Saturday, June 30, 2018

Five hundred seventy six days since the previous post


HyperSis said...

Hello Beautiful !!!! (((( BOW )))))
Kilauea is spewing Peridots !!!

Anonymous said...

Explain what the hell that means.
Me no understando!!!
Do you drink a lot??!!

Anonymous said...

What is the meaning of all those hand signals being made by the other fellow?

I.A .M. said...

Hey Hypertiger,
Hoping you can provide some of your brilliant and insightful gibberish regarding this article I came across on climate change. 12 years to avoid life and death kind of disaster, says the U.N. What's that like 2031?

Pustaka Pohon Bodhi said...

I am so glad you are still there.

BT Barnam said...

Wow! Not only did I score a much needed "sign" from Hypertiger, I've also never seen or heard this speech from Reagan. Got the message HT. Even more relevant today than when you originally posted it.

Kind Regards,

HyperSis said...

Feminists are freaking out about the President of the United States using the term Witch Hunt .

I can't stop laughing . I just kept hoping for something to appear that would be funny.
Sometimes you just need a laugh. Generally, it doesn't show up or I miss it because
I'm too busy to notice it. But today, poof !! The Feminist witches are offended !!!!!!

Witch Hunt !!!!!!

They're always screaming their heads off and constantly offended .

Where do they come up with this stuff ??

It's like Cholesterol Medication being mad at Garlic.
Or Tap water being offended at Distilled Water.
UGH !!!!! Or fake trees crying about real trees .

I think I need some Tea.
I'm not going to practice choosing the Tea. I'm not going to practice making the Tea.
I'm not going to practice drinking the Tea. I'm not going to practice anything to offend the Feminists .
I'm not even going to practice offending the Feminists practice.

I'll drink some Tea and send some blessings that their offended selves will feel better .

Witch Hunt !!!!!!

What kind of Tea do you want ? I will go and see what I can find :) ok .

Happy New Year.

((( hugs )))

Anonymous said...

Still alive beauty?

HyperSis said...

Also, January is National Hot Tea Month .

We could drink Tea , celebrate the Art of Tea and I could tell you about my Cats !!