8%, South Korea 5.7%, Italy 5.1%, Brazil 5%

Basically every economic zone on Earth has The USA as its Number one consumer of Exports or its number one consumer of exports has the USA as its number one consumer of exports.

Japan send its exports to...USA number one consumer of exports

US 20.4%, China 15.3%, South Korea 7.6%, Taiwan 6.3%, Hong Kong 5.4%

South Korea sends its exports to...

China 22.1%, US 12.4%, Japan 7.1%, Hong Kong 5%

Taiwan send its exports to...

China 32.6%, US 12.9%, Hong Kong 8.6%, Japan 6.4%, Singapore 5%

The largest consumer of the European Union's exports is the USA.

It's why WORLD trade collapsed by nearly 45 per cent in annual terms in the final three months of last year, according to the International Monetary Fund figures.

US consumers are maxed out...

Deflation is the word generally used to describe the observation of inflation less than previous inflation.

The USA within the context of the 1944 Bretton Woods global trade system has been inflating greater than previous inflation since then

Or 65 years.

That is coming to an end and the USA along with the rest of the global system is going to begin inflating less than previous inflation to maximum potential once the maximum potential of inflation greater than previous inflation is reached.

Civilization as you know it...Is going to deflate.

Hyper look...The price of this item has risen how do you explain that?

Simple...More demand for that item than supply.

Gold dropped today?

Did the supply of money shrink in relation to supply or did the demand shrink in relation to supply?

The money supply is still growing by about 5.6 Billion dollars a day so it's not a money supply problem.

Increasing the money supply is nice and all but you need people out there spending it...

Two houses and three cars not enough?

What's the FED going to do?

Buy everything and then increase the price by 5% and sell it all to itself again?

ALL OF YOU DRIVE THE ECONOMY...not a magic printing press.

And if you all can't drive the economy higher...


There will be nothing to prevent you all from transforming from assets into unfundable liabilities that will have to be liquidated one way or the other.

The gold price will be driven by its small supply in relation to demand, the already existing 200 Trillion global money supply, and mindless animals desperate for yield by buying high and selling higher.

GOLD is mostly a useless metal that The top discovered a use for 1000's of years ago...Construction of money that is very hard to counterfeit because GOLD is so scarce.

How does that work?...Below is a hint.

The purpose of the Police and military is to protect the top from the bottom...To protect cause from consequence...The easiest prey of the hunter gatherer is the farmer and the simplest operation is the protection scheme...You are either with us or against us...All money is decreed

The top says this is money...Or else...period end of story....

You Farmer are on the Land owned by the LORD of the land and will pay tribute to the LORD of 1 Gold coin a year...

Where do I get this GOLD coin?

You can take one short ton of grain to the grainery of the LORD and there you will be given a GOLD coin for it and then you can give the gold coin to the servant of the LORD...

What if I refuse?

Then the LORD will drive you from the Land that the LORD is the LORD of...

There you go an abundant supply of free food to power your wildest hopes and dreams...Lies and delusions...

22 And the LORD said, Behold! The man has become as one of Us, to know good and evil. And now, lest he put forth his hand and also take from the Tree of Life, and eat, and live forever,
23 The LORD sent him out of the garden of Eden to till the ground out of which he was taken.
24 And He drove the man out. And He lodged the cherubs at the east of the Garden of Eden, and the flaming sword whirling around to guard the way of the Tree of Life.

Well what is done with all that Food the tillers of the LORD's land give the LORD as Tribute?

It powers the Absolute capitalist Hierarchial food powered make work enterprise...

The city state...Or Civilization...The thing you all popped into existence out of thin air within...the thing you did not create or own that you are in right now.

The above is how GOLD obtains its value.

Because the top owns all the money...and the bottom rents...All that you see is just an illusion to keep you paying the rent.

You are all chattel slaves period end of story.


Are just administration systems of the Absolute capitalist hierarchial food powered make work enterprise.

The whole thing is owned by the top...the bottom pays the rent to the top.

Imagine if you owned would pay all the employees and they would blow their paychecks into the system and you would get all the money you paid the bottom back...

But what if the employees ask for more compensation?

Well the top has to raise the price of everything the bottom buys with their paychecks in order to increase the paychecks the bottom receives if the bottom demands more compensation from the top.


