Saturday, February 08, 2014


Following the invisible order behind the visible chaos.

Until they run out of trees to chop down to supply the demand for firewood.

Then they will have to collapse and become colder since there is no more heat to sustain expansion.

the power of life and death...positive and negative

Take a byte of the forbidden fruit of logic and gain awareness of 1 and 0

something and nothing

Truth and lies

Positive and negative

Be forced by the invisible order to follow a path they do not want to ever follow.

Buy is go or green and sell is stop or red

buy is fly up to heaven and sell is fall down to hell.

Buy hello

Sell goodbye

Bulls are yes or 1

Bears are no or 0

positive 1

and negative 1

I'm zero when you add me up to find what side I'm on.

The bulls are the gradual absolute capitalists or Liberals

The bears are the violent absolute capitalists or conservatives.

Hot and cold.

White and Black

The Supply of power and the Demand for power.

Well Hot is the supply of the demand by cold that wants to be Hot while Hot needs to be Hot in order for cold to be supplied with what it wants.

But hot is not the actual supply of power.

Or cause of the effect.

The effect you believe is the cause.

The visible chaos is the effect of the cause which is the invisible order behind the visible chaos of the effect.

Sorry but according to recorded history...You have all never been aware of Truth.

Recorded history is powered by ignorance of Truth being positively reinforced.

Of course not very well due to the fact that a lie can not be turned into Truth.

Since Truth is the supply of power and lies are the demand for power.

But Truth is the one lie to rule them all.

The word is not the supply of power...It is the demand for power.

But Truth has the most power and is hot....All the rest of the lies masquerading as Truth depend upon Truth to sustain their existence and are cold.

Or a more powerful lie that supplies a less powerful lie.

Like a power plant and a light bulb.

A powerful cherished delusion you all worship deeply...As long as it's a positive reward for doing so.

If the reward is will resist claiming you are will claim you are irresponsible.



100% childish...psychopathological...Good thing there are Good psychopaths and evil psychopaths.

more powerful lies and less powerful lies masquerading as more powerful lies.

Babies are not very good liars so they have to appear to be good looking without effort.

Like baby seals.

Polar bears look sweet and lovable until the lifting of the veil or if you cross the event horizon of the black hole and are annihilated.

The fear you all have of being caught is so obvious.


The only defence you all have against revelation of Truth or knowledge of your ignorance.

Is to maintain positive reinforcement of ignorance which is bliss as long as you can sustain it.

The belief you are getting away with what you foolishly think you are getting away with.

Supply power to sustain ignorance...the lie masquerading as truth...or knowledge...or bliss.

The positive 1 powered by creation of the negative 1.

The fire powered by the trees...The cold sucking the life from the trees to sustain it's existence.

Until the trees run out...or the maximum potential to power a lie masquerading as Truth is reached.

and then the lie that is white hot begins turning to black coldness...or the negative 1 when it is powered by the negative 1.

The spreading yield starvation is global now and you all are self destructing...faster and faster.

Yes me faster as well but I should have been not even been born...That Is how I'm such a good judge of the bad judgements.

There was a fantasy stage and a reality or nightmare stage.

In oppositional defiance or the zero point...Like the space the Earth exists in that all our bodies exist in.

The absolute zero point below that is cold...Death...and there is a too hot point...where there is more power than our bodies can handle and they are gone.

Not too close and not too far...

You want to be where it is perfect to close to perfect as you can get.

Like dogs and cats when they are licking up antifreeze to keep warm...they are devout worshipers of the just think positive ignore negative religion.

Until it becomes impossible to ignore the false profit.

Philip with heroin in the big apple

Basically dementia is an effect as far as I can tell that is due to exposure to what is not wanted.

The dementia is an immune response to Truth.

Where people transform back into a childlike mentality.

They appear to implode into ignorance from the explosion of knowledge which preceded the transformation...the decades of inflation of life prior to the collapse into deflation or death.

the logical conclusion of the reasonable assumption.

From 2008 till now has been an implosion into ignorance.

But the accelerated collapse began in 2000 when the new economy summer ended.

1971 to 2001 was the beginning and end of the new economy lie followed by the war on terror (Truth) lie.

The positive phase is the beginning and the negative phase is the end.

Birth life death....1, 0, and  -1.

2001 to 2008 was the beginning of fall.

and we are entering the end of fall.

The peak of this hyperinflationary wave was 1981.

since then the USA and world has been collapsing into hyperdeflation.

That is what the power source has been since 1981.

longing/buying of bonds to the absolute zero yield point....1981 was the beginning...2001 was the middle or zero point and that makes 2021 the end point.

Following the shorting/seeling of bonds at the end of the WW2 lie...until 1981

That was positive at the start for the losers or axis that thought they were going to win and negative for the winners or allies that thought they were going to lose.

Until the polarity shift or turning of the tables.

that is what electromagnetic polarity differentials are like.

A coin flip from heads or positive to tails or negative.

Billions of processors flipping bitcoins billions of times a second....calculating the result of the dice rolls.

The bitcoins you can not see and do not even know exist that supply power to sustain the bitcoins you do know about...the invisible order behind the visible chaos.

That you can demodulate from digital invisibility into modulated analog visibility.

To gain friends and influence monkeys.

You need electronic devices to sustain the fantasy of something from nothing.

Just chase the monkey chow.

Do not attempt to figure out where monkey chow comes from...Don't bother to figure out what the source of power that sustains monekey chow is or how that power flows...

You can not hide your three crying eyes from me.

QQQ is a pea brain...and will always be a pea brain...because of the constant positive reinforcement.

There are the rich morons or liberals

And the poor morons or conservatives.

Because according to the current theory of thermodynamics.

Hot or rich is the supply of power to the cold or poor which is the demand for power.

But the poor or cold became colder by supplying the cold with heat to make them hotter.
real power...

Their life to sustain the life of others who use the power to create fake power or money to pay the cold back just enough to keep them coming back for more enough warmth to keep them from freezing to death.

The virtuous circle that turns into a vicious cycle when the supply of power from the poor or cold to sustain the rich or hot runs out.

When my love or warmth runs out.

Since 2001 it has where I begin to cut you all off...since you demand more and more love in return for contempt more and more contempt...

exponentially now...This blow off stage always shows up close to the tops...The height of your demands for what you foolishly think you are entitled to...It's sickening what a bunch of ignorant fuck heads you all are.

Well I have been cutting you off exponentially to avoid being annihilated by your demands for love.

When we hit the singularity.

That will be absolute zero.

Judgement day.

The probability that a lie can defeat Truth = 0% or absolutely NO...defeat.

The probability that Truth can defeat a lie = 100% or absolutely YES...victory.

That is the point where it becomes impossible to supply your demands for love no matter how hard I try...Like imagine jumping into a wood chipper will supply you with a nanosecond of love.

Even if I committed suicide because I  loved you...It would only allow your demands to be supplied for a nanosecond.

QQQ and Bill Gross and Lee and all the rest are going to pay dearly for worshiping a lie they believed was Truth or victory.

To ultimate defeat.

Believing they were winning the whole time they were losing.

Light bulbs that think they are the power plant....Pure hilarity...LOL X 10 to the power of infinity.

I'm the source of power the light bulbs demand to light up and attempt to illuminate me as to where power comes from.

One minute they are clubbers and then they turn into baby seals to hide...

Like bible thumpers that use Jesus as a sword to kill and then as a shield to hide behind to avoid being killed.

Like wolves in sheep's clothing.

Shape shifters.

Judgement day of the worshipers of ignorance is coming.

For you all...not for me.

I exist in a constant state of judgement...

On the day you all do not want to live to see.

The tables turn.

I stop being judged.

I have been told by the people that are closest to me that I should have put my foot down before arrival at the point I'm told by the people closest to me I should have put my foot down to stop them.

Yes and If I try to stop you from trying to stop me from stopping you.

You will use all the power you have access to in order to remove me as an obstacle to what you want.

You all like to cry about the master...

But when you find yourself around me...You eventually run to Satan and beg Satan with tears streaming down your checks to save you from me.

But when the servants of the Lord of lies show up.

They find no evidence of you being worthy of the help you want...only of the help you need.

For some odd reason...But they still have to follow a basic program to maintain the graphical user interface you believe is Truth.

Of course I have to supply the input to the program in order for it to supply me with the output.

I do treat servants of the system with the power to blow my head off if I try to mind control them and fail.

Way better than wannbe servants of the master system.

The general population of weaklings...Which is what the vast majority of you all are...85% of the population in the welfare system are net consumers of power...welfare cases that are sustained by the welfare providers...the net producers of power.

That are growing weaker so quick that it is mind blowing.

Dimming and flickering light bulbs demanding more and more power...but producing less and less.

And they think I have the power they seek.

But I don't have a way to supply the light bulbs with what they want...

A solution to the liquidity trap you have been wisely powering yourselves into for 33 years now....making the best of it.

A solution other than you are going to not escape the trap you chose to fall into...that is a certainty....

If you will have to accept defeat now and if you continue to avoid trying you will be forced to accept defeat later.

Criminals have a hard time getting away with the perfect crime.

Against GOD.

It's impossible.

believing you can kill Truth with a lie.

Is not impossible...It is possible...Or the so called non believers would not Atheists and various other morons that claim that Truth does not exist.

It is possible to imagine Truth does not exist.

So possible that it is easy to believe.

As easy to believe as it is hard to not believe.

The weak force and the strong force is the same force.

The duality arises when the observer sees what they want to see.

I see what I need to see....The superposition...The Negative 1 and the Positive 1 that = 0

The force required is massive since the faster you travel...the more mass you gain...

The faster you think...the quicker you arrive at the logical conclusion...Of course all the reasonable assumptions you smash through getting there adds to the resistance...This appears as increased mass.

From the invisible cause to the effect is visible chaos.

That can be perceived to be positive.

or negative.

Such as the word NO that stops Yes from getting what It wants.

Hypertiger is real.

More real than NEO or Morpheus or Trinity.

Since I created Hypertiger in 1987.

Until you can see the invisible order behind the visible chaos

The signal hidden in the noise.

