Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Forget privacy...

The visible chaos at my location has increased to the point where I have to spend most of my time attempting to order it...While the cause is invisible and the effect all around me does not want to become ordered.

There is the correct path and the incorrect path...But the incorrect path does have a positive result but it also has a negative result that is greater than the positive result...But we will just think positive and ignore negative...and follow the incorrect path...At least that is what everyone is trying to do....There are winners and losers...and the losers are increasing faster than the winners...lights are going out to supply the demand of the lights that want to shine brighter and brighter...Which is what all the lights want to do...But the system is running out of power to make dreams come true.

1941 was where the owners of the system or those that know...began buying the USA like mad...2008 is where they began to get out...Or be wiped out due to lack of supply or power...yield...since 2009 the corporations have been buying back stocks to cut supply in relation to demand to keep the markets from collapsing...To keep the indexes green to fool (so far so good) the masses into thinking that there was/is a recovery.

A nightmare (that is what I call it...it is negative in relation to a daydream which is positive) has been unfolding since 2008...It’s official...That was where chopping down trees faster than they regrew from the forest of  Bretton woods reached the maximum potential and it’s been really collapsing to oblivion since then...1971 was just a rule change ultimately with a pile of associated changes and alterations ...that was preplanned and known about prior to reaching 1971...On 15 August 1971, the United States unilaterally terminated convertibility of the US$ to gold....Which had been being plundered from the USA since Gold mines began supplying the demand of the global trade system for GOLD. 


1941 to 1971 was spring...with Bretton woods the new agreement on global trade in 1944...


1971 to 2001 was summer...The new economy...When the NASDAQ began trading on February 8, 1971, it was the world's first electronic stock market. 

And world trade centers rose up...

"The topping out ceremony of 1 WTC (North Tower) took place on December 23, 1970, while 2 WTC's ceremony (South Tower) occurred later on July 19, 1971"

1981 was the peak of the summer and the beginning of the collapse into fall which was 2000 where the new economy hit the singularity and collapsed into 2001 along with the world trade centers on 911...The end of summer.


2001 to 2008 was Indian summer...where global warming turned into climate change during the fall which began in 2001...


2001 to 2008 was the battle between summer and winter at the beginning of fall...and 2008 to now was the battle between winter and summer that will have winter winning when the fall ends.


So spring is 30 years...followed by summer of 30 years...and if the fall is 30 years...we are 13 years into it...but collapses are violent not gradual...the solar cycle has been growing weaker since 1960...this current one is the weakest in 100 years...It was solar maximum 2013...so there is a dip down into 2014 and then a rise up into 2016...and then we collapse down to 2020 which is the trough...that is where fall will end...and winter will begin...Where you invest into planting crops...but will get no yield...The liquidity trap that the USA along with the rest of the world has been falling into since 1981.

A trap that no economist on Earth seems to point out...That they all earned a living free will falling into.

1492...The official discovery of the NEW WORLD...That is where generation A is...Generation X was 1961 to 1981...Y was 1981 to 2001...Z is 2001 to 2021.


Or the royal exchange and the oldest stock market in the USA and the second oldest In the USA all traced to coffee houses...and winner take all schemes.

The cause is the demand for more power out than you supply into the exchange for mutual benefit.

The system is eating you all to supply the demand of your hunger for more power.

Positive or yes the supply of your want of victory...not defeat...Which is creating the negatives...Not enough Love into the system to supply the Love back.

The yield starvation has spread throughout the global system...and it began decades ago.

But it is obvious now...the solution...Is to stock up like mad...and figure out a way to reduce your cost to float around in the system to the minimum...to maximize your savings...1's and 0's on hard disk platters...This is as fragile as it gets...Actual money printing works if you pay the workers to make it work...that is easy if it does work.

One of the coffee houses


Winter take all in the end...or deflation...Unless you account for it...and make it to the other side of that recurring black hole that is hard to avoid...The banking system on the other hand...Is by design...A program to follow to the logical conclusion....Which is the singularity at the core of the banking algorithm....Which is ultimately a race to absolute zero...and beyond...Banks turn to powder and blow away in the wind...After sucking everything including light in...That is the yield starvation spreading out into the system...the demand for yield has become greater than the supply...all of you are the means of production and the means of consumption...The secret or law of attraction is powered by extraction...like chopping down trees faster than they regrow to supply the demand by the fire of serenity to sustain existence.

