Monday, December 08, 2008

You Haven't Seen Anything Yet...

Real Education Time

In 1944 at the tail end of the bankruptcy reorganization of the global system...The British pound was replaced with the US Dollar as the Global trade medium of exchange.


Lets say you have Euros and you want to buy Yen...

You have to use your Euros to buy US Dollars and then use your US Dollars to buy Yen.

Why is the US dollar gaining?

The only source of US Dollars in the world is US consumers...meaning that in order for anyone outside of the USA to obtain dollars...they have to give US consumers or THE DEMAND OF THE WORLD SINCE 1944...Something they need or want in exchange.

Now the people of Zimbabwe need food because their leadership decided it was a good idea to get rid of all the farmers...the white farmers...but didn't have the same number of black farmers to replace them...So Zimbabwe transformed rapidly from an exporter of food to an importer of food...

But since everyone works for money to buy food and the people of Zimbabwe needed to buy their food from the global market...they were forced to give US consumers Zimbabwe dollars to obtain US dollars in order to buy food and escape starvation...

One slight problem...US consumers don't need or want Zimbabwe the price of Zimbabwe Dollars has collapsed...

Why is the US dollar rising in relation to the Euro and pound?

Because US consumers are not producing US Dollars in great enough quantity.


Currently and for as far back as I have looked...consumers pull the strings of the economy.

Like when a US consumer wants or needs to buy a House...the US Consumer requests the commercial bank to advance all the money required to buy the house...Using their current income or assets as collateral backing the request to manufacture or advance their future income to the present to spend.

But when things like the real estate sector of the USA...the largest single source of US Dollar inflation on its been doing for a couple years now...the supply of US dollars flooding into the global market slows...

But the demand for US dollars doesn't...jolly old England and the Euro zone...are highly dependant upon the US consumer demand for their exports...

The USA is the #1 consumer of European, Chinese, Indian...etc exports...Because the Chinese, Europeans, Indians need US Dollars to buy the raw materials like Oil from Exxon, Royal Dutch Shell, and sustain their export to the USA based economies.

So there is massive demand for US Dollars...but if the US consumer maxes out and can no longer request commercial banks to manufacture the required amount of US dollars to supply global demand...then the supply of US dollars in relation to the global demand will shrink...causing the US Dollar to rise.

They all keep saying hyperinflation is going to show up...of course...must keep inflationary expectations of the global drone population high or the billions of mindless drones might choose to stop spending and start saving...Then the world economy based on request and spend will transform into stop requesting and save...and basically all economic activity would grind to a stop and the global economy would implode to oblivion very quickly...instead of very slowly like it is currently.

Believe it or not at some point there will not be enough money being produced to support the continued existence of the servers this site and the millions of others out there are hosted on...

Everything costs...and without a massive supply of money flooding into the hands of mindless drones to sustain it...many things they all take for granted will just cease to function or vanish...

If you are perplexed now...You have not seen anything yet...the actual wild beyond your abilities to currently comprehend jaw dropping science fiction type scenarios are still to come.

Up to this point nothing significant has happened...

The first commercial banking system as you see them in operation today appeared in Spain around 1400.

How they operate...

A consumer requests the "bank" to manufacture new money called credit using their current income and/or assets as collateral backing the request.


The entire history of the USA was financed this way.

Basically the USA has operated for about a century beyond its ability to support itself.

It was set up by its owners in Europe to take over from England as the demand of the world...

Trade relationships were arranged that over time caused the USA to become more and more dependant upon imports from the rest of the world and the rest of the world to become more and more dependant upon the USA to consume their exports.

Attaching interest to the medium of exchange is unsustainable...

Just so you people invented money...They own it all...they made it so that poor people starve to death without money so you all need it real bad...

Sure I'll lend you the entire money supply as long as you all pay me back the entire money supply +5%...

In 1944 the US money supply was 400 Billion at 7.8% average attached interest for lets say 65 years...thats a money supply of 52 Trillion dollars.

Which just happens to be what the current money supply is...52 Trillion Dollars...but because it's all owned by the top with the bottom renting it's all debt owed...

All you idiots that think you can rent money out...are the idiots that got us into this mess.

Those Idiots are basically everyone.

Sure I'll give you X as long as you promise to give me back X+5%...That's year one

Sure I'll give you X+5% as long as you promise to give me back (X+5%)+5% That's year two

Sure I'll give you (X+5%)+5% as long as you promise to give me back ((X+5%)+5%)+5% that's year three

Of the glorious take more than you give plan...

Taking more than you give is unstainable...It's like chopping down trees faster than they regrow.

Inevitably doomed.

Taking more than you give is plunder...




Who am I...

I'm the Top and you are the bottom.

All we at the top have to do is attach Interest to all the money that we take from the bottom and then loan back to the bottom...higher than the rate of production of the money...And "we" at the "top" will steal it all back again.

We will own the whole money supply...We will just keep relending it back into circulation and you all will just keep paying the rent.

All the power the top has comes from the bottom...Top suck from the bottom.


Plunder is taking more than you give.

Attaching interest to the medium of exchange is taking more than you give.

