Monday, November 25, 2013

Quantitative easing is not money printing.

It seems people like to fill in the blanks with reasonable assumptions which are variables and not constants unless of course you keep using the same reasonable assumptions over and over until of course you reach the logical conclusion of the reasonable assumption.

The FEDERAL RESERVE was given the banknote issuing monopoly in 1913. Prior to that all the commercial banks in the USA issued their own banknotes.

Making the FEDERAL RESERVE the only source of US Dollar denominated banknotes in the USA that are assets of the FED and due to how the FED is set up with the US Treasury liabilities of the US Government.

The US Federal Government is obligated to support the Federal reserve banknote or it's electronic equivalent.

In 1991 in the USA was where all the economic engineering that began in 1981 set up the conditions to sustain an exponential real estate boom in the USA came to fruition.

1492 was generation A...In 1991 you had generation V, W, and X all in a position to power the real estate boom.

From 1991 to 2005 the real estate boom exponentially inflated by about 11% per year.

The primary dealers...

 "Wall Street Journal Europe (2/9/06 p. 20), all of the top ten dealers in the foreign exchange market are also primary dealers, and between them account for almost 73% of foreign exchange trading volume. Arguably, this group's members are the most influential and powerful non-governmental institutions in global financial markets. Group membership changes slowly, with the current list available from the New York Fed"

The primary dealers are at the top of the US and Global commercial banking hierarchy.

Loans they make of credit pulled from the theoretical future to spend in the current present which is the past have two components.

Principal and Interest.

The principal component is created out of thin air and is tied to an asset like a mortgage/death pledge contract which is further tied to consumer income.

Like this...I want to buy a house...I do not have $100,000 but have an income source.

I go to a bank for a loan to buy a house and the bank uses my income and the house I want to create the mortgage contract which becomes an asset.

Used to cover the creation of credit out of thin air.

A house with a retail purchase price of $100,000 + my income = the mortgage asset.

The credit which is ultimately my theoretical future income for the next 25 years is pulled from the future to the past which is the present is the liability.

This is the loan amount of my future income borrowed from the future to spend in the past which is the present.

As I make the payments back of my future income the mortgage asset shrinks and so does the liability...the principal amount of the loan deflates...Or has a half life that exponentially decays over time...

The $100,000 is created out of thin air and the credit/debt/money supply inflates....As I pay it back it exponentially decays or deflates back into thin air over the next 25 years if I just make the minimum payments.

The banks do not really care about this...They make their yield from the Interest portion of the so called loan attached to this.

And in a amortization...the Interest portion of the loan is larger at the start than at the end.

Lets say...$100,000 at 6.448% for 25 years

The payment per month will be $666

The two components at the start are.

Principal $136

Interest $530

The first payment made will shrink the supply of credit/debt/money supply by $136

The Mortgage contract will shrink to $99,864

And the bank will receive $530 profit or yield from this.

Not bad...$530 profit on credit/debt/money created out of thin air.

But close to the end 25 years later the Principal and Interest portion are reversed.

At the 300th month the principal portion is $663 and the bank obtains a profit of $3.52

The Primary dealers sit atop the US and Global banking hierarchy and due to how the Bond markets are set up use the Interest or yield or tax on credit or profit to buy bonds from the FED.

The FED is a middle man between the US Treasury and the Primary dealers who are obligated to buy US Treasuries due to the structure of the US Banking/Treasury system.

"I have completed to-day a very great thing. I have finished the National Bank Act. It will be a blessing to the country long after I am dead."--Salmon P. Chase, Lincoln's Secretary of the Treasury

"Lies and delusions or lies you tell to yourself can outlive liars and the delusional."

"My agency, in promoting the passage of the National Bank Act, was the greatest mistake in my life. It has built up a monopoly which affects every interest in the country. It should be repealed, but before that can be accomplished, the people should be arrayed on one side, and the banks on the other, in a contest such as we have never seen before in this country."--Salmon P. Chase

The FED has no money to buy the bonds...

They use the bonds they are going to buy as collateral to back the inflation of the credit supply by the amount of the bonds.

To get their hands on them so the US Treasury can get their hands on the credit they demand from the total credit supply...The Federal Government borrows from the total credit supply by issuing bonds and exchanges the bonds for credit.

The FED then turns around and sells the bonds to the primary dealers which use their profits from their loan/mortgage origination.