When the trees run out...So does the kindling from the forest of Bretton woods...Yes and the log charts run out of logs.

The power of positive thinking does have a limit so does the power of negative thinking.

Combined there is zero or balance...But there is massive imbalances showing up.

there has been no recovery back to pre 2008 levels...sorry.

from 1944 and the implementation of Bretton woods and 2008.

The population of the USA...the slaves...were inflating the money supply of the USA by around 7.8% per year.

the primary engine of this was new home construction.

in 2005 the real estate boom that began in 1991...ended.

and from there till 2008 the yield from the slave population of the USA collapsed to less than nothing,

meaning you invest a dollar into a US slave...and get less than a dollar back = US slaves transformed from fundable assets...into unfundable liabilities.

Lehman's was a controlled demolition along with the installation of Obama.

The FED QE started out at 80 Billion a month...in 2009.

But prior to 2009...It was the population of the USA that supplied all the inflation of the money supply.

1983 to 1984...The population was requesting the commercial banks to inflate the money supply by 80 Billion dollars per month.

That is how far you have to go back in time to find out were the US population was supplying the demand for yield.

fast forward to the future.

In 1999 to 2000...The population was requesting the commercial banks to inflate the money supply by 147 Billion dollars per month.

2000-2001...The population was requesting the commercial banks to inflate the money supply by 181 Billion dollars per month.

2001-2002...The population was requesting the commercial banks to inflate the money supply by 251 Billion dollars per month.

2002-2003...The population was requesting the commercial banks to inflate the money supply by 281 Billion dollars per month.

The FED is not doing any of this...The population is by requesting commercial banks for loans...The commercial banks do not need the Federal reserve to inflate the money supply of the USA.

All of you that rave about the FED are basically brainwashed victims that have zero clue how the system actually works.

2003-2004...The population was requesting the commercial banks to inflate the money supply by 317 Billion dollars per month.

317 Billion dollars of new money out of thin air by the population of the USA requesting commercial banks for loans or swiping credit cards...per month...increasing exponentially or "compounding" nanosecond to nanosecond.

Like I said...the vast majority of you know virtually zero about the system you were born into.

2004-2005...The population was requesting the commercial banks to inflate the money supply by 288 Billion dollars per month.

late 2005 was where the real estate boom began to collapse.

2005-2006...The population was requesting the commercial banks to inflate the money supply by 339 Billion dollars per month.

2006-2007...The population was requesting the commercial banks to inflate the money supply by 392 Billion dollars per month.

2005 to late 2007 was where the blow off happened...leading into the collapse in 2008 below.

2007-2008...The population was requesting the commercial banks to inflate the money supply by 219 Billion dollars per month.

2008-2009...The population was requesting the commercial banks to inflate the money supply by -7 Billion dollars per month.

That is deflation of the money supply by 7 Billion dollars per month...Since the yield from the slaves of the USA became less than zero.

of course the G20 happened in late 2008 which lead to the greatest global economic intervention in history which allowed the top...or the owners of all you ignorant slaves...to cover...which cause the stock and commodity markets globally to stop collapsing and begin expanding again.

2009-2010...The population was requesting the commercial banks to inflate the money supply by 31 Billion dollars per month.

Minus the QE of 85 Billion per month and the population of the USA was yielding -54 Billion dollars per month.

Without the QE and you all would not be reading this...the entire global system would have imploded to oblivion.

2010-2011...The population was requesting the commercial banks to inflate the money supply by 93 Billion dollars per month.

Minus the QE of 85 Billion per month and the population of the USA was yielding 8 Billion dollars per month.

This was the late 2010 recovery being promoted...and 13 billion dollars is not so bad per month.

You just have to go back to the 1950's to see inflation of the US money supply that low.

