Saturday, December 08, 2007

They are all over the place doing "Good works"

Just a small update...3 sites...I've been kicked from...two controlled by masons...Gold is money being the latest...Skyviking, the behind the scenes ruler, was shown to be a Mason...


Cheryl-Lynné said...


"There is not a truth existing which I fear... or would wish unknown to the whole world."

-- Thomas Jefferson

All of the following information was obtained from freely-available and PUBLIC material, via simple searches using Google.

Did you know:

1) GIM's infamous moderator, "Skyvike," is a Freemasonic OFFICER with the Grand Lodge of Minnesota?

2) that "Skyvike" is a "former American diplomat" - that is, an official with the very US Government most of you despise?

3) that "Skyvike" is a current employee of that very US Government, a "military reserve officer"?

Check out "Skyvike's" profile on GIM. You will find a link to his website,

At, you will learn "Skyvike's" real name, Carl M. Andersen.

Most of the current homepage of has no links to an older version of the site, but if you go here:

he admits his US Government employment.

You can also visit and input to view the various historical incarnations of his website. You can do the same with the Grand Lodge's website (below) if the information is soon removed.

Now that you know his real name, something he didn't try to hide very well, you can Google "carl andersen grand lodge minnesota" and find this page:

Click on St. Paul Lodge #3 to see both "Skyvike's real name, rank (Lodge Warden) AND "" listed as Carl M. Andersen's email address.


Do you want a Freemasonic officer & US Government official having access to your identity?

If not, either use a proxy server to access GIM, or find a safer forum to visit.

Feel free to write me at for more information.

Anonymous said...

Damn you are good! Thanks for culling that from its thread!

Hypertiger said...

Yes it's very easy to play the game they are playing when I have no ability post on Gold is Money to counter all the lies being told...

Sky came out and challenged me...the only way he could win was by banning me...

Talk to a mason to find out about the Masons?

lolololol they are all under oath to reveal nothing about their activities to the vulgar and profane...which is what Masons call non Masons...

In their own writtings they are told basically to lie their way out...

Talk nice to your face until you turn around then knife you in the back...

Lie their way to the top...

lie their way to where they are today.

And It can all be proven...If the top who control the media would allow it...

Yes on GIM you can talk the talk...but when it comes time to walk the walk...forget it...

Anonymous said...

Hello all --

It's Fred, the author of the post about GIM's Skyvike which Hypertiger has so kindly posted here!

I guess I stirred up a hornet's nest over there, LOL. Or, as one of our allies stated, "you dropped an atomic bomb on GIM."

I'm following the latest stuff SV is posting about how "innocuous" these Lodge Boys are. I also noted - with great dismay - that Ron Paul spoke at the Omar Shrine Temple in SC. There is also a rumor out that Paul wore one of those faggy little Masonic aprons while there. Some of us are looking into confirming that right now.

Feel free to write to homepridefred (at) gmail (dot) com

Anonymous said...

Photos of Ron Paul at the Masonic "Temple" in SC here:

Cheryl-Lynné said...

Ron Paul is, always has been, and always will be controlled opposition.

Hypertiger said...

The sad part about it is that masons in general know as much about the masons as non masons...

Sad part #2 is Sky thinking there are rules to the game everyone is playing...The only rules that exist are the ones he and everyone else think exists...

Anonymous said...

Fred you did a great thing for those on GIM.

You are a stand up and honest guy looking out for honest people.

It is amazing how many fools and stupid people there are on GIM to think this is nothing.
You would think to expect more from people on GIM.

skyvike needs a public lynching at GIM and the admins/mods need to come out openly against him.

He and his masonic poodles at GIM have banned many honest people for nothing.

Wake the fuck up dummies.

The Masons are the NWO.
Look at your money.
Are you people stupid.

skyvike is a dishonest bastard.

You got hundreds of people at GIM right now
that are pissed. Something is going to happen.

Wake Up Dummies

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the support!

C-LRH, I now must agree that Ron Paul is indeed controlled "opposition." "Emmanuel Goldstein" for Boobus Americanus. I just watched a video where he vehemently denied that the US Government had any involved in 9/11 - "Absolutely Not!" was his response. We all know that's BS, as much BS or more so than the "lone gunman" theory about the ritual sacrifice of John Kennedy.

SGC, I literally stumbled upon the information that has had the effect of a nuclear strike on GIM. I give my thanks to God, really, for leading me to this information. No way I'd have found it without being "walked" into it. One of our most essential allies on GIM had mentioned something about SV's website, and even though I had referred him there, I didn't remember seeing what he saw. I poked around, and found the "hidden" old website. The US Government connections peaked my interest greatly. The clincher was when I did a Google image search for carl andersen skyvike, and found a couple of icons from the Grand Lodge of Minnesota. I thought, oh, my!! I never ever expected he was a Mason. I then easily found the entry on the Grand Lodge's website with his real name and the notorious username right there.

There was a "purpose" to my learning this information, and I felt an obligation to post it as a "strategic strike." Of course, it felt very good, too, but ultimately, I realize that at least some people will not expose themselves to a Freemasonic Government stooge by using their real IP or other personal data, after learning who - and WHAT - is really in charge at GIM.