All the credit the FED created to lend to the US Treasurey then returns back into thin air and the FED balance sheet is zeroed...

So you have the bonds dumped into the markets and the US Treasury/US Government owing the final bond holders.

The FED is just a facilitator.

The problem in 2005...was the collapse of the 1991 to 2005 real estate boom in the USA.

The supply of consumers willing and able to sign on the dotted line to sustain this magic trick.

dried up and vanished causing the banking algorithm to be starved for yield.

With no new mortgage creation the magic printing press of prosperity ran out of power.

and the primary dealers ability to buy bonds exponentially decayed until 2008 where the controlled demolition of Lehman brothers took place when the demand for yield became greater than the supply and imploded the US and global banking system.

Basically the primary dealers were supplying a zero to the demand for a 1...When they were required to supply a 1 to the demand for a 1.

So The FED has been playing a magic trick.

The primary dealers are supposed to supply a 1 but can not and keep supplying a zero.

So the FED is holding the bonds on their balance sheet and lending the primary dealers the credit they would usually obtain from selling the bonds that they were buying but can not.

To sustain their continued operation.

Of course as soon as the primary dealers do begin to be profitable again...They will buy the bonds from the FED and all the credit they supply to the FED will return back into thin air from where it came from.

If the FED did not do this...Yield rates would explode upward and implode the credit system.

But yield rates have been powered lower and lower the pat 32 years in the USA...The reason the line signers have run out is because the resources of the USA have run out.

There are no more line signers...the V,W, and X generation pool was all utilized to its maximum potential from 1991-2005...and they are all spent.

all the QE is doing is supplying enough credit to sustain the US and global banking system on borrowed time...a postponement of the inevitable collapse.

In 2008 the 1944 Bretton woods system for the first time since 1944 has show visible signs of collapse.

It was collapsing since 1944 invisibly but the expansion that was visible covered it up.

The inflation of the credit system was greater than the deflation.

Like lets say the inflation rate is 1000% and the deflation rate is 995%...the visible yield rate would be 5%

From 1944 to 2008 the credit supply of the USA was inflating exponentially by around 7.8%

On average...There is an invisible inflation rate...such as the real supply and demand that supports the fake supply and demand which appears as the visible effects you see.

the invisible order sustains the visible chaos which all see and think is Truth...It is a visible fantasy sustained by invisible reality.

In became impossible for the USA to supply the demand of the Bretton Woods to sustain it's continued existence...Bretton woods collapsed in 1971?

Proof please...I require more than you all can supply to me to prove to me that Bretton woods does not exist.

According to the original rules of Bretton woods...1944-1971...There was the Wold bank...the IMF and the US Dollar was the made the global trade medium of exchange with all the rest of the currencies of the world fixed to the US Dollar which was fixed to the price of GOLD at 35 US Dollars per ounce.

of course at some point the demand for gold from the USA by the world became greater than the supply of Gold from the USA...The gold standard is like this.

I have a gun to your head...and I demand you supply yes...and if you supply my demand I do not pull the trigger.

from 1944 to 1971 when the world demanded yes from the USA...the USA supplied Yes.

But by 1971...the USA had basically been drained of 35 Dollar per ounce GOLD..

So I say...please USA supply me with one atom of Gold...Or give me what I want or yes or 1.

and the USA did not have anymore GOLD at all...and was forced to supply no or 0.

and I pull the trigger...and are dead...that is the gold standard rules of the game.

But if that happened in 1971...the USA along with the entire global trade system would have imploded to oblivion and killed off the global population dependant upon the Bretton woods global trade system.

So the rules were changed...and instead of a fixed or static credit system utilized by the dynamic trade system...The fixed system was changed into a broken or dynamic system.

Bretton woods was broken from square one...It just took until 1971 for this invisible reality hidden by the visible fantasy to be revealed when the fantasy could no longer be supplied with the demand for power it required to sustain its visibility in front of the invisible reality.

Like a pole shift...a flip where the invisible reality or Truth becomes visible and the visible fantasy or lie becomes invisible.

All that happened in 1971 was a rule change to sustain the postponement of arrival at the logical conclusion of the reasonable assumption of Bretton woods.

The lie all believe is Truth that all in the global trade system depend upon to supply their demands.

You all are the supply to and the demand of the system.

in 2008 the Bretton woods system began reaching the logical conclusion of the reasonable assumption.

the lie all believe is Truth...began visibly collapsing...the fantasy was replaced with reality.