That is what they do at CERN.

Cause noise and then look for the cause of the noise.

But can never seem to find it.

That is what they do with the power they foolishly think I am obligated to supply them with to sustain their existence attempting to illuminate me.

Because they have more education compared to me who is obviously an unskilled moron that has zero clue how the Universe works.

The greatest enemy you face was born the instant you were born and can be found by looking into a mirror.

If they are searching for the cause of their downfall...They will eventually arrive at the logical conclusion of the reasonable assumption.

and be proven guilty...instead of they are pretending to be or think they are now.

Guilty of trying to defeat Truth with a lie....Making the best of the collapse of their empire of lies they worship as truth to goof off an fuck the dog.

Yes the light bulb is demanding I believe it is the source of power 60 times a second.

I refuse to believe it 60 times a second when I choose to.

The rest of the time I just pretend to believe rich people are the source of power that poor people made poor by the wannbe rich people to become and sustain their existence are the source of power.

Since they cherish this delusion and it hurts their feelings when you ram a needle up their ass and pop the bubble between their ears.

It causes pain to voodoo economic dolls.

economic actors

digital electronic computerized game playing drones.

In the Matrix...the real one that is absolute zero.

Or game over.

Standing your ground against real matrix agents is easy when you were employed as one for a brief period of time.

You all are all push overs.

The bigger they are the harder they fall.

The dominos are falling...Just because you are ignorant of this fact...Does not mean it is not a fact.

Until what? become knowledgeable of this fact...I'm already knowledgeable of the fact you are ignorant of...and knowledgeable of the fact you are ignorant.

Opinion is based on a French word...the opposite or antonym of which is fact.

You do worship ignorance as bliss.

Until you choose to stop or are forced to stop.

Like a wise bug following the facts to the zapper....The logical conclusion of the reasonable assumption.

Or the wise dogs and cats that realize the facts and make the best of it...licking up antifreeze with glee.

Face the facts...the only way you can win your argument against me is to kill me.

You are a light bulb...I'm the power plant.

You need to kill me and replace me with a more obedient source of power...a more obedient worshiper of the ground you walk upon.

But the cruel joke is on you.

There is no replacement for me...The days of me supplying unconditional love are over...and all the replacements are even weaker...the clones or copies...are degrading.

You ass draggers are killing yourselves by worshiping ass dragging as the path of salvation.

So get prepared to watch all the poor unfortunate innocent civilians including yourself that have worshiped ignorance as the path to salvation...Die in front of your eyes faster and faster in mass numbers.

The blood is not on my hands...It's on yours morons...I have done all I can during my existence to supply your demands for more and more power...and game over is close.

I've slaved until my hands cracked and bled supplying power to the welfare system that takes care of you all...You all run in terror from work...You think going to University and getting trained to be an over compensated dog fucker/leg humper was hard work?

Your ability to attempt to force feed me antifreeze is powered by me moron...that is a fact...You can not face...The reality that blows your fantasy religion out of the water...

You power nothing except the cherished delusions I refuse to supply you with power to sustain that you believe I'm obligated to supply power to...I can not supply the power you seek if it does not exist...moron.

You come here seeking support for or to promote your cherished delusions...that is what the vast majority of you all are pursuing...more and more power to positively reinforce your ignorance.

You can stop trying to convince me you are a worshiper of ignorance that thinks they have a clue any time or continue until you are forced to stop.

Choose to stop chopping down trees faster than they regrow and accept defeat and collapse.

Or choose to continue chopping down trees faster than they regrow until they run out and accept defeat an collapse.

Options or solutions to the take more power than you give equation to sustain your pathetic ignorant existence.

Choose to stop taking more power than you give before the power supply is exhausted and collapse to oblivion now.


Choose to continue taking more power than you give until the power supply is exhausted and you are forced to collapse to oblivion later.

Now or Sooner in relation to Later you will collapse to oblivion...Your empire of lies you demand I supply power to sustain masquerading as going to collapse...It's inevitable.

You will always collapse...

I have already won...You continue to attempt to win a battle you lost before you were born.

The strong force and the weak force.

You do not know your asshole from a hole in the ground...that is a fact.

If I was to actually attempt to lay it on thicker and thicker....make you all pay dearly for attempting to force me to lick up the antifreeze.

I would collapse the global mass cherished delusion you all worship like fools.

prematurely....The displacement would kill billions of you all.

But because you knuckle dragging morons are gradually powering the algorithm to the logical conclusion whether I live or or not...I do not have to do anything except sit back and watch you all die in a fit of agony.

If 90%+ of you vanished...the remaining resources combined with the available technology would last for 1000 years.

Since 2008...the tipping point was reached...and the resources to supply your demands for what you want which is more than you not exist...Kiss the olden days goodbye.

The olden days exist as figments of your imaginations now...

All that exists currently is what you need.

And after listing to infants masquerading as adults bawling for decades and decades...That is not good enough.

You ignorant selfish inconsiderate assholes are never satisfied.

Sorry but for impossible to be eliminated requires infinite power.

Which is impossible to obtain since it is what powers impossible.

But according to the mindless followers of the opinion they claim is fact and demand me to worship along with the rest of the wise assholes making the best of it.

There is not anything impossible if you put your mind to it.

And if at first you do not succeed try try again.

You have never in all recorded history been proven victorious or right in the the logical conclusion of the reasonable assumption.

There is never a lasting victory over lies while the war against Truth has no exit strategy and always ends in defeat.

At the logical conclusion of the reasonable assumption you are going to be victorious.

You are defeated.

At the logical conclusion of the reasonable assumption you are right.

you are proven wrong.

At the logical conclusion of the reasonable assumption you are irresponsible.

You are proven responsible.

At the logical conclusion of the reasonable assumption you are innocent.

You are proven guilty.

It's already over with you and Lee and the rest of you all.

Interacting with any of you more than I do is a net loss of power....working day in and day out to supply your crusade to nowhere...Is a waste of everything.

Because you all are net consumers of power....You produce fuck dick all except noise.

85% of the population of the so called rich or first world economies are net consumers of power and they are all starving.

I'm a welfare are a welfare case...Virtually all the University/collage graduates are.

most of the high school graduates are as well...but according to the rules of the pathetic game of worshiping ignorance you all are playing...I have to put up with all you ignorant welfare cases.

Since you have safety in numbers and I was born into the pathetic game you all are playing.

You are living in a fantasy construct that is powered by reality which you know very little or nothing about.

What you claim are facts are only opinions.

false facts.


All empires always collapse.

All fantasies you believe are reality collapse.

All lies you believe are Truth always collapse.

All good things come to an end....because they just appeared to be Good.

Like the wise dogs and cats find out after making the best of pools of antifreeze to lick up.

They have about as much of a clue as to what is annihilating them as you all do...which is none as far as I can tell...and there is all of recorded history to back up my claims.

A foot ramming down to crush you like the ants you are.

a hammer screaming down to smite the wise ones making the best of it standing on the anvil.

You are beyond have a mental problem coming here over and over again trying to convince me you are not suffering from a mental problem.

I already have given you way more than the time of day.

Coming here to claim are sane and I'm not...That you have a clue what is going on and I don't.

I've actually worked to sustain the supply it with real power...That is converted into fake power or money that you foolishly think is real power...

I'm the magic printing press that you all are waiting to crank up and supply your demands...assholes.

I supply the power to the light bulbs that are attempting to illuminate me as to who or what is the supply of power and who or what is the demand for power.

Your worthless opinions were created and existed before you were created out of thin air and born.

Known to be lies before you were trained/socially engineered to believe they were Truth by your master.

I never accepted the program you accepted and are following to the logical conclusion...I just took it into consideration.

Until I knew for certain if it was good or not...worth the path to salvation

It is at the start...It is a good idea to take more power than you give because it is pretty hard to chop down one tree as fast as or slower than it regrows.

But eventually you have to stop taking more power than you give and change to sharing power as equally as possible or you will run out of trees...

Switch from DC to AC...Switch to chopping down trees as fast as or slower than they regrow.

Switch to sharing power as equally as possible with all and everything to sustain continued existence from taking more power than you give from all and everything to sustain continued existence.

That is wisdom.

and if you do not choose to switch at some will be forced to switch...and that is why you always collapse...and fail...over and over again and again.

You are not wise at all...You are as fucking stupid as bacteria in a petri dish...Like all the rest of the worshipers of ignorance for all of the recorded history of lies (ignorance) you worship as Truth. (knowledge)

I'm doing charity work with you...that is a fact...The belief that all of you support my existence is laughable.

The belief that a central banker has magic powers to dictate the yield of the power from me or supply of yield that the light bulbs are taxing from me and demand to sustain their brightness is ludicrous.

Only complete and utter ignorant morons can fall for the lies you all expect me to believe are Truth to prove to you I'm wise like you.

You can lick up the antifreeze (tasty lies you believe are Truth) all you want and claim I'm insane for not thinking that to be sane and joining the wise and making the best of it.

You have free will...

You chose to enslave yourselves to lies and delusions as the path to salvation.

The penalty or ultimate price of that choice is always death.

Always collapse....following the expansion...the positive phase of the tasty lie all the wise dogs and cats lick up with glee making the best of it...absolutely capitalizing upon.

The empire of ignorance that thinks it is knowledgeable rises up and then dies in a fit of exquisite agony.

Thanks for showing up to plant Earth

Watching you all collapse and die is getting more boring than watching paint dry.

Please tell me how to make the best of the worst of you that continually insult me by claiming to be the best of you.

Continually lying to me and then demanding I believe the lies you tell me are Truth...or face annihilation.

The progression of the tyrant is always.


Please supply the demand for what is wanted or else be annihilated.

Sorry morons but your ignorant mindless demands for power became greater than the supply back in 2008...and that is after 7 decades of hyperinflation of your demands...or boom

Past the tipping point...and now all the hyperdeflation you created and create to power your hyperinflation to 2008

Is taking over...into the bust...the bursting of the serenity bubble you have existed in your entire lives.

Make the best of dying in a fit of agony oh glorious wise ones...Masterful geniuses of geniuses.