Attaching interest to the medium of exchange is plunder

"When plunder becomes a way of life for a group of men living together in society, they create for themselves in the course of time, a legal system that authorizes it and a moral code that glorifies it." --Frederic Bastiat

The fractional reserve compounding interest commercial banking credit system was the solution...Because once the money supply is utilized to its maximum potential it becomes impossible for the bottom to pay the rent...

To all the rich people at the top who own the bottom...

So a way to continually expand the money supply needed to be found.

The current system is that solution...but of course all that was done was postponement of the inevitable...because the system is still based on taking more than you give or cutting down trees faster than they regrow...All that the system can do is inflate to maximum potential then implode.

Like it did in 1929 to 1933...followed by the 1933-1945 bankruptcy reorganization of the global system...maybe you have heard about it?

At the end all the "survivors" (10% of the population of Earth vanished during this period) were very happy and proceeded to do it all over again...Yay.

That's what the survivors of the current implosion will do is as

The best part is that the previous hijinx was a minor event...basically just a further postponement of having to balance the books that have not been balanced in centuries...this time around...the books that have not been balanced in centuries are going to be...

Period end of story.

You don't think so?

Of course not...the top has invested many Billions of dollars of money that they extracted from the bottom (taken from you...and you...and oh over there) to socially engineer the bottom (You...and you...and oh over there) into thinking this post is anything other than true.

Still don't thnk so?

Of course not...the top has invested many Billions of Dollars of money that the bottom has requested the commercial banking system to manufacture to pay the rent due to the top (taken from you...and you...and oh over there) to socially engineer the bottom (You...and you...and oh over there) into thinking this post is anything other than true.

It just can't be true Hyper...

I don't care...the entire population of Earth can attempt to convince me that 1+1=3 all they desire.

I know that 1+1=2 so it's totally irrelevant what all you supreme morons think 1+1 is.

Like really most of you believe truth is decided by majority vote or on a battlefield.


Anonymous said...

Hyper, your point that the previous hijinx (GD1/WW2) was a further postponement of having to balance the books makes perfect sense. What I don't get is what makes you think that GD2/WW3 will be anything other than yet another minor hijinx, where another 10-20% of the world's population will get wiped out, but the drone army will happily re-create the same system all over again for another 100 years? Why should this time be the great re-balancing? Why not another reset, another postponement? Why does this time have to be Armageddon?

I actually think you are right, that this time will be the great re-balancing, but I can't determine exactly WHY you are right. Just a hunch really. 1+1 always equals 2, even 1400 years ago, and 1400 years from now it will still equal 2. This doesn't stop the top from investing billions to perpetuate the fraud that 1+1=3. Nor does it automatically mean that the fire of consumerism and more debt load can't be started again without a minor reset, next time with perhaps China as the consumer?

Djangofan said...

The drone army will re-create the system again after the current collapse because they are being secretive about how money works and so when the crash occurs nobody will be able to analyze and learn from what happened except for THEM. You and I and the rest of the drones will have to accept whatever money system they make for us because we will not have any evidence to the contrary.

Jason said...

Pumping up the money supply should melt a credit freeze. The Fed chairman faces huge obstacles
in trying to restart the credit engine and get maxed out consumers spending again. Given the
scale of the Fed's interventions, it should be weakening the value of the dollar and setting
us on a course toward inflation. Inflation happens when prices rise. Deflation happens when
they fall. In this December's dark economy, falling prices for gasoline, cars, and clothes and
just about anything would seem like a silver lining.

Anonymous said...

Ok Hyper. There are about 5.7 marketable securities owed by the government (about half are t-bills). I believe all of these can be used as assets to back Federal Reserve deposits. This would imply that the current money supply of the US is 57 Trillion.

Agree or not agree?


Anonymous said...

come on meyer amschel bauer... where are your arrogant sarcastic comments? we are waiting..

Meyer Amschel Bauerberg said...

"where are your arrogant sarcastic comments?"

As a statement of intent - please note I dont post here to amuse the low IQ losers that somehow found this site. I also dont care if you people dont "get it" and strike out with anger because your most cherished beliefs about your existence on Planet Earth are being challenged.

It is no different than telling someone who fancies himself religious that nobody took human form as "the Son of God" and was resurrected from Death after being murdered. To believe such nonsense is absolute proof you have the maturity of a six year old child.
And yet 99.9% of humanity believes in this crap.

I DO post here because I find it truly remarkable to find someone who thinks like I do (HT) and better yet, who also realizes the situation is hopeless, and similarly hates the human race at large for being so easily duped into self imposed slavery for all of modern history.

This is the ONLY reason I have added comments here. Trust me on this please.

For some strange genetic reason, humans have a need to believe in a God, and MUST feel as part of a group to be collectively overseen by a leader of some sort.

And now back to the hideous future thats coming to crush your obese ass like a bug....................

US Treasuries today sell at a NEGATIVE RATE!!!! First time in history. You are actually PAYING the damn govt to keep your money. Thats how friggin scared peeps are.

And its bye bye white man. ALL major US cities are now minority majority.

That means Spanish will be the language of commerce, and of job qualifications.
Soccer will be the American National sport.
This nation will be run by people who hate the gringo - thats YOU fella!

The largest trucking company in the United States - - YRC Worldwide - - which includes Yellow and Roadway Express, announced just hours ago that all union members are being asked to take a 10% pay cut across the board or else lose their jobs.