The purpose of the QE is to keep the credit system from imploding to oblivion in the blink of an eye.

Since that is what it needs to do...but of course all in the system do not want that to happen.

where there is a will there is a way.


Where there is a way and a will...there is a way to survive.

Its basically all just a computerized video game now...but limited...Since the reason the Bretton woods global trade system is visibly collapsing is because the demand by all of you globally upon it since 2008 has been greater than what you all globally can supply.

And the beast is yield starved...and is slowly consuming you all.

From the bottom to the top...and there is no way to stop this process...just slow it down...which is what has been going on since 2008...just a further postponement of arrival at the logical conclusion of the reasonable assumption.

The lie you all believe is Truth is fighting against Truth.

The collapse in the inflation of the credit system is the visible evidence that the lie all believe is Truth is collapsing.

Because you all are demanding more power from the lie than you all are supplying to it to sustain it.

without the QE...the world would have imploded to oblivion by now and there would be no Internet.

all the servers and data centers would have been wiped out by the massive hyperdeflationary potential which the current hyperinflation is fighting against.

The key problem is the source of inflation and deflation are the same.

The inflation you see is sustained by the deflation you do no see or are not aware of.

The visible dictates what you all believe is going on...The invisible dictates the visible.

The net producers of power...the uneducated slaves at the bottom of the hierarchy that the educated slaves or servants of the master system at the top claim are the demand for power...are the supply of real power to the master system...and they are almost spent.

It's why yield rates in the USA and world have been dropping for 32 years now to the absolute zero point.

While the educated net consumers of power at the top are the demand for the real power from the net producers.

The real power is then used to create fake power...Or money/debt credit.

its kind of like this.

A net producer supplies the demand of the top for real power.

Lets say $100 of real power and it is used to create $100 of fake power by the net consumers of power.

and the top supplies the demand of the bottom for compensation.

Of $1 of fake power in exchange for $100 of real power.

 the poor slave gets 1$ and the rich master gets $99

The net producers of real power are the fractional reserve or supply to the demand of the net consumers of fake power.

The net producers power the continued existence of the net consumers of power.

The plain and simple fact is the global system has reached maximum potential expansion and the net consumers of inflation are demanding more from the net producers of inflation and the result is the collapse of Bretton woods that has been in progress since 2008...that is a controlled collapse.

all your speculations are just the visible noise by all of you that are yield starved as you are being cut off that is hiding the signal that is cutting you off...which ultimately is all of you.

you all are ignorant of the knowledge of your responsibility since you all think you are irresponsible.

you have been socially engineered to believe the FED is the cause of the effects...but the FED is just an effect of the cause...which is all of the slaves in the master system that supply the demand of the master for power or tribute that is then used by the master to create the servant all of you slave for


This is how monetary/credit systems have operated for all of recorded history as far back as you can look in recorded history.

The 100% of the slaves in the master system supply the demand of the master with power and then the demand of the slaves is supplied.

Those at the bottom in the mud brick pits get the minimum wage to supply the demand of the maximum wages at the top.

When the demand from the net consumers of power or the light bulbs becomes greater than the supply from the net producers of power or the power plant...The enlightenment ends and the dark ages begin.

That is what the recorded history of the lie all believe is Truth shows.

Bit coin 1929 and 2013


low_five said...

Excellent post. Thanks hyper t.

HYPERTlGER said...


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Hype, Happy Holidays to you and yours. Evidently, your thesis regarding the, "city of London", is spot on, when I draw a comparison of the private Royal Family/England, to the private corporation Federal Reserve Board/USA. Just as their system screws the non-blue bloods, our system screws the 99% , here. The City of London is behind it all.

HYPERTlGER said...

the circulation of power is global and follows the sun.

The circulation that flows to London is easy to follow...from there...It disappears into the magical world that muggles can not see.

"OH, East is East, and West is West, and never the twain shall meet"--Rudyard Kipling

HYPERTlGER said...

The 100% in the master system are slaves to it...The 1% are just at the top.

they just take from the bottom wholesale and mark it up and sell it back to the bottom retail.

It operates like any business enterprise.

HYPERTlGER said...

I've now been banned from all the sites based on what I post and the last one was a site I paid to post at.

people connect to the internet seeking support for or to promote their cherished delusions.

supplying power to the demand for support is yes or positive or victory.