I will make the best of watching the followers of the lies of the wise elders of crime turn to dust and collapse and blow away into the mists of space and time.

What am I supposed to do?

Agree you have a clue or know something that I don't?

As soon as you supply me with something new to prove you have a clue other than your usual monkey mind drivel...You have none.

I'm watching...Every waking nanosecond...for evidence you have a clue.

When I obtain the evidence that you have a clue...You will be the first I supply the good news to.

That is certain.


Anonymous said...

I am gonna retire in 2015 . Do you think I will be able to recieve my social security benefits or will everything be collapsed by 2015.

Anonymous said...

Consistence, insistence, persistence.

May you never tire!



HYPERTlGER said...

lets see...If you are not a have been fed by one your entire life in the welfare system...did you supply the sun to the farmers?...The rain?...the seeds?

I supplied a mouth to feed.

and now are you going to retire from being a mouth to feed?

The entire economic system is a lie you have been trained like chimps to believe is Truth.

A fantasy you all think is reality.

Reality is the supply of power to the demand of the fantasy masquerading as reality.

At the singularity will become impossible for reality to supply the demand of the fantasy masquerading as Truth you all have been taught to leg hump like Pavlov's dogs.

Call the psychic hotline...they will positively reinforce your ignorance way better than me.

I'll be retired when I'm dead...taxed/whipped to death to supply the demand of the consumptive members of society that have been brainwashed to think they are productive members of society.

Anonymous said...

7 billion humans on earth and you expect them all to be farmers ? Lets also keep in mind other facts, such as, any person that is totaly dependant upon farming for their sustenance, is also dependant upon many other factors, which are entirely out of their control . A extreme cycle of drought or flood,will all but obliterate the farmers ability to produce enough to sustain themself and their family.

So once again, you make another absurd insinuation that if we were all farmers, life would be so peachy and perfect.

At this point in your life, you just talk, to please yourself and your ego . You have repeated the same 1 liners continously for 15 years . You tell us what we already know , the empire shall collapse ,and you act like you are some type of knowledge mesiah for telling us what we already know .

You are unable to tell us when the collapse will happen , how we can stop it and what we should do to properly prepare and survive the collapse. All your graphs and repititious 1 liners are useless in the grand scheme of things . Kinda like telling a person, they will die , but you dont know when or why they will die. This is why your rants are mostly useless dribble that you continue, for your own narcissitic needs.

You really want to help people ? Then contribute your time to helping the poor, sick , homeless . Your 15 years of rants are for your own pleasure and egos, not ours.

You are only a legend, in your own mind . The fact that you have been banned by almost every online forum you joined, should let you know that people dont really like you or need your useless repetitive anaylsis .

HYPERTlGER said...

Please grow a brain and harvest it.

All you have done for 15 years is rape people during the night and then show up in the day as a therapist to help them.

I am currently helping many people at my location.

The poor are the waste by product of the lifestyles of the wannbe rich and famous...You and the rest of the spoiled beyond rotten brats of society.

HYPERTlGER said...

Here's more ranting

You are like all the made men of the American dream mafia...Wiseguys bending your countrymen over and making the best of it.

I remember an old saying...The only difference between men and boys is the cost of their toys.

You are the one unzipping your pants and flaunting your dinky cars trolling for love on the Internet...

The spoils from all the over compensation you skimmed as a glad handing conslutcunt.

help people? to do what...train them to grovel at the feet of your majesty?

You think I can't see through you all?

You think you are hidden on the Internet?

Want privacy?


Otherwise I can study you all under the electron microscope.

All it takes is a few seconds to know if you are a moron or not now....years ago...It took days or weeks.

DARPA set the Internet up...and I started out as a programmer decades ago.

I know more about the toy you are addicted to like a fool and looking at than you know about wiping you ass.

I wanted to program a computer with artificial intelligence.

So I began studying people.

Guess what I found?

You have artificial intelligence and are already following a program to the logical conclusion.

The tranceformation of you all into digital electronic computerized game players began in the last half of the 1960's leading into the 1971 implementation of the NEW ECONOMY.

The Nasdaq was turned on and the world trade centers were built.

In 2000 the Nasdaq was hyperinflated to the singularity point and collapsed down into 2001 along with the world trade centers....the end of the new economy lie and the beginning of the war on Truth.

1971 to 2001 was summer...2001 to now has been fall.

2001-2008...was Indian summer.

where global warming (summer) turned into climate change (fall) on the way to global cooling (winter)

I told you the climate collapse this fall was going to happen.

and it did...along with the conservative crack down that wet your hyper no...not the conservative crackdown...which is still in progress now that the technocratic installed Obama puppet has served his purpose...

rope a dope on hope and change.

you have never been in the military...if a commander was to sell hope and change and not deliver...they are fragged...

you either know what you are doing...or you are a babbling Obama...nothing more than a salesman...

You think Obama is an elected by the population of the USA president?

He's a puppet...and Obamacare was nothing more than a torpedo shot into a sinking ship.

If Lee did not ban me...I would still be grabbing you by the hair and rubbing your face in your own ego.

In my sleep...

Anonymous said...

You are a terrified little man and your endless rants prove it.

You are a reflection of what you claim the rest of us are . This is why you spend your life attacking and belittling others.

I feel sorry for your spouse .

HYPERTlGER said...

You are the terrified infant trapped in a old mans body crying for a diaper change.

Or maybe...

It's like this...

Federal Reserve chairperson = Bingo caller.

The rest of you greater fool game gamblers = The Bingo playing wenches...Raving that the Bingo caller is not giving you the numbers you want so you can get a bingo.

Maybe the new Bingo caller will be Yellin the numbers you morons want.

"That's the good thing about being president, I can do whatever I want."--President Obama

“If this were a dictatorship it would be a heck of a lot long as I'm the dictator.--President Bush

“Presidents are selected, not elected.”--President Franklin Delano Roosevelt

Go vote for some more Bukkake.

I'm not terrified of being wrong...that would be wonderful.

What I claim the rest of you are?

I'm certain if I claimed you all were geniuses you would fall in love with that lie...real quick.

Lick it up like cats and dogs lick up the sweet tasty lie of antifreeze.

I'm not trying to become president or master or looking for followers or slaves...So I do not have to resort to oration or demagoguery...rhetoric...sophistry.

Morpheus : The Matrix is everywhere. It's all around us, even in this very room. You can see it when you look out your window or when you turn on your television. You can feel it when you go to work, when you pay your taxes.

The Matrix is the world that has been pulled over your eyes, to blind you from truth.

Neo : What truth?

Morpheus : That you are a slave, Neo. Like everyone else, you were born into bondage, born into a prison that you cannot smell or

taste or touch. A prison...for your mind....Unfortunatly, no one can be..._told_ what the Matrix have to see it for yourself.

Morpheus opens a container which holds two pills : a blue one, and a red one. He puts one in each hand, and holds them out to Neo.

Morpheus : This is your _last chance_. After this, there is no turning back.....You take the blue pill, the story ends. You wake up and believe...whatever you want to believe. You take the red stay in wonderland

Government is not reason; it is not eloquent; it is force. Like fire, it is a dangerous servant and a fearful master.--Master mason, British East India company asset, General George Washington a.k.a. Baphomet

Order is not reason; is not eloquent; Order is power. Like fire, Order is a dangerous servant and a fearful master.

Logic is not reason; is not eloquent; logic is power. Like fire, logic is a dangerous servant and a fearful master.

Truth is not reason; is not eloquent; Truth is force. Like fire, Truth is a dangerous servant and a fearful master.

GOD is not reason; GOD is not eloquent; GOD is power. Like fire, GOD is a dangerous servant and a fearful master.

White good Yes Hot Liberal progressive female positive up top high inflation Truth reality life awake knowledge = RED pill.

Black evil No Cold Conservative regressive male negative down bottom low deflation lie fantasy death asleep ignorance = BLUE pill.

You are living in the olden days with all the rest of the dying lies that believe they are Truth.

HYPERTlGER said...

My spouse?...Had an American wannbe father that beat her like an animal...A brother that tormented her most of her life and used her...Then an American boyfriend that was driven to school in a limo that forced her to suck his cock...and ditched her...then another American boyfriend that seduced her and turned out to be a sexual predator from a rich family that she was forced to marry...then he turned gay...

In fact.

Every male in her life either physically abused or sexually abused her...She's been raped multiple times...

Then she met me...A living nightmare.

That she depends upon to protect her from lying game playing mind controlling manipulative wise assholes like you...making the best of toying with and abusing people for fun and profit.

If you were to put a gun in your mouth and pull the trigger.

I would feel sorry for the bullet.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like you and your spouse, make a great couple.

2 miserable humans .

Does it anger you that most of us will coninue to enjoy life, even while the scam marchs forward a and you shall continue to bask in misery ?

Your endless rants read like a delusional , miserable fool an you dont even see it.

HYPERTlGER said...

You are rich in ignorance and poverty stricken in knowledge.

The only misery we from the worshipers of ignorance like yourself.

Sorry...You think I'm ignorant of all your dirty laundry you think is hidden that you ignorantly show me?

the last thing to come out of the closet is the skeletons.

The army of darkness.

The yield starvation.

because we...the slaves at the bottom that hold your fantasy world up...Have reached our maximum potential to...

and you all are being dropped to your doom...and there is zero you can do about it.

That is what has happened for all of recorded history.

Ignorant wannbes like yourself worship the winners that have raped the world into desolation to rise to the top of the absolute capitalist hierarchy.

and it all comes crashing down...when you rape victims stand their ground.


You picked the worong side...but don't worry.

that is the nature of have been picking the wrong side for all of recorded history.

that is what the recorded history of lies you promote or believe is Truth...shows.

once you know Truth...

Since you do not know Truth.

You use lies you believe are Truth to measure lies you believe are Truth to find lies you believe are Truth.

Lies take more power than they give to maintain their appearance as Truth.

or temporary prosperities...

The longer you want the temporary prosperity to last...the more power the lie fighting Truth requires...from Truth which is the source of power.

HYPERTlGER said...

