Monday, March 09, 2009

A Blizzard of Lies

The total debt to GDP was 263% in 1929...the Debt to GDP currently is around 360%.

But the roaring 20's post WW1 Looting of Germany carry trade bubble took only 10 years to inflate...This post WW2 Bretton Woods looting of the world carry trade bubble has been growing for 65 years...So the roaring 6 decades.

Only the idiots below the top think there is going to be some sort of return to 2006...

Ultimately since the system is powered by taking more than it gives...or chopping down trees faster than they regrow...the implosion is inevitable...all that has been done for centuries is postponement of the inevitable.

The top/owners/employers or pure absolute capitalists at the pinnacle of power maintain their position at the top of the hierarchy by giving the bottom what the bottom wants.

This take more than you give inevitably doomed to implode system is what the bottom wants...If the top were to attempt to give the bottom what it didn't want the bottom would revolt until the bottom was given what they wanted.

Until of course the system reaches maximum potential inflation greater than previous inflation and the bottom can no longer supply the top with what the top needs to supply the bottom...

When the top is forced to give the bottom what it doesn't want...That's where the parliamentary administration comes in...

"The subjects of every state (Bottom) ought to contribute towards the support of the government (Top), as nearly as possible in proportion to the revenue which they respectively enjoy under the protection of the state."--Adam Smith, Wealth of Nations 1776

Governments of the absolute capitalistic hierarchial food powered make work enterprise are administration systems of the enterprise constructed and sustained by the bottom or employees at the demand of the top or owners of the absolute capitalistic hierarchial food powered make work enterprise

The bottom is hired to construct or deconstruct Governments depending upon what the bottom wants.

Currently the bottom wants a the top is supplying the bottom with a blizzard of lies...

Because the solution or logical conclusion to the take more than you give or compounding interest equation is...implosion.

It's inevitable.

The top know this...The bottom is not taught about this.

When a student exposes the social engineers to truth behind their lies they inculcate to the indifferent...the social engineers inform the student that their job or function as student is to be engineered by the engineers or they will be escorted out of the social engineering institution...force will be increased in porportion to the resistance until the student performs their job or function as they are supposed to according to the accepted rules of the game of absolute capitalism.

The top don't want it to be worse...the bottom do.

The top just gives the bottom what the bottom wants so the top can maintain their position at the top of the global absolute capitalist hierarchy.

I have always said that hyperinflation is possible...I said that hyperinflation is not on the way.

The whole system is currently contracting just as I basically said it was going to...

The supply of US Dollars has been hyperinflating for decades...The hyperinflation has just been hidden with accounting the exportation of the US manufacturing sector beginning in 1979 out to China to eliminate the manufacturing wage inflation that was driving the general price inflation inside the USA in the 1970's.

You are not going to miss any opportunity...You are all going to see the USA and world collapse to oblivion.

Zimbabwe is doing pretty good...there is still the rest of the world to supply them...once the global trade system implodes...That will stop.

Spending a day to pan for enough gold to buy a large muffin marketed as a loaf of bread is good for a sick laugh...They are most likely burning more calories to obtain the Gold than the bread provides...

That in the USA will solve the obesity problem very quick...

The USA along with the rest of the world will implode to pre 1900 levels or worse...half the population of the USA will basically transform into unfundable liabilities and be liquidated one way or the other.

You all are not going to miss this wonderful opportunity.

All that can be done with the current assets is use them as backing for more debt that has to be serviced...and if the new debt can't service the continued existence of the will collapse in value.

Unfortunately you need an economy that can support growth...The global economy unfortunately has reached the point that it can no longer support growth.

It's over...

At this point you have morons praying for hyperinflation...But zero is adding more zeros at the ends of numbers is adding nothing...and ultimately a hyperinflation of the credit system is followed by a hyperdeflation of it regardless.

I'm sorry to say...But everything you all think you know about Economics is mostly reasonable assumptions not logical conclusions.

Regardless how the absolute capitalist or take more than you give system is operated...It's impossible to sustain inflation greater than previous inflation forever.

You can only inflate greater than previous inflation to maximum potential...

Your income now is composed mostly of leverage.

A consumer uses their current income which is mostly composed of previously manufactured money or an asset inflated in value by previously manufactured money as collateral backing their request for a commercial bank to manufacture more new money.

Under a strict standard...there would be none of that...

Then factor in that the current system has been in operation for over 600 years.

That the entire inflation of civilization into what it is currently was powered by all this money you all can get your hands on...

In the olden days...You peasants never had enough money to save...

Your incomes right now are leveraged to the hilt.

You are all (You all know who you are) desperate for the hyperinflationary Jackpot.

And it's possible that a hyperinflation can be ignited...But hyperinflationary explosions are always followed by hyperdeflationary implosions.

The top will be positioned for any hyperinflation they ignite.

Layoffs are due to not enough money being spent to pay all the employees...But businesses need enough labor to sustain operations...once the layoffs are done...The pay cuts will follow.

The year over year % gain of wages and salaries is a few months away from going negative for the first time in 51 years.

It also takes more than deciding to hyperinflate to actually start a hyperinflation.

The FEDERAL RESERVE was given the banknote monopoly in 1913.

The commercial banking credit system does not need a central bank to operate.

Where does all the monetary expansion in the system orginate?

Consumers request commercial banks to manufacture more new money.

Without a credit system...The banks would have run out of money to lend centuries ago. It's how the banking system has operated the last 600 years.

Really you all are currently as oblivious as ever as to how the system operates.

You all will just like mindless bacteria demand more and more and more until it becomes impossible then...cry like babies...die off.

Then do it all over again.

From 4000 BC or so to 1865 AD or so...Chattel slavery kept wage inflation low...any of you ever figure that into your equations?

Equations...forget all just pretend that you know what you are talking about.

"The United States Census of 1790 was the first Census conducted in the United States. It was conducted on August 2, 1790. It showed that 3,929,326 people were living in the United States of which 697,681 were slaves"

"The United States Census of 1860 was the eighth Census conducted in the United States. It determined the population of the United States to be 31,443,321 — an increase of 35.4 percent over the 23,191,876 persons enumerated during the 1850 Census. The total population included 3,953,760 slaves."

You all will do as you are instructed to by your masters then whine when you don't think they are listening.

There is not anything in the Constitution about sound money.

A group of 39 men calling themselves "We the People" gave Congress the below power:

Article 1, Section 8. The Congress shall have power to...

"To coin money, regulate the value thereof, and of foreign coin, and fix the standard of weights and measures;"

The US Congress has not done anything counter to the above.

And there is nothing in the Constitution preventing Commercial banks from issuing bills of credit or IOU's.

There was not anything to stop the commercial banking system from functioning as it did and currently does.

One of those 39 men...

"Alexander Hamilton (January 11, 1755 – July 12, 1804) was an American politician, leading statesman, financier, intellectual, military officer, and founder of the Federalist Party. One of America's foremost constitutional lawyers, he was an influential delegate to the U.S. Constitutional Convention in 1787 and was the leading author of the Federalist Papers (1788), which has been the single most important interpretation of the Constitution ever since."

"He was the first and most influential Secretary of the Treasury and had much influence over the rest of the Government and the formation of policy, including foreign policy. With a vision of using federal power to modernize the nation, he convinced Congress to use an elastic interpretation of the Constitution to pass far-reaching laws. They included the creation of a national debt, federal assumption of the state debts, creation of a (Central) national bank, and a system of taxes through a tariff on imports and a tax on whiskey that would pay for it all. In foreign affairs he favored the British; he devised Jay's instructions for the treaty of 1794"

"The Bank bill (First Central bank of the USA...The Federal Reserve is the Third central bank of the USA excluding the Bank of North America during the Revolutionary war) was introduced into Congress on December 13, 1790, passed the Senate on January 20, 1791, the House on February 8, 1791, and therefore was forwarded to President Washington for his signature. It was unclear whether Washington would sign the bill into law. Powerful forces led by James Madison, Thomas Jefferson and the Attorney General, Edmund Randolph, argued to Washington that the Constitution had not granted the government the power to incorporate a Bank and therefore he should not sign the bill."

"The First (Central) Bank of the United States was needed because the government had a debt from the Revolutionary War (A crown operation), and each state had a different form of currency. It was built while Philadelphia was still the nation's capital. Alexander Hamilton conceived of the bank to handle the colossal war debt — and to create a standard form of currency."

"The First Bank's charter was drafted in 1791 by the Congress and signed by George Washington"

"This was a private Bank of which there were 25,000 shares issued of which 18,000 were held by those in England. The Bank loaned the United States money in exchange for Securities of the United States.