Refusing to supply power to the demand for it or no is negative defeat.

life and death.

you all are murders...It's official.

The only reason I'm alive is because you all are trying to avoid murdering me and I'm of course trying to avoid supply people with the power or authority to annihilate me with a reason to eliminate me from the equation.

Anonymous said...

You cannot even spell quantitative.

HYPERTlGER said...

See...It's impossible for you to refuse to give me what I need.

HYPERTlGER said...

And you can not ban reality.

the judgement day at Nuremburg is coming.

Where you find out because of what you chose to do in the past to avoid judgement day then...only postponed it until the future.

the pessimists support the optimists and when the optimists turn on the pessimists...its game over.

Its not my problem if your religion collapses to oblivion when the pessimists refuse to or can not continue to prop the optimists up.

Anonymous said...

"“One of the saddest lessons of history is this: If we’ve been bamboozled long enough, we tend to reject any evidence of the bamboozle. We’re no longer interested in finding out the truth. The bamboozle has captured us. It’s simply too painful to acknowledge, even to ourselves, that we’ve been taken."

"Hypertiger is right. He's just earlier in recognizing what's coming than most. True, he could benefit from a lesson or two charm school....but most of the vitriol aimed at him is from folks who either don't want to recognize they've been bamboozled, or know it but hope the bamboozle goes on long enough so that they get 'theirs' before the whole scam comes crashing down.

ThroxxOfVron said...

IF credit is money then all credit emissions are money printing ergo QE meets the definition of printing money.

Deflation has been denied the system so long that when deflation finally assets itself that the entire system implodes.

Deflation is being denied by 'the Top' who have sequestered nearly all wealth ( see GINI coefficient ) and thus will be 'wiped out' in a deflationary collapse.

The 'Top' only want to play this game as long as they can accrue and sequester wealth ( inflation ) and want to suspend the proper function of the system when it works in reverse.

This has nothing to do with the 'Bottom' refusing to supply power/demand from the 'Top' or being exhausted in some way; -and everything to do with the 'Top' wanting to win when they win and get bailed out/stop the system/impose a new system when the 'Top' faces loss of their accrued wealth/power/'retail' position.

Deflation will reset the system -destroying the accrued wealth where it resides, with the 'Top'.

The 'Bottom' is demanding a reset: aka wealth redistribution aka socialism.

Deflation would have redistributed and will redistribute the wealth; without socialism.

HYPERTlGER said...


Its a loan.

It has not turned into money printing yet.

The credit supply has been returning back into thin air faster than it's been created out of thin air since 2008.

Bretton woods has been visibly collapsing since then.

The top is the rich rider

the bottom is the poor horse

The rich rider whips the horse into a gallop to the bright glorious future at the maximum potential possible speed of the horse.

but because the rider is not doing any work...they do not get tired...but the horse does.

and it slows down...causing the top to whip or tax the horse more and more as the horse slows down more and more.

until the horse stops and the rich rider dismounts and whips the poor exhausted horse until it collapses and dies.

and the rich rider blames the poor horse for the failure to get to the bright glorious future.

That is how its been for all of recorded history.

Sorry moron...Maybe in your next life you will grow a brain and learn to think.

You connect to the Internet seeking support for or to promote your cherished delusions.

I annihilate lies and shatter delusions...I do not support them.

You spend your life positively reinforcing your ignorance.

If ignorance is bliss

negative = positive

0 = 1

if 0 = 1

Then 1 = 0

positive = negative

knowledge = misery

Take a byte of the forbidden fruit of logic and gain knowledge of 1 and 0

I created the Hypertiger alter ego in 1987

I was constructing web pages before there was a web.

I know more about everything than you know about anything.

I know more about nothing than you know about something


The bottom holds you up.

We are going to drop you all and its too bad so sad.

no amount of positive thinking is going to stop time.

The Universe sustains the Universities...the Universities do not sustain the Universe.

You are fortunate/unfortunate I give you all the time of day.

Anonymous said...

"The top is the rich rider

the bottom is the poor horse

The rich rider whips the horse into a gallop to the bright glorious future at the maximum potential possible speed of the horse.

but because the rider is not doing any work...they do not get tired...but the horse does.

and it slows down...causing the top to whip or tax the horse more and more as the horse slows down more and more.

until the horse stops and the rich rider dismounts and whips the poor exhausted horse until it collapses and dies.

and the rich rider blames the poor horse for the failure to get to the bright glorious future.