Currently a consumer uses their current income which is mostly previously manufactured money as the collateral backing their request for a commercial bank to manufacture new money.

Without banks there's no effective way to expand the money supply.

A consumer knows how much they need to expand the money supply by...

Average bank prime loan rate is 3.25% so at 2% they are getting 1.25%

30 year fixed mortgages are around 5%.

The Banks only borrow money from the Federal Reserve if they have to...

Federal Funds until 2008 before the crisis was just an interbank overnight lending rate...

The commercial banking system does not need the Federal Reserve...The commercial banking system in the USA operated from 1836 until 1913 without any sort of Central bank...Ultimately all that the FEDERAL RESERVE was given in 1913 was the banknote monopoly...Prior to that all the banks in the USA issued their own banknotes...

The FEDERAL RESERVE can be abolished...The key to the system is the 600 year old compounding interest commercial banking credit system.

Every commercial bank in the world for the past 600 years was just a mini federal reserve.

The system is based on taking more than is given...or chopping down trees faster than they regrow.

Continue until the trees run out = game over.

Stop before the trees run out = continue until the trees run out = game over.

The logical conclusion of the compounding growth equation is reached sooner or later.

In Zimbabwe the hyperinflation at the start sucked out most of the savings of gold and silver into circulation by people trying to sustain their existence...the trade deficit then caused all that gold and silver to circulate out and to not come back.

Currently all that is happening in Zimbabwe is the Government is issuing more and more money to pay for all the bonds it's issuing...

Following that path...The gold and silver bugs would begin having to spend their savings trying to survive until they were basically all gone...

Then once all the gold and silver was sucked out of the hands of the renters to the owners...hyperinflation would rocket.

None of you are owners unfortunately...

You mindless morons are so desperate...all it takes is the FED to mention that they are going to buy bonds...and all the inflationists begin to march in lockstep.

But the FED is going to avoid following the Zimbabwe path...Well not at first of course...They have to at least load all the suckers up on troop ships before they send them into the torpedos.

The FED has been threatening to hyperinflate for 7 years now...All the devout followers of the hyperinflationary jackpot religion think they are closer now than ever.

Everyone...The mindless morons...will leverage long...and once all you clowns are in...the top will short you all to oblivion and extract all that the mindless morons put in betting that this time is going to be the hyperinflationary jackpot.

Hyper why did AIG and the banks go bust?

Because they bet that inflation was going to last forever...and lost.

It's why the real estate sector collapsed.

The hyperinflationary jackpot bet was wrong...But the inflationists never seem to want to explain it.

It's just a classic case of the just think positive ignore the negative religion in action...or the just think inflation ignore deflation religion.

They just keep looking at Zimbabwe and dreaming about panning for gold all day to afford to buy a large muffin being marketed as a loaf of bread.

The implosion of the 1944 Bretton Woods global trade system is not a's a fact playing in and day out...week after week...right in front of everyone's eyes.

And as far as I can tell...The implosion is just at the very start...before we reach bottom all these servers hosting all these sites will shut down.

The fact that you are reading this is proof that we have a long ways to go before we reach the point where all the stuff you all currently can't comprehend begins to unfold.

When the so called US dollar collapses...What are all you gold and silver speculators going to use to buy Gold and silver?

Gold and silver?

No...So get ready to kiss the good old days goodbye.

The USA is dependant upon imports...Gold and silver that does enter circulation will circulate out and not come back.

Unless you idiots can produce something everyone needs or wants or know how to put in an actual honest days are going to be in serious trouble soon.

The days of dreaming you are all awake are coming to an end...At some point you will all be forced to wake up into the nightmare.

Really...You all are going to actually be taught what the word miscalculation means.

Unfortunately since you are are going to cease to exist and your descendants will be just as oblivious as you are currently.

Really every one of you is going to drop dead and the rest will just make a slight detour to avoid tripping over your corpse on the glorious march to doom with glee.

All the FED has done is kick the ant hill...

And look at you all go...fools.

You are all under complete control.

For the last 7 years now...Ben farts and says the flowers sure smell nice and you all think you smell roses...It's a comedy watching you all.

The elected officials?

Are not the top or owners...

The top installs the people you think are leaders so that they suffer the consequences.

