Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The Owners Of The "Free" Market Decide How Free It Is

It's like in the olden days before there was any hurricane detection...a massive storm beyond your abilities to comprehend just all of a sudden showed up and you are just another leaf caught in the maelstrom...and maybe you will survive.

The vast majority of the poor unfortunate souls currently alive are all quite oblivious of what is about to smash into them at full mindblowing force.

The total debt is 51 Trillion dollars currently...It's also the money supply of the USA.

The money supply in 1944 was 355 Billion dollars...and since then to now US consumers have requested the commercial banking system to manufacture 50.6 trillion more new money...

The Public debt..Or the amount of the money supply or total debt the US Government had "borrowed" in 1944 was 201 Billion.

Meaning that the US Government had borrowed 56% of the money supply of the USA to basiclly run WW2.

But since then the US Government has "borrowed" another 9.7 Trillion dollars of the money supply of the USA.

Meaning that from 1944 the US government has "borrowed" 19.4% of the US money supply.

700 more Billion would mean borrowing another 1.3% of the money supply of the 51 Trillion which is the total debt or money that US consumers have requested the commercial banking system of the USA to manufacture from 1944 - present.

The US Government is in far less debt now than it was 64 years ago based on % of the total money supply.

Eliminate that and press the rewind button back to pre 1900...

The 700 Billion is just to buy enough time to reach the point that the top wants to pull the plug...

US consumers are maxed out...It's not that they can't request commercial banks to manufacture more new money...they can...the problem is the US consumer can no longer request the required amount...last year the average daily amount of new money the US consumer requested the commercial banking system to manufacture was 12 Billion.

Year to date...6.99 billion...the difference from last year is 5 Billion a day X 10 months...or 1.5 trillion dollars less money flooding into the US economy...banking system and Wall Street.

Which has caused the banking system and Wall Street to show visible signs of imploding.

Whether the deal goes through or not...the USA along with the rest of the world is going to implode.

It's all over...jigs up...the only thing 700 Billion dollars is going to do is postpone the acceleration of the implosion for a month or so.

Pretty sure the FED is after the Treasuries...

That's what the plan ultimately does...allow the Treasury to issue 700 Billion dollars worth of treasuries.

The FED needs treasuries to operate...

This crisis is ultimately caused by attaching interest to the medium of exchange...Nobody alive really is the cause...

I will lend you x as long as you give me x +5% back.

Meaning the system must inflate by the required amount forever or it implodes.

The money supply in 1944 was 355 Billion.

The entire circulating money supply in a credit system is ultimately composed of debt owed to the top.

355 Billion at an average interest rate of 7.76% for 64 years equals 51 Trillion dollars.

The actual average interest rate is lower because people request the commercial banking system to manufacture money to buy houses and cars..etc...not to pay the interest due on all the previously manufactured money.

And the cost to pay the interest due on the previously manufactured money?

Is hidden in the cost of everything...Everyone utilizing the system is ultimately forced to demand more and more and more...

Until like currently when the maximum potential is reached and then they can no longer demand more and more and more and are forced to demand less and less.

Unfortunately this thing you all call civilization is not designed to function in reverse...so it basically just implodes...poof.

Truth is not decided by a vote...or on the battlefield

If everyone on Earth agreed that 1+1=3

It would not change the fact that 1+1=2

On the Internet you are paragons of courage...In real life you are paragons of cowardice.

It doesn't matter...All another needs is more power than you and then its function as required or die.

Here's a hint...

You can manipulate the Universe however you desire as long as you don't attempt to break LAW.

Human beings have no power to make or break LAW.

All that human Beings have the power to do is make and break rules and call them LAW.

But if the rule attempts to break LAW then LAW will break the rule.

The Idiots that dreamed up Basel II are unaware of the above.

Ultimately the current generation are just the smartest stupid people that have ever existed.

Buy low sell high...You don't get rich by buying and holding...

You all bid the price up...and the top sells...

Oh look the price has caved...what a great opportunity to bid the price up...so that the top can sell.

The top sells strength and buys weakness.

The top owns all the production and distribution networks (markets) so that when the economy caves...they will just sell you stuff and you all will eventually give them back all the gold and silver...

Unless you go Grizzly Adams or bury all your gold and silver and forget where you buried it.

As soon as you need to spend it...the top gets it.