"Now the creditors of the United States which included the King wanted paid the Interest on the loans that were given to the United States. So Alexander Hamilton came up with the great idea of taxing alcohol.The people resisted so George Washington sent out the militia to collect the tax which they did. This has become known as the Whiskey rebellion."

Alexander Hamilton's business career began in 1768 when he became a clerk in the counting house of Nicholas Cruger. Cruger took a trip off-island in 1771-1772, leaving young Hamilton (16 years old) in charge of business affairs for six months. He displayed a remarkable flair for business and leadership skills that involved dealing with senior ship captains and businessmen on an equal basis.

In 1773, Hamilton attended a college-preparatory program with Francis Barber in Elizabeth, New Jersey; he was admitted to Princeton in rural New Jersey but instead attended King's College (later renamed Columbia College) in New York City

The institution was established in 1754 as King's College and is one of the oldest institutions of higher education in the United States. During the early years of its history, Alexander Hamilton, John Jay, Gouverneur Morris, and Robert Livingston studied at King's (Columbia.)

"Controversy surrounded the founding of the new college in New York, as it was a thoroughly Anglican institution dominated by the influence of Crown officials, such as the Archbishop of Canterbury and the Crown Secretary for Plantations and Colonies, in its governing body. The fears of an Anglican episcopacy and Crown influence in America through King's College were confirmed by its vast wealth, far surpassing all other colonial colleges of the period."

"After the Revolutionary war, he served as a member of the Congress of the Confederation (from 1782 to 1783), and then retired to open his own law office in New York City. He specialized in defending Tories and British subjects, as in Rutgers v. Waddington, in which he largely defeated a claim for damages done to a brewery by the Englishmen who occupied it during the occupation of New York; pleading that the Mayor's Court should interpret state law to be consistent with the peace treaty (Paris Treaty of 1783 signed after the Revolutionary war).

"In 1784, he founded the Bank of New York, now the oldest ongoing banking organization in the United States, and was also instrumental, along with John Jay, in the revitalization of King's College, which had been severely crippled by the war and discredited for its Tory affiliations"

"On the advice of financier Robert Morris President George Washington appointed Hamilton as the first Secretary of the Treasury. Hamilton served in the Treasury Department from September 11, 1789, until January 31, 1795. It is for his tenure as Treasury secretary, as well as his contributions to the Federalist Papers, that Hamilton is considered one of America's greatest early statesmen. He was in many ways Washington's most trusted advisor, handling critical domestic and foreign policies, and writing drafts of important messages such as Washington's Farewell Address in 1796. In 1794 he designed a "bold initiative", the Jay Treaty that "ushered in a new era of prosperity for Anglo-American trade," and resolved left-over issues from the Revolution. He fought Jefferson and Madison in the matter--they favored France--thus setting up foreign policy as a major dispute between the parties."

"Hamilton's term was marked by innovation, planning and masterful reports. In office for barely a month, he proposed the creation of a seagoing branch of the military to discourage smuggling and enhance tax collections. The following summer, Congress authorized a Revenue Marine force of ten cutters, the precursor to the United States Coast Guard. He also played a crucial role in creating the United States Navy (the Naval Act of 1794). Hamilton's perceptive and creative mind, coupled with a driving ambition to set his ideas in motion, resulted in many proposals to Congress. His proposals included a plan for tariffs and excise taxes (on whiskey especially) for raising revenue, and funding the Revolutionary War debt including debts owed by the states. He developed the plans for the First Bank of the United States and secured its adoption by Congress."

"Robert Morris, Jr. (January 31, 1734 - May 8, 1806) was an American merchant and a signatory to the United States Declaration of Independence, the Articles of Confederation, and the United States Constitution. Morris was known as the Financier of the Revolution, because of his role in securing financial assistance for the American Colonial side in the Revolutionary War."

"At age 16 Morris was already apprenticed to the shipping and banking firm of the wealthy Philadelphia merchant (later mayor) Charles Willing. After Willing's death four years later, the 20-year-old Morris became the partner of Charles's son, Thomas Willing."

"In a unanimous vote, Congress appointed Morris to be Superintendent of Finance of the United States from 1781 to 1784. When Morris began this post the US was in a crisis. The British controlled the coast line from the sea, two major cities, and the western frontier. The treasury was in debt by $2.5 million and public credit had collapsed. Congress resultantly gave Mr. Morris great power and allowed him to continue his profitable private endeavors while serving in a related public office."

"Three days after becoming Superintendent of Finance Morris proposed the establishment of a national bank. This led to the creation of the first financial institution chartered by the United States, the (Central) Bank of North America, in 1782. The bank was funded in part by a significant loan Morris had obtained from France in 1781. The initial role of the bank was to finance the war against Britain."

During his tenure as Superintendent, Morris was assisted by his friend and assistant Gouverneur Morris. He proposed a national economic system in a document called "On Public Credit". This acted as the basis for Hamilton's plan of the same name submitted much later.

On January 15, 1782 Morris drafted a proposal that he later presented to the Continental Congress to recommend the establishment of a national mint and decimal coinage. However, the United States Mint was not established until 1792, after further proposals by Hamilton.

Along with Alexander Hamilton and Albert Gallatin, Morris is considered one of the key founders of the financial system in the United States.

Thomas Willing (December 19, 1731 - January 19, 1821) was an American merchant and financier and a Delegate to the Continental Congress from Pennsylvania.

Born in Philadelphia, Willing completed preparatory studies in Bath, England. He studied law in London at the Inner Temple (The City of London, the Crown, Where the Bank of England is)

City of London The New World Financial system

"The Honourable Society of the Inner Temple is one of the four Inns of Court around the Royal Courts of Justice in London, England, which may call members to the Bar (Rumor that "BAR" is code for British Accredited Registry) and so entitle them to practise as barristers. (The other Inns are Middle Temple, Gray's Inn and Lincoln's Inn.)"

"The Temple was occupied in the twelfth century by the Knights Templar, who gave the area its name, and built the Temple Church which survives as the parish church of the Inner Temple and Middle Temple"

The City of London is now London's main financial district. It is often referred to as just the City or as the Square Mile, as it is approximately one square mile (2.6 square kilometres) in area The City itself has two independent enclaves within it — Inner Temple and Middle Temple. These two areas form part of the City and Ceremonial county, but are not governed by the Corporation of London. The Corporation governs the rest of the City and also owns various open spaces (parks, forests and commons) in and around London.

The City developed its own code of law for the mercantile classes, developing such autonomy that Sir Laurence Gomme regarded the City as a separate Kingdom making its own laws. The Lord Mayor of the City is supreme...

Its Latin motto is "Domine dirige nos" which means "Lord, direct us".

Thomas Willing As a member of the Continental Congress in 1775 and 1776, he voted against the Declaration of Independence.

Later, he became president of the (Central) Bank of North America and then the first president of the (First Central) Bank of the United States 1791 to 1811

"The Bank of North America was chartered in 1781 by the Continental Congress and opened on January 7, 1782, at the prodding of Finance Minister Robert Morris, and was rechartered in 1784. This was thus the first modern (Central) United States bank. It was succeeded by the First Bank of the United States. After Robert Morris became superintendent of finance in May 1781 continental currency had ceased."

Meanwhile, Hamilton made public endorsement of the establishment:

"Congress have wisely appointed a superintendent of their finances,—a man of acknowledged abilities and integrity, as well as of great personal credit and pecuniary influence.

"It was impossible that the business of finance could be ably conducted by a body of men however well composed or well intentioned. Order in the future management of our moneyed concerns, a strict regard to the performance of public engagements, and of course the restoration of public credit may be reasonably and confidently expected from Mr. Morris' administration if he is furnished with materials upon which to operate—that is, if the Federal Government can acquire funds as the basis of his arrangements. He has very judiciously proposed a (Central bank) National Bank, which, by uniting the influence and interest of the moneyed men with the resources of government, can alone give it that durable and extensive credit of which it stands in need. This is the best expedient he could have devised for relieving the public embarrassments, but to give success to the plan it is essential that Congress should have it in their power to support him with unexceptionable funds. Had we begun the practice of funding four years ago, we should have avoided that depreciation of the currency which has been pernicious to the morals and to the credit of the nation, and there is no other method than this to prevent a continuance and multiplication of the evils flowing from that prolific source."

- 'The Continentalist' No. IV, August 30, 1781

Morris deposited large quantities of gold and silver coin and bills of exchange obtained through loans from the Netherlands and France. He then issued new paper currency backed by this supply. He also managed to meet the interest rates on the debt which he estimated to be about thirty million dollars. (Thats about 20 million ouces of silver) First Bank of The United States and The Bank of New York obtained the first shares in the New York Stock Exchange.

