Monday, February 18, 2008

A Little History Lesson...

"The Game"

You have those who Choose to take more power than they give and become richer in power or powerful and those who choose to give more power than they take and become poorer in power or powerless.

The ancient power accounting irregularity.

The rich getting richer poor getting poorer cycle has a maximum potential.

Once the rich in power become as rich as possible in power and the poor in power become as poor as possible in power...Game over.

Chop down trees faster than they regrow or club baby seals faster than they are born and it's a certainty that you will run out.

Or consume food faster than it can be produced.

You are all trees, baby seals, and food while the top are the axe and club men and the mouths to feed.

Neo: You won't let it happen. You can't. You need human beings to survive.

Architect: There are levels of survival we are prepared to accept.

Lets say the top currently is surviving on a yield from the bottom of 2 Billion dollars a year. And there is a 98% implosion of the yield... That works out to 40 Million dollars a year.

Lets say you currently survive on $30,000/year...Thats $600...If you need $601 to pay the cost of your continued existance...Thanks for showing up to planet Earth.

If you need a barrel of oil and it costs 70 dollars and you can only come up with 69 dollars...You will not get what you want...only what you need...No barrel of oil. When you need your next barrel of oil you will be at -2 Barrels of oil...At some point your oil powered delusion will suffer a loss of power due to the negative inputs and shatter...

"The decrease in purchasing power incurred by holders of money (The bottom) due to inflation imparts gains to the issuers of money.(The Top)"

--St. Louis Federal Reserve Bank, Review, Nov. 1975, p.22

The top is the rider and the bottom is the horse.

The Global absolute capitalist Hierarchy, if you count those who directly supply power to it, is around 4 Billion horsepower. The other 2.5 Billion indirectly supply power to it.

Sorry kids but your fear...your panty wetting terror of Truth prevents you from finding Truth.

The top are not the bankers...They are employees of the top. They operate the money manufacturing and distribution system or the 600 year old compounding interest commercial banking monetary system operating within the absolute capitalist Hierarchial food powered make work enterprise.

The top owns everything below...the bottom owe the top everything and the top only owes the bottom their share of the power sucked from the bottom to the top which is less than is taken.

And when the bottom is sucked dry...Game over.

You are all in a trance currently...Mesmerized and entertained by the complexity of the soap opera of the system.

Your income appears to come from the top but it starts out at the bottom of the bottom of the 312 year old Global absolute capitalist hierarchial food powered make work enterprise.

There are billions of Human Beings below you all in the Hierarchy holding you all up. All of you are in the top 5% of Richest people on Earth...The bums rolling in the gutters of the US cities are in the top 10% to 15%.

The Matrix is as close as you will ever get to disclosure...But you can just as easily say...That sounds like the matrix and that is just a fairy tale.

Yes you are all sources of power...Without an Army a General has no power to win a debate. General Bernanke says that inflation lasts forever and his army fights the opposition to that lie.

"How do you get hold of water rights"

When it rains bend your head back whith your eyes shut and open your mouth.

That might give you a clue.

You can't give acorns...But if you were to harvest them quicker than the squirrels and their population collapsed then the food supply would shrink also...

Cutting down trees faster than they regrow is taking more power than you give.

I'm not a Tree hugger I just know that when you run out...Whether you hug them or not is irrelevant.

Most of the forests in the USA were chopped down well over 100 years ago.

"Magnificent forests existed in eastern North America before Europeans arrived and began to clear land of timber. Early American naturalist William Bartram described a Black Oak forest with trees over 30 feet in circumference. New England accounts depict 200-foot tall White Pine—giants coveted by the Royal Navy for ship masts. By 1700, they had vanished. Today, all the tall White Pine are gone. Also gone are 10-foot diameter Eastern Sycamores in Ohio and Tennessee Valleys. Gone is the mighty American Chestnut. Gone are huge Appalachian Tulip Poplars with crowns 150 feet above forest floors, their legendary girths often over 25 feet."

Old books are hard to find...and Expensive.

In 1938 Billions of cubic feet cut down in the world. Top 3 below.

1.USA 23
2.Russia 6
3.Canada 2.5

48% of that or 11 Billion cubic feet of the 23 was utilized as "FIREWOOD"

When the trees in the West were discovered no one in the East could believe it. I have a hard time believing that picture...But it is close to the pictures of stumps that were photographed when cameras showed up.

November 4, 1770

"Just as we came to the hills, we met with a Sycamore.....of a most extraordinary size, it measuring three feet from the ground, forty-five feet round, lacking two inches; and not fifty yards from it was another, thirty-one feet round."

--above From one of George Washington's journals.


"The largest tree logged in the State of West Virginia, near Lead Mine, Tucker County, 1913. This white oak, as large as any California Sequoia, was probably well over 1,000 years old. It measured 13 feet in diameter 16 feet from the base, and 10 feet in diameter 31 feet from the base."

The felling of the "Mammoth Tree" took five men 22 days to complete using pump augers. It was described as a "botanical tragedy" and an "act of desecration" by which "thus this noble monarch of the forest was dethroned, after braving the battle and the breeze for nearly two thousand years."

--The Big Trees and the Yosemite

Other is an "engraving" of a Road near New Westminster, British Columbia.

In 1938 the six year average petroleum production of the USA was...

924 Billion barrels of oil a year.

Now it's 3.2 Billion barrels of oil a year.

Below...Signal hill in California...

The crews that built a wooden derrick could construct them in a day or two...

What was considered an honest days work back then would put the vast majority of you in the back of an ambulance or kill you.

It's not my system...It's your system...The system of Lies you think are Truth.

Once your body conquers the work the work becomes easier and easier.

I have actually worked for a living...And I studied it...and arrived at the conclusion that what most of you call working for a living is not working for a living. Most of you are defeated by work...It hurts your feelings...It's why you all are so lazy physically and mentally.

White slaves? I don't see any chains around any of your necks...And there is no evidence in any historical records to support your claim that White people had chains around their necks.

According to the first census conducted in 1790 there were 3,929,214 people of which 3,199,727 were classed as "Freemen" and the rest or 694,207 were chattel slaves mostly Negros and a total Revolutionary war debt of $75,463,476.52

The Indians were not slaves or even counted but when they rejected the Whiteman's demands the Whiteman injected bullets into their heads since chains and Cat o nine tails would not work on Indians like they worked on Negros.

Again, cutting down trees faster than they regrow is taking more power than you give...I'm not a Tree hugger I just know that when you run out...Whether you hug them or not is irrelevant.

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Enjoy your writing Hypertiger.

The line:
The Matrix is as close as you will ever get to disclosure...
is a classic.