You can continue coming here and telling me lies you wish me to believe are truth all you desire.

grasping at straws.

Like chopping down trees faster than they regrow to supply power to a lie masquerading as Truth.

You have two options.

stop grasping at straws before you run out and ability to power the lie you believe is Truth or the temporary prosperity ends.

Or to avoid that negative fate

continue grasping at straws until you run out and your ability to power the lie masquerading as truth or the temporary prosperity ends.

the logical conclusion of the reasonable assumption.

the end of the program or lie you believe is Truth

like I said...I started out as a programmer.

I know more about the toy you are playing with than you know about going to the bathroom.

the operating system on your computer is constantly looping...because just before the program has a command to go back to the beginning.

you do not see the millions of calculations...operations...revolutions per second or invisible order of the basic operating system to produce the visible chaos of the graphical user interface you believe is Truth.

you do not see the screen you are looking at right now created/drawn and destroyed/erased 60 or more times a second.

You are ignorant of Truth.

HYPERTlGER said...

You are rich in ignorance...and poor in knowledge.

I'm not.

I've been in the military...

Surrounded by government sanctioned psychopathic murders...that feared me.

Because I do not follow orders blindly like you munchkins...I will tell commanding officers they are fucked to their face...and ill snap their fingers off and feed them to them if they think I'm going to hang for being oppositionally defiant to ignorant assholes of the Universe.

I'm not a pants pissing coward like the rest of you yes sir no sir three bags full sir pants pissing cowards masquerading as heroes of the Universe or pillars of the community

You and Lee and the rest of the baby seal liberals and conservatives have zero clue what you are up against.

Zero clue...Oblivious as cats and dogs licking up antifreeze.

You are currently committing suicide fighting to the death to remain asleep (ignorant of Truth) to continue to enjoy the daydream (cherished delusion) that you are awake (knowledgeable of Truth)

grasping at straws to drop on the camels back.

which broke in 2008.

and down will come baby empire of ignorance...cradle and all.

Go Philip on blue pills to Seymour more fantasy if you can not stomach the red pill of reality.

The logical conclusion of the reasonable assumption is getting closer and closer.

That is where I will be proven right and you wrong.


enjoy the burning embers of the good old days while they last.

It is only a short matter of time now before the tummy ache from all the sweet tasty lies you have overdosed on your entire life shows up.

Have fun dying in a fit of exquisite agony...It is what you want...It is the path you chose to follow seeking instant gratification.

You have zero ability to rule me.

People have no power to make or break LAW.

All that people have the power to do is make and break rules and call rules LAW

But if a ruler attempts to break GOD

GOD will break the ruler.

but all the worshipers of ignorance keep telling me.

there is not anything impossible if you put you mind to it...and if at first you don't succeed try try again.

If you force me to become more powerful than i currently am on the Internet.

I will create a program that will go viral and consume you all.

all I have to do is push a button once the program is written.

The only way to stop it will be to shut the Internet down...Erase everything and do a fresh install.

You morons do not even have a clue what a nice charitable person I really am.

I'm putting up with all of you...

Listening to your pathetic crying for salvation from truth for my entire existence.

There is no salvation from GOD (knowledge/truth)

For the worshipers of Satan (ignorance/lies)

i know more about everything than you know about anything.

i know more about nothing that you know about something.


Figure out how to stop people from being born...To stop me from materializing out of thin air to become a visible phenomena you do not want to be visible.

I can turn invisible at any time.

Like I have zero idea what you are up against.

I have been on the front lines fighting the war against deflation my entire life.

You have been relaxing in the rear with the gear...Taking vacations from the stress of the vacation you have been on your entire life.

HYPERTlGER said...

I supply the power that holds your ignorant ass up.

and when I can not sustain the power to hold your ignorant ass up.

No matter how much I love you.

I will drop you.

That is why the yields are dropping.

you are investing your contempt or fake power/money into perpetuation of the scam holding you up.

I'm the return on investment....I supply the real power or love...that is converted into fake power or money...the contempt you supply back to me.

stunned moron.

Marx called it surplus value.

I supply all my love...which powers the magic printing press.

and you supply back a fraction of what I supply to you to keep the smile on you downs syndrome face.

I'm sorry for sticking the needle up your ignorant American ass to burst the bubble between your ears...But you are begging me to.

You all connect to the internet seeking support for or to promote your cherished delusions.

I supply Truth.

it annihilates lies and shatters delusions.


I can not help the fact I support your happiness and you think I don't.

"Time spent with cats is never wasted."--Sigmund Freud

"America is the most grandiose experiment the world has seen, but, I am afraid, it is not going to be a success."--Sigmund Freud

"Whatever you
do, give up any idea of trying to
cure them."--Sigmund Freud

"In all chaos there is a cosmos, in all disorder a secret order."--Carl Jung

"Show me a sane man and I will cure him for you."--Carl Jung

Anonymous said...

Hypertiger, dont argue with these sinners. Only Jesus can save them now .

Anonymous said...

Its ineresting to note that hypertiger claims to have so much power and control over the internet and yet he has been banned from every online chat forum he has joined, and theres nothing he can do about it. LOL.

Being a lonely narccisist like him, can be a sad thing view.

HYPERTlGER said...

I'm holding the rope or scam you are on the end of...and it is getting heaver and heaver...

You refuse to climb up to save yourself and I can not hold you up forever...

when I reach my maximum potential to supply power to the scam you are holding onto for dear life.

I will drop you...No matter how much I care.


I'm a socialist...You are an antisocialist.

That demands me to pull you up to safety.

You continue choose to be a demon masquerading as an angel.

I chose to be an angel that is forced to become a demon at some point.

GOD/Truth helps those which help themselves.

GOD has eternal patience.

Mine is almost that long.

In person I'm a force of nature.

You all have about as much control over your destiny as leaves blowing around in a maelstrom.

all the people you rave about above you as the targets that need to be removed...are just absolute capitalist dones like you that are higher in the absolute capitalist hierarchy.

they will just be replaced with another absolute capitalist drone from below.

The top sucks from the bottom.

the suck up to the rich to power the trickle down to the poor.

the absolute capitalist exchange for mutual benefit.

You QQQ are a typical absolute capitalist drone that has accepted the liberal program and are following it to the logical conclusion of the reasonable assumption.

Just as Yogi was a typical absolute capitalist drone that had accepted the conservative program and is following it to the logical conclusion of the reasonable assumption.

I watched you two wise devils advocates fighting each other for years making the best of it.

Deadlocked like Congress...trying to out scam each other.

HYPERTlGER said...


The Universe is perfectly fair, all and everything is supplied with what they deserve, and there is no hope.

The progression of the absolute capitalist or tyrant is.

persuasion force annihilation.

please supply the demand for what is wanted (victory) or be annihilated.(defeated)

You think you all can fool me into believing you are good people?

Sorry...I'm impervious to mind all on the other hand are the suckers born every minute...or every few seconds.

With great power comes great responsibility.

I've worked hard all my life to sustain the system.

and whatever does not kill you makes you stronger...or weaker.

I'm powerful beyond your abilities to comprehend.

you all just want to sit around an do virtually nothing and be handed something on a silver platter.


I have to reduce myself down to your level to interact with you all at this point...and it's hard.

The implosion of you all has me growing stronger and stronger and you all growing weaker and weaker.

like I said...It's why the yields are dropping...

The bankers do not dictate the yield that the servants and masters live off of.

the slaves in the mud brick pits do.

and when the slaves in the mud brick pits reach their maximum potential to supply the demand for yield.

It's game over...It's simple economics.

I'm sorry you have embraced a lie as Truth your entire life.

I did not...I just took it into consideration.

I can hear crying babies that want their diapers changed and bottles/boobies to suckle.

I do have massive power...but not an unlimited supply.

You think two barbers can sustain themselves by giving each other hair cuts?

How about two bankers?

It's a tragic situation you find yourselves in...I would like to help.

But when when I try to point out the all flip out and try to kill me.

It's just a typical immune response of absolute capitalist drones in the absolute capitalist hierarchy.

You have accepted the program.

and are following it to the logical conclusion and you will annihilate anyone or anything that gets in your way.

I became visible to supply you with the privilege of banning me.

you think I'm ignorant of the logical conclusion of my choice to become visible?

It's called net neutrality.

you can try to persuade me to supply you with what you want...when that can then attempt to force me to obtain what you want...but killing me for refusal to supply you with victory.

Is a technical problem...If you had a button you could push to kill me...I would have been dead 20 years ago when I went online and bumped into the first ignorant American drone that demanded I supply them with what they wanted...victory.

HYPERTlGER said...

The domain masters of course have the power to cause me to cease to be visible in the domains they control which I materialize in.

They can banish me.

You all do not want in help wanted ads in the paper.

the employers or domain masters want employees or domain slaves.

Hurry up and prove me wrong...I have been waiting for decades for you all to supply me with the evidence that you actually do know what is going opposed to believing.

At some point one of you will flip out and call in some favors and eliminate this blog.

but if you do not eliminate me.

that will be the first and last shot fired in the war against truth which you will certainly lose.

I've been positively reinforcing my knowledge all these years and decades...While you all have been positively reinforcing your ignorance all these years and decades.

and for the past few years you have been in a blow off stage.

Imploding into ignorance.

Which causes me to explode up in knowledge.

When I skipped class...I hid in the library of Alexandra and read books.

once the internet came along...what would take years and decades in the past to research could be done in seconds.

You all just connect to get your daily dose of pablum...

like I all have been tranceformed into digital electronic computerized game players the past 4 decades.

You are mental and physical weaklings.

it takes all my power currently just to keep myself you do not try to kill me.

The yield starvation is growing all are desperate...all the people closest to me are all showing the same symptoms of yield starvation you all are.

the inflation you demand is being powered by the deflation you all create.

like chopping down trees faster than they regrow to sustain the scam you have embraced.

and as the trees...or power runs out...the scam you all have fallen in love with collapses all around you to oblivion.

The master system is constantly hunting for people like me.

Most like me do not make it past childhood before the master system annihilates protect you all from being woken up for the daydream you are enjoying prematurely.