The Buttonwood Agreement, which took place on May 17th, 1792, started the New York Stock & Exchange Board (now called the NYSE, which is short for New York Stock Exchange). This agreement was signed by twenty-four stock brokers outside of 68 Wall Street in New York under a buttonwood tree. The organization drafted its constitution on March 8th, 1817, and named itself the "New York Stock & Exchange Board". In 1863, this name was shortened to its modern form, "New York Stock Exchange". Membership on the NYSE has been held as a valuable property since 1868. These days, members must purchase existing seats, which are now limited to a total of 1,366."

"The brokers based the U.S. system upon existing European trading systems"

The twenty-four brokers who signed the Buttonwood Agreement under a buttonwood tree at 68 Wall Street in lower Manhattan, NYC to negotiate the conditions and regulations of the speculative market. were Leonard Bleecker, Hugh Smith, Armstrong & Barnewall, Samuel March, Bernard Hart, Alexander Zuntz, Andrew D. Barclay, Sutton & Hardy, Benjamin Seixas, John Henry, John A. Hardenbrook, Samuel Beebe, Benjamin Winthrop, John Ferrers, Ephraim Hart, Isaac M. Gomez, Gulian McEvers, Augustine H. Lawrence, G. N. Bleecker, John Bush, Peter Anspach, Charles McEvers, Jr., David Reedy, Robinson & Hartshorne.

The Buttonwood agreement is one of the simplest contracts ever...It's two sentences...The agreement stated that they would only trade securities among themselves, that they would adhere to set commissions and that they would not participate in auctions.

The Buttonwood agreement...

"We the subscribers, brokers for the purchase and sale of public stock do hereby solemnly promise and pledge ourselves to each other, that we will not buy or sell from this day on for any persons whatsoever any kind of public stock at a less rate than one-quarter percent commission on the specie value of, and that we will give preference to each other in our negotiations."

What were the first publicly traded securities in the U.S.?

$80 million in U.S. Government bonds that were issued in 1790 to refinance Revolutionary War debt.

What was the first listed company on the New York Stock Exchange?

"On the advice of financier Robert Morris President George Washington appointed Hamilton as the first Secretary of the Treasury. Hamilton served in the Treasury Department from September 11, 1789, until January 31, 1795"

Alexander Hamilton's Bank of New York, which was the first corporate stock traded under the Buttonwood tree in 1792, and the first listed company on the NYSE.

"The Bank of New York was founded on June 9, 1784, making it the oldest bank in the United States. Alexander Hamilton wrote the new bank's constitution, and became the individual most actively involved in the organization of The Bank of New York, guiding it through its early stages. The bank opened for business at the Walton House in Lower Manhattan only a few months after the departure of British troops from American soil. It opened with a capitalization of $500,000."

From the 1792 Coinage Act

"DOLLARS OR UNITS--each to be of the value of a Spanish milled dollar as the same is now current, and to contain three hundred and seventy-one grains and four sixteenth parts of a grain of pure, or four hundred and sixteen grains of standard silver."

371.25 grains X 500,000 = 185,625,000 grains or 480 grains per Troy ounce or 386,718.75 Troy ounces at todays silver of 13.34 Dollars a Troy ounce is $5,158,828.125

Total current assets 237 Billion Dollars...

That's roughly lending out $500,000 and continuously compounding it by 5.809% over an over again for 225 years.

Or 183,304,687,500---183 Billion ounces of silver if the above were converted into 1792 defined Dollars.

"The United States produced 1,200 metric tons of silver in 2007, 35% of the silver it used. The remaining 65% was imported from Mexico, Canada, Peru, and Chile."

1 metric ton = 2,200 Pounds.

1200 Metric tons = 2,640,000 pounds

183 Billion ounces of silver equals around 12,548,571,434 pounds

If the current assets of the bank were converted into 1792 would take 4753 years of US silver production...

That's why Banks issue banknotes, Bills of credit, or IOU's

Money or credit is created when a consumer requests a commercial bank to manufacture it. That's where all the money creation occurs....The commercial banks...

To date...the US money supply is around 52 Trillion Dollars....and because it's credit...The total debt is 52 Trillion Dollars.

The US Government Debt or public debt is around 11 Trillion's the amount of the money supply of the USA the FEDERAL Government has borrowed.

The money supply is 52 Trillion Dollars and the US FEDERAL Government has borrowed 11 Trillion dollars of it.

But the Federal Reserve does not count it twice...the money supply is 52 Trillion dollars but the total debt is the money supply/total debt + the public debt...or 63 Trillion dollars.

All the money in circulation is created by consumers using their income which is mostly previously created money/debt(Credit) or an asset inflated in value by previously created money/debt(Credit) as collateral backing their request for a commercial bank to manufacture new money/debt(Credit)

The compounding interest commercial banking credit system is 600 years old...It financed the industrial revolution up to the current point.

If gold were money what would you use to buy it?

Gold derives most of its value from demand in relation to supply...There is not very much GOLD but there is massive demand for it.

But Hyper why is it not shooting up like a rocket?

Because the top does all the buying and selling...

The top owns the majority of the Gold supply.

All the poor people trying to get rich bid up what the rich own...the rich then extract some profit and let all the desperate fools bid it up again.

When the markets crashed...the top was positioned...the top buys when the bottom is desperate to sell and sells when the bottom is desperate to buy.

The top is rich in money and power boyond your peasant abilities to comprehend...they are in no hurry to escape their plight.

You all at the bottom?

Are crawling all over each other and writhing desperately trying to escape your plight.

The top created and own the markets...wake up please...

The Government?

You see big drug busts in your city?

That's the competition being eliminated.

You are all owned.

Completely totally and utterly.

You are all employed to build everthing you eventually are employed to destroy.


Is not a game.

Has no rules.

Capitalism did not fail...It never fails.

Everything has worked out perfectly.

The only things that I see failing are all the lies you believe are Truth.

The top or employers of the enterprise you are employees within are going to liquidate billions of you once you transform from assets into unfundable liabilities.

The method?

One way or the other.

The designers of the game you are all playing made it so that they win by default.

Because they are not playing it...You all have been hired to play it...and it's a game that is impossible to win.

You all are oblivious of course...You just popped into existence within it surrounded by liars telling you what truth is.

There of course is a legal way to play the game and an illegal way to play it.

The logical conclusion is the same regardless.

The beauty of the game is that all the players think they are winning until the logical conclusion is reached...the logical conclusion of any game over.

When persuasion (gradual/slow) fails then Force (Violent/fast) has to be employed.


So can this happen fast?


It can implode to oblivion in a matter of days...End of global civilization as you currently see it....poof.

Some type of covering event would happen...

Absolute capitalists choose to search for reasons to make mistakes and then choose to search for reasons to limit or attempt escape from the consequences.

A scapegoat will precede any acceleration of the ongoing collapse.

You all blew your future...You are all to blame.

Someone told all you criminals that you were innocent until proven guilty and you all have been playing dumb ever since.

By choice...

Everywhere I look I see you all pointing the finger somewhere else...

You all want more and more and more...In order for the top to maintain their position they have to give the bottom what you want to obtain what the top wants.

The whole system is structured to give you all what you want...more and more and more.

Until it becomes impossible to...

If the top were to say no before that point is reached...You all would revolt until you all were given what you wanted.

More and more and more...You are all spoiled brats...

Once the point is reached the top steps back...And all you mental retards hack yourselves to pieces trying to reacquire what you never had to begin with or obtain what you never will.

When the dust settles the top then hires the survivors to do it all over again.

That's the future...

Because that is what has been going on the past 6000 years and there is zero evidence any of you are going to wake up from the daydream that you are awake.

You all can't seem to help it...You all accepted the programing when you were very young...

I rejected it...

Because you all accepted it...Every decision you make is filtered through the just think positive ignore the negative equation at the core of your drone reasoning algorithm.

You are all trying to forget...Constantly fighting to remain asleep.

After years of study it appears that you are all damaged beyond repair...

It boils down to a question I'm trying to answer...or an equation.

The logical conclusion is that none of you are needed...But the key problem is how to get rid of you all.

That's the only problem currently....I don't know how your masters are going to reduce your numbers.

It's simple economics...I have no Idea how...but It's a certainty...You all are useless...

Personally I don't care...It's not my system...But the method utilized to get rid of all of you could become a threat to my continued existence...So I definitely don't want to be standing too close to unfundable liabilities when they are being Hiroshima...