Teamster Union representatives told their members who work for these companies that they would be asked to vote on the pay decrease as soon as they receive ballots in the mail.

Like so many other US companies, the reason that was given for the requested decrease in pay was that the banks are not extending short term loans to cover operating expenses.

In order to stay liquid, the Teamster Union representatives said that YRC Worldwide must quickly reduce their operating expenses by decreasing worker salaries or else they would be forced to immediately shut down their trucks that travel the lower 48 states and go out of business.
Heres a guy who was an executive in NY toy company for 36 years, walking the streets with a sign, soon to be homeless.

1,000,000 layoffs PER MONTH predicted in 2009


Japan to issue (free) SHOPPING COUPONS!!!! I wondered how they would get people to buy shit when they are broke/no job. That's the answer. They WILL prepay you to "purchase" crap you dont need one way or another. You see, if they just mail you a "rebate" check from your taxes, YOU get to decide what to do with it - like pay down your debt, or pay rent.
Credit card companies RAISE rates, even tho their cost for money is at historic low
Argentina gov't to subsidize car manufacturers so that their production may be sold to public at ZERO PROFIT!
Martial Law plan for U.S. being finalized
and on and on

time is running out on the American fool

I cant wait - heh heh

Anonymous said...

@ M.A.B.

Atheist/agnostics may be 10-15% of the US population, many are "in the closet" for familial/social/business/political reasons. There are many scholarly studies on the evolution of mysticism. Religion with all its good and bad is part of human evolution. You are wasting your precious time in this life "hating" the human race for what it is. Religion with all its good and bad is part of human evolution. It is reasonable, however, to spend SOME of our time being politically active. For example, fighting Intelligent Design advocates from corrupting Science education. Religion with all its good and bad is part of human evolution. MANY people are cognizant of the failures/inequities of monetary systems, taxation, divisions of labor. THIS is the world we live in. Our constitutional republic will not achieve societal perfection. Yes we popped into existence in the midst of things we can't control. A person can find fulfillment in family life, friendships, intellectual pursuits, caring for their health and those of others.

Anyway, Hypertiger has some interesting posts. I think his apocalyptic predictions are overdone. Of course if he is right, I'll be thinking of him if we enter a survivalist holocaust ;). It is clear, however, that this will be a severe economic contraction with widespread financial suffering.

AbnegationsBlessing said...

Acceptance of THE LAW is only the beginning. Hyper is right. So is MAB. There is no discomfort in accepting the truth and then your fate. People need to recognize and prepare themselves in the face of what is to come. It is THE TOP's knowledge that people will hang on to hope to long. Believe all that they have been taught and not prepare their character for the reorganization of the planet. They will choose it for the masses because the masses don't know themselves and will shift course to meet all the changes that fall upon them. They will react and most likely choose the easiest solution, not the best solution. (To reject the tops dilusions about the world and accept the inescapable TRUTH of the world). The greatest intrusion by the TOP is not into your bank account, but into your mind)

They create chaos and order. Both dilusions to keep us from reality

Anonymous said...

I for one am morbidly curious to see how this continues to play out. Why? Because it is just occurring to me that it will be absolutely mind-boggling to watch these shoes drop and see the ants (masses) react in the expected fashion. I can't believe that people are still swallowing this war on terror stuff after all the cockeyed bullshyte that's already been stuffed down their throats. The people on the ground in India are crying foul play from cia, mossad, etc However Indian officials and US officials are pointing at pakistan, for obvious reasons.

Could we, the common man, be the wildcard variable in this giant scenario? Are people actually smarter than we give ourselves credit for? My head tells me no, we are sheep and many will be led to slaughter and suffering. My heart tells me we have the ability and potential to be more (we are in fact more) than just debt slaves and consumption drones.

But I guess we'll see. Americans were too shell-shocked after 9/11 to understand what was happening, but Indians are savvier, although the majority of them may not care due to the widespread poverty.

Really though, I can't wait to see all the science-fiction events start to pop off. Watch what happens when they send in some of these new domestic troops to break up some large protest somewhere. Think they'll shoot down hundreds of people and blame terrorists?

The FED is already floating the idea of selling its own debt. Door to door raids on "American terrorists" who are "hoarding food and fuel in private residences" are not that far off.

So what's it gonna be in what order? Protests, riots, marshal law, civil war? Natural disaster, riots, marshal law, civil war? World war 3, protests, riots, marshal law, thermonuclear armageddon? Final False Flag Liquidation Attack (aerosol toxin? water supply? food additive?) followed by summary population liquidation via mass disposal techniques.

Fun scenario analysis...

- Andrew

Anonymous said...

"And yet 99.9% of humanity believes in this crap."
"Atheist/agnostics may be 10-15% of the US population, many are "in the closet" for familial/social/business/political reasons."

Somebody is exaggerating {a form of lieing}.

Anonymous said...

Selfish posters posting long philippic comments about nothing important. As if the rest of us wished to be subjected to the pain of reading your long comments.

mannfm11 said...

I'm glad to see this site with a new post. HT set a record. I read some of this stuff and it reminds me of the Moron Army post he put up on the 24th of November. I am having a hard time figuring out how you don't draw some kind of return for saving the money you acquire instead of blowing it? I do see what HT is talking about though.