Governments of the absolute capitalistic hierarchial food powered make work enterprise are administration systems of the enterprise constructed and sustained by the bottom or employees at the demand of the top or owners of the absolute capitalistic hierarchial food powered make work enterprise

US consumers reached their maximum potential to consume real estate in 2006 which was the engine flooding the economy with the money that the Global trade system was depending upon.

In 1944 Bretton Woods made the US Dollar the global trade medium of exchange and by default the US consumer became the demand of the global trade system and everyone else the supply.

And over the past 65 years the rest of the world has grown more and more dependent upon the US consumer to sustain the World.

The money that then bailed out of real estate late 2006 to 2007 jumped into stock and commodities markets...

Then it jumped out of there into the bond markets.

Meanwhile the real estate sector imploded further slowing the amount of new money consumers were requesting the commercial banking system to the most in 65 years...

With Billions of Dollars of new money a day not showing up anymore...Spending had to be cut back and the consumption of imports collapsed.

Basically the massive flood of US consumer debt inflation out into the rest of the global system to keep it inflated...slowed down causing the rest of the global system to begin collapsing.

What just popped was a bubble within the bubble.

The FED did not cause the housing bubble...100's of millions of idiots globally attempting to escape their pathetic existence on Earth by gambling were the cause.

The sub prime collapse is just an effect.

It's the logical conclusion of the compounding interest equation the braindeads worship. Attaching interest or a growth rate to money causes an increase in demand for more that compounds to the point that there is no way for the demand to be supplied.

Eventually it becomes impossible for the economic system to sustain the required amount of inflation greater than previous inflation and inflation greater than previous inflation to maximum potential transforms into inflation less than previous inflation to maximum potential.

Basically the real estate sector in the USA...The Number 1 inflationary engine on Earth reached maximum potential inflation greater than previous inflation and collapsed...(began inflating less than previous inflation) causing the weakest of the sector to implode...the sub primes...but even if they did not exist...the real estate sector in the USA was doomed regardless.

When braindeads wonder what is going on...

The sub prime mortgages which are an effect of the cause of the collapse are marketed or sold by the mass media as the cause of the collapse..and the braindeads bought it.

Don't worry the best case for the worshipers of the hyperinflationary jackpot is...a massive hyperinflationary explosion followed by a hyperdeflationary implosion to oblivion.

The worst case scenario for the worshipers of the hyperinflationary jackpot...a continued slow/controlled crumble to oblivion.

Anyway it's sliced and diced...the logical conclsuion is the transformation of many billions of current assets (You all) into unfundable liabilities that will be liquidated one way or the other.

You all actually think you support yourselves?

You all want incomes...the top created this wonderful system to supply you all with what you want.

One problem...

You all want more and more and more but it's impossible to sustain what you all want forever...

The last 65 years has basically been one huge global hyperinflationary blowoff top.

It's all just been hidden up to this point by accounting tricks to keep wages and general prices from hyperinflating...

The Government creating massive piles of money you say?

There is no evidence at all that the money supply is expanding at a faster rate than it was in 2007.

Real estate in the USA is still the primary engine of inflation of the global economic system...all the other inflationary engines derive their energy from it.

Until the US real estate sector begins to produce sales volumes and prices as it was in 2006...there will be no way to escape the current slow crumble to oblivion.

People can refinance the debt at lower interest rates.

Generally with real estate that is the case...but the asset has to be worth what is owed for that to work.

If you owe $200,000 and the asset backing the debt drops in price to $190, can't refinance.

Just because rates drop does not mean that consumers can request enough new debt.

Consumers that are basically maxed out can not request more...or enough to reflate out of a recession...

Enough consumers in such a position and there is basically no way to reflate out of a recession and the recession collapses into a depression.

Like really you can lower the price of food to zero...once the consumers are full they will stop eating.

How the easing worked in Japan was a trade agreement was made with the USA basically combining Japan and the USA...The bank of Japan bought Japanese bonds to basically drive yield rates to 0.1% and subsidized Japanese export dumping in the USA...

Yen were buying Dollars and Treasuries to keep US rates down but the dollar strong so that Japanese cars and other exports to the USA were affordable.

But rates at 0.1% required massive volume to support.

Lets say you need $100 to run your empire...well then at 10% you need to lend out $1000 to obtain that yield

at 5% you need $2000

2.5% $4000

1.75% $8000

0.88 $16,000

0.44 $32,000

0.22 $64,000

0.11 $128,000 has to be requested by consumers to be created to derive a yield of $100

Now imagine you need a yield of Trillions...and the US consumer after decades maxes out...poof game over...your exports collapse.