To see the collapse before the collapse.

to see the cause of the effect.

the effect you all perceive to be the cause.

like the collapse of lehmans...

that was an effect...promoted as the cause.

HYPERTlGER said...

the 2008 effect promoted as the cause was caused by the 2005 collapse of the 1991 to 2005 new home real estate bubble...but that was just an effect as well.

I can trace it back to Bretton woods in 1944.

that is where the current scam you all depend upon that is collapsing to oblivion.


the bottom of the collapse of the last scam you accepted following WW1.

1929-1933 was the collapse of the scam...1933-1945 was the bankruptcy reorganization of the previous scam...WW2 was the liquidation climax.

1944 was the agreement to do it all over again...but this time way better.

and it has been way better.

the last scam powered the roaring 20's.

the current scam you have wisely embraced and made the best of...lasted from 1945 to 2008.

and it's been collapsing visibly to oblivion since then.

A controlled collapse...but exponential decay is just like exponetail growth.

starts slow...and then turns hyper.

like me...I start out slow...and eventually turn hyper.

I look like a baby seal...until the clubber shows up to club me.

and then in the blink of an eye...i turn into a clubber.


You just pee your pants...It's what you were socially engineered to do.

the program you are following to the logical conclusion of the reasonable assumption.

the reasonable assumption is the scam or lie you have embraced that you believe is Truth.

and as long as there is power to sustain the lie masquerading as will love the scam and be inflated by it.

the dogs and cats licking up the antifreeze.

but of course once the power runs will hate the scam and be deflated by it.

dogs and cats dying in a fit of agony.

10% of the population of the planet was wiped out 1929 - 1945

this time 90% seem to be the goal of your masters.

That is the scam you are laughing at me for not embracing.

you have not killed me yet...but I can not live forever.

my body will die at some point...and I will escape from the scam.

and drop you all...well my days of supplying you with a whipping boy will be over...that is certain.

I have no idea how many more centuries it will take for you all to wake up since you all have been fighting to the death to remain asleep for 1000's of years now according to the recorded history of lies you believe are Truth.

HYPERTlGER said...

people hate me because I generally do not have to try to be right...while they are killing themselves to prove themselves wrong at the logical conclusion of the reasonable assumption they are right.

It's a tragic situation I virtually never find myself in but everyone is constantly finding themselves I have a hard time pretending I'm being all the people that are being destroyed by you.

remember a while back when I pretended to say my goodbyes and give up...admit defeat...and you all looked like you were having orgasms of was party time.

and then I took your hope away?

What do you think I'm going to do...kill myself like all the people that commit suicide?

That would be silly...

I have to live to slave to support all the drones in the absolute capitalist hierarchy.

Either that or leave you all behind.

Here I have no obligation to supply the demand of liars for power.

You come here seeking support for or to promote your cherished delusions.

I do not.

I supply what you need...not what you want...unless of course what you want and need are the same.

like when you roll dice and want snake eyes...and the dice stop rolling and the Universe supplies you with what you need.

And is kind enough to supply you with what you need snake eyes.'re in luck...we just got a shipment of snake eyes in for you.

I programed a poker game from scratch...

for a computerized poker game to require a random number generator.

there are pseudo random number generators...they work by running an equation when you demand it that has variable inputs based on the computer clock.

An actual random number? have to ask the Universe for that.

and unless you make an equation that has a backdoor can only get what you want from the Universe when what you want and need are the same.

School is where you receive formal brainwashing in order to perform a function within the absolute capitalist hierarchy.

most graduates of course learn very little when they go to school...and think they worked damn hard to get to milk the system/easy street

It would be hard to earn a living teaching people the secret of the Universe...eventually everyone would know Truth.

Like the speculative markets or greater fool games invented in coffee houses...The people that sell lies inflate their bank accounts with 1's and 0's that the buyers of lies drain their bank accounts of in order to buy the lies they are trained to buy...and they shop till they drop.

If you all knew how to cut your own hair and did and were not lazy...That would be the end of the barbers ability to earn a living...or yield of power.

they would turn into skeletons if they did not find a new way to earn a yield.

Or they could go for coffee and dream up a nifty scheme.

HYPERTlGER said...

Are you going to educate me further...I have been watching you play and goof off for decades...

It sure looked like a barrel of monekey laughs getting here.

really...unless you were just pretending to play and goof off to fool me.

Now that is the ultimate scam...millions and billions of you pretending to play and goof off...Just to fool me...

dang...ok you win...I admit fooled me.

now what?

HYPERTlGER said...

Hope you have your bunker all set up...because without a miracle...Most of you are going to be "blindsided" by the hyperdeflationary implosion.

The key problem is that it's not going to be a quick death.

Unless they have a mass euthanization plan of some sort.

Cities are death traps...

oh if you are and operative...unless you are certain you are safe...the instant you are no longer will be annihilated.

they will just order you to a location for a meeting or a staging area...and kill you all.

useful idiots.

Anonymous said...

Hyper , you fear death way to much. Please dont waste another 15 years engaging in your narcisstic internet rants. Your posts are not gonna help anyone or change any future events .

Your posts, are only for your own satisfaction .

Peace !

HYPERTlGER said...

You all think you are

Have it all figured out?

Played your house of cards...masterfully?

The progression of the liberal tyrant...

Please kiss my glorious righteous ass the way I want...or be annihilated.

Where's the love QQQ?

It's been exponentially decaying along with the global Fabian/liberal system set up in 1944...since 2008.


Too bad they do not teach real economics in University.

Just fake economics.

"Economics is extremely useful as a form of employment for economists."--John Kenneth Galbraith

There you go...instead of 7 billion people farming...they can all become economists...problem solved.

HYPERTlGER said...

There is not 15 years left...

The system will all will be forced awake from the daydream into the nightmare and then the system will begin killing you all back to sleep...which will cause the system to break down...and then you all will begin dying in mass numbers due to exposure to reality.

That is how it's happened for all recorded history.

Sorry QQQ you dead and do not even know it.

I'm talking to a dead person.

You all do not have what it takes to survive...

The exposure to an honest days labour after decades of ass dragging will finish you all.

HYPERTlGER said...

Pessimism + Optimism = Realism.

You are a laughing stock I shorted to oblivion a long time ago.

Now you are a ghost I'm having a Séance with.

HYPERTlGER said...

At the logical conclusion or defeat of the reasonable assumption of victory in the war against deflation you will annihilate each other trying to reacquire what you never had to begin with and what you never will.

Freedom from the tyranny of Truth.

There is never a lasting victory over lies (ignorance/reason) while the war against Truth (knowledge/logic) has no exit strategy and always ends in defeat.

Logic is the supply of power to the demands of reasons that want to be Truth.

Truth is the supply of power to the demands of lies that want to be Truth.

Knowledge is the supply of power to the demands of ignorance that wants to be knowledge.

I'm the supply of power to your demands for yield.

You see dropping yields...That means your demand for yield is being supplied with "NO"...For 33 years now.

It's why yields have been dropping for 33 years.

not because the FED is forcing rates lower...because you all are investing into escaping from working for a living...

You are just parasites that live off the backs of productive labor.

The FED has just been following that trend...

They can not raise rates when you all are doing nothing to contribute to supplying them.

The slaves supply the master and are paid the minimum wages to obtain the maximum yield to supply the servants or middle class.

and since you all do not want to work for a living and just wish to basically live off the yield of others.

The yield rates are being powered lower and lower.

You fear effort or work...truth.

and you are running in terror to the play...or no effort...lies.

That is why the rich get richer and the poor get poorer.

The rich masters are scared shitless of being poor slaves.

Of course the poor slaves are eventually taxed to death to supply the demand of the rich masters.

and in the USA 20% of the population are slaves...and the other 80% are the servants and masters.

You are the demand...and the slaves are the supply.

The productive members of the hierarchy.

Support the consumptive members of the hierarchy.

The net productive members of society supply real power to the system...that is used to create fake power or money to supply the demand of the net consumers.

The demand for inflation by you to become/remain as a net consumer of yield is the cause of all the deflation experienced by the net producers of yield.

The FED is not the cause of is an effect of the cause.

Which is the demand of the 80% for more power than they give from the 20% who are forced to give more power than they take.

When the slaves can not supply the demand for yield...The FED has to drop rates.

Or follow the trend.

33 years now.

To the singularity.

The event horizon of the liquidity trap.

At that point it will become impossible to power rates lower.

So then the demand for yields will rise higher and higher.

But the net producers will not be able to supply the demand of the net consumers.

You all will be wiped out.

The great depression was a joke compared to the cataclysm that is unfolding right now.


What is the solution?

You can not vote your way out of what you spent the past 70 years voting yourselves into.

It's just taking time for the deflation you are causing at the bottom to rise up the hierarchy and consume you is all.

"I have found little that is 'good' about human beings on the whole. In my experience most of them are trash, no matter whether they publicly subscribe to this or that ethical doctrine or to none at all. That is something that you cannot say aloud, or perhaps even think."--Sigmund Freud

HYPERTlGER said...

The haves have all that they have...At the expense of the have not's.

What is the liberal/conservative plan?

To tax the haves more (liberal) or less (conservative)...Which are parasites living off the have not's to supply the have not's.

You are all dead in the head.

The suck up to the rich to power the golden shower trickle down to the over.

the so called virtuous circle has turned into the vicious cycle.

You are cannibalizing yourselves and going to die in a fit of supreme agony.

I'm not...Why you think I am?...I have no idea...It must be something you want but will never get.

Just one of many soon to be shattered cherished delusions.

if you think there is 15 more years left that are going to be similar to the past 15 years.

You are a fool...A trained chimp or something similar to that.

Just a parasite...or mindless bacteria in a petri dish.

mindlessly consuming until the supply of resources runs out.

Anonymous said...

I recall a movie... a horror film (space flick) where a character got transported somewhere bad for a moment and came back mental.

I think it sort of fits as a reasonable analogy to the truth and how people respond to it. Even how it is labeled (as evil).