I think there is a difference between bank credit and drawing interest on money in general. I have loaned money out without interest and it never came back. This is part of the equation that HT speaks of, the fact that there isn't as much really in existence as they contend there is. This stupid idea that the reserve requirement has a damn thing to do about how much money you can put in the system is part of a fairy tale they taught us in money and banking, thus part of the brainwashing effort HT mentions. It is more a case of the real reserves being the net worth of the bank, what they are really trying to recreate out of thin air. I don't believe it can be done and even so, they can't make paying customers out bankrupts.

For you guys that are having a hard time figuring out what he is talking about. Look at the day when there weren't banks, but just pieces of gold and silver or barter. You couldn't go to the bank to finance mass production or to lay in an inventory or to finance consumer credit. At some point they invented the scheme of banking. I believe it was mentioned in Genesis, when Joseph gathered all the money up for Pharoah and it failed. That is at least in the region of 4000 years ago. In any case tragedy happened and the people ended up in permanent bondage.

What started as gold and simple banking moved to central banking backed by gold to gold for international trade only with FDR under emergency and martial law reducing the value of the dollar to $35 an ounce from $20 an ounce to partially close the gold window and prevent drain of gold by withdrawal of deposits to making the dollar collateral for all currency to devaluing the dollar against gold in the 1970 period to doing away with backing at all. Now, we are all the collateral for the money and the money owns us. All property that can be willingly hocked has been hocked and the balance of liabilities has spun out of control. Thus our money is the bank liability and the money owed back to the bank is its asset. These are owed to and owed by 2 different groups of people.

HT hits it on the head because there isn't a new regime to move to. One of you guys bring up the 10 to 1 reserve idea, but what do they collateralize? They have to be able to make something that appears to a good loan, otherwise the assets that back the money don't exist.

Modern man has evolved an aversion to pain that goes beyond reason. Thus we not only can't stand depression, but we have to go shopping about anytime most of us feel down about anything. Unlike HT, I think you can draw a reasonable amount of interest on lending money as long you understand you are probably going to lose your money. The interest never exists. Another thing is, get over the idea this currency is issued by anyone and in sum represents bank liabilities and assets and is nothing but bank notes. We have moved to zero interest and the problem with no interest is there is no way to fill the void of no repayment. Once failure to pay comes about, the system is left with a void. Inflation to maximum potential is something that I have comprehended for a long time. I just never knew where it was, but I think we are there. They can't inflate themselves out of this one because it will implode, as once the emperor has no clothes, everyone with a brain will figure out he is naked. I am amazed at the gold bugs, who think the central bank would actually sell its gold or be on the line for more gold than they could deliver and not have a remedy. All they have to do is start pulling in reserves by selling securities and the price of gold collapses. I never believed the powers to be, whomever they are, would lose their capacity to wage war. Don't bet on them cutting off their nose to save our asses

Anonymous said...

Hyper is evolving.

Now every post contains


amongst the pile of verbiage.

Hyper and Mannfm11 should team up to write "The Bible: The million page version"

HYPERTlGER said...

When you lend someone your savings to spend under the condition you get back more than you lent them...


There is a limit to compounding...

What's the solution?

Well just before the system reaches maximum potential compounding...You position yourself to capitalize on it.

That is the solution...

You invest all your profits extracted from the compunding interest equation into the preperations required to deal with the logical conclusion of the compounding interest equation.

The logical conclusion that the top is aware of.

The top knew that this system was never going to last from square one.

But if the bottom also knew...They would refuse to support the top.

So the education system was designed to not teach you all about the logical conclusion of the compounding interest equation.

Instead the bottom is taught to march to their doom with glee.

If at first you don't succeed..try try again...

Has worked for 1000's of years.

Meyer Amschel Bauerberg said...

woopsie - key in the "Jaws" theme music

da dum da dum

The Fed is quietly asking to issue its OWN credit/debt, bypassing the Treasury

Setting up a default on US currency???
Separate currency tiers??
Setting up a default on Treasury bills/notes/bonds???
Gotta have something to replace them - how about Fed Reserve Thingy's??

How much is that TV? Um, 150 Federal Thingy's


Anonymous said...

boohooo, end it all... Top wins... Donating my cash to the starving pigmys.... 1+1=3 when its Man Woman and child....Blah blah blah... yada yada yada... save this crap for next halloween.

HYPERTlGER said...

It's all just talk...Some official lies and says bond yields are negative...and you instantly grasp that and rebroadcsat it to the collective.

Or The FED issues a lie and you instantly grasp hold and rebroadcast it to the collective.

Reguardless at some point the volume will not just become less and will just dry up completely and the whole mess will cave in.

There is no price inflation currently because supply is far greater than demand.

The money supply has stopped growing by the required amount to sustain inflation greater than previous inflation.

So all you see mostly is inflation less than previous inflation.

The observation of this within the Universe has been given the label...Deflation.

inflation is a gain...deflationj is the observaion of a gain that is less than the previous gain...or a loss.

The system is still inflating...Just not by enough to appear to be.

That's a danger because if all you braindead morons cut back on spending...You will accelerate the inflation less than previous inflation of the system.

The top is trying to minimize the consequences of the logical conclusion of the compounding interest equation as much as possible as far as I can tell.