Remember they said something awhile back about the Yen carry trade ending...

Because the top knew that once US consumers reached the maximum potential of supporting it...It would be game over.

Like really you can lower the price of food to zero...once the consumers are full they will stop eating.

The USA is not going to turn into Japan...It does not have an export to the rest of the world based economy like Japan had before the Bank of Japan began to engineer rates.

The consumers are maxed out...

It's like a richman riding a horse at full gallop until the horse becomes exhausted...the richman dismounts and begins whipping the horse to get it to move...but it does not and eventually is whipped to death and drops dead.

Stupid lazy horse.

After 65 years of galloping at full speed...The US consumer has basically become exhausted, stopped and is about to be whipped to death.

Supply and demand...

Everyone in the system is in debt...The producers will be forced to flood the markets to obtain what they need to service the debt at some point.

Then there are savings...You all don't have enough savings to survive for long without earning some kind of income...

Stage 3 of a compounding interest system...Is bankruptcy of the banks, collaspe of the economy/division of labor, and the consolidation of power.

Sure the money supply is not going to shrink to zero but it will stop circulating...

You have to do something to obtain a positive income...The money will not circulate until you transform from an unfundable liability into an asset again.

Employees are employed because they give more than they soon an employee begins taking more than they give...

They transform from being an asset into an unfundable liability and need to eventually be liquidated one way or the other.

At some point the pool of unemployed labor will cause wages to drop.

Busts generally last as long as the boom that preceded it.

You know like a wave...Where the inflation greater than previous inflation to maximum potential phase is equal to the inflation less than previous inflation to maximum potential phase.

It took basically 65 years to inflate up to this point it will take basically as long to deflate down.

Most of you will be dead and this board long gone before we reach the bottom.

Unless something is done to accelerate the implosion of the global trade system.


SLV Trader said...

They are definitely planning on accelerating the implosion of the global trade system. What do you think CIA/ISI activities in Pakistan and Afghanistan are for? The fuse has already been lit. How about the Israelis with their buddy Madoff getting pinched? That's a tasty can of worms the majority of people have no fvcking clue even exists.

I just want to see as much of it as I can. We are planning on food and supplies for as long as possible. I'd love to be around in the latter stages of 2011 into 2012. Maybe I'm lucky enough to make it to the end of that year? Set your countdown clock at approximately 3 years and counting. For more precise dates checkout Martin Armstrong. He was dead-on with the March 19 2009 date for the reversal in the monetary system...

Despite the frustration and horror/terror of this all, it's refreshing to actually UNDERSTAND how all of these seemingly random and chaotic events fit into the big grisly picture.

Wow, hell on earth exists. Earth IS hell... until they land AGAIN and "reintroduce" themselves. I'm looking forward to it.

great stuff tiger. how about speaking more to those who have somewhat "caught up" with your line of thinking and drilling a little deeper into your logic and reasoning? I liked this post alot because you discussed current financial events and how they should play out according to your earthview.

Do you have similar insights as far as spirituality/religion and space/earth/natural phenomena?

I guess I'm wondering if you're willing to skip the class ahead a few grades from the elementary school to the high school.

SLV Trader said...

or if you have recommendations to other sites that discuss info similar to this. i know of a multitude, but it's tough to get to sites that can pass the credibility check once they start talking about out of this world stuff in a nonsensical way. Not that it isn't POSSIBLE, it just doesn't pass the smell, taste, chew test. This passes that test.

SLV Trader said...

Just so we're clear, I've been a regular visitor to this site for over a year now, possibly two, so I'm not coming out of nowhere. Just wondering if you can stop "explaining" stuff to the slower and more cynical visitors and start "revealing" more to the adept and inquisitive visitors. You are an oracle after all.

Anonymous said...

So Hyper, tell us how you really feel about gold?

Anonymous said...

"Wow, hell on earth exists. Earth IS hell... until they land AGAIN and "reintroduce" themselves. I'm looking forward to it."


Anonymous said...

Meh, eventually the FDA will be tossed aside and become as big a joke as the SEC and then its off to the races again. Hyper will be the biggest consumer of pharmaceuticals when the DOW is at 18000.