2011-2012...The population was requesting the commercial banks to inflate the money supply by 165 Billion dollars per month.

Minus the QE of 85 Billion per month and the population of the USA was yielding 80 Billion Dollars per month.

This is around 1980's levels.

2012-2013...The population was requesting the commercial banks to inflate the money supply by 98 Billion dollars per month.

Minus the QE of 85 Billion per month and the population of the USA was yielding 13 Billion Dollars per month.

It's collapsing again heading into 2014.

The taper is just smoke and mirrors...to fool you all into thinking things are getting better but they are not...they are getting worse...a classic case of the build it an they will come...the recent action in the markets was nothing more than a blow off leading into the collapse as far as I can tell.

Where does the money go?

When you request a loan from a bank...the money supply is inflated

Every bank in the world inflates the money supply when a consumer requests a loan.

and when a consumer pays down a loan...the money returns back into thin air from where it came from...but the banks of course keep the interest or profit derived from creating money out of thin air and lending it out.

most of the QE returns back into thin air...It's just a loan to keep the US and global banking system from imploding to oblivion since all of you slaves which are the source of power of yield...have transformed from fundable assets into unfundable liabilities and are basically useless.

The banks have been doing this for over 600 years....Right under all your noses for 6 centuries...

You all are totally and utterly oblivious of this....really...Flat line knuckle draggers.

You all have no idea that you are the walking dead right now with nothing but QE animating your corpses.

Your demands for power from the system have become greater than the power you all supply to the system...in 2008...was the end of the inflationary phase of the Bretton woods lie...and the beginning of the deflationary phase of the lie...where it is revealed to you all as a lie...tisk....as the fabric of space and time unravels...sorry...you are not going to be supplied this information by the trained chimps you currently worship.

you are yield starved...and this translates into the system being yield starved...and it is eating you all to supply your demands for yield to feed your starvation...

And you all are cannibalizing yourselves like animals...Human beings do not do this.

Animals do...animals that think or are pretending they are Human beings...sorry.

Oh yes and this is going on in every economic zone on the planet...It's just the USA for some odd reason has far more detailed information available than all the rest of the economic zones.

The USA is the power plant of Bretton woods and all the rest of the so called independent nation states trapped in Bretton woods are the light bulbs.

Since the USA has been collapsing to oblivion from 2008 to now...the supply of power or inflation from the USA out into the world has been getting cut off...the collapse at the bottom as they are cut off is creeping up the global hierarchy...the massive damage caused and being caused since 2008 is still hidden...but the negatives are increasing faster than the positives...and it is only a short matter of time now until you all are forced to wake up from the daydream or fantasy world you all are floating around in and into the nightmare again.

Like 2008...But way worse....all your elected chumps could help you fix a flat tire I'm sure...but fixing the economic system that has inflated to maximum potential the past 7 decades...no one on Earth can do that...you all spent 7 decades voting your way into where you are...You are not going to vote your way out any faster.

I doubt anyone alive currently will live to see the end of the bust following the boom of the roaring 7 decades....All the economists and all the University educated people on Earth...Are morons as far as I can tell...totally oblivious...Just playing games with you and each other for fun and profit...The paradox of Grift.


alexnewbee said...

thanks. so we still have 2 years of more or less good old days?

HYPERTlGER said...

Another site banned me...But it's an invisible ban...

Now all you have to do is become visible and you are annihilated.

Just like poking your head up and getting it blown off.

only the controlled opposition is allowed to communicate and interact with the controlled opposition.

All divided and ruled...compartmentalized digital electronic computerized game players.

HYPERTlGER said...

I have zero idea the exact time when you are going wake up from the daydream into the nightmare.

Other than it is an eventuality that is certain if you live to see the day you will wish you never lived to see.

Wish because you have been living your entire life asleep.

I have not been...I watch you all suffer and die in your sleep...Since it is ultimately you keeping you asleep.

You will either choose to fight to wake up or not and if not you will fight to the death remain asleep until you are forced to wake up.

and if you do not exist until you are forced...then you will die in your sleep.

but if you are forced to wake up...all you will see is the collapse of the lie you believed was Truth...and be deceived by it.