At any time the top can cause the premature implosion of the system.

The top can choose to send you all to your screaming doom at any time.

The top is not trying to take over the world...the ytook it over centuries ago...

But there are people that desire to rule the world...That's where the illuminati schemes come into play...It gives something for all you moronic power seekers to keep you busy.

All the so called leaders of the world are installed by the take the fall.

Show me negative bond yields...

You won't...Because there are none...

there is no way to buy enough bonds to cause yields to become negative.

And it's the volume of money desperately searching for yield in the massive bond market rally that has bid bonds up so high and yields so low.

That's why yields are so low...because the price of bonds has been bid up so high...the top began selling equities or stocks into strength in 2006 as the stock markets were topping and began buying into the the bottom of the bond markets and finally pulled out totally in 2007.

The top extracted the majority of the funds flowing into equities or stocks from 2006-2007 and invested it all into bonds at the bottom and have been watching their investments grow massively all this time as the speculators searching for yield pile into the bond markets.

to continue this bonds would have to be bid up forever.

I have some bad news for you all...that is impossible.

At some point the rally will run out of greater fools to sustain it...

Then new lies to hide truth for you morons to embrace and rebroadcast will be issued.

Anonymous said...

"When a despotic regime contracts a debt, not for the needs or in the interests of the state, but rather to strengthen itself, to suppress a popular insurrection, etc, this debt is odious for the people of the entire state. This debt does not bind the nation; it is a debt of the regime, a personal debt contracted by the ruler, and consequently it falls with the demise of the regime. The reason why these odious debts cannot attach to the territory of the state is that they do not fulfill one of the conditions determining the lawfulness of State debts, namely that State debts must be incurred, and the proceeds used, for the needs and in the interests of the State. Odious debts, contracted and utilised for purposes which, to the lenders' knowledge, are contrary to the needs and the interests of the nation, are not binding on the nation – when it succeeds in overthrowing the government that contracted them – unless the debt is within the limits of real advantages that these debts might have afforded. The lenders have committed a hostile act against the people, they cannot expect a nation which has freed itself of a despotic regime to assume these odious debts, which are the personal debts of the ruler."

Anonymous said...

"Those with the biggest financial gains generally had their money managed by Madoff. It was an honor having him handle your fortune. He didn't take just anybody. He turned down all kinds of people, and that made you want to give the man even more of your money. When he took your fortune, he told you that he would tell you nothing about how he achieved his returns. He was a god. He had the Midas touch."

Anonymous said...

HyperBlowHard said:

"At some point the rally will run out of greater fools to sustain"

Gee, no kidding. See thats the call everyone else morons for not being aware/understanding that compounding interest formula but the predictive capability of The Great HyperTiger is like all those morons he laughs at.

I guess Hyper will have to cross 2008 off and proclaim 2009 the end of it all. So how long have you been at this racket?

HYPERTlGER said...

It is over...

It's been over for years...Of course you all don't want it to be over so you continue to hold it up...

It's what the top is paying the bottom to

It's only a short amount of time until you all collapse now.

The longer you hold it all up the harder it becomes...

It's matter how how much positive energy you all malinvest into the powering of the delusion...It will eventually require more than you all can supply and it will shatter.

Cry all you want...

Anonymous said...

Hyper- I would appreciate you not "borrowing" my posts (many line for line)

Anonymous said...

That old song has a line in it that goes something like this.
.....I swear there is no heaven but I pray there ain't no hell........

HYPERTlGER said...

Point out what I've borrowed.

Meyer Amschel Bauerberg said...

It is counterproductive having a comments section on a site like this that basically implies anyone who comes here is most likely a member of the moron army.

You, Mr. HyperReligious, are in fact begging to be flamed. So even if you allow comments, why on Earth would you actually answer here? Cant you see it demeans you?

Anything you say will be rejected out of hand either factually or emotionally.

People dont like to be told that the very basis of their life is a false illusion, that they have no control over their daily reality, and that the big shit is coming (finally) meaning their existence will soon revert back to the Dark Ages mode.

Do you enjoy arguing with people? Are you a masochist?
I dont get it.
You least of all should know you arent going to change anyones mind.
Not to mention that bored surfers would argue economic theory with you until the end of time.

And now, for a hint of things to come:

First, those N.K. rascals and how they treat their political prisoners, as told by the only one to escape the prison

Of course, one might say thats just those dirty commies.
Well, lets take a quick peek at US Bagwam base prison in Afghan.........

Jeez, that cant happen here in the good ol U.S.?
Could it?
Remember - just think positive.

HYPERTlGER said...

Those who's minds are changed don't post...

Those who are still attempting to change mine continue to post.

I provide information to 1000's and 1000's.

And ultimately as it millions and millions.

All belief is religious.

I don't think GOD eixts...I don't have faith GOD exists I don't believe GOD exists.

I know GOD exists.

I don't think TRUTH eixts...I don't have faith TRUTH exists I don't believe TRUTH exists.

I know TRUTH exists.

TRUTH is infinite and indestructible.

There is zreo you or any human being can do to change that...ever.

But of course human beings can choose.

They can choose to attempt to.

Like you keep choosing to.

A positive thinker...If at first you don't succeed try try again.

If you think I'm losing...You are mistaken.