That is how its been for all of recorded history." -Hypertiger

The self-agrandizing 'Rider' are about to be thrown from the 'Horse' and trampled under the superior force of it's hooves.

Your time is at it's end.

Your failed slavery is about to be upended and destroyed.


HYPERTlGER said...

Yes the animals that think or are pretending they are Human beings are heading to the singularity

The lifting of the veil of the wedding dress of the abyss to receive the sweet kiss of the apocalypse of bliss.

All of you that can be seen and unseen...When your usefulness is at an end.

Will be liquidated.

The greatest enemy you face was born the instant you materialized out of thin air inside the master system you all are slaves of.

devout worshipers of the lie you believe is Truth

Committing suicide fighting to the death to continue to enjoy the dream you are awake.

Can be found by looking into any mirror...a pool of still water...etc.

HYPERTlGER said...

Yup it's almost game all have killed yourselves globally worshiping puppets.

You all thought you were smart...well now you are all headed to the point where you are going to be forced to accept the truth...that you are dumb...and if I piss you ain't seen anything yet.

You all are antisocialists.


You all do not have a clue what that is at all.

Sharing power equally is an alien concept.

It's like infinity...You can not even comprehend it.

the math required can not be done on paper or by a computer or a quantum computer.

You require a Human being to do the math.

and you all are not even Human are not realized ideals at birth and what you see when you look in a mirror is not a human being.

There are animal cells.

There are no Human being cells.

Animals take more power than they give to sustain existence.

Human beings share power equally to sustain existence.

HYPERTlGER said...

In the above I made a mistake.

There is no such thing as "the" Truth

There is just Truth.

HYPERTlGER said...

the 100% in the system are screwing themselves...the only way to avoid being to exist outside the master system.

Which if the owners are smart and not dumb.

are where they are.

All those you look up at or can see in the system...are expendable in relation to the system.

from the bottom to the top...your position determines who gets first dibs is all.

The 1%

figure out what you are in relation to all in the system.

you have a demand upon the system that spreads throughout the system.

It would be nice to finger someone Obama.

Or Ben Bernanke

but all they did was choose to do what they were told to become president or chair of a sub hierarchy.

you all in the system are doomed to suffer the negative consequences of your demand for positive consequences.

those outside the system do not suffer the negative consequences.

think of the master system as a machine that supplies the owners with everything you give them.

While they give you nothing in return.

the collapse of the system does not mean anything to them.

It only means something to all of you in the system.

I have more to fear from the people around me than the people at the top of the system.

they have better things to do than to worry about me.

You worry about me...It's what you all are employed by the master system to do.

The top can see threats rising up the hierarchy long before the threats see the annihilators sent to deal with the threat from the bottom.

HYPERTlGER said...

The austerity being imposed is to supply yield to Calvin Bear and Qqqbear...What ignorance.

And now Lee Adler is getting in on the action with his QE primary dealer crap.

Just a bunch of ignorant fools that were the demand for yield all their lives as they milked the system...Now they are scapegoating.

The cause of the problem are the morons claiming to be on the case tracking down the culprits.

So sad and pathetic.

HYPERTlGER said...

fast and furious...idiots...and you all cry when idiots die.

asleep at the wheel.

It's over...

You all can not even pay the cost of attention anymore.

It's too hard...It's too much work.

Committing suicide fighting to the death to remain ignorant to continue to enjoy the American delusion you are awake.

Anonymous said...


Are You merely an Apologist/Shill for Oligarchy or a petty Oligarch?

You are either a self professed 'Rider' insanely demanding rationality and fealty for your relentless conscriptive abuses from irrational Animals -and thus INSANE; -or are You are just another example of the classic self-absorbed self-agrandizing repression-of-the-'underclass'-loving 'Blue-blood' douche-bag?

Are You Insane or a self-appointed Oligarch? Both?

Prey tell o' Hyperboletiger : which is it? What are You?


HYPERTlGER said...

What is the matter?...Where did all the love go?

point out where I'm wrong or lying.

You can not.

It should be simple.

I'm not even trying...If I did try to take down the global system

I could...But I do not own it.

The owners of it are already controlling the collapse to oblivion that you all are not going to escape.

I'll let them and you murder each other.

While I watch.

You all will vanish back into thin air from where you came from some point.

You are just a derivative of the credit system.