Anonymous said...

The bears that Hyper hangs around with are a real kewl krowd...

"They're flinging fiatscos by the trillions"

"We're scroomed! scroomed I'se tells ya"

"Look at the sheep...look at em"

"America is dead..."

"Gotta have a gold backed monetary system"

"Did you watch Ron Paul today?"

and of course the never ending Inflation/Disinflation/Hyperinflation/Stagflation/etc etc debates.

I've learned the hard way there is nothing of relevance to be offered from that cabal of dunces.

Anonymous said...

Go get a job! Make a living is the only important thing.

All others are just distraction.

Anonymous said...

Hyper, the cells in my body are guilty of running a massive ponzi scheme...the little bastards are taking in new investors constantly so that the existing ones can be paid off but its unsustainable...MY BODY IS GOING TO IMPLODE...ARRRRRGH...this cell racket has been going on for millions of years.

Anonymous said...

See Hyper, I told ya they would addition to the "Don't be negative, just think positive" drones...we have the "Shut up and get a job" drones like my kinfolk. "Get a life" Hyper. Hahahaha...gotta go now Hyper and trade in that 3 year old "beater" for a new $70K Diesel SUV so I can save the planet.

Anonymous said...

Hype, you got a dead parrot on your head?

Anonymous said...

Chattel Slave

If you were absolutely certain that Hypers posts were nonsense, you would have left immediately, and not given it another thought.

You could have then merrily returned to your fairyland world where stocks only go up (over the long term, as they like to say) and that conspiracy nutjobs like David Icke belong in mental wards (you might be right on that one)

But the truth is, you really don't know if the fiat-ponzi-world's economies are going to collapse or not, and you are scared to death.
But you are not alone, (nearly) everyone is. Even Ben, Timmy, Larry and the big O. You can see it on their faces, and hear it in their voices, its bad and its getting worse.

Will they save the day Chattel?
Are you absolutely certain?

Good luck with that

Anonymous said...

American Consumer: Hello Service Department, My 3 month old 'status' car with the great warranty is bust so please fix it.

SD: "Can't reduplicate problem"

AC: "I won't be making further payments then"

SD: "Thats fine, you're credit rating is screwed, and we will be repossessing the car. Have a nice day Chattel Slave"

Anonymous said...

Hyper, the 84 year old JuiceKing (who just happens to head a megaconglamorate fruit and vegetables corp) Oprah had on yesterday said I should juice my frackin head off with no calorie counting because its good good good for me. So I juiced 40,000 calories of fruit today and drank it and now I'm really really ill.

Anonymous said...

Hyper, Hahaha, the free market stock indices are going up again. Isn't it great!!! I'm off to Walmart now to get some flavoured sawdust and those huge bags of chips that are quarter full. Cheap cheap cheap...lovin those asian slaves!

Anonymous said...

War is employed to address many of your concerns. You are a student of history, so you know the script.

Anonymous said...

NPR radio had their chosen talkers explaining why the dollar will not be devalued and will remain the reserve currency. After all was said by way of "traditional" reasons that they trotted out, they ended by saying that of course it will not be devalued and will remain the reserve currency....because there is the huge anerikan MILITARY backing it.

That is the ONLY reason you see SO MANY in the "think positive ignore the negative" camp: it is NOT because they are so is just that they have a supreme confidence in the willingness of this economic zone they live in to shed whatever amounts of blood to back up the dollar. It is not that they think the economy can "right itself" is that in the end they just know there is a killing machine to back up their dollar. And they believe the threat from this killing machine on behalf of the dollar will assure that things will never get "that bad", and that the violence will be "over there".
It is why they scoff at real doom, and can predict recovery: they truly believe in the violence/dollar to save them and continue to insulate them.
It is why they "love the troops" and encourage that love: because they love their own fat consumer asses...they just call their self-love "supporting the troops".

Anonymous said...

I like your perspective, it's irrefutable. Everything you say is true. I'm not sure it ends the way you see it. On the other hand, how many marched into the gas chambers? Willingly? How many will go quietly into that goodnight?

Resist! Stand up and be counted!

...and finally, let a smile be your umbrella on a rainy, rainy day; then go out and kill something and eat it.

Anonymous said...

Loanmetwenty, I like your can do attitude!