All I can ever get from another is what I need and the only thing another can give me is what I need...So it's impossible to not give me what I need because even if you give me nothing...That's what I need.

This week will be like last week and the week before...forgotten.

I'm not attempting to accomplish anything other than provide information...Whatever you all choose to do...Is what you will do.

accelpt or reject...It's your freewill choice...not mine.

As soon as it becomes the choice of another...They become master and you become slave.

I don't care what you all choose...Only those seaking more power care what others choose to do and and try to manipulate them.

Anonymous said...

If you imagine there is a god then viola god exists. I believe god is this piece of paper. I want to whipe my arse with it and flush it down the toilet.

God is not justice and unfortunately many religious folk cling to god as the last form of justice. God is just a word folks try to use as something else. I was deeply religious young, agnostice after 25 and now at 35 I am leaning towards being an athiest. Where I grew up from theres nothing worse in the world then to be an Athiest... its something that if you believe you kept to yourself. Thank GOD for the interwebz.... wait a second... maybe just maybe... Nah, no there isnt.

Anonymous said...

HT, a few questions for you.

"You have to use your Euros to buy US Dollars and then use your US Dollars to buy Yen"

Can you elaborate on that? How would I verify this?

"(10% of the population of Earth vanished during this period)"

I want to find more info on this too.

Anonymous said...

Meyer Amschel Bauer, how succesfull are you in real life?? What make you think you deserved to call others moron, peon, masochist etc?? If you are really the real "Bauer", perhaps you can speak so, but you are not...

HYPERTlGER said...

It's called the Bretton woods agreement.

It made the US Dollar the global trade medioum of exchange.

Research that.

The 10% population vanishing act?

Look at the US census for a clue...the 1940 census showed a decline from 1930 the only time in the past 100 years that the population inside the USA stopped growing.

And the USA was hardly touched by the global implosion...

But not to worry...It's going to happen again...Except this time around with greater magnitude.

Some other person in the distant future will want proof that all that is about to transpire did as well.

I provide information...It's up to you to waste the rest of your life attempting to accept or reject it...

HYPERTlGER said...

GOD is Truth and Truth is GOD.

Truth is infinite and indestructible.

No beginning and no end.

To claim there is no GOD is to claim there is no Truth.

There is never a lasting victory over lies and the war against TRUTH has no exit strategy and always ends in defeat.

Fight Truth all you desire...there is no way to win.


You can fight your entire life claiming that ? is any number other than 2 all you want...

It's 2 reguardless.

Truth does not require human beings to believe Truth exists or not.

GOD does not require Huamn beings to think GOD exists or not in order for GOD to exist.

GOD does not require human beings to sustain the existance of GOD.


The power you utilize to wipe your ass.

Meyer Amschel Bauerberg said...

Gosh o' golly.
Mr. Hypertiger is really Mr. HyperReligious indeed.
Shouting at the flock in righteous indignation, as the less blessed cower in fear in the pews.

I kind of missed how extreme that part of your worldview really is, woven amongst all the correct readings posted by you of the tops and bottoms situation.

It didnt occur that someone who had that much insight into the dismal hopeless ECONOMIC collapse coming and all of those ramifications, would also be a God fearing nutcase.

Do you actually believe in Heaven and Hell? Do you think that just a millisecond after you notice the blinding fusion flash on the horizon, that you will be instantly "raptured" up into the sky for eternity with all the other "good folks"???

If so, I guess you are part of the Christian Moron Army.

Now the pieces of the puzzle fit better to explain why you come from an "I know better than all of you heathens what the real truth is" self important viewpoint. This is the basic selling point of every Jesus freak. And is how weak disturbed people can get a comforting feeling of dominance over others that normally would see them as what they are - mentally weak anti-social losers. And the more one tells them that believing in "God" is silly and childlike, the more you verify their existence.
These personality types thrive on rejection in a similar manner as the homosexual activists.

Can you NOT know that all major organized religions were created specifically by the tops to keep the bottoms in line? So that the fuedal slaves would "self police" themselves?

If the bottoms didnt believe in "goodness" they would just overrun the tops and take what they had - the tops are few and the bottoms are many. Vast numbers would fall of course, but others would survive. The worst outcome for the tops would be for the bottoms to become as vicious, Godless, and homicidal as the bloodline tops.

I prefer the Inuit Indian viewpoint (Alaska):
"The great peril of our existence lies in the fact that our diet consists entirely of souls”, say the Inuit people of the great Arctic regions of the World.

According to these ancient people’s beliefs, all living things have souls, just like our human ones, and once we kill a life its spirit is then free to exact revenge upon us, that is unless we humans perform the rituals necessary to free them.

The beliefs of the Inuit's come from a world-view that is devoid of religious belief, in fact, they believe that the universe is ruled by nothing.

There are no gods or creators, there are no punishments in either this present world or the hereafter; there is only the belief that is best summed up by the Inuit’s themselves, and who say: "We don't believe. We fear."

Now Mr. HyperReligious, stop and think. Does your first initial reaction to that quote shock you? Anger you?
Then face it, you are a religious whacko.

I am now going to demote you to Guru 2nd Class, fatally flawed.

So sad.