When it implodes back into thin air...You will be liquidated one way or the other.

Without an environment where yield locusts can thrive...You will die off in a fit of exquisite agony.

That is economics not taught in University.

HYPERTlGER said...

When I was young I asked everyone Why?

You all did not know why you did all you did.

So I looked for an answer.

And found it.

You demand or want

I supply what you need.

You do not what I supply.

Einstein's brain was kept and cut up...Searching for the same thing that I have access to...But do not have to give.

You only will get what you want from me what what you want and need are the same.

GOD is Truth and Truth is GOD.

You want a lie that can defeat Truth.

Probability of lies defeating Truth = 0% or No or 0

Probability of Truth defeating lies = 100% or Yes or 1

Lie is the demand for power.

Truth is the supply of power.

Reason is the demand for power.

Logic is the supply of power.

Rule is the demand for power.

LAW is the supply of power

Death is the demand for power

Life is the supply of power

Hate is the demand for power

Love is the supply of power

Ignorance is the demand for power

Knowledge is the supply of power

Want is the demand for power

Need is the supply of power

Duality is the demand for power

Singularity is the supply of power.

It takes around 12 years to educate an entry level burger flipper.

It takes 15 years to educate an entry level stock flipper.

Anonymous said...

"You all will vanish back into thin air from where you came from some point.

You are just a derivative of the credit system."-Hypertiger

THIS is precisely where YOU are mistaken/deluded.

The 'Horses' roamed free for eons before the 'Riders' dreamed up Credit Systems to yoke the 'Horses'.

It is the phony wealth of the 'Riders' which are derivatives of Credit Systems.

The 'Horses' will default on the Credit Systems and destroy the phone derivative wealth of the 'Riders'.

The 'Horses' will throw the 'Riders' to the ground and trample them under their hooves.

The 'Horses' will roam free again.


Anonymous said...

Hypertiger: Answer Me.

Are YOU an 'academic' shill for the 'Rider' Oligarchy or a petty 'Rider' Oligarch -or both?

You promote/defend a system of Creditist Slavery and Debt Subjugation as if it is the ONLY possible system.

I defy this assertion/defense as both illogical and false.

I defy your morbid flawed ideology of expropriation and repression.


HYPERTlGER said...

Yes you will return back into thin air but as long a as sucker is born every minute there will be a replacement to take up the sword and shield and become the champion of the ignorance is bliss religion and replace you.

HYPERTlGER said...

You do not even know what logic is so how can you know what illogic is.

illogic is another word for reason.

Singularity = welcome to goodbye = duality

Truth supplies power to the demand of lies to sustain existence as Truth

Law supplies power to the demand of rules to sustain existence as LAW

Logic supplies power to the demand of reason or illogic to sustain existence as logic

like what do you think I'm the low hanging fruit to pick on because the fruit at the top of the trees is too much effort for you to reach.


Your friendly neighbourhood punching bag.

I should go on Shark Tank or Dragons Den and market that Idea.

I'll pretend to be what you hate for a fee...and you can beat me with nerf bats until you are exhausted.

HYPERTlGER said...

Absolute capitalism or taking more power than you give...

The take more power than you give equation is at the core of all and everything in the Universe.

All an everything in the Universe which is finite and fragile capitalizes upon Truth which is infinite and indestructible to sustain the existence of all and everything in the Universe which is finite and fragile.

Allow me to take more power than I give and I care not who makes and breaks the rules of the game you all are playing.

Because eventually I will concentrate the power from the hands of the many into the hands of the few or one.

Then those with the power will make and break the rules of the game you all are playing.

since before and during recorded history up to this point in time.

I sent you this from the future to you in the past which is your present from me to you.

learn Math or how to think or something.

You have to come up with the winning lottery numbers.

but as soon as I become aware of them...I will tell everyone I can.

Lets say I did...and everyone went and paid a dollar and played them and everyone won.

An I owned the lottery and 2 million of you won.

I would have a Million Dollars.

You all would win 50 cents apiece.

You all just think/embrace positive and ignore/reject negative.

I account for what you all do not account for.

That is what you all have been socially engineered from birth to do.

I was born with a problem.

Eventually it will be eliminated from the equation and you all will be obedient just think positive robots and stop crying and moaning and it will be heaven on Earth

Or be replaced with robots one day.

Maybe eventually becomes a certainty.

HYPERTlGER said...