Period end of story...You all are the ones that whine about the decisions...that's where you fit in the scheme of things.

Instead of thinking, you all due to your programing are incapable of arriving at logical conclusions...only reasonable assumptions.

And don't tell me different...I have to hide from you all because once I begin interacting with you all...I'm eventually forced to do all your thinking...

But I'm not your master...

You will do as they instruct...You are right now.


Azuurlin said...

There is only ONE solution. (obviously for the next time around as this one's toast). Don't play the game, obey GOD and eliminate the compounding interest system and reinstate the jubilee.

Anonymous said...

Is it true government can only borrow from existing money? I heard government itself can create money (although as a loan/debt) from it's central bank.

So some of the $11 trillion national debt may come from money created out of thin air by central bank, not from money requested by consumer before..??

Anonymous said...

why don't they create more money from air?

Now that the thin-air is running out.

....Wisdom from my bottom.

SyncedEnergy said...

Hypertiger, I feel the same.

All I see is dumb, ignorant, oblivious, programmed sheep needing their shepherd to survive and unable to think for themselves.

Karma is about to fuck them once again, it has to...

The question is, is there any hope whatsoever left in you? One might think you have some (unconscious?) hope, as you are blogging here, or is it just to vent off?
I seriously wonder what the point of the existence of people like you and me is at this point in time and space. I guess there is a point... there always is.

Anonymous said...

You morons dont have a clue as to how the world really works. And if told, you wouldnt believe it. And If I could FORCE you to believe it, you would try to hurt me, since that would ruin your whole life, your whole belief system.

There is no hope, since if someone did come along and gain traction for the idea of the US Treasury lending money at 0% interest for the necessities of survival (home, car, energy, farming, water) he would be killed so fast, and PUBLICLY (like JFK) he wouldnt know what hit him. They would kill his whole family, his babies, the babies in his wifes womb, anybody and anyone connected with him. Planes would fall out of the sky, people would be killed in burglaries or street robberies, some would get a vicious case of cancer, or a hunting accident or maybe "suicide", or the always trusty one car fatal accident..

You see, only banks have to make money (profit) through the use of interest. The Fed Govt is not established as a commercial profit making entity, so it can loan interest free. Just take over ownership of all home loan contracts - STEAL them from Banks. Its only $10 Trillion. Obama has already "spent" that. Reset them at current market value, 0% 30 years. If home prices double in 5 years, Fed gets the dif at time of sale, if they drop another 25%, Fed eats it at time of sale. The Banks lent the money created from HardDrive ones and zeros, so just cut out the middle man, and let the Govt do it themselves.

In Islamic countries, its against religious law to charge interest.

Talk it up about reinstating the old 9.9% usury law - set it like at 7.5%, and all of a sudden some of those 12,000 FBI agents will take an intense interest in you.

Lessee now. In the last Hyper rant I commented that Ayn Rand was born Alice Rosenbaum (with wikipedia link). Mr. Hyper now discusses Alexander "Hamilton"

The Federalist Society is heavily funded by multi-millionaire Richard Mellon Scaife, a benefactor of many liberal causes as well. The Federalist Society derives its name from the Federalist Papers which were published in 1787-88 by Alexander Hamilton, John Jay and James Madison, all Freemasons. Hamilton was a crypto-Jew and a Rothschild agent who led the elitist Federalist faction. Hamilton argued at the Constitutional Convention that America could only achieve stability if governed by a king and aristocracy. As a secret agent of the House of Rothschild, Hamilton, also attempted to establish a Federal Reserve Bank in the U.S.

“Alexander Hamilton married into the Rothschild family December 14, 1780, Alexander Hamilton was born Alexander Levine, of Jewish lineage, in St. Croix, the West Indies. After changing his name and his geographical situs, he married Elizabeth Schuyler… [The Intimate Life of Alexander Hamilton, by Allan Hamilton 1910]

“[It has been reported that there are documents in the British museum that prove Alexander Hamilton received payment from the Rothschild’s for his dastardly deeds. Could this payment have been for his involvement in the establishment of a foreign bank in this country, and for convincing Congress to assume the States debts, which would have created a debt obligation binding the United States government and the States to the international bankers?]” (“The History Of Lawful Gold And Silver Legal Tender And The Debt Brought On By Unlawful Fiat Paper Money”)

Alexander Hamilton has been called the American Machiavelli, after the famous political genius of the Renaissance. According to Michael Ledeen, Machiavelli was a crypto-Jew, like Hamilton. Opus Dei is an elitist organization, like the Federalist Society, but has the facade of a Catholic religious order. The philosophy of Opus Dei is believed by many to be based on Machiavelli's book, The Prince.
Note how in Wikipedia they say that Hamilton was born to mother "Rachel Faucett Lavien"
Gee, thats awful close to Levine, isnt it??

You fokking morons.

And may God bless Aaron Burr for putting a bullet in this creature's gut, a true American hero.

Just to give you an idea of the psychopathic monsters who work for the bloodlines that run the world, heres a little video of White House sex slave Cathy Obrien showing a nurse the satanic face carved into her vagina by her handlers. WARNING - nasty stuff.

StarDebate said...

How on Earth are we having deflation? Banks refusing to lend doesn't contract the money supply, the liabilities still exist. That the purchasing power of people's assets like their houses has dropped isn't an indication of deflation. Sure, PM bugs aren't going to score any jackpots, but that doesn't mean we aren't headed for hyperinflation. Governments only have the power to expand, not to contract. Do you think they won't exercise this power until it is exhausted? Sure, the inevitable is implosion, but we are still far from it. Look at the number of denominations in Zimbabwe's currency, we are headed in the same direction. Until all the banks and major corporations are allowed to fail instead of being bailed out or nationalized can we talk about deflation. How am I wrong?

mannfm11 said...

The clearfield doctrine says the US does business on business terms. All the money or credit is already spent. If someone wants to spend more, they are going to either have to borrow it or spend what they have. The government can't print money because they can't do business as a superior and force acceptance of notes worth nothing. Where it is lost that the notes we circulate are worth nothing is that they were created as evidence of bank credit, which is paper collateralized by paper that is collateralized by all you see. Once all you see can't support the income necessary to support all you see and the interest on the paper the gig is up. I have done a lot of thinking on this matter and I would venture that the 130 million or so people that work in the US probably average no more than $50,000 to $60,000 a year. For every one that makes $100,000 there is someone working for $10,000 to $15,000 with most making $35,000 to $60,000. If this is so, then GDP is in the range of $6.5 to $7.8 trillion, not the statated $15 trillion. The difference is what is borrowed.

Darth Toll said...

StarDebate, the main reason the US is not Zimbabwe is that currently the US is the world's reserve currency. Yes, the currency is a fraud as is the nation itself. The US doesn't exist, probably since the time of Hamilton and maybe before. All nations are fabrications of the money masters. The reptilian lords (Rothschilds, etc.) have determined that the current system shall be based on US currency with the US as the main engine of consumption, and all inflation exported to the producer nations (Bretton Woods II if you prefer.) These are just rules though, and can be changed at their whim.

The US will not be allowed to hyperinflate unless the satanic money masters can use it as a tool for more theft and destruction. Who knows what they will choose or when? But its far too simplistic and inaccurate to say that governments expand and don't contract. Who/what is the "government"? What will the top do when they need to liquidate useless eaters by the billions? This sounds like major contraction to me. Deflation is the easiest and most immediate way for the top to destroy things and people.

Gold is a Red Herring designed to fool more hapless dopes. There will be no riches acquired in this collapse other than by the lords that own everything anyway. There is no hedge or method that can be used to circumvent Satan's diabolical plan. Gold can be easily confiscated yet again. Switzerland and other so-called "safe havens" for gold storage are hotbeds of reptilian activity and Switzerland is actually Satan's home base. Even if you had huge stores of food, ammo, gold, etc, they would just spray you like a cockroach or perhaps create an avian flu pandemic or maybe just a nuclear blast against which you can do nothing and cannot prepare at all. Its not until God re-asserts himself that the satanic Khazar vampire leeches will be defeated once and for all.

Skaven said...

Star Debate... How are you wrong? Where do I start..? You should educate yourself a little bit better, there are plenty of resources to find the answers.

Inflation in the money supply only happens when someone borrows it into existence. Banks do not lend the money that they have in savings, they have a reserve ratio which lets them lend multipliers of their actual holdings.

When people borrow money, it is waved into existence thus creating inflation. It's why the price of just about everything has skyrocketed until 2007. If not for China absorbing our inflation, it should have been much, much worse.