Oh, and BTW - If I stuck the muzzle of a loaded AK-47 deep into your rectum, while you were standing naked in a freezing room chained to the ceiling, I bet I could make you say 1+1=3. At that moment, it wouldnt matter if it equalled "2".

Truth is a matter of the mind, and if you dont mind, it doesnt matter.

Heh heh

Anonymous said...

Meyer Amschel Bauer,

What the hell is your point?

Anonymous said...

a g-o-d is a rule maker = one who makes rules for others to follow. now, the only way you can do this is provide something those with a slave mentality want and make some rules up for them to do to get it.

once they bite it's the never-ending-story. Just make up some other "hoop" for them to jump through {preferably one that serves your other purposes + purse}.

then you just play one "piece" of the board against another. until you have all the "pieces" in a certain area.

Anonymous said...

Meyer Bauer, I don't think hyper is as religious as you claim. In fact, I think you've misinterpreted some of his writings? He does not refer to GOD in the manner that you claim.


Anonymous said...

To Andrew (Comment number 35):

Well, to when someone states that God equals truth ... that sounds pretty religious to me.

Which God? Show me God? Where is God? Hello? Show yourself. You know God ... there are a whole bunch of morons on this rock floating through space that keeps telling me that there should exist a supreme beeing in control of everything. Would you be kind to give me a small sign of your own existence? Your followers have tried to prove your existence for thousands of years ... and as far as I can recon, everyone have failed. Everyone!

Anonymous said...

You dont have to see IT... Its like gravity... its here but u can cant see it.

Anonymous said...

Trust me! I know the truth! I can't prove a damn thing. But it is like ... uhh ... ehh ... well ... gravity ... so just trust me right? I can't prove the existence of this God creature, but it does exist. Because God is truth and truth is God and without God truth won't exist right? Yeah! That makes sense. Believe my kind of truth. But I'm backing out the second you ask me to back up anything of the mumbo jumbo methaphysical stuff I am talking about. Simply because I can't back it up at all (just like fractional-reserve-banking) ;-)

Anonymous said...

@ Anonymous

It's not that simple. God is not like any "entity" that you could imagine or conceive of. Consider god the "unified field of consciousness" that exists just outside our 3rd dimension (that our souls, but not bodies are connected to). Or consider GOD the energy force connecting all the separate universes via the black holes at the center of various galaxies - like a cosmic mesh.

Whatever GOD is, it's not any simple, personified "decision-making" entity that you can conveniently refer to and say "show me you exist!"

That's a little foolish, don't you think?

The Universe is a logical equation that follows rules of creation. Our science and spirituality haven't "met in the middle" to explain everything - they only cover about 1% of the whole truth. Which is a good reason why you misinterpret someone else's explanation of GOD by putting words in his mouth, even though his explanation was very straightforward and didn't include any pf the characteristics of GOD that you pointed out.


Anonymous said...

In fact it is very simple:

People making statements that God exists, have to do the following:

1) Define what God is (What do they claim the existence of?)
2) Prove the existence of God within their very own framework/definition of it.

If failing 1 and/or 2, God will by definition of science not exist. It is no such thing as negative proofs in science. So I don't need to prove anything to state that God does not exist. But people that claims the existence of a God creature/entity have the sole responsibility to back their statements by facts.

It has been so hard to meet both 1) and 2) that no human beeing has been able to fullfill these simple requirements for thousands of years. Many have tried. Everyone have failed.

By definition of science: "God exist" equals bullshit not truth.

You and others (Mr Hypertiger included) may disagree with this simple fact ... and you may all try to prove the opposite ... and you will (probably) fail like thousands of other God claimers that have tried the same thing before.

Remember "objective truth" (aka: "God don't need human acceptance to exist") also need to be proven.

Good luck!

Cheryl-Lynné said...

"Consider god the "unified field of consciousness" that exists just outside our 3rd dimension (that our souls, but not bodies are connected to)."

I vote for that one. Thanks Andrew.

Anonymous said...

"I provide information...It's up to you to waste the rest of your life attempting to accept or reject it..."

Hey no worries HT. I'm a young guy, I haven't had that long of life to waste on finding information yet. Just learning as I go.

HYPERTlGER said...

GOD is infinite and indestructible.

GOD is the source of all power.

GOD is the infinite and indestructible source of all power.

GOD is Truth and Truth is GOD.

Truth is infinite and indestructible

Truth is the source of all power.

Those that choose to believe that Truth does not exist embrace lies.

Unfortunately LIES are finite and fragile...

Lies depend upon Truth to power their existance.

Remove the lies and all that remains is Truth.

Truth can not be removed...It's infinite and indestructible.

All belief is religious.


I don't think GOD exists...I believe GOD exists...I don't have faith GOD exists.

I know GOD exists.

Those that fear truth...Run in terror from Truth into the welcoming embrace of lies and delusion.

When you run from truth...You are running from that which you are going to smash into...

There is no escape from that which is infinite and indestructible.

There is never a lasting victory over lies (Liars) and the war against Truth has no exit strategy and always ends in defeat.

The animal masqurading as a Human being that believes lies are more powerful than truth demands to be accepted.

It will never happen.

In real life I'm not seen...I don't exist...I don't communicate...

Because the animals masqurading as Human beings that believe lies are more powerful than truth and will do whatever it takes to survive...