Anonymous said...

Drewzoo: Try this link for real time matters during this meltdown.

Anonymous said...

Oops, use this one.

Anonymous said...

If i was Hyper i would say nothing.

Because as the saying goes "Where ignorance is bliss, Tis folly to be wise"

People have been expossed to the truth and they don't like it.

They see the stockmarket is up and yell were SAVED, Hyper was wrong.

The good thing about Hyper is that he's not selling you anything.

You read what he's trying to say to you and even though it goes against all that you know, you that what he says is true, FOR IT MAKES BLOODY GOOD SENSE.

Anonymous said...

"You read what he's trying to say to you and even though it goes against all that you know, you that what he says is true, FOR IT MAKES BLOODY GOOD SENSE."

That's what got me. It wasn't something I wanted to believe, but 2+2 does equal 4...

mannfm11 said...

There is some silly stuff on here today. Chattel Slave couldn't understand a cycle if he was put in a washing machine. Anyone who has done a legitimate long term analysis of the stock market knows it is one of the great tools to separate man from his money. The Dow was 380 in 1929 and it was about as expensive as it is now. What do you think a dollar from 1929 is worth now? A Snickers bar that generally cost 99 cents in most places is smaller than the one I bought for a nickel back in the 1960's.

I don't believe they are going to abandon the dollar any time soon, unless it cannot inflate any more. A country with a big trade surplus cannot provide money for the world. Those that traded with it would merely end up owing it all their property. The same is true of one that can provide a functioning reserve as well, as Americans in general are now so far into debt that the drain of interest has overwhelmed their capacity to consume. Thus the Chinese, Japanese and most other nations have no one to sell their goods to. Who is going to go into debt to provide the reserve?

It doesn't register to most that the world is in debt. Russia almost imploded in a matter of months after having a hoard of foreign reserves, I believe second to only China. Maybe they were third, but they had reserves in trillions and it went up in smoke. Things have barely slowed in the US and Japanese exports have collapsed along with their imports. Ditto China. The point isn't just the slow down in existing production, but the huge portion of the economies that are geared to growth. That machine isn't coming back. When the US is done bailing, if they were to get out of this mess, who is going to pay the tab? Middle Class taxes is who. The future would have been hocked and the demand in the future gone.

SLV Trader said...

anonymous - thanks for the south park video link, but i'm looking fr something a little more substative and insightful. i have derivatives experience and have been closely following the controlled demolition of the global economy for a few years now. Controll demo 9/11, control demo global financial system, i wonder what's next? global war to eliminate excess "unfundable liabilities" as was presciently hinted at by another poster.

i'm looking for more info similar to what hyper has provided us. I know of very few websites that provide this kind of critically sound commentary/analysis on a particular topic. I'm looking for more.

Djangofan said...

I enjoyed reading this article. Thanks hyper.

Anonymous said...

Well drewzoo, I'm not sure why you want to keep a scorecard during a meltdown but try for near term happenings and search for his 'formula' for a step by step crash scenario here in the US. I believe it was Sinclair who said derivatives were a 'planet killer' and there is no practical solution to the mess.

Hyper (among others) has the math and history correct. It's gonna be brutal.

Anonymous said...

Right or wrong... Unless people can change the system, otherwise most of us are all going to implode.

Wise or stupid, all will suffer the same fate.

HT will be at the same boat perhaps.

SLV Trader said...

I've been reading jsmineset for the past 3 years... and probably every other site of similar caliber available.

Do you now see why I am asking Tiger for links? Even the links he posts on his page aren't as "insightful" as his. I am looking for new and enlightening info. Much like what is found in the documentaries Esoteric Agenda and Kymatica

messianicdruid said...

here's a couple:

The Pending Tax Nightmare of “Cap and Trade”

Our Congress is pending receipt of legislation that will produce the most egregious and regressive tax ever levied on the American people and our economy. This is coming at a time when no one can afford the escalation of all energy prices such a tax will produce in every area of the American economy, from top to bottom, front to back.

The proposed structure of this tax would be to impose a consumption tax of 45% on all carbon based energy uses, from buses and trucks, to autos, to energy production. This simply manages to touch literally every sector of the US economy, but puts the greatest burden directly on those least able to afford it. More importantly, this is the Obama equivalent of Bush Sr’s legendary quote re: the promise of (read my lips) NO NEW TAXES.