Now, no one can borrow, and new money is not being created. As Hyper likes to say, inflation less than previous inflation is deflationary.

That is the short answer to your question. Take the time to educate yourself. We are seeing a worldwide contraction that is beginning to accelerate. These are dangerous times.

StarDebate said...

Skaven, if banks do not lend, how is that a deflationary measure? Consumers create money, fair enough. If they don't borrow, new money is not created, but is neither destroyed. Do not look at the purchasing power of people's homes, look at food prices and that will tell you where we are presently. We are still inflating.

Darth Toll, you are correct about Zimbabwe, I neglected the fact that the USD is the global reserve currency. If the US started circulating trillion dollar notes, other countries' currency would have exponential denominations; they wouldn't be able to account for it. Now that I think about it, I suppose we are almost in a freefall?

Tough times ahead indeed.

messianicdruid said...

Is there no way for all the "dollars" overseas to be spent? When they realize they must spend their "dollars" or lose them, will they just throw them away, or buy anything they can? This will bid up prices = inflationary. The banksters are positioning to buy up the whole country, for a mess of pottage. Do you hear an echo?

Anonymous said...

Why are you brainless no-life idiots arguing back and forth about economic theory?? Is that all you have left to make you feel that you are concerned and "involved" - mental masturbation on an obscure website?

All this back and forth misses the point. You have no control over whats happening. None. Zero. So what difference does it make?

Nobody cares what you think about economics, other than other no life know-nothings. Its like discussing ballistics while a bullet that is flying through the air is about to blow your brains out. Are you people stark raving mad?

Face it: you are on the Titanic and the ship has hit the iceberg. You are about to enter frigid seawater with sharks everywhere. All U.S. big cities are going to become freefire death zones.
Why in Gods name are you trying to normalize what is not normal, itellectualizing a brutal bloodline homicidal dictatorship based on privately owned central banks..

Thankfully, most of those posting here will be dead in the not too distant future.

Anonymous said...

No, there's no Armageddon freefall coming with zombies in the streets and mass starvation.

As HT says, the Top give you what you want. Do you really want that?

Of course not, given the choice, the entire middle class will give up their status and become poor, bearing the brunt of the financial looting.

I'd rather be poor and abused than living in a war zone--no question.

You'll adjust, poverty isn't as bad as it seems. And it's much better than Armageddon.

StarDebate, that is deflationary because there is interest attached. If your earnings are flat but your debt is growing (interest) you will default. Your Lender assuredly borrowed what they loaned to you, at a lower interest rate. If you default, they default too, all the way down.


Anonymous said...

"You'll adjust, poverty isn't as bad as it seems. And it's much better than Armageddon"

Yeah, you can adjust, like the peeps in Argentina

StarDebate said...

"Anonymous said...

Thankfully, most of those posting here will be dead in the not too distant future."

Nonsense, you are not the ONE who gives life and causes death. The bottom is the source of the top's wealth's, thus, the top has an interest to protect the working class. It is still against the law to drive without a seatbelt. The working class needs to be living and breathing, enough of them. An economic collapse will catch many offguard, sure, absolutely, but the Earth is bountiful. The Earth's wealth hasn't perished, real wealth is still there. Depressions expose true wealth and it exposes fake wealth.

The logical conclusion is to start chopping down trees as fast as they grow, but this cripples power from the top. And if the top fails to comply, they would have succeeded in making their most feared competitor (Islamic Sharia) more attractive than ever to the common man. Islamic banking has several closet supporters in the West, you just don't know it as yet.

Anonymous said...

I found out about this guy from Gold is Money.

Today at gold is money i read from G-khan, that the killing of British soildiers by terrorists is something to smile about! A founding member of that site!

Gold is money is finished for me for that post.

Thankfully i can still read from this chap here and will look forward to more insightful information.

I am the better for this information.


Anonymous said...

"And there is nothing in the Constitution preventing Commercial banks from issuing bills of credit or IOU's."

true but there is something in the constitution that prevents "just anyone" from becoming a bank and so, there is a significant amount of "you cant do that" built into the system.

Anonymous said...

Wow somebody has a serious holier-than-though complex. Did anyone ever see the Twilight Zone episode with Burgess Meredith. Everyone was finally gone so he could enjoy his mountain of books alone in peace without the rest of the "morons" and he broke his reading glasses, and whined how unfair it was when there was no one to fix them...that's what reading these rants remind me of. Though I can't say the premise of the rants is wrong, but the attitude is like Isaiah on steroids.

Anonymous said...

"Gold is money is finished for me for that post. I am the better for this information."

If perfection is your standard, you won't last long around here either.

Anonymous said...

Why must go back to pre 1900 level? Why not 1944? 1970? 1997? 2005? or any other years?

Why 1900??

Skaven said...

"JStudent" nailed it. StarDebate, no new money being created but interest-bearing debt accumulating. This is deflationary.

As for debating while the bullet is headed in our direction, I don't acknowledge that ignorance is bliss. Is the purpose of our existence simply only to survive? I think not.

Anonymous said...

Hey Hyper "Its Over" Tiger, its collapsing again, UPWARDS! haha.

Thanks for the "you're all a bunch of idiots" verbiage tho.

Anonymous said...

The banks are closed, the army has begun liquidating the useless eaters, the cities are all on fire burning to the ground, nuclear events are pending...

Of course none of this is happening and the "brilliant" HyperBlowhard is still blowing nothing but hot air...

But alas, Hyper has gone to the WallStreetExaminer, the home of the Great Rasputin, another "Its Over" prophet who at least admits he doesn't have a clue whats going down, unlike our esteemed Hyper.

Anonymous said...

Gee, these "desperate" automakers are sure odd characters....went into Generaly Screwed Motors and plunked down $20,000 for a $40,000 HD truck and they laughed in my face. I said Hyper said "Its Over" and they said "Who the hell is HyperTiger" which I replied "Yeah, who is he anyways"

Still waiting for that "Imminent Collapse" for the past 20 years.

Anonymous said...



Everybody who is anybody is asking for bailouts!

Banks, insurance companies, car makers, construction, home owners etc....

Governments Trillions in debt.

The system is being saved by bringing more from the future to the present.

Lets see if that can continue!!!

As hyper states lol ignore the truth and go back to your delusion!

Anonymous said...

"Lets see if that can continue!!!"

Its been continuing for decades dumbass. HyperTiger has been predicting "Its over" for how long now?

Darth Toll said...

For all those that berate HT for going on about the collapse for too many years, keep this in mind - long wave cycles are on HT's side and we are now in K-Winter. Bad shit is coming. We can debate endlessly when liquidation of mindless drones will happen, but there is no denying that it will happen soon. Does anyone here dispute the existence of long cycles, specifically the K-Wave? If so please read the following and explain where the thinking is flawed:

In short, K-Wave theory says that because of the dynamic of collective amnesia in any given society, every person who lives a full life can expect to see each season of the K-Wave at least once. As the life expectancy of the population increases, so too does the length of the K-Cycle. Simple huh? Undeniably accurate going back hundreds and possibly thousands of years. Sorry guys, we are in K-Winter right now and no amount of the just-think-positive-ignore-the-negative mantra can change this. Also an undisputed fact that somewhere towards the middle or end of K-Winter, the "reorganization" will take place that will pave the wave for K-Spring. Sounds good right? Wrong. From a strictly financial standpoint, K-Winter is good and necessary because it purges the bad debt. But towards the middle or end of this process is where the useless eaters will also be purged from the system. These are commonly referred to as World Wars but you can use any term you like for the global re-org. This is probably 3-5 years off. So its too soon for HT to warn about these events? Nah, its too late for most folks actually.

Darth Toll said...

an addendum to the above topic:

What is 2009 minus 1931? (78 years, or roughly the average life expectancy of the US.)

So in terms of where we're at in the K-Wave, this is similar to 1931-32. Some may not know, but in 1931-32 there was a major (40%) bond market collapse in the US that REALLY brought about GD1. The stock market crash of 1929/2008 was really a sideshow. It takes time for things to really get going in the general economy and this is what folks forget. Just because the really bad stuff hasn't happened yet, don't assume that it won't happen or that HT is just a stopped clock. The groundwork for the global "re-org" is being laid right now. The proverbial SHTF will most certainly happen, based on thousands of years of similar patterns and waves. By 2012 or so, most people that remain will realize that some very bad things have happened and that there will be more (even worse) things to come. The multi-decade bull market credit expansion and happy times as far as the eye can see are over. This was referred to as K-Summer and especially K-Autumn.

Anonymous said...

K-Winter, e-waves, other assorted nonsense...just say "I don't know"'ll feel better being honest.