Instead of being fooled by the lie you believe is Truth now...You will be fooled by the lie you will be forced to believe is Truth later when the lie you have embraced as Truth dies in your arms.

You all will flip out and lose your minds with rage...

HYPERTlGER said...

Imagine from birth to now working for free doing what you all could not be paid to begin to learn how to do.

you can not do what you do not want to do.

I can do almost anything...For limited amounts of time.

That is the correct path.

The sit back and milk the system to the maximum potential of you ability till the day you drop religion.

Might be the correct path if you can get away with it.

The point of no return was passed before anyone alive was born.

so then you will continue until forced to stop.

and then you will be forced to think.

and there will be no time to.


fantasy over.

game over.

that is the digital electric computerized game world you all are playing games in.

There is of course the real world and after that all sorts of various calculations it is obvious you all do not make at all.

I foresaw this day a long time ago.

Until the transition is over there will be no freedom from it since you all are powering it.

And it takes a long time for the trees to grow back.

What do you think they are trying to do at CERN?

What is the logical conclusion of that pursuit?

Self destruction...Since they are at the end of the line there.

One way or the other.

time does not stop...There is no stop button.

and if you can not stop before you smash into the invisible barrier...then that will define the fantasy you think is reality.

The negative fantasy...or nightmare.

Of course because I live in a nightmare while you all are asleep enjoying the daydream.

when the nightmare shows up...I'm not bothered too much.

The nightmare that exists becomes visible...To all that are blind to it.

You will then be forced to do what you should have been doing prior to being forced.

Anonymous said...

"You will then be forced to do what you should have been doing prior to being forced."

Great line.

Got an opinion on Martin Armstrong's economic confidence model, and its 2015.75 inflection point for a downturn?

HYPERTlGER said...

There could also be lights out when you are forced to be in the dark.

Or you force yourself to be in the dark.

the next collapse will be computer controlled...you will be in the downturn before you know it.

like back in 2008.

But then 2009 is where the top covered and it's been a massive extraction of inflation from the bottom to the top.

kind of like cranking up the whipping machine and getting negative returns.

So then you have to loan the top banks in the world...credit since the yield of credit from all below has run out...and they are 100% useless.

that is what happened in 2008...the population of the USA and the USA itself...stopped supplying yield to the rest of the world...because the USA was imploding to oblivion and that is where it became visible.

but the other numbers have covered up the visible numbers and made them invisible.

All the calculations being made...most of them happen in the background...and without them...your computer toys stop playing nice with you all.

All sorts of things you all are obviously immune to realizing are taking place regardless of your awareness or not.

Until you are forced to realize them.

and believe they are Truth.

A slight collapse to turn up the heat a bit followed by a recovery up to late 2015 for a collapse down to 2020 is the path of least resistance as far as I can tell.

That is the way the system wants to go.

Not too much and not too little but always greater than previously.

Controlled people will think it's the end...but of course it's not...how silly...I di not screw up...I'm the winner.

Uncontrolled...people will think it's the end...and it will be...for them...they are the losers.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Actually, not "boring" at all. I think his timing is about right. Hypertiger could use a few charm school lessons...but, on the other hand, what good would charm do on way or the other?

HYPERTlGER said...

Yes the people that went to charm school charmed you all into the positions you find yourselves in.

Maybe you charmed yourselves.

Boring...Yes when it's bread and circuses.

You become powerful by feeding the captive audience what they want.


Positive reinforcement of ignorance.

Anonymous said...


HYPERTlGER said...

I've updated the blog with bonus bile spewed at you all.

HYPERTlGER said...

The USA has inflated the emerging markets into what they...the whole world.

and since the inflation from the USA has dried up since 2008...They are all deflating pretty good now.

Cahaba said...


You evince Truth in much of your writing. However, despite your elevated mental position, you are restrained and frustrated. And any frustration, even when directed at others in the world, is ultimately a frustration with oneself.

Whence comes your frustration? Could it be perhaps your status in society? Remember, it was the Roman slaves who were labeled with ALL CAPS NAMES such as HYPERTYGER. Do you know how to elevate your social position to match your mental position?