The big money or top does all the buying and selling...the bottom just speculates.

The top is not looking to see where it's going...they already know where it is going...the top is not suffering from the brain damage that the bottom is suffering from...The top is not the victim of the lies they are telling the bottom that the bottom thinks are truth.

The bottom supports the top and the top knows when the bottom has reached the maximum potential and can no longer support the top.

The top knows that the implosion was and is inevitable...

The bottom do not...

The bottom thinks that inflation lastes forever.

The top knows that it's impossible to sustain inflation greater than previous inflation forever.

They are already positioned for the inevitable implosion that the bottom hasn't the foggiest clue about.

The top owns the markets...

It's supply and demand...

When you are ripping people off...you laugh...but when you are being ripped off...you cry...

Oh you don't rip people off? Well guess what? All the people you claim are ripping you off say the same thing.

It's so sad that you don't know how markets work...

Get rid of the speculators and set the market up so that only people that are going to use the material to produce something are allowed to buy it.

But the top would not like that at all...Because without speculators to bid up the price...the top could not extract the massive profits they enjoy currently.

Plus if demand dropped for the products...then the silver producers would go out of business...and it's the top who produce the majority of the silver...the top owns all the mines.

This is the great part...you all would fight to sustain the system the way it is...the top doesn't have to manipulate you all in the slightest.

The owners of the free market decide how free it is...

Store of value...

In the ancient days...cities and farmers used to keep multi year supplies of grain...but instead of storing 2 short tons of grain...wouldn't it be easier to sell all the grain and just store 1 ounce of gold...

Until the crops fail...then the Gold is not such a great storage medium.

Lets say you control the land that the farmer is growing the food on...then the Farmer has a use for Gold.

To pay the rent...

The current US Government gold price is $42.2222 and ounce...

Do any of you know how a gold standard works?

Who cares...as long as someone says that it's going to cause the price of gold to rise...Im in...lol

The price of gold to rise in relation to what? the price of gold?

So you have a bunch of gold miners...and a bunch of farmers...

The gold standard...

The farmers slave in the fields all year to produce enough food to feed the gold miners and the gold miners toil in the mines all year to produce enough gold to pay the farmers.

What do the farmers use the gold for?

I know what the miners use the food for..they eat it to survive...

What do farmers need the gold for? You know...how is the exchange for mutual benefit supposed to work?

Must be something you are missing????

Who cares...as long as someone says that it's going to cause the price of gold to rise...I'll believe it...lol

The cause of the crisis is the inability of the consumers to continue requesting commercial banks to manufacture new money to service the existence of the previously manufactured money.

There are trillions of dollars of transactions that take place in the global economy every 24 hour period.

These multi 100 billion dollar injections are into global liquidity flows that at peak times hit can easily spike up to 1 Trillion dollars in an hour for brief periods.

The ECB liquidity injections are like trying to put out the sun with a water balloon.

The world went bankrupt 1929-1933...then went into bankruptcy reorganization 1933-1945 and emerged reorganized but still bankrupt and the problem was not corrected at all the past 63 years.

The world has been bankrupt for decades...The Banking system has been bankrupt for centuries.

Basel II...It's a joke manufactured by over compensated brainwashed morons.

As long as interest is allowed to be attached to the medium of exchange...The criminals will still be able to legally plunder.

Paulson, Bernanke, and Greenspan are effects of the compounding interest commercial banking system not the cause of the compounding interest commercial banking system.

Of course when push come to shove the top will throw some of the useful idiots to the masses to be ripped apart...


Anonymous said...

Money supply should be proportional to the GDP x the velocity of money. Even if the per capita GDP were the same (it has grown), we would still need enough money to match population growth.

Anonymous said...

scenario.... consumers dont have cash for cars or houses... companies cant sell cars or houses for less than they produced them for and go out of business. The lenders take over cars and houses and sell at a discount. If nobody can buy the cars and houses for over the cost of scrap then they get scrapped. So the market can either, sell to the consumer for what its willing to buy or sell the resources. My guess is nobody will want the scrap so deflation rules. The market will never go away, folks may have to stop buying lattes and eat a little cheaper but this is hardly the end of the road. Everyone has read about the fall of Rome but there are still folks living in Rome and living quite well, probably more comfortable than in the time Rome was the center of the known world. My point is this is just another bump in the road. I dont feel sorry for folks who make risky or bad decisions. Maybe we need a freeze on credit and we can focus on whats important like the stoopid rise in the cost of healthcare. You can buy a 20lb bag of rice for 20 bucks and a huge bag of beans for even less. That will last you a good while if you are worried about going hungry. Why do you think the old women have so many cats... they know if times get tough they have a lot of pussy to eat if they get hungry enough.