We are all human. Bound by how our brains are wired, how society raises us, etc. Looking directly at the truth is sort of like being transported into that space from which you return different. Angry, frustrated, etc.

Once that happens. Once the truth is seen (even partially... which is what even the best of us might see), going back is impossible. Sort of like Morpheus and the pills. You can't "un-take" a pill.

So, it becomes a real battle to find joy again. Having to start all over with simple things - viewed in a different light this time. Completely foreign. At the same time - always the pull from the herd the other way. The constant flow of ignorance like the sound of nails on a chalkboard.

Few people can live in isolation - so we suffer in our own way for having sought the truth, opened our minds, and had even a little peek at it. Not hard at all to understand why history repeats. The patterns represented are the lowest levels of potential energy. Ignorance is bliss.

Hang in there HT. Take care of those around you. Is all we can really do.

Anonymous said...

Evidently this incoming collapse terrifies hypertiger . He has spent the last 15 years typing millions of words about it, while the rest of us just continue onwards with our life. The irony of this, is that he has continually told us we are the cowards and he is the brave hero.He thinks he is so brave, because he is a keyboard warrior that types repetitive rants in the safety of his living room.

In his delusional mind, he really believes this action to be heroic when the reality is, his actions are just to satisfy his own ego and desires for attention and to also have a safe outlet to verbally disrespect and elevate himself above others. He does this because he is truly a scared coward and would never try to act the same way he does online if he were to meet you face to face.

Any intelligent psychologist could read a few minutes of hypertigers rants and describe his mentality/character in a few simple words .

1. megalomaniac

2 . misanthrope

3. delusional

4. jealousy

5. cowardly

One other thing hypertiger deeply fears is that when the collapse does occur , its very possible that the internet will go down and this means he will lose his main venue to engage in his egotistical rants that satisfy his own self indulgences.

HYPERTlGER said...

“The conscious and intelligent manipulation of the organized habits and opinions of the masses is an important element in democratic society. Those who manipulate this unseen mechanism of society constitute an invisible government which is the true ruling power of our country. ...We are governed, our minds are molded, our tastes formed, our ideas suggested, largely by men we have never heard of. This is a logical result of the way in which our democratic society is organized. Vast numbers of human beings must cooperate in this manner if they are to live together as a smoothly functioning society. ...In almost every act of our daily lives, whether in the sphere of politics or business, in our social conduct or our ethical thinking, we are dominated by the relatively small number of persons...who understand the mental processes and social patterns of the masses. It is they who pull the wires which control the public mind.”--Edward L. Bernays

This is how it has been for the entire recorded history of lies you mind controlled bitches have been manipulated into believing are Truth.

Human rights?

no such thing.

There is privilege...

Human privilege.

I decide weather to give you the time of day or not.

I supply the power to all do not supply power to me.

I do not require 7 Billion enslaved people to supply me with the power to sustain existence.

You all do...

You all are just something to observe while I exist.

You all just emerge out of nothing and exist...and take more power than you give until you reach the maximum potential ability to and then you cease to exist.

All your wants are selfish...inconsiderate and ignorant.

Just like any animal running wild in the jungle.

There is not anything special about any of you.

There never was...There is not now...and unless there is a miracle...there will not be.

I was born impervious to deception.

That makes me abnormal...and you all normal.

If I was not impervious to would not be reading this.

I can out think you all and out work you all.

find me and kill me...that is the only way you will get what you want from me.

and If you can not do that.

I will decide the logical conclusion of your reasonable assumption.

I will judge you...and get away with that crime for all eternity.

Judge me?...your judgements have less effect on me than the wind or rain or any other force of nature which I respect... an infected scratch is more dangerous to me than any of you brainwashed morons.

You have spent your lives lying your asses's how you feed yourselves.

Of course the poor bums on the street or dead in a ditch suck at lying...that is why they are sucked dry of power...while the rich assholes are exquisite liars and they are full of power.

You all are pathetic weaklings.

Anonymous said...


How does it feel that you have been banned from every interent forum you logged onto ? If you have so much power , why are you unable to " backdoor" the I.P. bans of these websites ?

You have no power bro , you are merely a low grade form of entertainment to those of us who have enough of a proffessional education to see you for what you are . I suspect, that once the collapse does come , you will either go totally insane { which you are close to now } or commit suicide because the main venue you once had to engage in your narcissitic behaviors, shall be gone.

Analogy time :

hypermegalmaniac without the internet is like a bankster without usary money .

HYPERTlGER said...


I know Truth...Which is the one lie to rule them all.

All your lies depend upon Truth for power.

You all are ignorant of Truth.

you use lies you believe are Truth to measure lies you believe are Truth to find lies you believe are Truth.

I use Truth to measure lies to find Truth.

I can do something that you all will never be able to do.

Because you run in terror for Truth.

Rich people are cowards.

Its why they build castles and have weapons and armies.

Or you think poor people are the cause of all the problems the rich people are trying to solve?

Rich people are the cause...and poor people are the effect.

rich people steal...poor people try to stop rich people from stealing from people kill them...Rich win...poor lose.

two poor people want to become rich people and have an exchange for mutual benefit.

One is male and one is female.

and the conservative male takes more power than they give and the male becomes richer in power and the female liberal becomes poor in power since she gives more power than she takes from the male...(Yes it is weird but that is what females do)

The men go out and hunt and play and have fun...While the women slave away raising children and cleaning up after men.

And become the slaves of the master.

The wife of the husband...the employee of the employer...the follower or the leader.

Unless of course the female says fuck that.

but the males...they do not take no for an answer.

they take more than they give...or plunder females.

"When plunder (absolute capitalism/taking more than you give) becomes a way of life for a group of men living together in society, they create for themselves in the course of time a legal (Rule) system that authorizes it and a moral code (Religion) that glorifies it."--Frederic Bastiat

If women think they are liberated...All that the women have done that past 100 years is tried to become men or pretend to be like them.

Behind every great man is a great woman.

Behind every rich master is a poor mind controlled slave.

HYPERTlGER said...

Face the facts...You were a born loser QQQ that foolishly thinks you are a winner...because you have scammed everyone around you into believing your lies.

Except me.

take a byte of the forbidden fruit of logic and gain awareness of 1 and 0

Truth and lies

GOD and Satan

Positive and negative

Female and male.

love and hate

Life and death

All men did was write the bible and kill any female or male that refused to believe the lies.

Shut the fuck up bitch....You are disturbing the peace.

I had a muslim brotherhood follower from Sudan to interrogate.

for months.

It is easy to interrogate people when they do not know they being interrogated.

He told me two sayings.

stave your dog (poor slave) to keep him close (to the rich master)

And Search for evil...find a woman.

The first one I agree with...and so do you.

but the second the logical conclusion of the reasonable assumption.

There is always a man...I have never found a woman at the logical conclusion.


You are the megalomaniac...

The 77 mistakes people make when managing money?

I have 78. you any...that is the mistake everyone in the world keep making...but you keep fooling them into making that mistake.

I was a born winner QQQ...I do not need to scam people to sustain my existence.

You and Lee and the rest of you mockeries of men do...your spouses are just ignorant victims of your evil machinations.

It is why I left the military.

I came to the logical conclusion that there was not any leader worth following...They were all idiots.

Just like you...

You demand yes...I supply no...and that is where it should end.

but to you...your asking is just a formality...You do not accept no for an answer.

You will do whatever it takes to go balls deep.

I being a man I can cut your dick off and feed it to you...woman are too nice to do that unless they are driven insane by men.

Your erectile function is the cause of your erectile dysfunction.

women did not lead us did...dragging all the women and children kicking and screaming with them.

Yellen can not do much...Since the entire system was created by evil men trying to bend the world over and go balls deep.

I have never found an evil woman...all the evil woman were corrupted and turned evil by men.

HYPERTlGER said...

You know why you keep coming here?...Because you are ignorant of Truth.

The USA can not legislate itself out of a wet paper bag.

Anyone with a functional ability to think that is not a brainwashed baboon can see that.

HYPERTlGER said...

It not an empire that is collapsing...The USA was never an empire...and never will be an empire.

Calling the USA an an insult to former empires that existed.

The USA is a humped to oblivion prostitute formally known as lady liberty at this point. will never convince me otherwise.

Go find someone else to pester like the flea you are.

In the end the conservative clubbers will rise up and club all the liberal baby seals.

the power of positive thinking or optimism is not going to save you.

It's all over...

yes fortunately I was not born in the USA...

Thank GOD or Satan or nothing yee haw...

I'm glad I was not born in the USA or I would be just as doomed as you.

HYPERTlGER said...

take a byte of the forbidden fruit of logic and gain awareness of 1 and 0.

positive and negative

supply and demand.

supply + demand = 0

The same problem in rome.

savings consisted of multi year stocks of grain used to be kept.

as sonn as people figured it was easier to store gold and silver rather than grain...they converter their savings of something...into nothing.

and when the crops was game over.

You are stupid.

you will never convince me you are smart...because you are not.

after the supply an demand algorithm is completed.

at the end you have a stump and ashes.

love of money is not the root of all evil.

Ignorance of truth is the root of all evil.

You are have been your entire life...I'm not ignorant.

That is all I need to be happy.

and there is nothing you can do about that.

what do you think?

Smart people are born in the USA and dumb people are born outside of the USA?

Your ability to do math is infantile.

Monkeys have the same ability to calculate as you do.

Stage 1 is denial.

Stage 2 is anger

Stage 3 is bargaining

Stage 4 is acceptance

Stage 5 is death.

HYPERTlGER said...

"Scientists in California said on Wednesday night that they have for the first time managed to release more energy from their nuclear fusion experiment than they put into it, which marks a critical threshold in eventually achieving the goal of a self-sustaining nuclear-fusion reaction."

Think of all the power consumed for all of history to power the above lie I'm expected to believe is Truth to string me along.

The only thing you monkey minds have done for my entire existence is positively reinforce your ignorance of Truth.

Oh goody...soon they will invent a way to teleport the food into my mouth...

You all crack me up.

Do any of you know how to take a farmer that produces enough food to sustain his existence...and slowly train them up until they are producing 1000's of times more food than they require to sustain their existence?