Obama ran on a platform of no new taxes for anyone earning less than $250,000. Given that, is this cap and trade thing going to be called by another name? It doesn’t matter what they call it, it will fall like a ton of bricks on those least able to afford it. How many middle class and marginal poor citizens can afford to pay 45% more for gasoline and diesel fuel, or 45% more to heat and cool their homes? How many will be able to afford our products whose production and shipping costs will jump also by at least 45%?

This goes to the fundamental issue of practical micro-economics. What are we missing here? I think we miss nothing except for those who bury their heads in the sand, hoping for a miracle. To me, miracles are like coincidences: I don’t believe in either. Neither should the American people.

At a time when it appears our Government can’t find $49 Billion worth of assets stolen by Madoff, and when they have shown themselves to be total clowns about monetary economics, how can they ask us to trust them with a straight face? One day last week, the Federal Reserve working with the Treasury injected $1 Trillion into the Economy in a SINGLE DAY. That was the deficit incurred for the entire World War II era.

Many people have missed this staggering new tax and its implications. This includes some of my wealthiest and most successful friends and acquaintances, well educated, and presumably rational and logical. As one person said to me, the new tax rate for those earning over $250,000 is only going up 5 to 10%. But that is before they exclude certain previous allowed deductions, or reduced charitable contribution rates.

This is a bad time to engage in social engineering. What is it about this recession and corruption that four consecutive administrations have been unable to understand?

We that are involved in trying to stop this enormous manipulation of our entire financial system on a treasonous level, through the mechanisms of fraud and counterfeiting of commercial securities, know what is going on. We have no excuse to remain silent, as with silence goes consent.

I will say something here that has no place in our Courts today. This is about the duties of citizens in a democracy. Right now, they are allowing these duties to be defaulted to others who have demonstrated no commitment to the values consistent with these duties.

Shame! This shame will be visited on our children, but only too far after anything short of a revolution can correct it.

repentance = a revolution in thinking

SLV Trader said...

messianicdruid: thanks for the links. I definitely need to get more involved ona practical level and less so on a theoretical level. I've got a couple of links some of you may be interested in. Obviously it goes without saying that all should beware of disinformation and psyops warfare operations being conducted via the internet...

Anonymous said...

Try this book.. The Lost Science of Money.

SLV Trader said...

good reco that one

Cheryl-Lynné said...

"Obviously it goes without saying that all should beware of disinformation and psyops warfare operations being conducted via the internet"

Reposted for emphasis :)

Chattel Slave said...

This crap with the automakers really makes me laugh. They are all the same design, with the same parts, and headquartered in the same place (the earth). Its not like this shit is being developed underground in top secret manner...can you find any manufacturer with any technical advantage? GM, Porsche, Toyota, ... all hedge funds.

Chattel Slave said...

When will Regurgitiger deliver a solution rather than calling the masses morons?

Chattel Slave said...

Oh my another HUGE UP DAY for "Free" markets. Good thing I'm not being compensated in stock...har har har.

Looks like Regurgitiger will be doing the "just another 3-5 years before it all collapses" thingy soon.

Pustaka Pohon Bodhi said...

Here is one type on the solution.. Please take a look..

Anonymous said...


Have you read any of Martin Armstrong's work?

Its posted at, if you haven't.

SLV Trader said...

yeah, I do read Martin Armstrong. You guys may also want to checkout The Economic Fractalist (google for site) for a mathematical interpretation of non-stochastic macroeconomics... meaning it predicts future asset valuations with the technical integrity and consistency of a science like Microbiology, Chemistry, Physics, etc...

thanks for the reco though. Keep them coming! I'm sure someone will reco something just as insightful that I haven't read!

Chattel Slave said...

"The Economic Fractalist (google for site) for a mathematical interpretation of non-stochastic macroeconomics... meaning it predicts future asset valuations with the technical integrity and consistency of a science like Microbiology, Chemistry, Physics, etc..."

Sounds like total bullshit to me...but then again I'm a Chattel Slave. Hey HT, you sure got some real winners following you here.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Cheryl-Lynné.

My guess is the $ falls apart, in the near future and Farsi lessons abroad are offered up cheap.

The soothesayers are mired, their existence foretold. Always chasing, chasing fool's gold.

Anonymous said...

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