Anonymous said...

I'm going to buy a backhoe to bury all the dead people.

Business will be booming.

Only concerns i have is, how am i going to be paid and who will be left to pay me?

Anonymous said...

Don't worry folks. Implode until certain level, then we will go more into debt again.

Economy will bounce back again after some debt has been defaulted.

No armageddon!

Anonymous said...

Here you go, the exact type of no interest banking I was talking about. Only 8 minutes , but 100X more informative than all the nonsense you just think positive losers blabber on about here.

Try that here and they WILL kill you, for sure.

Anonymous said...

Welcome to reality.............

"Congress has no oversight of it. It’s an executive assassination ring essentially, and it’s been going on and on and on. Just today in the Times there was a story that its leaders, a three star admiral named [William H.] McRaven, ordered a stop to it because there were so many collateral deaths.

"Under President Bush’s authority, they’ve been going into countries, not talking to the ambassador or the CIA station chief, and finding people on a list and executing them and leaving. That’s been going on, in the name of all of us.

mannfm11 said...

One more time they miss it. We are at the end of a trend. Are we going to use drive way gravel next time as money? Let see, we had gold, then banks, then John Law, then the Mississippi and south seas bubble then 70 years of depression then the bank of england and bank of france and bank of the United States and Aaron Burr shooting Hamilton, then Jackson killing the bank and the bank causing the depression of the 1837 to 1870's period, then the Federal Reserve and gold backed paper and the first World War and the inflation and the deflation and the bankruptcy of the bank of england and the great depression and the grab for the gold and the FDR devaluation to attempt to solve the gold problem and Bretton Woods and convertability and then the elimination of gold and silver so we are back to John Law and the bubble and another 60 or 70 year depression. There is nothing to change to.

Anonymous said...

Much of the anti-Islamic Sharia rhetoric is going to backfire real soon as things get worse. Expect more Muslim patsies to show up in the news...

Or, put your money into Islamic banks. Usury is Satanic.

Anonymous said...

London is already attempting to obtain central control of Islamic Sharia-compliant banks (the money-changers will infiltrate them and corrupt them). The UN is talking about criminalizing hate-speech against Islam... that is part of their "deal", if you can read between the lines.

Anonymous said...

Hyper's latest "profound" realization on WallStreetExaminer:

"The logical conclusion of the compounding growth equation is reached sooner or later."

So is multicellularity in the biological realm...and some forms have amazingly short lifetimes and others staggeringly long in comparison. What would be profound is to understand why that is. In that regard, Hyper has nothing interesting to say. His predictive power is nil.

On this page he said "Its over" WallstreetExaminer, he said the bubble within the bubble has burst...the outer bubble remaining intact.

So HT is like the wind...

Anonymous said...

"The total debt to GDP was 263% in 1929...the Debt to GDP currently is around 360%."

So why can't it be 498%?

Hyper, blow the dust off your grade 3 math book and amplify amplify amplify the system...come on do it like David X. Li...WS needs to be fed.

"For five years, David X. Li's formula, known as a Gaussian copula function, looked like an unambiguously positive breakthrough, a piece of financial technology that allowed hugely complex risks to be modeled with more ease and accuracy than ever before. With his brilliant spark of mathematical legerdemain, Li made it possible for traders to sell vast quantities of new securities, expanding financial markets to unimaginable levels."

Anonymous said...

Q4=52592.7/14264.6 = 369%

We r propably close to 375% by now. And with the PIB contracting and the debt growing, your 498% would be reach sooner or later and when that bubble implodes, it will be far more desastrous than it would be now.

Anonymous said...

HT, you've got a lot of haters on this page. Did you cut too close to the nerve with this post, or are these shills for the bankster elite? Me thinks probably both. Ignore the Satanic Khazar h8rs and keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

Money is an abstract concept that describes and accounts for the exchange of energy and matter (wealth).

In this case, your analogy of chopping down trees faster than their rate of reproduction does not apply until such time that the basic resources are exhausted. Money is not a basic resource; oil, corn, labor, etc., are.

You had me going there for a while, nice try.

Anonymous said...

What exactly is the solution HT proposes? No comment??

What a waste of time...

Anonymous said...

doomers and gloomers have gold to sell you after they scare you. Fuck off.

Anonymous said...

Hyper advocates responsible capitalism...whatever the hell that murder, fraud, lying, etc etc...we'll all wake up and hold hands and sing songs. Then we have the goldbugs who advocate a society that surely would be conquered in short time.

So thats the problem, Hyper...put it out there in detail...or shut up.

Anonymous said...

What's even funnier is he/she advocates "responsible capitalism" which alludes to the Golden Rule (i'm not downing that idea) BUT out of the other side of the mouth comes, "you are all morons, you should all die, and I'm safe and above it all." Should we say Hypocritiger?

Anonymous said...


Yeah no kidding...until this yahoo posts some real nobels (not the econ kind found in crackerjack boxes) and/or mathematical fields medals then he's just another blowhard with a false superiority complex. Lots of them around.

Anonymous said...

Hei, where is mayer amschel bauer?? Long time no comment from this brother.

Meyer Amschel Bauerberg said...

I'm always lurking in the background.
All your IP addresses and times of postings are recorded
When the time comes you all will be sent to pea farm chain gangs in Georgia in the hot summer sun for "re-education".

Your children (both boys and girls) will be sold into sexual slavery to the rich, and once the stores become empty of foodstuffs, you will die a slow miserable death from starvation - like the 20 million in Leninist Russia. Think Soylent Green.

Woot!!! I love the smell of burning nitrocellulose in the morning.

Anonymous said...

"The total debt to GDP was 263% in 1929...the Debt to GDP currently is around 360%."

No, it is actually worse. Let me estimate something between 380-390 somewhere ... The last numbers in the chart are from spring '08?

Anonymous said...

What do you think of this:

{{ "The Book of the Law" is Crowley's revelation about the true nature of the world.

It is callous and cynical, even through the symbology.

It is also frightening for those who are weak in world.

And in the end, THE LAW SEEMS TO ACTUALLY BE CORRECT although shockingly disappointing for what we like to think of as a benevolent human race.

It is my belief that the top leaders are using the guidelines shown in "The Book of the Law". These people are also referred to as "Thelemites". If you know anything about Machiavellian principles then you can get a feel for what Crowley's book prescribes for REAL SOLUTIONS, and they are not "idealistic" solutions.

It a nutshell, and some will disagree, here it is:

"TOP POWER" makes the rules, nothing else matters.

If YOU cannot figure out how to obtain this POWER, then you WILL be screwed and used in the world by the TOP, AT THEIR WHIM. Why? because benevolence is not a requirement and there is no "God" to stop POWER's abuse, no matter how much you wish or pray for "God" to exist.

There are "good" people, but these people will not go through the machinations required to obtain the "TOP POWER". Why?, because they follow the "good" rules, and those rules, although "good", do not allow them the power to dictate the "good" from the top.

End result? BY DEFAULT, Power with non-benevolence WILL rule from the top, and the sooner that is realized, the sooner each individual can prepare for such.

If YOU don't like this law, YOU must act to change the world YOURSELF, then YOU can enact what you think is GOOD.

How can you do this? YOU must acquire POWER. It is the only way. You cannot pray or wish your way to dictate "GOOD" from the "TOP".

Those is POWER want you to think they are benevolent. They can convince you of such because they hold the strings to MEDIA POWER.

What THE LAW proposes is not sugar and candy, in fact it is horrid, but has the true ring of REALITY. Sorry. }}

Meyer Amschel Bauerberg said...

March 20, 2009

All Private Guns Will Be Confiscated By September 2009, US Tells Russia

Kremlin reports on the extraordinary meeting held today between President Medvedev and former United States Secretaries of State Henry Kissinger (under Nixon), James Baker (under Bush Sr.), Charles Shultz (under Regan), former United States Defense Secretary William Perry (under Clinton), and former US Senator and top defense expert Sam Nunn, are stating that the Americans are acknowledging for the first time their acceptance of a New Global Order in which they seek to partner with natural resource rich Russia and the oil rich Nations of the Middle East in order to ensure their survival into the 21st Century.

Leading the United States to the shocking conclusion that their very survival is at risk has been the evaporation of 45 percent of the World’s wealth which has caused a rapid plunge in Global manufacturing leading to a 49 percent collapse in US trade exports which the International Monetary Fund is reported has caused the World’s economy to shrink for the first time in 60 years and has lead Canada’s Central Bank chief David Dodge to state the World is “facing a long and deep recession that will fundamentally alter the nature of capitalism”.