To feed 1000's and 1000's of morons?

You slowly raise taxes on farmers over time...and before you know it...the farmers produce more and more food to sustain more and more idiots that think they have it all figured out.

it works great until the maximum potential is reached.

and then welcome to the logical conclusion of the reasonable assumption you stupid morons have a clue.

You all better hope to die before you live to see the day you do not want to live to see.

The day you are forced awake from the daydream into the nightmare.

Game over.

You morons have been destroying the world claiming to save it for all of recorded history.

Rich people bent the poor people over and fucked them royally again.

HYPERTlGER said...

How to gain friends and influence people turns into how to lose friends and fuck people over once the maximum potential of the lie believed to be Truth is reached.

I'm impervious to salesmen.

You can go die in a ditch for all I care.

Go find another mark to grift...catch my snow drift?

The so called educated elite are elite liars...

That is why they fear Truth.

because Truth reveals what they do not want revealed.

The fact they are lying.

That is how the rich become lying to the people they make poorer and poorer to supply the power to sustain their lies.

What are you all going to do to me.

matter can not be created or destroyed.

Truth can not be created or destroyed.

Lies trying to become Truth can me mowed down like grass.

Liars trying to become Truth...never will.


Forget the DSM...

I'm the walking talking DSM...Throw the book at me.

You are the cause of what you are getting by asking for it you ignorant knuckle dragger.

I'm not some dummy in a third world economic zone that can be toyed with.

Or an idiot American lower in the hierarchy that can be slapped around and abused by an idiot American higher in the hierarchy of idiots of the United States of idiocy.

It never fails to amaze me how Americans conduct themselves on the Internet for everyone in the world to see.

You have been spewing your puss for brains opinions out into the world now for 20 years.

When are you going to come up with a cool plan like all the USA saves the world movies from Hollywood have claim you are going to any second now?


All the think tanks in the USA are running on empty.

The fact that you believed in the Affordable healthcare legislation being able to fix a problem...

Is all the proof required by me.

If it's not for you...Big deal...It does not matter what doomed optimistic suckered dummies think.

Once you have stepped on a land mine and blown yourselves to kingdom come...It's irrelevant.

HYPERTlGER said...

"Psychiatrist: ‘There Has Been A Tremendous Amount’ Of Seasonal Affective Disorder This Winter"

Paycheck please...

Next winter will be worse...It is just going to get worse and worse.

You all have become so weak psychologically...

Winter is going to kill you all.

You can not even exist on the planet you were born on.

You all are so fucked in the head now it's unbelievable.

You all have been socially engineered into shit so that when the time comes to flush the toilet.

There will be no remorse.

HYPERTlGER said...

Any intelligent psychologist (highly trained chimp) ignorant of where their paychecks (monkey chow) come from

That is certain.

Vampires know where the blood they drink comes from.

the last trained mental health care professionals I went to see and test.

Were at best legalized drug pushers.

They were not even fit to be considered in the same class as Freud and Jung.

They are zero help...All they do is milk the system like all the brainwashed drones pumped out of the drone production facilities to feed off the waste by products produced by the previous pumps outs which preceded them.

The arrogance of the so called "educated" that have learned to play dumb for fun and profit...Is astounding.

HYPERTlGER said...

My computer was hacked and the password changed.

It's a puppet show...Voting is finished.

You can vote...but the winners are decided prior to the logical conclusion of the reasonable assumption.

You all are in the Matrix now.

cheating rolling real hard

cheating with computer easy.

Any computerized system allows virtual reality to take over.

The markets are just computer games now.

You use your 1's and 0's to invest.

the master system supplies you with 1's and 0's that tell you how rich or poor you are getting.

they have taken over your memories.

unless you know better keep a alternate records of past events.

Since if you are ignorant of can and will be mind controlled to forget....since when you are hard wired for instant only remember positive memories.

Truth = Negative.

Lies you believe are Truth = positive.

I have never been hard wired for instant gratification.

the space between cause and effect is filled will speculation.

you see this in the markets...between the bottoms and tops and tops and bottoms is filled with speculation.

The top sells and the speculators sell to where the top buys and then the speculators buy until the next sell point.

the employer or master knows when and employee or slave is going to be laid off/fired long before the employee or slave does.

The top can see threats rising up the hierarchy long before the threat sees the annihilators sent to eliminate the threat from the algorithm.

Also there is a rumor that the woodpecker signal from the USSR that ended in 1989...has started up again.

I try to just supply information...I'm not on some crusade to start a slave revolt.

slavery was banned in the British empire at the beginning of the 19th century.

in the USA 1865...or involuntary servitude unless you are convicted of a crime.

what that means ultimately.

you have the right to quit according to the rules.

but not a right to lead a slave revolt.

Since all in the master system are slaves.

You were born into the master do not own it.

You all do not own all are renters.

basically you all owe the owners everything and the owners owe you all nothing.

But in order to obtain the maximum yield from you have to be ignorant you are a slave and believe you are free.

like if you are unaware you are being interrogated or will sing like a canary in a coal mine.

If you become aware you are being interrogated...You will stop singing...or change you tune from the signal to chaos.

From reality to fantasy.

From what you know to what you want others to believe.

from proving yourself responsible, knowledgeable, guilty.

to claiming to be irresponsible, ignorant, innocent.

from being dumb to playing dumb.

once you know becomes childishly simple to know when someone is lying.

The owners of the master system exist outside the master system

they know what all the lies are...since they created them for you all to believe in.

Being born into the system causes you to be raised by lies you believe are Truth.

prepare...for what?

HYPERTlGER said...

prepare to be cut off from the internet.

without electricity...the enlightenment ends and you will be in the dark.

You will be cut off from access to the artificial brain...and have to rely on yours and the others around you.

That is something you have to prepare for.

It is inevitable the Internet is going to go down at some point.

then you will have your freedom.

since if you are ignorant of will be the client and the Internet will be the server.

The reality is...the Internet is master/dealer and you are the slave/addict.


The instant you all connected to the Internet...whenever that was.

It was checkmate.

911 would have been impossible to get away with without the ability to tie up loose ends...and control the data stream.

It's why the library of Alexandria was burnt down.

There are many things I know...that you all do not...or do not remember.

A significant occurrence that people do not seem to realize was the installation of a non British citizen as head of the bank of England for the first time in the 320 year history of the bank...a Goldman technocrat.

Just like the installations of Goldman technocrats in Greece and Italy.

you all follow orders...but since you have free have to believe you are free or in control of your destiny.

Or you will resist...basically become uncontrollable.

as opposed to now where you all are under control.

I was born impervious to mind control.

I have to pretend to be a slave of the master system to fit in.

You all are slaves.

you all think the governments have magical powers to alter space an time.

they do not...You do order for the system to operate.

You have to be controlled...but be ignorant of this.

You are the supply of power to the people you believe are the supply of power.

you are the power plants...the leaders are the light bulbs.

The FED is the light bulb and does not set yield rates.

you all are the supply of yield or power that the light bulb fools you all into thinking it is the supply of.

the top can see you all becoming exhausted before you all realize you are becoming exhausted.

yield rates or the so called zero interest rate policy...has been the policy for 33 years...and it is your supply of power to the system and the demand of power from the system that dictates rates.

The FED just follows along and claims to be the leader.

that can be scapegoated.

or framed...

the FED is an effect...

like the graphical user interface or visible front of the invisible order of the basic operating system.

the noise that hides the signal.

the lie you believe is Truth that blinds you to Truth.

HYPERTlGER said...

QQQ wants to know when the top is going to press the sell button so he can press the sell button to hide...

like having a silent partner...

He fills up his trading account with the modulated life force extracted from all the souls of the losers sent to hell to obtain the power to sustain and perpetuate his life in heaven.

of course all the death will become visible and the vengeance will go searching for the cause.

Which will lead to the scapegoat.

The person or thing that all believe is the cause...which is really only just an effect.

Not him.

The winner of the game.

Which is all he cares about...he does not care about all the people that ran into the machine guns when the whistle was blown at zero hour...all that dies so that he can live.

HYPERTlGER said...

Why the scientists and no one else can see the dark matter.

Or the dark energy.

The screen you are looking at now.

you do not see the millions of calculations...operations...revolutions....rises and collapses of the empire.

that draw/create and erase/destroy the screen 60 times or more a second...the frame rate.

you do not see the invisible order which sustains the evolution of the magic mirror you are looking at to see who is the fairest of them all...the invisible order or signal behind the visible chaos of the lie you believe is Truth.

Forced to believe is Truth.

The invisible order behind the visible chaos.

In real life all you see of me...

...Is what I show your eyes...the visible chaos...that hides the invisible order.

The unseen hand.

I do not own anything except what I can body which is composed of trillions of animal cells...all ignorant of Truth...that take more power than they give to sustain their continued existence nanosecond to nanosecond...the fractal that started out as 1 cell, then 2...4, 8, 16, 32...all the way up to trillions...the anchor for my perspective of the Universe with my awareness of the Universe powered from outside of the Universe.

Which is not constrained by LAW.

While all that is inside the governed by LAW...or Truth.

Truth exists outside of the Universe...the source of power is from the outside that sustain the existence of all and everything inside.

All an everything in the universe absolutely capitalizes upon truth to sustain the existence of all and everything in the Universe.

Manipulating people without their knowledge is evil.

Or do you like being fooled?

I'm not trying to fool you...but I can not help it if you are ignorant of Truth...and you are fooled by default.

like dogs and cats are fooled by the sweet taste of the lie they believe is Truth when they are in ecstasy licking up antifreeze.

until they reach the logical conclusion of the reasonable assumption...and they die in a fit of agony...because they chose to follow the wrong death.

Charles Manson is serving life in prison...But he did not pull the trigger.

His mind controlled followers did.

His children...The members of his family.

Like the dog whisperer gets pulled around by his pack of obedient trained servants or pets.

Like the rider of the sled by the beasts of burden or slaves.

People have no power to make or break LAW.

All that people have the power to do is make and break rules and call rules LAW.

