Monday, November 03, 2008

November 4th - National Schmuck Day

All that the banks have been doing is propping everything up until after the US elections so that the newly installed puppet, and the installed puppets outside the USA, can blame the previously installed puppet for all the mindboggling austerity measures that are coming.

The national debt is just the amount of money the US Government has "borrowed" from the 51,000 Billion or 51 Trillion dollar money supply...and since it's all credit or debt backing debt...The money supply is also the total debt of the USA.

So The US Givernment has borrowed 10.5 Trillion of the 51 Trillion dollar money supply which is debt that was requested by US consumers to be manufactured by the US commercial banking system.

The 51 Trillion is from q2 2008 so another 4 months at with US consumers requesting the commercial banks to create another 4.9 Billion dollars of credit on average per day an the estimated money supply/total debt currently is 51.5 Trillion...roughly 20% of the money supply has been borrowed by the US Government.


Its Government has "borrowed"

1,817,200,000,000...or around 1.8 Trillion Dollars of the money supply...And since Germany has the same compounding interest commercial banking credit system that every other country on Earth has.

German consumers have requested the German commercial banking system to manufacture around 7.8 Trillion US Dollars equivalent of money...that is the money supply of the Germany and also the total debt.

The German Government has borrowed 1.8 Trillion of the 7.8 Trillion money supply of total debt of Germany or...about 23%

In Euro's that's about 6,269,592,476,489 or 6.2 Trillion euro's of debt owed by all the workers in Germany

Rough estimate of the German workforce is 44 Million

So every worker in Germany owes around 142,500 Euro's...

Those in the old world have been socially engineered to stare at the evil USA...But Germany is in just as much debt as any of the other economic zones on Earth.

Germany is managing its debt supply somewhat better than others so gets a bit of bragging rights of course...but once the USA caves...Germany will implode because the top consumer of EU exports is the USA.

The cycle is always...Inflation greater than previous inflation to maximum potential followed by inflation less than previous inflation to maximum potential

The US money supply which is also the total debt of the USA has been hyperinflating for 64 years...It's just been hidden from all you "schmucks" by accounting tricks...

Now the current thinking is that when inflation greater than previous inflation to maximum potential reaches maximum potential...

Hyperinflation starts...At least thats what all you "schmucks" have been pounding the table and telling me ever since Ben told all you "schmucks" about the magic printing press...

Unfortunately when the maximum potential of inflation greater than previous inflation is reached...

The bubble begins collapsing...We are just at the start...and eventually implodes to oblivion...

What you all have seen up to this nothing significant...yawn.

Now what are you "schmucks" going to do?

Well you will pick a "schmuck" to follow and they will most likely lead you off a cliff...

Because right now it's "schmucks" leading "schmucks".

Presidents in the USA are installed...the voting aspect is to fool the bottom into thinking they made the choice.

It's irrelevant what you think your pick will do or not do...

The installers decide.

Blame the founders of the USA...They created a Nation state where anything goes.

And it's been used to corrupt all the other nation states.

The Declaration of Independance from GOD took place in 1776.

The rulers are installed by popularity contests or Elected constitutional Monarchs.

Evil gives you what you want to get what Evil wants...Power

"The subjects (Bottom) of every (City, nation, Civilization) state ought to contribute towards the support of the government (TOP), as nearly as possible in proportion to the revenue which they respectively enjoy under the protection of the state."--Adam Smith, Wealth of Nations 1776

Governments of the absolute capitalistic hierarchial food powered make work enterprise are administration systems of the enterprise constructed and sustained by the bottom or employees at the demand of the top or owners of the absolute capitalistic hierarchial food powered make work enterprise

Free Trade...Refusal to Trade is unfree Trade or Protectionism

"Pax Romana (27 B.C.E.-180 C.E.), Latin for "the Roman peace", is the long period of relative peace experienced by states within the Roman Empire. The term stems from the fact that Roman rule and its legal system pacified regions, sometimes forcefully, which had suffered from the quarrels between rival leaders."

