Friday, February 29, 2008

The Death Of The Victim

The compounding interest commercial banking monetary system is 600 years old.

If you don't produce food then you have to obtain it from the producers of It. The non food producers are in debt to the food producers. The food producers need Land to produce the food on. They don't have any.

The Food producers are in debt to the LAND LORDS.

Do any of you know how a typical city state or Absolute capitalistic hierarchial food powered make work enterprise operates?

The FEDERAL RESERVE calls "money" "credit"

Consumers request compounding interest commercial banks to manufacture money to sustain the delusional lifestyles of the wannabe rich and famous...

Every swipe of a credit card increases the size of the money supply by that amount.

If consumers fail to sustain the required amount of money supply growth...Humpty falls off the wall and all the Kings horses and all the Kings men can't put Humpty back together again.


Not just a few components. The whole thing.

The 600 year old compounding interest commercial banking monetary system is an innovation that made the past few centuries possible. The screen you are looking at. Why do you think prior to the 1900's most people walked, rode on the backs of animals or had animals pull them around in wagons and carts?


Put a a few male and female horses together in a grassy area and you have the FORD horse company.

Grass was Gas. Grass is still the primary source of power of the Food powered make work enterprise.

"Wheat grass can be traced back in history over 5000 years, to ancient Egypt and perhaps even early Mesopotamian civilizations. It is purported that ancient Egyptians found sacred the young leafy blades of wheat and prized them for their positive affect on their health and vitality. The goddess Isis is said to have brought wheat and barley grains to the people of Egypt from Lebanon. The tender young wheat grass blades were prized by Pharaohs and Aristocrats for it’s amazing affects on their health and vitality."

"In 1930 Charles Schnabel, a food scientist from Kansas experimented with a mixture of food that would increase chicken health and egg production in the winter months. After trying various mixtures of vegetables, grains etc in the chicken feed with none of it making a difference, he was nearly ready to give up. Noticing that hens searched out the young nutritious cereal grasses when available, he dehydrated wheat grass and oat grass and included it in their feed. He was amazed to find the cereal grass mixture boosted their health significantly. He stated in his research, “Even a child can see the bloom of health in the grass-fed hens.” Additionally, the Wheat Grass helped winter egg production go up 150% per hen! Further research revealed other remarkable findings…for example wheat grass was found to improve reproductive ability and milk production in cows. Even human infants whose mothers drank milk from grass fed cows, developed faster than other infants whose mothers did not consume milk from grass fed cows."

“15 lbs of wheat grass is equal in overall nutritional value to over 350 lbs of ordinary vegetables.”

–-Charles F. Schnabel

The whole world is broke...It's not just the USA, the system is GLOBAL. The USA was made the Inflationary engine of the now 314 year old Global system in 1944...The previous Engine was England...But it was too small to be the demand of the world and reached maximum potential in 1929 and collapsed.

The 1933-1945 Bankruptcy reorganization of the now 314 year old Global system followed that with the USA being made the Demand in 1944 at Bretton Woods.

Now the USA is reaching maximum potential and there is no replacement.

As soon as you choose to begin taking more power than you give your inevitable self destruction is certain...Try infinite debt. Infinite zeros.

You are all just becoming aware of the consequence of an accounting irregularity that has existed from the very first second of existence of the USA.

The USA is and was toast...from square one.

Sharing power as equally as possible is the only way to sustain life liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Taking more power than you give is unsustainable in the long run. In the short run all it can do is produce a temporary prosperity.

The longer you attempt to sustain the taking of more power than you give, the greater the magnitude of the inevitable implosion.

According to the 1944 rules of Bretton Woods, the USA should have imploded in the early 1970's when it ran out of GOLD to balance Global trade. The rules were changed 1971 to 1973 or the 1000 days was the switch to the "NEW ECONOMY" to postpone the inevitable until about 1998, with the official ending of the NEW ECONOMY lie September 11, 2001.

911 Emergency...wahoooga wahoooga....Going down.

It's not a theory...It is and was inevitable....In progress....and almost at the point where denial will be impossible to maintain.

It will hit with maximum potential force.

The last few decades were all smoke and mirrors...A good bye kiss at best.

Maximum potential is GOD. That's ultimately what the implosion is...The logical conclusion of the attempt to defeat GOD equation. It's why you all are searching for a reasonable explanation.

GOD can not be reasoned with (lied to) GOD does not Lie. GOD is unreasonable.

None of you were searching for proof that GOD exists...You spent your lives searching for proof that GOD does not exist. Truth is GOD and GOD is Truth.