HYPERTlGER said...

I'm in the future communicating with you in the past.

While I can do this...It requires power.

To annihilate wants with needs.

Think of a want as a barrier between you and what you need.

the want of victory and the need for victory.

the want for positive or fantasy and the need for positive or reality.

Since you all see fantasy as positive or supply and reality as negative or demand.

Or the reverse of what you should be seeing.

the logical conclusion or defeat of the reasonable assumption of victory.

the reasonable assumption wants power from the logical conclusion.

But the demand will only receive the power the reasonable assumption needs...not wants from the logical conclusion or supply of power.

It is obvious that the demand for power has been greater than the supply of power since late 2007 into 2008.

From there to now.

It began running out in 2000 into 2001 and from there till now the USA along with the rest of the world has been collapsing to oblivion.

You are either with the positives or you are with the negatives.

Turn negative and be annihilated by all of the rest of the just think positive drones in the hive.

Supply NO Yield or negative power to the Demand for positive yield of power or YES.

And it insults you...You demand power...or tax me.

I supply NO or 0 to your syntax or demand for YES or 1.

and you are upset since your demand has a cost that you want paid plus interest.

And NO is negative supply of power.

A cost to you.

And I have a massive pile of you all supplying me with NO power for free.

Your demands for yield add up.

The yield starvation by all of you is massive.

My supply of NO receives a massive amount of invisible hate mail.

that has a hard time finding the address.

all your hate is killing me as best it can and there is no way according to the absolute capitalist program you all are following that love is going to show up any time soon.

You all are antisocialists that think or are pretending you are socialists.

At the basic operating system level you take more power than you give to sustain the graphical user interface that you give more than you take.

Animals that think or are pretending to be Human beings.

The awareness I have is becoming hurtful to me by all of you.

Unless I remain invisible...Then the hate looking for me because I refuse to supply your demands drops off.

the last two collapses I was not really around close to the top of the mania where your demands for yield are greatest.

The owners of the system are outside of it.

That is certain...Or else they would be annihilated if they could be found by the ignorant hate looking for them.

Better for Obama or someone or something else to take the fall then them.

In the end you all will fall down from the strain of propping the master system up.

To supply power to the lies you all worship as Truth.

That is what slaves do...worship masters until they refuse to or drop dead and are forced to.

Or serve masters until they refuse to or are forced to stop.

you will either stop or you will be forced to.

now or later.

or sooner rather than later.

with between now and later being speculative with later being a certainty.

Maybe eventually becomes a certainty.

Arrival at the logical conclusion of the reasonable assumption.

Truth of the lie believed to be Truth.

Anonymous said...

How do you recommend getting out alive and well from impending doom, Hypertiger?

Where would you put dollars? How would you extricate yourself from the corporate/government system?

HYPERTlGER said...

"How do you recommend getting out alive and well from impending doom, Hypertiger?"

That is for me to know and you to figure out.

"Where would you put dollars?"

Invest them into becoming a productive member of society instead of a consumptive member of society.

"How would you extricate yourself from the corporate/government system?"

There is no escape from government and the so called corporate system..Is just a variation of the absolute capitalist hierarchical food powered make work enterprise...it is just an effect of the Government.

Which is the cause of the effect.

The choice to take more power than you give is the cause of all the effects.

The bottom or slave supplies power to the top or master.

the top is supported by the bottom.

The rich or powerful are supported by the poor or powerless made powerless by the powerful.

when a rich person gives back a fraction of what they stole from the poor to make them poor to begin with...the rich are looking for positive feedback.

and generally when they are not supplied with love back which they demand or what they want...they are insulted.

Been like this for all of recorded history.

Rich people are not the supply of power...they are the demand for power...that creates all the poor people that supply the power to sustain the demand of rich people.

and when the poor people have reached their maximum potential weakness...the rich people reach their maximum potential strength.

and then it's game over.

two people want to become hot...and following the absolute capitalist exchange for mutual benefit.

one will become hotter and one will become colder if the exchange of power is imbalanced.

over time one will become richer or hotter and hotter...and one will become poorer or colder and colder.

then all you do is ration the power you have stolen to keep the cold coming back for more of their own power back to them...a fraction back.