Anonymous said...

Hi hyper guess what the price of gas is down at and has been for a hour now "64" smile peace
Sacred Warrior

Anonymous said...

Nice work Hyper.

In Bible stories the end times is interrupted with 1000 years of bliss and then.......greed/evil starts all over again.

This piece at http://www.financialsense.com/editorials/engdahl/2008/1001.html
coincides with the history you have pointed out.

Skully said...


Date: Friday, 3 October 2008, 11:17 p.m. ************************************************************************


Friday, October 03, 2008 2:19 PM

SOURCE http://www.fourwinds10.com/siterun_data/government/us_constitution/news.php?q=1222955846

A Bill that is Not Passed Cannot be Amended

Ladies and Gentlemen,

I propose to demonstrate that in accordance with Constitutional Law the Senate of the United States of America did tonight perpetrate an unlawful and illegal act to abrogate the right of citizens of the United States to vote as guaranteed in Article 15 Clause I of the Constitution. The Congress has revealed itself, our Constitution cannot be interpreted, as it took over ten years to pass and is written in the plain language which can be amended but not abridged. Currently, the United States Senators who voted yes to an amendment of House Resolution 1424 defeated in the house, never sent to the Senate, and overwhelmingly not approved by the constituency is an act of authority made "Under Color of Law", a crime against the country “Under Color of Representative Authority” not condoned in title 42 and publishable as a treasonous offense and any such law is null and of no effect.

In accordance with Article I Section no money shall be drawn from the Treasury but in Consequence of Appropriations made by law under Article I Section 9 of the Constitution. Unless they have the appropriation in hand an identified they cannot draw from the Treasury.

Additionally, each member of the Senate voting yes on this alleged Bill did in fact, with full knowledge execute an illegal act under "Color of Law" to pass as piece of revenue legislation by amendment with full knowledge that the Bill had been defeated in the House of Representatives just two days earlier. They have complete legal understanding that only a Bill that has been properly submitted by first receiving a majority of votes in the House of Representatives could be amended and passed by the Senate. This unbelievable act of the Senate even attempts to circumvent Article I Section 7 of the Constitution, the "Origination Clause."

Further, the yeah votes "Under Color of Representation" denied and deprived the American citizen of constitutional rights under the 14th Amendment Section 1 and the 19th Amendment Clause I which collectively protect all right reserved to the citizens and rights not to be denied or abridged which are guaranteed under Article 9 of the Constitution. These in the Congress of the United States are bound by oath under Article 6 to support the Constitution and any act not supported in the constitution is a felony lawfully considered void and of no effect.

However, we can see the silver lining in this egregious act of lawlessness. These criminals in the Senate who signed to pass this bill have a responsibility to understand the procedural requirements necessary to pass such an amendment. House Resolution 1424 is an Amendment. Clearly it is labeled as an amendment. Constitutional procedure dictates that you can Amend a Bill that has been passed. You cannot Amend a Bill which failed to pass and was therefore not properly submitted. These people have declared themselves as traitors before God and the Citizens of this country. They have attempted to sell out this country to the public corporations by assuming their private debt without the consent of the Citizens of this country. Article 15 Section 1 of the Constitution states: "The right of citizens of the United States to vote shall not be denied or abridged by the United States or by any State on account of race, color, or previous condition of servitude." The rights of the citizens of this country to vote on this issue has clearly been abridged by this egregious act of the Senate.

To further state my interpretation of this act of the Senate, I refer to Amendment 14 Section 4 of the Constitution: "The validity of the public debt of the United States, authorized by law shall not be questioned. But neither the United States nor any State shall assume or pay any debt or obligation incurred in aid of insurrection or rebellion against the United States, or any claim for the loss or emancipation of any slave; but all such debts, obligations and claims shall be held illegal and void."

I ask each of you to send this information to your representatives so that they can understand that their constituents will not tolerate this unlawful act and will seek to unseat every single Senator who voted to pass this fraudulent bill.