Thursday, July 19, 2007

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There is no difference...any difference you see is cosmetic.

And It's not the banks that are responsible...consumers request banks to supply liquidity...The business of banking is sustained by supplying consumers with liquidity...

You all want more and more money and you all certainly are not going to happy with the mines can't keep up with demand excuse when the mines run dry.

It takes Trillions of dollars to sustain the global circulation currently...the demand for more money by consumers globally is growing by about 3 Trillion dollars every 90 days...If it required one ounce of silver to construct one dollar...3 trillion ounces of silver would need to be produced every 90 days to supply the current demand for money if silver was required as a component in it's construction.

3 Trillion dollars or so globally every 90 days just to keep the whole soap opera you all play your parts in functioning...Failure to supply the demand for money globally will result in the implosion of the global system...

When inflation greater than previous inflation to maximum potential is reached...The system will then begin inflating less than previous inflation to maximum potential...During what is generally called the inflationary phase...consumers demand more and more until it becomes impossible to demand more and more and then they demand less and less.

And just as you all are responsible for the ride up...You will all be responsible for the ride down.

look around...all that you see is basically sustained by inflation greater than previous inflation...Once maximum potential is reached...the whole mass delusion that is dependant upon inflation greater than previous inflation will shatter.

The ruins of Rome are what you see after maximum potential is reached....WW2 is also the type of thing you see after maximum potential is reached. When given a choice you all will cry for more and more and more...until you are forced to cry for less and less...

fortunately or unfortunately due to the construction of the Universe...You all will be forced at some point to cry for less and less when it becomes impossible to cry for more and more...

You can of course continue crying for more and more after inflation greater than previous inflation to maximum potential reaches maximum potential...But you are not going to get more and more until inflation less than previous inflation to maximum potential reaches maximum potential.

Oh GOD...Please save me from myself. GOD helps those who help themselves. Oh please GOD...make inflation last forever...

Inflation does last forever...But inflation greater than previous inflation does not last forever...Just as inflation less than previous inflation does not last forever.

Within the Universe they exist forever...but don't last forever.

The infinite inflation wave...The top rides it and the bottom drown in it...been like this for 1000's of years. It's why the top installs leaders...Puppets hang from Saddam...

When it comes time...the top will sell you all the rope you hang yourselves with.

If I choose to lie to you and you choose to believe the lie I told to you is truth...You are responsible for that. Since you all knowingly and unknowingly lie your asses off to each other day after day...You all are oblivious as to what Truth is. You all basically spend your lives speculating caught in a maelstrom of lies...

Then you reach maximum potential and cease to exist.

You currrently depend upon chopping down trees faster than they regrow to sustain the delusion that you have the power to imagine more trees into existance to sustain the delusion.

That is the illusion you want me to believe is greater reality. I'm well aware that our awareness of the Universe is not inside the Universe and is not constrained by it. Unfortunately that is why what you think you can accomplish within the constraints of the Universe does not work out when put into practice within the Universe.

Attempting to tranform your imagination into reality is what got us into this situation.

I'm well aware that inflation greater than previous inflation that lasts forever can be sustained forever in your imagination...It can't be inside of the Universe...And the very instant you choose to think, believe, and have faith that it can be...The shattering of that delusion is certain and inevitable.

All the ruins coating the suface of the Earth are the logical conclusion of the choice to think believe and have faith that inflation greater than previous inflation lasts forever inside the Universe.

You may be able to sustain the required power to sustain denial...I try to not power denial...The longer you power it...the worse the consequences will be when you can no longer power it. Your best bet is to hope to cease to exist before you are forced to accept what you are currently powering the denial of.

That of course will not help everyone else you leave behind...but you don't care about all of them...They are all just illusions...figments of your imagination to use and abuse how you see fit.

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