Ignorance of Truth is the root of all Evil. There is a logical conclusion of Evil.

One half added to one half equals one. Truth is one

Lie + Lie = Truth.

What gives you what you want to get what it wants? What depends upon GOOD to protect it? What pretends to be GOOD?

Evil is hiding behind Truth because Evil pretends to be one. A good one until you reveal it as a bad or EVIL one and eliminate it.

Evil is finite and fragile. It is not a GOOD one. GOD is infinite and indestructible...It's the only GOOD one.

The GOOD one is always right and the EVIL one is always wrong.

That which is finite and fragile is a variable...It's always a variable.

That which is infinite and indestructible is a constant...It's always a constant.

Evil works in mysterious ways.

GOD does not. LOGIC does not. TRUTH does not. LAW does not.

GOD decides the fate of Evil

LOGIC decides the fate of Reasons

TRUTH decides the fate of Lies

LAW decides the fate of Rules

All are Singularities.

There is no word that can combine them all. But they are all the GOOD one.

Ignorance of GOD is the root of all Evil.

The Evil one gives you what you want to get what it wants.

The GOOD one gives you what you need. The GOOD one gives the Evil one what it needs.


The Evil one that is pretending to be the GOOD one wants to live forever.

The Evil one can never get that.

GOD can not be reasoned with (lied to)

GOD does not Lie.

GOD is unreasonable.

All the Evil one can do is wail and moan about it's fate forever and ever and ever and ever...

Don't cry to me...I did not play any part in the construction and as far as I can tell there is no beginning or end to GOD.

Truth is infinite and indestructible. The Evil one seems to find this unfair.

I know that attempting to defeat The GOOD one is impossible.

The Evil one says...If at first you don't succeed attempting to defeat the GOOD one...Try try again.

There is about 6000 or so years of recorded history. That's how long the Evil one has been trying trying again...

Along with The Evil one's helpers of course.

How does the Evil one obtain the power to sustain the fight against the GOOD one with the goal of Defeating the GOOD one and gaining absolute power over all?

EVIL gives you what you want to get what it wants.

Hopes and dreams.

Lies and delusions.

I just give you what you need.


It is childs play amassing a fortune in a compounding interest commercial banking monetary system.

Key problem you all struggle with is how evil you have to become.

If you could become as evil as possible in an instant. You would become as rich in money and power as possible faster than you all currently believe possible.

Getting to the next level is hard...But once you do you can hire sheeple to suffer the consequences of your actions.

None of you realize how evil rich people are because rich people invest quite a bit of power into maintaining the illusion of goodness.

When rich people feel safe they boast of the utter contempt they have for the sheeple.

The just think positive ignore the negative religion

Power is malinvested into lies and delusions to transform them into Hopes and dreams and to sustain their continued existence for as long as possible.

It takes ever greater power inputs to maintain lies and delusions as hopes and dreams and to sustain their continued existence for as long as possible.

When the lies and delusions masquerading as hopes and dreams require infinite and indestructible power to maintain and sustain their continued existence they require TRUTH to sustain their continued existence since TRUTH is the only source of Infinite and Indestructible power.

The lies and delusions masquerading as hopes and dreams are revealed to be Lies and delusions. The lies self destruct and the delusions shatter.

The debt owed is infinite.

As the money supply increases, the economy is bid up costing more and more faster and faster...Only an ever greater input of cheap labor and raw materials can postpone the inevitable implosion of the rich getting richer poor getting poorer bubble.

Once you reach the point where operating expenses are as low as possible there is nowhere but up to go from there.

Reguardless. Free market capitalism as it is marketed or Absolute capitalism, which is what it is, ends just as cancer ends.

With Death of the victim.

The USA along with the 314 year old global system.


Anonymous said...

Leave GOD out of it or your maximum potential of credibility will deflate

Cheryl-Lynné Rose Henderson said...

"Truth is GOD and GOD is Truth."

Therefore, it is impossible to "leave GOD out of it."

Expat said...

I think the lithium wore out fairly soon into this rant.

Cheryl-Lynné Rose Henderson said...

Although I believe in 'free speech,' it isn't necessary to post nasty comments.

FYI - what I repost on this blog is not always as originally posted! They are several posts - posted over time - combined into one.

For example, what may appear to be a 10 paragraph "rant," is actually 10 posts over a two-week period (and not necessarily in chronological order) combined into one blog entry.

Parts of a blog entry may be from different sources of HT material. Additionally, HT was at times replying to several different posters (with different subject matter) within a message board thread.

I try (though not always successfully!)to make everything 'fit.'