"When plunder (absolute capitalism/taking more than you give) becomes a way of life for a group of men (People that are absolute capitalists) living together in society, they create for themselves in the course of time a legal (Rule) system that authorizes it and a moral code (Religion) that glorifies it."--Frederic Bastiat...the LAW.

Good thing the education system does not teach you anything about the education system.

Or you all would refuse to take part in the greater fool game of life.

We are headed to the singularity.

They will launch every nuke on Earth to cover up the crimes against Humanity when we hit the singularity.

"Do not worry about your beard when you are about to lose your head"--Sun Tzu

HYPERTlGER said...

Like Germany.

The president kill himself

the board of directors were hung

All the employees were laid off/fired and lost their jobs...they were simple minded people trying to earn a living.

The invisible hand of the top share holders or investors...They dumped their German stocks into the hands of the bag holders in 1941 and buying US stocks like mad.

They relaxed in Switzerland and enjoyed life.

That is story of the wealth of nations derived from annihilations of soon to be bankrupted corporations with no way to pay the cost of reparations for past misallocations due to their mindless machinations trying to avoid economic damnations from absolute capitalizations to sustain instant gratifications.

HYPERTlGER said...

how about Matrix reloaded.

Like Germany.

The president killed himself

the board of directors were hung

All the employees were laid off/fired and lost their jobs...they were just simple minded people trying to earn a living.

The invisible hand of the top livestock holders or investors...They dumped their German livestocks into the hands of the bag holders in 1941 and began buying US livestocks like mad.

They relaxed in Switzerland and enjoyed life.

That is story of the wealth of nations derived from annihilations of soon to be bankrupted corporations with no way to pay the cost of reparations for past misallocations due to their mindless machinations trying to avoid economic damnations from absolute capitalizations to sustain instant gratifications.

Daddy...Did GOD create the stock markets?

It must be in the bible somewhere...along with the plans to build civilization...and everything else.

Yawn next...have fun hacking yourselves to pieces trying to require what you never had to begin with and what you never will when the logical conclusion of the reasonable assumption or lie you worship as truth is reached.

the lifting of the veil on the wedding dress of the abyss to receive the sweet kiss of the apocalypse of bliss.

freedom from the tyranny of Truth.

freedom from GOD

Or are you all investing into freedom from Mammon or Satan?

I do not think you all have the slightest clue...You all are just monekey see monkey the monkey chow and create the poo.

Liberals hate me as much or worse than you.

HYPERTlGER said...

Enslave a planet to supply the power to create the paychecks to pay the scientists to build a quantum computer to tell you the same thing I can tell you.

then you will think the quantum computer is broken.

Go watch forbidden planet...the Krell machine is the global trade system and the Krell plastic educator is the Internet.

Or click this link to obtain the answers you seek and blame it for not supplying your demands.

Make a wish.

Anonymous said...

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HYPERTlGER said...

"After a well-publicized pursuit, the FBI arrested Mitnick on February 15, 1995, at his apartment in Raleigh, North Carolina, on federal offenses related to a 2½-year period of computer hacking.[6]

In 1999, Mitnick confessed to four counts of wire fraud, two counts of computer fraud and one count of illegally intercepting a wire communication, as part of a plea agreement before the United States District Court for the Central District of California in Los Angeles. He was sentenced to 46 months in prison plus 22 months for violating the terms of his 1989 supervised release sentence for computer fraud. He admitted to violating the terms of supervised release by hacking into PacBell voicemail and other systems and to associating with known computer hackers, in this case co-defendant Lewis De Payne."

"Mitnick served five years in prison — four and a half years pre-trial and eight months in solitary confinement — because, according to Mitnick, law enforcement officials convinced a judge that he had the ability to "start a nuclear war by whistling into a pay phone", meaning that law enforcement told the judge that he could somehow dial into the NORAD modem via a payphone from prison and communicate with the modem by whistling to launch nuclear missiles.[8] He was released on January 21, 2000. During his supervised release, which ended on January 21, 2003, he was initially forbidden to use any communications technology other than a landline telephone. Mitnick fought this decision in court, eventually winning a ruling in his favor, allowing him to access the Internet. Under the plea deal, Mitnick was also prohibited from profiting from films or books based on his criminal activity for seven years, under a special judicial Son of Sam law variation. Mitnick now runs Mitnick Security Consulting LLC, a computer security consultancy."