"Pax Britannica (Latin for "the British Peace", modelled after Pax Romana) refers to a period of British imperialism after the 1815 Battle of Waterloo, which led to a period of overseas British expansionism. The term is derived from, during this period, Europe being relatively peaceful and the British Empire controlling most key naval trade routes and enjoying unchallenged sea power. Britain dominated overseas markets and favoured a strategy of informal colonialism: controlling markets like China's (and the USA's) without direct formal colonial administration."

"This led to the spread of the English language, parliamentary democracy, technology, the British Imperial system of measures, and rules for commodity markets based on English common law."
(Roman Rule)

"Pax Americana (Latin: "American Peace") is the period of relative peace in the Western world since the end of World War II in 1945, coinciding with the dominant military and economic position of the United States. It places the United States in the military and diplomatic role of a modern-day Roman Empire (Pax Romana)."

Republic ruled by LAW...

Human beings have no ability to make or break LAW

All that Human beings have the power to do is make and break rules and call them LAW.

But if the rule attempts to break LAW then LAW will break the rule.

So then Congress which is composed of Human beings can't make or break LAW...

But they can make and break rules and of course call rules LAW.

How do they make thses majority rule...or Democracy.

Republican Government has no "parties"...Just elected representatives.

Over in jolly old England..They have parties.

Westminister Parliamentry system or Republican system?


Bush is the Head of State or Governor General while Cheney is the Prime Minister and there is a cabinet.


Parliament (Congress) is the House of commons (Representatives) and the Senate.

The whipping system

"A whip is a member of a political party in a legislature whose task is to ensure that members of the party attend and vote as the party leadership desires. The term originated in the Parliament of the United Kingdom and derives from the "whipper-in" at a fox hunt. Whip is also used to mean the voting instructions issued to members by the Whip"

"Both houses of Congress, the House of Representatives and Senate, have majority and minority whips. They in turn have subordinate "regional whips."

All are called honorable members.

Also broken down into two factions the Left or Whigs/Liberals (Democrats) and the Right or Tories/Conservatives (Republicans)


Supreme Court of the United States

In Canada currently

The Executive

Michaëlle Jean is the Head of State or Governor General while The Prime minister is Stephan Harper and there is a cabnet.


Parliament is the House of commons and the Senate.

All are called honorable members.

"The Chief Whip is a political office assigned to an elected member whose task is to administer the whipping system that ensures that members of the party attend and vote as the party leadership desires."

Also broken down into the two biggest factions the Left or Liberals and the Right or Conservatives


Supreme Court of Canada

In the UK


The Head of state is the Queen while The Prime Minister is Gordon Brown


Parliament is the House of commons and the Senate (House of Lords)

All are called honorable members.

"The Chief Whip is a political office assigned to an elected member whose task is to administer the whipping system that ensures that members of the party attend and vote as the party leadership desires."

Also broken down into two factions the Left or Liberals (The Labour party) and the Right or Conservatives


Courts of the United Kingdom / Supreme Court of the United Kingdom

All have speakers of the House...All have the below.

Ceremonial maces are to this day used to represent authority and prestige, as in the House of Commons in a Westminster System parliament.

In the UK "A mace is a staff of office symbolising authority. The mace is carried in and out of the Commons and Lords Chambers in a procession at the beginning and end of each day. Without the mace in position, each House cannot sit and debate."

"In the House of Commons the mace lies on the table in front of the Speaker when MPs are debating. The mace is carried in and out of the Chamber by the Serjeant at Arms in a procession at the beginning and end of each day."

"In Canada, the House of Commons (and most of the legislatures) follow a relatively standard protocol in relation to the ceremonial mace; the Speaker of the House normally enters, following a mace-bearer (normally the Sergeant-at-Arms) who subsequently sets the mace on the clerks' table to begin the sitting. When the Sergeant-at-Arms removes the mace from the table, then the House has either adjourned, recessed, or been resolved into a Committee of the Whole."

