Friday, February 01, 2008

Those Who Have The Power Make The Rules

The total money supply of the USA is around 49 Trillion dollars...The total Global money supply is easily 200 Trillion dollars equivalent...Half of 1% of the total global money supply is 1 Trillion dollars...Gold can easily be hyperinflated in price with the money that already exists...

All you need is enough numb nuts to desperately desire to buy it. But unless there is something to sustain the constant inflation of the money supply the rise in price will have a maximum potential...Once reached the price of gold will stop inflating greater than previous inflation to maximum potential and then begin inflating less than previous inflation to maximum potential.

The top who do all the buying and selling are selling off their Gold in relation to the price...The top sell strength and buy weakness...

At the highest price the top will dump all the gold they hold into the massive demand of the previously mentioned desperate numb nuts. They will buy it up in mass quantities once maximum potential inflation less than previous inflation is reached of course.

All the price quotes you see...Is what the price of something is after the top is done buying or selling. You see...Since the top does all the buying and selling...they don't need message boards to log onto and speculate as to where the price of anything is going...

The top knows where the price is going because the top is doing all the buying and selling...

The top knew when the price of gold was going to collapse in the early 1980's because they buy strength and sell weakness...they dumped massive quantities of gold they bought up at $35 an ounce for $700 to $800 an ounce and bought Treasuries that were yielding 14% per year...

The result?

Gold caved in and Treasuries which were collapsing in price began to shoot up in price...(bonds bid up cause the yields to drop)

Treasuries basically have been rallying for over 20 years...the top has been capitalizing on the bond rally just as long.

The individual?

Has been trying to figure out when the top buys and sells so that they can buy and sell at the right time to capitalize on the bottom like the top does.

Imagine bonds at 1% yield within an economy that is inflating by -5% per year. That's a yield of 6%

So why don't you know when to buy and sell?

Because you are not the top...

You know all the stuff taught to those in so called institutions of higher learning?

Mostly hogwash...Most of what you all think you all know is just idealistic. It is not realistic.

But Hyper if what you say is true then basically everyone that has ever gone to school and is in school now is just being brainwashed...

Yes of course...the top needs a labor force...And they invested their resources into the construction of worker drone production facilities...All of you reading this are the product of that...The top taught you all how to read, write, perform math, and how to think...

The top taught you everything you all think you know.

The top sells strength and buys weakness...

Imagine buying GOLD in 1999...and selling it that a gain or a loss?

The top basically owns over 50% of the total Global gold supply...The top can easily dump enough into the markets to cause them to implode...They will once GOLD reaches maximum potential price...maximum strength.

The speculators will think it's just a pull back before the spike up to jackpot heaven...

Then the price of Gold will implode...the top of course will be waiting at the bottom to buy it all up again like they have been doing for 1000's of years...The top has become quite good at capitalizing on the capitalist system.

The top owns the markets they created for the speculators to play in. The top owns the system they hired you all to construct for them...

Allow me to take more of another's power than I give and I care not who makes the rules of the game you all and J6P play. Because I will eventually suck all the power from the hands of the many into the hands of the few or one.

Then they who have the power will make and break the rules of the game you all and J6P are playing.

Substitute Gold, Silver, Land, food...etc for power...

As long as you all are oblivious that power is the medium of exchange...Those who are not will be your master.

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Anonymous said...

Interesting train of thought, but I disagree with you on a couple of points :

From a historical perspective, gold has held its value against all fiat currencies throughout its history, in times of turmoil.

The global financial world has been doing everything in their power to suppress the price, from central bank sales, all the way on down.

We frequently hear the goldbugs draw correlations between now, and the 1975-80 period, as you have done here (albeit from an opposing viewpoint).

There are some major differences between now and then, such as debt levels, globalization, the internet(as an uncontrolled flow of information), supply-side concerns in non-renewables, the USD losing it's spot as the world's reserve currency, the yen carry trade unwind, the impending fallout in OTC derivatives, China allowing the public to own gold (after all, there's a billion of them...) , etc. etc. etc.

"Gold is an antiquated relic" is a purely American sentiment, which is something the establishment says (while many of them quietly build positions).

It is also not a sentiment echoed throughout the rest of world. Americans make up 5% of the world's population, and given our current financial shape, we are not really in a position to dictate terms to the other 95%. Especially not when America gets her "allowance money" from them.

Prices ? I'm figuring $1450 by Dec.31 . Go ahead and laugh (lol), but time will tell.

Kind Regards,