If I actually tried to download programs into the heads of sleepy hollow without your knowledge to follow.

The lights would go out and you all would shelter in place waiting to be saved but instead be aced by the mental case you elected to buy all the guns and explode into space

To save your precious ones and zeros that you think are your heroes.

It's over...You all are sitting ducks waiting to be run over by dump trucks.

Your abilities to make decisions require too much time and you all are being left behind.

You can not vote your way out of the Stanford experimental prison role play.

You all think you are victims?

There are billions below you in the hierarchy slaving till the day they die to sustain your hypocritical rights to fight and bawl like spoiled brats because of your failure beat invisible cats to death with digital bats

Power corrupts...Absolute power corrupts absolutely.

You think I'm ignorant of the damage I could cause by giving you all more power than I already do?

Anonymous said...

"like what do you think I'm the low hanging fruit to pick on because the fruit at the top of the trees is too much effort for you to reach." -Hypertiger

I defy your false narratives and defense of repression and slavery.
I declare You to be a liar and and a fraud and a shill for slavers and cannibals.

I defy your false ideology of slavery and cannibalism.

You speak not one word of reason.

When You utter the name of God You defile the concept.
God does not decree or connive impositions of slavery; only Men do such.

Horses roamed free long before Men walked the earth let alone conceived of riding Horses.

Under the galloping hooves You will ALL be trampled to death.

Even the savagery of the jungle is preferable to slavery in the gulag.


HYPERTlGER said...

You all want to run around in the streets like ants to protest regimes to clean the crap out of you pants.

I don't...

I'll wander the Earth looking for a place to escape my skeleton being humped by an overpaid university chump trying to discover the secret of why people run away to die in a secluded spot to avoid being caught by a terminator bot to suck me back to the empire of no thought.

HYPERTlGER said...

You do not know Truth you do not know GOD

All that you think know was taught to you by worshiping a fraud.

What do you think?.

There is some magical way to turn your lies into Truth to mask the stink of all the blood you gulp down that you drink?

GOD is truth and Truth is GOD.

Knowledge which is infinite and indestructible does not require any defence from the finite and fragile champions of monumental ignorance.

HYPERTlGER said...


What is that for you? A paper cut on your ass?

Go suck your thumb some more and come up with another one for fun while you are waiting to die trying to poke me in the eye to make me cry.

HYPERTlGER said...

This has been going on for 20 years.

You say...can you guess my name?

I say is it perhaps...


You flip out and go mad because I refused your demand to make you feel glad.

Then it's I'm the king of the castle and an the dirty Pascal.

Ruling the raging rascal with equations from my head at the closed logic gates until you are exhausted and dead. learn better hypertext or find a easier victim to vex.

And if spelling mistakes and grammatical errors I make look like cracks from your attacks...I don't pay your syntax...

pop some more exlax and make tracks in your pants and then jump on a lance and show me another worthless dance.

HYPERTlGER said...

Defence against the dark arts is Childs play against your brain farts when you have studied the liberal arts.

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HYPERTlGER said...

I supply the worthless drivel that is at best a long winded quibble.

The two of us that met on the Internet have to be insane to continue this sad game of searching for the blame.

When it can found in a mirror when you have no fear

Which is the cure and solution to the problem seeking resolution.

For all the destitution created by the collusion between you and the cherished delusion

That you fight to the death to protect from retribution and absolution by the logical conclusion of the reasonable assumption which is a temporary prosperity illusion.

Your want for endless life is keeping you from what you need since you can not share power equally when you are trained from birth then whipped until death to worship greed

As the path to salvation that keeps leading to damnation

With a new sucker being created faster than the ones consumed by disaster to sustain the inflation demanded by the conflagration of the poor ignorant souls

Swirling the bowl into the black hole to be flushed down the gutter to satisfy a rich nutter by eliminating the negative clutter left over from creation of the positive flutter

By the wings of Demons masquerading as Angels in artificial heaven on Earth who drink toasts to the birth of anarchy and destruction in front of their hearths.

Its not up to to me to decide what time it for you to do when you do without a clue.

I'm not the clock or the the master

and you are not a slave

In the end we all will end up in the same mass grave waiting for the messiah to show up and hang us all with the rope we all believed was hope.

Anonymous said...

Hilarious hocus pocus
You paid to be on a free chatboard?

Anonymous said...

Your ban is lifted at the truth zone !