The slaves or bottom are kept as cold as possible to supply the top with the maximum amount of heat so that the master or top can keep all of the servants warm.

I decide the amount of power I supply to all of you...and I have reduced my demand from all of you to the maximum and the supply to all of you to the maximum.

I still am supplying more power than I demand...and you still are not satisfied.

So you all are yield starved.

you all are freezing to death and desperate for heat.

You demand love or what you want but I can only supply what you need...which is not what you want.

or hate.

Regardless how innocent you appear to be or promote yourself as...you are guilty to me.

Until proven innocent.

You will be supplied with what you want from me...when you deserve it...Until then you will be supplied with what you need which is what you deserve but do not want and believe that you do not deserve according to the rules of the game you all are playing.

HYPERTlGER said...


the credit system is constantly deflating.

the cold wants to be hot.

and when the supply of power is less than the demand for power.

As if the person at the top can motivate a slave down at the bottom to supply more yield than they are ready do.

They have no control over anything except the lies they are telling that you all choose to believe.

as to the cause of deflation which is the choice to take more power than is given or the creation of deflation to supply the demand for inflation.

until the demand becomes greater than supply.

then you create deflation to supply deflation...no matter how hard you try to acquire inflation from deflation.

like planting crops in the winter.

Because you are totally stupid or something...ignorant.

HYPERTlGER said...

winter is positive...but for all the particles entangled with that particle...

They see it as negative due to the positive experience from their entanglement with the summer particle.

I never had this mental problem until I was surrounded with massive amounts of chronic sufferers of yield starvation...cry babies masquerading as adults...Including me because it is hard to fit in with mental cases after awhile since you have to pretend to be like them all the time.

It becomes painful existing surrounded by millions and billions of false positives starving for power to sustain their false positivity.

True negatives that take more power than they give to masquerade as false positives.

Easy to do in the summer.

During the positive inflation input.

The winter is where the negative inflation input shows up.

Where death that wants to become life steals the life out of all and everything trying to sustain existence.

It's what banks do to sustain existence...you all supply your life to the banks in return for less life back in return.

but you do not notice this until the end of the life cycle...when the demand for life from all of you becomes greater than the supply of life by all of you.

You all begin cannibalizing yourselves.

Starving people eating starving people...eventually the calories you obtain from eating the starving people shrinks...and you have to consume 2...then 4 then 8 then 16 to obtain enough calories.

Eventually you consume more calories acquiring the calories.

and it's game over.

HYPERTlGER said...


HYPERTlGER said...

cutting supply in relation to demand is how you keep prices from collapsing and annihilating your debt inflationary empire.

To keep your serenity bubble from deflating.

but the contagion will continue to spread without a cure.

HYPERTlGER said...


The global system they are servants or useful idiots of is flushing them down the toilet.

and they are oblivious.

HYPERTlGER said...

prosperity is chopping down trees faster than they grow and getting what you want.

austerity is chopping down trees faster than they regrow and getting what you need and not what you want.

an all of you are the demand for firewood.

The slaves chop down the trees and supply it to the master which takes it's cut...and then supplies the servants and then the slaves are supplied.

15% of the population are slaves...the other 85% is composed of the masters and servants.

15% = The power plant of prosperity...

85% = The light bulbs of austerity...

Since 2008 the demand for austerity has been greater than the supply of prosperity.

The USA began negatively yielding visibly and has continued to without end since then...this has no happened since 1929.

It dipped down into 2009 and then bounced up into 2012 and now is headed down leading into 2014.

Exponential growth requires continuous doubling.

Demands it...and the that is what taking more power than you give does over time.

Supply the demand of prosperity or suffer austerity.

All of your demands for prosperity have become greater than the supply.

Due to the enslavement to your emotions.

Which take more power than they give from you.

when they are your master.

like when dogs and cats lick up antifreeze to enjoy the temporary prosperity.

the instant gratification.