Anonymous said...

skyvike makes the rules up as he goes along banning over 20 people for nothing.

Making a mockery of all the admins and disrespecting the wishes of the main founder G-khan.

And for what ?

A fellow Mason and Troll.

Everyone knows who is who. Lyers and lyers,
trolls, bullyboys, and skyvike to back them up, and people are afraid to speak up and back each other.



Anonymous said...

FR, thank you!

This is sad to have to say, but it is really G-Khan, Scorpio, and the rest of the "Founding Members" that are at fault for SV's "reign of terror." He is ALLOWED to run amok as he does with impunity. If I was the "owner" of the site, and SV did the shit he does, I'd tell him to shape up or ship out. SV singlehandedly makes a mockery of what G-Khan states all the time about "free speech."

Hypertiger said...

Everyone makes it all possible...

So not much other than what was done already can be done about it...

It was just an interesting occurance...

Anonymous said...

So, Carl and I have "corresponded" a couple times now via email. The guy is a loon, claiming I'm "threatening" and "harming" him (and his family) by posting the FACTS about him, facts HE chose to reveal. I'm redacting one bit of info from my latest email, for his own personal protection (since posting that IS out of line):

You are clearly a crazy man. What "veiled threats"? There are NONE. Not veiled, not overt, not cryptic, none. No threats here, no threats at GIM. FACTS.

Your ego's been mightily bruised, and that's just too f-ing bad. Perhaps the fact this controversy isn't disappearing is making your mind unstable? You've got plenty of people of GIM to explain yourself to, regardless of your groupies coming along to tell how wonderful you are.

If anything happens to you or your family, God forbid, you feel free to send whomever my way. I'd suggest whomever read about William Morgan, since I'm not the one in the business of harming people. YOU, not I, put your name on the Internet. You also put your address and phone number [redacted], but I did NOT post that or even record it. The fact I posted information YOU chose to make public gives me neither legal nor moral culpability. I did not give your city, either; Minnesota & Thailand are mighty big lands.

I reiterate you are a COWARD. If telling the TRUTH, truth which you made public, is "trying to harm you," you're got problems no Internet forum member has anything to do with. Why are you afraid of FACTS?

Oh, and BTW, if you're so "worried" about little ol' me being a "threat" to you, I notice you have done absolutely nothing to redact this page, still available for all the world to see:

Let's just part ways now, forever.

Good bye!

On Dec 9, 2007 1:39 PM, skyvike wrote:

More veiled threats.

That's cute.

"Pushing buttons doesn't take a man"??? Are you having questions about
your manhood and feel the need to question mine?

Insinuating that my wife and children could be hurt by "other" people at
GIM (which presumably you understood before you publicized my name and
info) after you told the world who and where I am and then your
forked-tonque "wish" that they don't get hurt???

Yeah, it takes a real man to do that.

Nobody has even been "invited" to join GIM and we don't advertise "free
speech." In fact, if you had bothered to read my many posts on the
subject, you would understand that we definitely don't offer "Free Speech"
the way you want it.

For $300 you could start and have your own forum
with your own rules. I'm sure all the free speech buffs would rush to it
and you'd have your own forum, with your own rules, and nobody could ban

No matter what you posted.

I'm sure you'd feel really big then.

But you'd rather take the forum we built and the membership and readers
that we developed to peddle your crap. Not on my watch, Kemosabe.

You and your efforts to harm me have earned yourself a (the first ever)
place on my "If anything happens to me or my family, check with this guy
first." list.

I don't know you and I have no wish to know you. As such I have no way of
knowing if your threats are real or not.

So, I have to act accordingly.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Hypertiger!

Anonymous said...

Hyper, glad to have found you here. I'll drop in often. Look forward to your observations.

Anonymous said...

I would say we need another site to safely post on, but it would only be a matter of time before it too got hijacked like GIM.

One problem is good people who would best handle any authoritative power ( such as moderating a forum with the power to ban people ) don't like doing that job and try anything to avoid getting involved with the task, while the self-serving, egotistical control freaks do whatever they can to convince people they should have the responsibility.

So you get stuck with people like skyvike holding tightly the power.

Kind regards,

Darkside - who just casually browses GIM now since it's no longer a place conducive to debate/discussion on stuff that actually matters.

Anonymous said...

Send a PM to Gkhan, Scorpio, Gpond, BB, and FF.

Skyvike needs to hit the
road with his Masonic Occult Babylonian Talmudic Kaballa Bullshit.

He is a high ranking officer not some low le vel "blue mason".

Worked for the State Department too.

Very fishy indeed.

Anonymous said...

Older versions of the skyviking website can be found here

Anonymous said...

thanks for this thread. can't claim to know anything about masonry, but that SV is denying it (again, at the moment) is interesting.

uranian said...

more shite bannings live at gim

MAGNES said...






Anonymous said...

I signed up for the new site yesterday. gim2

There is alot of buzz that these guys are nwo types and use the site to monitor and access private info.

Can't trust anywhere anymore.

+I will have to fight from the other side when I am dead.

Anonymous said...

New site