Though Prime Minister Putin has warned that “resorting to a printing press would be unwise and extremely dangerous”, the already bankrupt United States, whose staggering debt is four times higher than their entire National income, has allowed its Federal Reserve Bank Chairman Ben “Throw Money Out of Helicopters” Bernanke to ‘create out of thin air’ a further $1.2 Trillion to stabilize the American economy, but which in turn has led to the collapse of the US Dollar leading the United Nations to recommend next week that the World “ditch the dollar as its reserve currency in favor of a shared basket of currencies”.

Russian economists further state in these reports that the United States has been left with ‘no other option’ than to force the massive devaluation of the US Dollar in order to ‘shake lose’ from banks and private investors the hundreds of billions they are currently hoarding and is being blamed for collapsing a United States where consumer spending accounts for two-thirds of its economy and which without money to borrow, or borrowers to loan to, is fast approaching the abyss.

With the devaluation of the US dollar, however, massive inflation will ensue causing the value of these currently hoarded hundreds of billions of US Dollars to plummet and forcing them to be spent before they become totally worthless, a policy which China, the largest Global holder of US debt, has voiced increasing concerns about and have cut back on their purchases of American debt even as desperation hits their own factories as orders plunge.

These top American Officials have also assured President Medvedev that new laws being written by the Obama administration will ‘completely’ reform the American financial system by fully integrating it into a single Global Economy due to be enacted during the coming G-20 summit in London.

When President Medvedev voiced his concerns to the Americans over his belief that the US Congress would not allow such a radical new set of laws to pass, these reports continue, Kissinger stated that the American people were being ‘primed’ to overwhelm their lawmakers into swiftly enacting ‘in its entirety’ the Obama administrations new banking and financial laws by the outrageous behavior of those collapsed financial giants that includes: 1.) The insurance giant AIG which after receiving over $300 billion in US taxpayer money paid out nearly $200 million in bonuses; 2.) The collapsed stock selling giant Merrill Lynch which after receiving $20 billion in US taxpayer money paid out $3.6 billion in bonuses; and 3.) The collapsed US banking giant Citigroup who after receiving $45 billion in US taxpayer money announced a $10 million redecoration of their executive office suites.

News from the United States today further confirm Kissinger’s assertions to President Medvedev as US Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner has now admitted that he had ordered US Senator Christopher Dodd to include the executive pay provision into the stimulus bill which was, in fact, a loophole allowing these controversial bonuses to be paid out.

To such machinations being utilized by their supposed ‘leaders’ against them in order to pave the road from a once sovereign United States to this New World Order these Americans remain nearly clueless, but when pressed by President Medvedev on the plans to ensure that civil society on the North American continent doesn’t break down Kissinger reportedly replied, “By September we’ll have confiscated all privately owned guns so it really doesn’t matter what we do, we’ll still be in charge”.

Russian Intelligence reports state that gun ownership statistics in the United States vary widely, but is estimated to be that nearly 50 percent of US households have nearly 270 million guns, none of which these Americans seem now ready to part with without a fight.

But, new reports coming from the United States show that they are fast adopting the tactics used by the German Nazis to disarm their society prior to the installation of fascist rule and martial law by first rendering all private guns useless by eliminating and restricting the ammunition they use. And from new reports coming from the United States we can see that this ‘plan’ is already being instituted with ammunition shortages being reported in Idaho, Georgia, and Louisiana, and a new law just introduced in California which would:

1. Stop the private transfer between individuals of more than 50 rounds of ammunition.

2. License and tax anyone selling handgun ammunition commercially and force these stores to get background checks on anyone selling ammunition.

3. Get a thumbprint from anyone buying handgun ammunition.

4. Ban all ammunition sales that don't take place face-to- face, in other words, ban mail-order sales.

Even more chilling for American gun owners was the Obama administrations order to the US Military on March 12 which stated: “Effective immediately DOD Surplus, LLC, will be implementing new requirements for mutilation of fired shell casings. The new DRMS requirement calls for DOD Surplus personnel to witness the mutilation of the property and sign the Certificate of Destruction.” which would have crippled the US ammunition industry, who are the largest purchasers of used military ammunition brass, but after found out about by US Senators was quickly withdrawn.

To the reasons feared by the leadership class in the United States of their citizens retaining the right to firearms we can read:

“As the growing world-wide economic crisis deepens, military forces from Canada, the United States, and the United Kingdom are preparing to meet angry citizens on the street. The economic crisis - and the public outrage it is causing - is at the forefront of intelligence agencies and military forces in the western world.

Prominent trends forecaster Gerald Celente has been sounding the alarm for years, warning that riots and tax revolts are coming to America. The Pentagon, U. K. Ministry of Defense, and Canadian military apparently agree. In November of 2008 the United States Army War College released the report Known Unknowns: Unconventional "Strategic Shocks" in Defense Strategy Development. The report identifies economic collapse as a reason for the defense establishment to conduct domestic operations. The report states,

"Widespread civil violence inside the United States would force the defense establishment to reorient priorities in extremis to defend basic domestic order and human security. Deliberate employment of weapons of mass destruction or other catastrophic capabilities, unforeseen economic collapse, loss of functioning political and legal order, purposeful domestic resistance or insurgency..."

The CIA and MI5 are both watching the economic situation for signs of unrest and political instability. As the Washington Post reports, the CIA has added an economic situation report to its threat assessment for the White House. A further sign that the United States government is anticipating widespread unrest comes with the domestic stationing of the 1st Brigade Combat Team of the 3rd Infantry Division. The Army Times reports,

"They may be called upon to help with civil unrest and crowd control or to deal with potentially horrific scenarios such as massive poisoning and chaos in response to a chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear or high-yield explosive, or CBRNE, attack."

Canadian military forces have been given a nearly identical domestic mission in a synchronized move with the United States. Canada's National Post reports that,

"The Canadian military has embarked on a wide-ranging plan to turn its reserve soldiers into focused units trained and equipped to respond to a nightmarish array of domestic threats, including terrorist "dirty bomb" attacks, biological agent containment, Arctic catastrophes and natural disasters.”

Reports from the United States are also revealing that for the first time since their Civil War, active duty US Army Troops were put into the streets of Alabama after the killing spree of a crazed gunman, but which the US Army is now reporting it is ‘investigating’ because it doesn’t know who deployed them.

To whom the leadership elite in America are actually planning on protecting themselves from we can further read: “A new document meant to help Missouri law enforcement agencies identify militia members or domestic terrorists has drawn criticism for some of the warning signs mentioned.

The Feb. 20 report called "The Modern Militia Movement" mentions such red flags as political bumper stickers for third-party candidates, such as U.S. Rep. Ron Paul, who ran for president last year; talk of conspiracy theories, such as the plan for a superhighway linking Canada to Mexico; and possession of subversive literature.”

As to what these dangerous American terrorists can expect once they are in the custody of their US intelligence services?

“The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) concluded in 2007 that US methods to extract information from prisoners at secret CIA jails as part of the "war on terror" amounted to torture.”

Even worse for these dissident Americans are the chilling revelations from top investigative news journalist Seymour Hersh: “After 9/11, I haven’t written about this yet, but the Central Intelligence Agency was very deeply involved in domestic activities against people they thought to be enemies of the state. Without any legal authority for it. They haven’t been called on it yet. That does happen.”

So today, as the United States ‘watch list’ for domestic and International terrorists has hit 1 million names, in a country that already has more prisoners than any other Nation in the World, or our entire Earths’ history for that matter, and as sales of weapons and ammunition are still hitting record highs in America since President Obama’s election, it would appear more than likely that the assertions of US officials to Russia that they remain in control of their country is highly doubtful…and needing just one single ‘spark’ to plunge it into full scale civil war.

And whose to say that hasn’t been their ‘plan’ all along?
Item 2.....
All ammo to have EACH bullet, brass casing and cartridge box laser marked with unique indentifier under the "ammunition accountability" legislation
32 of the 50 states already have this legislation pending.
The new laws require DESTRUCTION OF ALL NON CODED AMMO RETROACTIVELY (an ex-post facto law)
Possession of non marked ammunition will be a felony - one round or 10,000.
And once each and every cartridge you buy is in your name, no one will want to sell (or give) his ammo to anyone else, in fear of being blamed for someone elses crime.
No more reloadable brass shell casings. Must come with certificate of detruction.

Meyer Amschel Bauerberg said...