Can then target me...And destroy me before I destroy them.

Because they will say and do whatever it takes to survive...

They can not be trusted at all since all they will do is manufacture lies faster and faster and cause massive destruction trying to obtain what they want.

More and more power.

The very first lie a liar needs you to believe...Is that truth does not exist...after that the following lies are easier to accept.

It's why the Soviet system invested so much effort into social engineering the population into making the belief in Truth to be false and the belief in lies to be True.

Reguardless...GOD does not need Human beings to sustain the existance of Truth.

Truth does not need Human beings to sustain the existance of GOD.

Truth does not care what human beings think.

Truth is not decided by majority vote or on the battlefield.

Human beings have no power to create Truth.

Truth is the source of all the power that Human beings utilize to construct lies...

GOD is the source of all the power those that are fighting GOD utilize.

GOD supplies all and everything in the Universe with an infinite and indestructible amount of less than infinite and indestructible power.

How much power does a Human being recieve from GOD?

A less than infinite and indestructible amount...

How much power is contained in the entire Universe at any given point in time?

A less than infinite and indestructible amount.

How much is a less than infinite and indestructible amount of power?

It's enough that when abused can be used to enslave an entire planet.

GOD is Truth and Truth is GOD.

There is never a lasting victory over Evil and the war against GOD has no exit strategy and always ends in defeat.

Yes lies are evil...

Evil has no power...Lies depend upon truth to power their continued existance...

The only way for a lie to become infinite and indestructible and exist forever and ever...

Is by defeating GOD...

Unfortunately since Truth is the infinite and indestructible source of all power...

It's impossible for a lie to become more powerful than GOD.

No matter how much power is amassed and used/malinvested to power a lie...It will never amass more than a less than infinite and indestructible amount.

and to defeat Truth you need greater than an infinite and indestructible amount of power...No such amount exists, has ever existed, and will ever exist.

GOD is infinite and indestructible...Without beginning or end.

There is no escape...and the longer you choose to attempt to defeat Truth the longer you will continue to suffer defeat.

Human Beings have been trying basically for all of recorded history...the ruins coating the surface of the Earth are the evidence that so far...there has been no success.

But like good just think positive drones...If at first you don't succeed...try try again.

Human beings have an ability to reproduce faster than they cease to exist.

So you all have been try try trying again for 1000's of years.

This latest attempt to defeat GOD and gain absolute power over all and everything will fail like it always does.

The top know this...but the bottom does not.

The top will just hire the survivors to construct the next war machine and power it to maximum potential.

The bottom wants to defeat escape the suffering...The top knows that it's impossible to defeat GOD.

But at the core of your drone reasoning algorithm is the just think positive ignore the negative equation.

The inability to defeat Truth is negative...the Defeat of truth is positive.

So you are bacially programed to follow the defeat GOD path.

The top gives all below what they want in order to maintain their position on top.

The many 1000's of years war against GOD.

There is never a lasting victory over lies and the war againt GOD has no exit strategy and always ends in defeat.

Civilization as you know it?

The thing you all popped into existance within?

The thing you are in right now?

Is basically a lie...

A lie you tell to yourself is a delusion...and when you fall in love with cherish it.

A mass cherished delusion attempting to defeat GOD...That is doomed to inevitable defeat because all the power the lie requires to sustain the fight against Truth comes from GOD and when the point is reached that the evil requires infinite and indestructible power to defeat Truth and obtain absolute power over all and everything...the Lie requires Truth...

That is revelation of the lie...the lie then self destructs...

Because you all will stop powering a lie once it's been revealed by truth.

Once maximum potential is reached.

Which is basically what is happening...and will always heppen.

The lie is that the trees are never ending...But that lie derives all it's power from chopping down trees faster than they regrow.

The lie is believed to be truth until of course the last tree is chopped down...

That's the point when the lie requires infinite and indestructible power to sustain it's continued existance as truth...

and the only source of infinite and indestructible power is Truth...So at that point the lie requires truth to power its continued existance as truth.

Truth is that there are no more trees.

That is revelation...and the lie without power...self destructs.

Taking more than you give is the only way to become rich in money and power.

While giving more than you take is the best way to become poor in money and power.

Taking more than you give is the same as choping down trees faster than they regrow.

Taking more than you give is currently the correct or true way to susatin existance...Until those that are giving more than they take give all they can and can't give any more...

then the correct or true way to susatin existance is revealed as the incorrect or false way.

But like good little just think positive drones...If at first you don't succeed...try try again...

Since Human beings have an ability to reproduce faster than they cease to exist...You all have been doing that for 1000's of years now.

try try trying to defeat truth...with lies and delusions...and failing every time...

Because it's impossible to defeat GOD.

Because it's impossible to defeat Truth.

Choose to attempt to all you want.

1+1=2...Even if you could convince everyone on Earth that 1+1 is equal to any other number other than 2...the true or correct answer would be 2 reguardless.

Because Human beings have no power to create Truth.


I don't think GOD exists...I don't believe GOD exists...I don't have faith that GOD exists.

I know GOD exists.

I know Truth exists.

But you are saying Truth doesn't?

The very first lie a liar needs you to believe...Is that truth does not exist or impossible to know...after that the following lies are easier to accept.

Anonymous said...

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