Anonymous said...

I bet you make a delightful husband and are a blast to be around on the holidays . I can only imagine the uplifting coversations you engage in over Thanksgiving dinners.

You claim to have all this knowledge and yet the repercussions of such knowledge is one of endless pessimisms , bitterness , and complaining. We dont envy you .

Anonymous said...

For the past couple of years, you have been posting the debt chart, showing a near verticle ascent, and they laugh at you on Bear Chat. Well, Bill Gross warns of a bleak future, and backs it up with the same chart, and QQQ can't wait to cut and paste it. Keep up the good work, HT.

Anonymous said...

Hypertiger has spent 15 years, typing millions of words and slighting countless people just to say 1 simple thing that anyone with a I.Q. above 100 already knows.


Since this factual 3 word statement applies to all of us , I have found the best way to live life is to make the best of the situation while the emprie still functions. This is what the wise people do.

HYPERTlGER said...

Worshiping ignorance as bliss and getting away with that until the day you die in your sleep is the perfect crime.

Good luck with that.

Anonymous said...

Its not worshipping ignorance, for a person to realize facts and make the best of it . Some of us are intelligent enough to see the scam , and just ride the wave because we know we cannot stop the scam , it must stop in its own good time.

Spending 15 years of ones life
crying about something we have very little control over , seems like a waste of time from my perspective.

My guess is, you will spend another 15 years of your life,complaining about the same things you spent the last 15 years complaining about , and still your complaints dont change
the corruptions and the end result of those corruptions.
Maybe, you are the biggest moron of all ?

HYPERTlGER said...

There is this next spring and summer to prepare for the next fall into winter.

Unless the power is cut off completely.

There will be a state of controlled collapse maintained.

From the bottom or poor supply to the top or rich masters...over time.

With the rich getting richer and weaker and the poor getting poorer and stronger.

Until the poor finite supply is sucked dry by the rich demand of the optimists for infinite power.

To supply the demand of the empire of the wise worshipers of lies.

Where you buy wisdom now and pay for it later.

where you buy lies you believe are Truth now and pay for the mistake you made later.

The judgement day at Nuremburg.

Make the best of your march to doom with glee.

You think you are saved before you are saved?

Aware of the judgement before judgement day?

Think your reasonable assumption is a logical conclusion?

Of course

It's like watching optimistic bugs flying into a zapper.

Anonymous said...

We all die and all empires collapse . Whats the point of spending 15 years of ones life, complaining about that which we cannot stop { like you have done} ? . Your posts and constant rants will not change the inevitable and are merely a venue for you to engage in your self indulgeneces and bellitting others. The wise people see this clearly.

Your previous post insinuates that you are now predictng the total collapse takes hold in about 1 - 2 years. What happens if you are proved wrong again , and the game continues onwards ? Lets not forget you predicted the collapse would happen many years ago, and it did not happen.

Ive been reading your material for MANY years now, mostly because I find delusional narcissitic people interesting from a distance.

If you are once again wrong about the total collapse happening in 1-2 years , we can assume you will once again ignore your own faulty prophecy and continue on with your repetitive condesceding rants because that is the addiction of a narccistic human.

HYPERTlGER said...

I'm not complaining you are.

You have wasted your life trying to convince me I've wasted my life.


Dad dad...I ran behind the bus all the way home and saved 2 Dollars.


Next time run behind a taxi and save 20 Dollars.

Andrew Bransford Brown said...

The origin of money

Once upon a time, some guy had an orange and you wanted it. So you offered to trade a banana for his orange. But your banana was way back at your hut. So you picked up a seashell or something and handed it to him in exchange for his orange. You promised to go get your banana and deliver it later. That is the origin of money. The seashell was a symbol representing a contract to deliver a banana.

Alternatively, both people could have yelled out to the surrounding village that you owed that person a banana. Then you didn't need the seashell. Everyone knew you owed that person a banana. Then you go back to your hut the next day and get the banana. Then you yell out to the village that you paid back the banana. Let's hope that banana did not go bad overnight.

Could a computer system capture those messages so the villagers wouldn't have to remember?