"Before the reigning monarch or one of his or her representatives (the Governor General or one of the Lieutenant Governors) may enter the chamber, the mace must be completely hidden from view. This is done by draping the mace in a heavy velvet cloth, a procedure performed by the House Pages."

"The current Mace of the United States House of Representatives has been in use since December 1, 1842. It was created by William Adams at a cost of $400 to replace the first mace, which was destroyed on August 24, 1814 when the Capitol was destroyed in the burning of Washington by the British during the War of 1812. A simple wooden mace was used in the interim."

"The current mace is nearly four feet tall and is composed of 13 ebony rods tied together with silver strands criss-crossed over the length of the pole. It is topped by a silver eagle, wings outspread, standing on a world globe."

"When the House is in session, the mace stands in a cylindrical pedestal of green marble to the right of the chair of the Speaker of the House. When the House is meeting as the Committee of the Whole, the mace is moved to a pedestal next to the desk of the Sergeant at Arms. Thus Representatives entering the chamber know with a glance whether the House is in session or in committee."

"In accordance with the Rules of the House, when a Member becomes unruly the Sergeant at Arms, on order of the Speaker, lifts the mace from its pedestal and presents it before the offenders, thereby restoring order. This occurs very rarely."

The current House Sergeant at Arms is Wilson (Bill) Livingood.

LAW is infinite and indestructible.

If you can break it...It's not LAW.

Like there's a LAW against speeding...Well can you drive faster than the speed limit?

Then it's not a LAW...

LAW can not be broken.

Rules? Snapped like twigs...

As soon as somebody says something like...Congress can make LAW...

You know they are totally enthralled by the game.

If it was against LAW to kill a person...It would be impossible to kill a person...

It's not against LAW...It's against the rules of the game you all are playing.

The LORD works in mysterious ways...GOD does not.

Rules are ultimately to protect the top from the bottom.

Last election in the USA? George Walker Bush member of Skull and Bones 1968 VS. John Forbes Kerry member of Skull and Bones 1966...Both were at Yale together for a one year overlap...dual manchurian candidates...Millions and millions and billions of schmucks supplying the top with the power required to power the spectacle are completely oblivious.


Anonymous said...

Obama 08!!!!

mannfm11 said...

I recall reading that if you vote, you agree with what they are doing to you. I haven't voted since. Really kind of odd to think about what people do. We really aren't much different than dogs howling at the moon when you get right down to it. By the time one figures that out, they are about dead quite often. Like whoever anonymous is. Ovomit will be a disaster and the top will give us some new guys. I have noticed the Republicans don't throw in their up and coming too often, preferring to play their old guys in doubtful elections. But, when you look at these idiots they run for President on both sides you wonder why some real talent doesn't step up. It is a long way from street activist to commander in chief.

Anonymous said...

The official US figure of public debt is 11 Trillion or so. The mandrake mechanism makes this out to 110 Trillion American dollars in the world economy. Half of that T-bill debt is held by foreigners which leaves the other half, 55 Trillion , as the money supply of case existing in our domestic money supply. The "actual" money supply is 110 Trillion++ .

Anonymous said...

I forgot to add that since US banks also hold bonds from foreign governments, that also should be added into the money supply and so that easily means the US money supply is actually around 60-100 trillion domestically.

SPECTRE of Deflation said...

The crime syndicates we call political partys have had their bullshit election, and we can now return you to your regularly scheduled looting of J6P. Seperate and destroy is their motto, and damned if we aren't stupid enough to oblige the thieves.

Anonymous said...

The Formula

And a ton of filler.

What else does this guy HyperTiger ever say?

Anonymous said...

Can USA money supply decrease? (that 51.5 trilyun)
Can it go down to 50, 49, 48, etc?
Yes or no??

Anonymous said...

I agree with u.I had not given my view up.


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