Partial quotes:

On April 2nd the G-20 meet in London. We believe it will result in the end of free trade and globalization, as we have known it. There can be no pulling back. Subsidies and tariffs are already being raised as currencies are deliberately being devalued. The centerpiece of the talks will be the future role of the dollar and the ultimate move to a world currency. Of course you won’t hear about this in the major media. The best that can happen for the dollar will be a phase in as one of four major reserve currencies, the dollar, ruble, yuan and the euro. America’s illuminists are not going to agree to such an arrangement and that means big trouble for world markets. It is the perfect excuse to dump the dollar and to stop financing its deficit.

8,282 of 9,800 hedge funds operate from the Cayman Islands, which is run by the Queen of England, head of the European “Black Nobility.” We hear lots about Switzerland, but hardly a word about Cayman. The oversight is a joke. The hedge funds operating there do not pay taxes and don’t answer to anyone concerning their derivates and other trading. Most of the rest of the hedgies are located in other former British Colonies. The intertwined banks and hedge funds are the elitists’ foremost instruments of power, to control the financial system, and to loot and devastate the public.

In the Caymans there are no regulatory restrictions on investment policies or strategies. There is no capital gains tax or income tax on profits of funds. It takes 2 to 5 days to get approved and costs $3,600.00 in total fees. All information is kept secret. These funds currently hold about $1.4 trillion. This is the 4th largest banking system in the world behind the US, Japan and the UK. The US has over 300 million inhabitants and Cayman has 56,000. It is the epicenter for globalization and financial warfare.

Those running this operation that so few know about are Stuart Duncan Jack, Knight Commander of the Royal Victorian Order. Timothy Redley, Order of the British Empire, Warren Coats who was with the IMF for 26 years and was used by the US to be an advisor to Iraq and Afghanistan on rebuilding, which was a disaster. Richard Rahnk, member of the Mount Pelerin Society, the Black Nobility’s coordinating center for deregulation and elimination of the nation-state and world government, and head of the center for economic growth. This center is an offshoot of the Freedom Works Foundation, a neocon offshoot, run by C. Boyden Gray, heir to the Reynolds Tobacco fortune and also on board is none other than Dick Armey (D-TX. There are over 2,000 hedge funds in the British Virgin Islands and over 500 in Bermuda.
Go ahead, all you just think positive jackoffs - keep thinking this is just another one of those "recessions" we will eventually get out of.
Keep on studying and posting your theories on percentages of this and that.
This just covers up the fact you are all cowards who will do nothing but curl up in your bed in a fetal position shivering in terror at the horror unfolding around you.

Hey - the colon in Costa Rica is now 502 to the dollar. Looking good for a new place to live. But for Christ's sake - switch over your dollar money into the local stuff as fast as you can.


Meyer Amschel Bauerberg said...

Heres a very good read on the meltdown from Rollingstone online
But its 8 pages - too much for you guys.
And its insight only goes to "near" the core of the onion, never right on it

Anonymous said...

Keep on studying and posting your articles and numbers of this and that. You are all doom.

And heres a Rollingstone Online article (with useless numbers) putting the blame on the effets of the cause.

Do you plan to survive the "end of the world"? Or do you just plan to die?

If you survive, will you stay in your bunker and eat your guns or will you go in the next new world order and feed the top over again?

Or better... you might build your own civilisation and then get your ass analihated along with your brainless followers.

Keep on studying and posting your articles and numbers of this and that. One way or another you are doom.


Anonymous said...

What's with all the commenters lately trying to type out comments that pretend to sound like hypertiger's writing?
You sound like dorks when you do it.
That includes you, Bauerberg.
I mean, jezus, you sycophants.

Meyer Amschel Bauerberg said...

News item:
Fed planning a 15 fold increase in US money supply by Sep 09!!

Now we're talking. Lets get this damn collapse rolling - the suspense is killing me.
Lets see now, a loaf of bread is $4 now, so that could make it $60 not even figuring in Obama's $9.5 trillion bailouts so far. But errrrr, your pay stays the same.
That is, um, if you even have a job in Sep 09.

But dont despair, all you angry nasty boys can come to my house and clean the toilets, do a little gardening, and you would get your can of survival tuna.

Hot doggity.

And the US mint has stopped selling some more versions of Gold and Siver coins - too much demand. Only have enough 22 karat blanks for bullion coins.

Meyer Amschel Bauerberg said...

Geitners next bailout (to be announced tomorrow) is as follows:

"And there is more to come.

The Obama Administration is putting the finishing touches on another big bank bailout. Called the Public Private Investor Partnership (PPIP), it is the brainchild of the Treasury Secretary from Wall Street, Tim Geithner.

Under the plan, the government will give our money to hedge fund managers to buy "toxic" assets for more than they are worth. The banks that created these toxic turkeys will use the money from the sales to recapitalize themselves. Everyone comes out ahead except, of course, the taxpayers, who are essentially funneling money to hedge funds to buy bad assets for more than they are worth. The other bonus for the banks in this plan, as Yves Smith points out, is that they get to avoid giving the toxic assets any real market value. Less transparency and more transfers of wealth from taxpayers to hedge fund managers.

So much for the "free market."

Yves Smith writes: "This is what readers ought to be upset about. The AIG bonuses are rounding error, and a done deal. This (the PPIP) is billions to avoid price discovery . . . "

$750 billion, to be precise-plus what remains of the $700 billion bank bailout Congress already approved.

Smith reports that the bailout will likely have two parts: a subsidy to the hedge funds that buy the bad assets, and another one for the banks that sell them, to make up for the low prices investors are willing to pay. It's socialism for bankers and hedge fund managers."

Man, you just cant make this stuff up.
Rape, rape, rape the American chumps.
Why not - they aint gonna do nothin'.

Anonymous said...

Of course the American Chumps will do something...they'll

1. Get that new BMW 'status' car to further express their individuality.

2. Eagerly await Suze Whoreman on Doprah for vital new money tips

3. Watch Sex and the City reruns for lessons on flippant and irrelevant social interaction.

4. Go to the various coliseums to cheer on the #1 winnahs like themelves.

5. Take another $500/night class on uber-distinguishing Microsoft Office "skills"



and finally make Lawyers rich looting thy partner...

Heck, come to think of it, the american chumps have the same mindset as Wallstreet...and the people here are waiting for revolution?


Anonymous said...

I've been scouring the various "bear" habitats on the internut for signs of intelligence and have come to the following conclusion:

"They're all stupid people" like the regular masses.

So here I am worshipping HyperTigers new religion: The Church of "Ha ha, you're a moron" despite his idiotic belief that ANY economic system is possible with 6+ billion drones on the earth.

I'm now a militarist...I'll let Meyer fill in the details.

Anonymous said...

Hi, everyone. I am here to save you.

My name is Hploda Reltih and I am going to start


I need 200 million middle class taxpaying citizens to invest $5000 and I promise to


Lets face it, real representation through the political electorate doesn't exist in a HedgeFund Universe. So here I am, your devoted saviour.

Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Look Hyper, the markets are collapsing again UPWARDS!

LOL...Oil is at $5 a barrel...the tanks are in the streets...the banks are closed....

I guess we've had our 20 minutes of deflation...and HT is 20 minutes of fame.

Now its back to business as usual.

Meyer Amschel Bauerberg said...

Thats why I love this site. All the just think positive retards repeatedly prove everything Mr. HyperRepetion says about them in his rants. The sheeple absolutely and unconditionally trust the system, no matter what they see or hear, and will do so right to the very bitter end.

(Back to reality)
Today's "everything is getting better." news..........

US NATIONALIZES two of the biggest Credt Union Banks for a total of $57 Billion

In fact, some come here to Hypertiger just because they are bored, and deliberately write put downs just to connect to something that seems to have some human energy attatched to it, in order to make up for an otherwise hollow empty emotionless meaningless life.


Anonymous said...

Dow up almost 500 points!! Yes!!!

Go buy more.... Before you fell behind in this OPPORTUNITY!

Anonymous said...

{{In fact, some come here to Hypertiger just because they are bored, and deliberately write put downs just to connect to something that seems to have some human energy attatched to it, in order to make up for an otherwise hollow empty emotionless meaningless life.}} -bauerbach

You mean like the put-down above where sycophants trying to type out comments, where they want to sound like Hypertiger? Like you and others try to do? You mean, like THAT put-down?
Here is another put-down: When you do it, it not only sounds dork-ish...but kind of dingleberry-ish too.

Here's you:
"You all, um, are, um, pathetic morons, um...yeah, and you are doomed and stuff."

Anonymous said...

"Heck, come to think of it, the american chumps have the same mindset as Wallstreet...and the people here are waiting for revolution?"

My thoughts exactly.

Anonymous said...

I miss u again.This is a cleared business term.


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