But if a rule attempts to break LAW

LAW will break the rule.


HYPERTlGER said...

If you take more power than you give to sustain existence.

that is the same as chopping down trees faster than they regrow to sustain to sustain existence of the rule...that is powered by LAW.

and when the rule chops down all the trees to sustain the existence of the rule or lie masquerading as truth.

LAW breaks the rule.

the logical conclusion of the reasonable assumption.

The lie or rule attempting to break LAW is broken by LAW which is unbreakable.

The cherished delusion is shattered.

It's why Einstein's brain was saved and cut up by people searching for Truth.

Your brain is a lie masquerading as Truth...powered by Truth.

Cut up looking for the source of power...

you brain and all the visible chaos perceived by the neuroscientists...Is an effect of Truth.

Not the cause.

The collapse that is coming is the collapse of all and everything.

There is not 15 years left...

The so called NWO is not trying to take over the world.

You all were born into the NWO and it is collapsing and you all are trying to resist the collapse...but causing the continued collapse or deflation to acquire the inflation to sustain expansion to fight the deflation.

It has been visibly collapsing since 2008...visibly imploding.

but you all only care about you and that your demands are supplied.

you do not care about all the rest of the billions and billions of people in the global hierarchy below you supplying the power from the bottom to the top...or you to supply you demand.

since the maximum potential was reached in 2008...the hierarchy is yield starved.

and is cannibalizing itself...consuming you all to supply the demand of you all from you all to feed you hunger...

To feed the bottomless stomach of want of the black hole...The USA and world has been falling into for 33 years.

To the singularity.


HYPERTlGER said...

The writers of recorded history or the visible chaos believed to be Truth are the winners...

The invisible order...the real history or Truth...Is powered by the losers that are annihilated to supply the power to sustain the winners.

Like poor trees (losers) being chopped down and burnt to warm the laughing rich mans candy ass. (winner)

until the poor slaves are all burnt up...then without losers to supply power to the winner.

The winner is frozen to death by cold cruel reality.

What do you think you are taught in school?


No...If you would resist...and refuse to play the game if you knew it was designed by the owners so they win by default.

As long as you believe you are winning while you are losing.

You will continue to fight the war against the death.

HYPERTlGER said...

From the board I was banned from...

Posted 10 September 2013 - 06:47 AM

The fall is warmer than usual for 2 years now....that means there is massive heat radiation from cooling that has shown up.

When the Earth cools....the heat radiates but the heat is trapped in the circulating system of the planet and dissipates over time...unless there is addition of power...with the solar cycle the weakest in a century...there is a climate collapse setting up that we are heading into.

Of course to you will be a non linear event when it shows up.

I'm thinking non linear is like illogic...words invented by educated people to use when they are clueless...but they do not want to tell their paycheck provider they are clueless...and to prove it so they can obtain a paycheck...they invent words or lies an use them to obtain paychecks


What QQQ posted after.

Posted 10 September 2013 - 08:28 AM

If one lacks basic education and the ability to discriminate, most any theory will do


Or an earlier post from august.

All QQQ cares about is winning and being worshiped.

I'm not trying to win.

People that are ignorant of Truth...Take risks.

People that are not ignorant of Truth...Do not take risks.

Unless forced to.

Like a general that knows that the enemy has broken through and on the way to chop the generals head off.

He can order/force those ignorant of Truth below him to fight to the death and die...losers...short them to oblivion

To cover the escape of the winner knowledgeable of Truth that presses the sell button.

the top or winner of the game lives off the bottom or losers of the game.

The climate model I run on my quantum computer is far superior than the climate models run on all the super computers of the world.

I do not just log on to the Internet looking for support for or to promote my cherished delusions.

There is no point in posting if all I'm going to do is pick a side in the debate between lies trying to become Truth.

There are millions of people divided and conquered on both sides of the debate...both following the programs they have accepted....the liberal program and the conservative program.

Seeking support for or to promote their cherished delusions.

people that are good at playing the markets and people...collecting stamps...Hollywood stars...etc

Think they are GOD or want to be GOD.

I know GOD

GOD is not Me...or QQQ

GOD is Truth and Truth is GOD.

HYPERTlGER said...

If you just account for what you believe is Truth (demand for power) in the climate change algorithm and ignore Truth (the source of power)

It's garbage in and garbage out.

Paycheck please.

Think of a non quantum computer like this.

To simplify processing speeds.

Lets say your processor speed is 1 operation per 100 years.

and you feed a problem you want a solution to see the answer.

and you want the answer to be 3.

1+1= ?

and after 100 years the output is 2...but you do not want 2...that is negative...or pessimistic.

You are an optimist and are sure that it is 3....that is the answer you want...or the positive answer you are looking for...not the evil pessimistic answer you do not want...2...It just can't be 2.

But it will take 100 more years to run it again.

that takes too long...If you could just invest billions of dollars into the fabrication of a quantum will get the answer instantly.

and you spend Billions over 10 years.

and run the program.


and the answer is 2 again...

The optimist then thinks the computer is broken...because they just know the answer is 3.

It just has to be...that is the positive answer.

2 is the answer the optimist rejects as negative...the answer they do not want.

of course the optimists all tell me...the debate is over...

there is not anything impossible (negative) if you put your mind to it.

and if you do not succeed...turning a lie into Truth...try try again.

of course if I say that 1+1=2 and not 3.

Then I'm a pessimist.

A negative person that can be ignored.

If you do not know Truth...

A quantum computer is not going to do any better figuring out the garbage out from the garbage in than a non quantum computer.

Just figure it out faster.

and the optimists will just reject the answers they do not want as too pessimistic faster and faster...

If I call you a is because you are...not because I'm trying to hurt your feelings.

an I did not start calling you a moron until you abued me first...of course an optimist rejects that...It is impossible for an optimist to do anything wrong...only pessimists are wrong.

Unless you can supply me with an alternate word to supply as output to the garbage you supply to me to input.

The solution to the take more power than you give equation will always be negative...

Or what you do not want the answer to be.

I have been on the Internet for 20 years and before that a decade in libraries and used book stores.

Reinforcing my knowledge.

While everyone was reinforcing their ignorance.

HYPERTlGER said...

messianicdruid said...

"Every plant, every animal knows how to sustain itself without destroying the environment in which it lives. Permaculture follows the natural law: Give back more than you take. And if you take a good look at how nature functions; you’ll see that this rule applies everywhere."

The article linked is required reading { for you ALL :) }!

HYPERTlGER said...

Every animal cell in your body is sustained by taking more power than it gives.

Like all life.

If they give more power than they take instead of taking more power than they give.

They starve to death and die.

Like rich people who take more power than they give from poor people who give more power than they take from rich people.

Like the animals at the top of the food chain from the animals at the bottom of the food chain.

The animals at the top of the absolute capitalist hierarchical food powered make work enterprise from the animals at the bottom.

The city state...or civilization.

similar to a hive or an ant hill.

Which ultimately is an animal itself since it composed of individual animals composed of animal cells all taking more power than they give to sustain their continued existence for as long as possible.

According to the recorded history of city states ant hills and bee hives.

messianicdruid said...

The fallacy that brings to shame all your neo-tech gibberish is that GOD gives 9 times as much as He takes. Within that type of an increase the faithful can find a living, even a legacy.

A few good stewards tithing ten percent, NOT to the goobermint, or the nicolaitans, but to one another in times of need or mutual benefit to build up the Kingdom {rulership} of GOD will be a Blessing to all the people.

Imagine of the fifty-plus per cent now going to fund the rich remaining with the poor who use half to help the orphans and widows with no decrepid parasites to eat out our living.

Imagine planting nine trees for every one that is used up [after 30 to a hundred years].

Imagine the cancellation of all debt and a return to the land, every family receiving an allotment according to their numbers. It is coming.

Andrew Bransford Brown said...

The perpetual fee.

As all currencies to date have included a perpetual fee does Bitcoin also contain that perpetual fee? I believe that it may. Was it the 1 bit or the 0 bit? Does the algorithm have a periodicity to it that allows secret mining of Bitcoin?

Anyhow, the solution to no perpetual fee is allowing other forms of value to be conveyed with fluidity.

An EDI format. A public specification for monetary transactions is needed.

Two people.



End transaction.

No 3rd party. No authority. No perpetual fee.

Christian Gustafson said...

Hey HyperTiger!

I am interested in your opinion about my chart of the 10 Year Treasury, and my point that it is a countdown timer for the end of Kondratieff Fall.

This is part of a larger blog post praising currency collapse:

Winter is coming!

Anonymous said...

Is Russia-Ukraine another scapegoat?

messianicdruid said...

"The fallacy that brings to shame all your neo-tech gibberish is that GOD gives 9 times as much as He takes. Within that type of an increase the faithful can find a living, even a legacy."

Give a tithe {tenth] of the increase. If yoyu are not being increased, maybe its because ytou are doing some thing wrong. Maybe you have "other gods{rulemakers}
who require two or three tithes {tenths}. No wonder you are not increasing, you will probably starve to death trying to feed all those parasites.

HYPERTlGER said...

GOD does not take anything.

GOD is the supply of power.

Satan is the demand for power.

GOD gives

Satan takes

and when Satan reaches the point where Satan has to defeat GOD to obtain absolute power over all and everything...or become GOD.

Satan demands Yes.

And GOD supplies NO.

Satan = Ignorance.

GOD = Knowledge.

GOD/Truth/Knowledge shares power with all and everything perfectly to sustain the existence of all and everything.

Satan/lies/ignorance takes more power than is given from all and everything to sustain existence.

All that is ignorant of Truth takes more power than is given from all and everything until the maximum potential is reached.

Truth is the supply to the demand by the paradox of the lie that wants to become Truth and never die.

Anonymous said...

Hypertiger, someone has totally owned your bitcoin article with an injection attack. Would you please crush your computer in a shredder and get some security so I can read your rants?

You are being a tool of corruption allowing these attacks.

HYPERTlGER said...

The universe gives me what I need...always.

It is up to you all to put the effort to take care of you...not me to take care of you.

Go to a mental heath professional and ask them to repair you.